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Bluetooth and the driver

It's becoming a 'wireless world' and Bluetooth is at the heart of it. For drivers it looks like being a key technology. More »

Ford may let drivers download a better car!

Ford’s SYNC system is at the cutting edge of what is becoming an increasingly important and competitive area for the automotive industry. SYNC is built on the Windows Embedded Automotive platform and is described as “... a factory-installed, fully integrated in-car communications and entertainment system that allows drivers to combine their digital lifestyles with their life on the road.” More »

Windows phone 7 keeping track of drivers

October 11th 2010 will see Microsoft’s official launch of Windows Phone 7. The launch of this phone will be accompanied by the release of an array of associated apps, a significant number of which will be aimed at the driver. More »

To BUMP or not to BUMP

BUMP.com is a new start-up internet company headquartered in San Diego, CA that aims to help connect drivers on the road through a new type of communication platform which BUMP calls "license plate messaging." More »

Car-jacking at your fingertips!

This week Computer Scientists at the University of Washington and the University of California, San Diego have presented a research paper which highlights the possible threats of hacking into in-car computer systems. The researchers claim they were able to remotely control braking and other functions in the cars they used in their tests, and argue that the car industry is at risk of making the same security mistakes as the PC industry. More »

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