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SUVs offer so many disadvantages

A former race champion and long time driver trainer, columnist Gary Magwood offers numerous reasons why not to buy an SUV.

Index of driver licensing sites in Canada and USA

Links to official driver licensing information sites for states and provinces in the U.S. and Canada.

Ireland's 'provisional' drivers in shock

By most standards, Ireland's system for new drivers is a bit peculiar. Many were able to drive on a provisional license for years. But now, tough new legislation threatens to take thousands of long-time drivers off the roads

Driving in other countries

Driving on vacation? In a few countries, you now must have an International Driving Permit, and in many places it sure can't hurt.

Driving on the wrong side

It's a shock to see another car coming at you on the 'wrong' side of the road, but it's something tourists face in more than 60 countries. takes a look at why.

Diesel to natural gas conversion

A new dual-fuel conversion system saves money by converting diesel engines to a mode that replaces 80 percent of the diesel with cleaner natural gas.

A parking meter you can hate

NBC reports this story out of Washington D.C. There are parking meters that appear to be broken but then 'repair themselves' in time to give you a ticket

Hi Ho silver is safe!

Silver-colored cars and trucks remain the most popular, and now a new study of crash data in New Zealand indicates that silver may also be safer.

Truck drivers will get a better deal

The driver shortage has been building for years, now it's really hurting trucking companies, and forcing a better deal for drivers.

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Bluetooth and the driver

Where to get International Driving Permits

The International Driving Permit