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Pssssst: wanna buy a driver's license?

A warning about false International Driving Permit offers. Don't buy a fake "International Driver's License"! More »

Countries that drive on the left

More than 50 countries around the world drive on the left side of the road. More »

The International Driving Permit

Planning to drive in another country? You may need an international version of your license--but watch out for scams. More »

Driving in other countries

Driving on vacation? In a few countries, you now must have an International Driving Permit, and in many places it sure can't hurt. More »

Driving on the wrong side

It's a shock to see another car coming at you on the "wrong" side of the road, but it's something tourists face in more than 60 countries. Drivers.com takes a look at why. More »

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Questions and answers on travelling and using international driving permits

Portal site for travellers intending to drive in Europe

A comprehensive guide to finding scenic drives and planning trips. Covers North America, including Mexico, and some other parts of the world.

The Wisconsin-based National Motorists Association (NMA) was founded in 1982 to represent and protect the interests of North American motorists. Grassroots organization "believes in freedom and responsibility to make choices, not in "one size fits all" legislation, ticket cameras, unfair driving taxes, revenue-motivated traffic courts and speed traps. The NMA supports traffic laws based on sound engineering principles and public consensus - not political agendas."

PDF document outlines the proceedings of a 1999 conference held in Washington, DC.

View or purchase maps, driving directions, trip guides, or travel accessories.

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