Why is my Laptop battery not charging?

Many people spend money unnecessarily replacing laptop batteries when they may have fixed the issue with a simple battery reset or a Drivers update. If you are having problems charging your laptop battery, then reading this post may save you a lot of time, money and frustration!

Batteries do have a finite lifespan (600-1000 charges/ discharges or about 2 years depending on intensity of use) and they can be very expensive to replace, so before throwing out that battery (in an environmentally-appropriate manner of course!), ensure that it has actually reached the end of its life and there isn’t some other problem preventing it from charging.

Fix 1: Battery Reset

To reset your laptop battery you will need to run the battery down completely. Make sure all work is saved as you will run the battery down until the system shuts off. When this happens you should plug in the power cable but DO NOT turn back on the laptop. Wait until you are confident the battery is back to a full charge again and then turn on your laptop.

If this method does not fix your recharging issue then you can try to fix or update your laptop battery drivers by uninstalling and reinstalling them (make sure to create a ‘restore point’ in System Restore before manually updating Drivers files). You can use a Driver Update Tool to keep all your Drivers up-to-date if you prefer not to attempt this manually.

Fix 2: Update Drivers

You will need to uninstall and reinstall the relevant device drivers via the Device Manager.

- Select Start > (right-click) My Computer > Properties

- Select the Hardware tab

- Select the Device Manager Button

- Under Batteries right-click “Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery” and click Uninstall

Your battery should no longer be visible in the Batteries list. To reinstall it you will need to:

- Select Action menu

- Select Scan for hardware changes

- Your driver should be listed again

You can use a Driver Update Tool to automatically update your Drivers if you are unsure of which ones you require. Driver errors can also occur when the Driver is outdated. For this reason it is necessary to regularly update your Drivers. The easiest way to do this is by using an advanced and reliable Driver update tool.


Test your battery now and if there is still a problem charging, then it may have just reached the end of its’ days and it is time to part company!

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  • All of these suggestions have helped me out so much. Laptop not charging has been a big problem for me. At first I thought I would have needed a brand new laptop charger, but after reading this and trying it, I seemed to find out my problem. I just needed to update my drivers and now my battery is working as good as new! Thank you so much!

  • Thank you SO MUCH. Have had constant problem using laptop-could not use it unless plugged into charger. You have saved me £30 + for new battery. It’s great being mobile again!!!!
    Kind Regards

  • thank you very much for dc knolwagde it saves me alot of money and time, it even help my clients when they bring their laptop i use to advice them that they must just change the battery, but now i do this process n charge them money. lol

  • I have purchased lapcare battery for my acer 4736z. Initially I was using original acer laptop battery but now I am using battery from other manufacturer. I am facing problem in charging again once disconnected. I need to restart my laptop for connecting my charger to battery and charging it. Please let me know if only upgrading driver will solve the purpose or any other suggestion..

  • my laptop battery not charging 100%,when it became 80% charge it showing not charging.
    my laptop name sony vaio
    if any one know then mail me or call me on +91 8951436660

  • thanx sir

  • My battery will not charge and my computer will not turn on with out it even when my lap top is plugged in. I turn it off overnite,giving it enough time to recharge and when i turn on it lasts @30 seconds then shuts down. Do I need a new battry or a new laptop?

    • Actually its my screen not turning on ??????????

    • pls help me out.

  • Hi Robin – so the laptop will not start even when plugged in to the mains? The first thing I would do is check the AC cable to make sure that was working. If that was faulty, the laptop may not have been getting any charge – do you have one you can borrow to rule this out? Some laptop connectors have a light to show if they are charging (on the actual cable). Please provide more details on the laptop type and age…

    • Hi I have an HP Pavilion dv7 and the battery is good i put it in another laptop to charger it. I have also replaced the ac adapter in the dv7 and it still won’t charge. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the driver it didn’t work either. If u can get back with me it would be appreciated.

      • Hi Curtis – does the battery appear to be charging when plugged in or is there any error message? Try this:

        - turn laptop off
        - unplug the AC power and remove the battery
        - then reconnect the AC power and turn laptop on again
        - when boot is finished do a standard shut down of the laptop
        - unplug the AC power and replace the battery, then reconnect the AC power
        - when you turn the laptop back on and reboot the battery should charge again as normal

        Please give us feedback if this works for you

        • Hi there is no error when it is plugged in and it doesn’t show it’s charging. I try taking the battery out and plugging the a.c. adapter in then turning it on the computer it doesn’t come on.

          • Did you try a Drives Scan? Does the report show the same HP Drivers you tried re-installing?

  • thank you for your valuable article, my laptop’s battery is is charging now.
    lots of thanks

  • Hi everyone

    I tried all of these steps, but nothing seems to working.
    It remains in 49% charge from over 2 hours.
    Windows 7 is my primary OS and Ubuntu 12.04 is secondary.
    It is not charging in win 7 from 46% of charge. So, I tested it in Ubuntu and there was no problem in charging.
    So, after a little while, I switched back to window and same problem

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    My laptop is Lenovo G570


  • thnkuuuUUuu y0u & <3…….

  • You saved my live! :D

  • thanks so much for your advice infancy it help me so much

  • I uninstalled the driver as indicated and now the screen turned blue all the way and windows will not load! Suggestions

  • Hi Nuria – can you go through what you did before this happened? Did you create a ‘restore point’ as suggested in the article?

  • Hi I have just bought a brand new replacement battery for my HP Mini which is more powerful than the original battery, However, it is not charging. I went to Control Panel and clicked on Update driver but it is still not charging. Is it possible to install a new driver for this more powerful battery or do I need to replace it with the same power as the original. Thank you. Marie

  • Hi! I hve almost the same problem. I’m using a proline,it does not charge while I’m using it, bt when its turned off its charging up2 100% bt the LED lights are nt blinking to show that its charging. What can I do to fix this

  • I used this method three times now where it from plugged in not charging to charging after I uninstalled driver then it was re-installed. But It will work until it gets to 99% charging then when it gets there it says the same thing goes from charging to plugged in not charging. I’m assuming I need a new battery. Ugh. However I did find my computer still works plugged in so will have to use this method until I have money for a battery.

  • THANK U for helping people to not buy charger

  • hi my laptop is is not charging.my ac adpter is new and battery is new if i pluged in the light is gloving but not charging

    • is the charging icon appearing? What laptop and operating system are you using?

  • Hello
    after installing auto power on and shutdown my laptop lenovo turn on automatically even when i have deactivated the schedule and I have even uninstalled the program but still some times I see it is on.My laptop version is lenovo Z5070.What should I do?

  • Hi Sayah, as this is third party software it can be difficult to say exactly what the problem is but it sounds like it is not getting uninstalled fully. Did you uninstall via the control panel or just delete the program folder? What OS are you running?

  • Hi I have tried all the steps but still the charging shows 85% any advice.

  • How old is your battery? It may be just that it has started to deplete as there are a finite number of charges in any laptop battery …


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