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Reviews and comments on Target Risk and the theory of risk homeostasis

Several well-known experts and journalists provide brief comments on the book.

Novice driver education model curriculum outline: Summary

The U.S. AAA-FTS sponsored a project to 'reinvent' driver education (DE) into a form that reduces crashes by novice drivers. The research team identified novice driver needs, evaluated methods of instruction, assessed the effectiveness of DE in influencing behavior, and finally proposed performance objectives and methods for DE.

Effectiveness and role of driving education and training in a graduated licensing system (second half)

Second half of the complete text (lengthy) of a 1996 scholarly report about the relationship between driving education, training and licensing.

Bluetooth and the driver

It's becoming a 'wireless world' and Bluetooth is at the heart of it. For drivers it looks like being a key technology.

Be prepared for winter driving

When winter is back, what should you have in your car, and what should you do, to cope with snow or icy driving conditions?

To BUMP or not to BUMP is a new start-up internet company headquartered in San Diego, CA that aims to help connect drivers on the road through a new type of communication platform which BUMP calls 'license plate messaging.'

Top 3 Causes of Car Accidents in America

We are a nation of doers. Now more than ever, Americans are on the pursuit of, well, everything. Extreme multi-tasking is more common today than it has ever been. Between emails, text messages, phone calls and the massive shift toward relentless communication, people everywhere are rushing to get things done faster, easier and more effectively. But when it comes to driving, itís never been more important to just slow down. Your safety, your life, and the lives of others all depend on you to make the right choices behind the wheel.

Cameras warn Virginia drivers of traffic jams

Real-time video pictures of highway traffic in Virginia are now on the Internet to help drivers plan their routes and avoid congestion.

Jail for driving using Mobile phone

The British government has introduced new policy guidelines that make bad driving while using a mobile phone a jail offense

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Bluetooth and the driver

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