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The depreciation dilemma

Looking for a good investment? Don't buy a new car. But if you insist on owning one, check out a new service that predicts its resale value.

Eating may be top driving distraction

A recent poll found that 65 percent of drivers eat while driving. Not far behind was talking on a cell phone, and these distractions happen despite drivers' acknowledgement that they believed them to be dangerous.

Focused on the driving task

Delphi has built a concept vehicle to demonstrate how all the myriad electronic systems can work in a vehicle that helps keeps drivers focused on driving instead of the distractions.

Should teens ride with teens?

Laws limiting the number of teenage passengers who may ride with inexperienced teen drivers are highly supported, says a new survey, but just half of the states have such laws, even though they seem effective.

Hi Ho silver is safe!

Silver-colored cars and trucks remain the most popular, and now a new study of crash data in New Zealand indicates that silver may also be safer.

Learn to walk again

Each year in the U.S. approximately 5,000 pedestrians die on the roads, and a new campaign is trying to go beyond the old messages to 'wear white at night', by training drivers and pedestrians alike.

Getting better fuel economy

Want to save money? Make sure you are driving a lean, mean, fuel-efficient machine by following these tips.

Truck driving jobs in Canada

Here at, we have been responding to an increasing number of queries from overseas truck drivers looking for jobs in Canada, the US or Australia. This interest has prompted us to write a series of guides for overseas drivers seeking jobs in these countries. The first country we will cover in this series is Canada.

Truck driving jobs in the United States

The U.S. trucking industry has been hit hard by the recent recession and is only starting to recover. There are even talks of a potential driver shortage due to an aging population of truckers coupled with the introduction of more stringent safety laws (resulting in many drivers losing their trucking licenses).