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Gee Whiz it's the G-Wiz

London gives the electric car a boost with toll exemptions and free parking

Bluetooth and the driver

It's becoming a 'wireless world' and Bluetooth is at the heart of it. For drivers it looks like being a key technology.

Back pain when driving?

Article discusses the prevalence of back pain, and offers suggestions for reducing pain among drivers.

Learning to drive: a guide for parents

A guide for parents of novice drivers. Covers several topics, including communicating in the car, how drivers learn best, safe driving tips, and attitude. (NEW--PDF version for easy printing.)

Pssssst: wanna buy a driver's license?

A warning about false International Driving Permit offers. Don't buy a fake 'International Driver's License'!

The depreciation dilemma

Looking for a good investment? Don't buy a new car. But if you insist on owning one, check out a new service that predicts its resale value.

Eating may be top driving distraction

A recent poll found that 65 percent of drivers eat while driving. Not far behind was talking on a cell phone, and these distractions happen despite drivers' acknowledgement that they believed them to be dangerous.

Focused on the driving task

Delphi has built a concept vehicle to demonstrate how all the myriad electronic systems can work in a vehicle that helps keeps drivers focused on driving instead of the distractions.

Should teens ride with teens?

Laws limiting the number of teenage passengers who may ride with inexperienced teen drivers are highly supported, says a new survey, but just half of the states have such laws, even though they seem effective.