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Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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System Requirements
Platform: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

How do I fix my Printer Drivers?

Fix Printer Drivers problems

Download Printer Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download driver updatesDOWNLOAD

Printer errors like ‘Windows fails to recognize the new hardware’ are not uncommon, especially when you are trying to install your new printer or connect it to your computer.

It is likely that your printer driver was installed incorrectly in such a case, and for this reason Windows is unable to recognize the device.

Fortunately, printer driver problems are easy to resolve. Read on to learn more about printer drivers, what causes the more common printer driver errors, and how to troubleshoot printer driver problems.

About Printer Drivers:

Printer drivers are software programs, and their main job is to convert the data you command to print to the form that is specific to the installed printer.

Printer driver problems may occur due to the following reasons:

  • The printer driver is configured incorrectly
  • The printer driver is not compatible with the installed printer or your version of Windows
  • The entry of your printer driver in the Windows registry is incorrect
  • Malware has infected your printer driver files

Common Printer Driver problems:

If your printer driver develops a problem, you may not be able to print any document or may fail to use certain features included in your printer.

Given below are two common printer driver error messages:

  • Error 1 - Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for any inconvenience.
    Meaning – The above error usually signifies that the installed printer driver is an older version.
  • Error 2Spoolsv.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    Meaning – The above error usually occurs when the installed printer driver is not compatible with your Windows operating system.

What can I do to fix Printer Driver problems?

Install the latest printer driver using a driver management tool

You can easily resolve printer driver problems using a reliable driver management tool. Open your driver management tool’s user interface, and click the SCAN button. The software will automatically identify your printer, locate the latest printer driver for your printer in its database, and install it.

Driver Downloader is one the web's most trusted and comprehensive Driver Update Programs. By downloading Driver Downloader you can instantly resolve your drivers problems by scanning your PC for outdated, missing or corrupt drivers, which are then automatically updated to the most compatible version.


Download Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download driver updatesDOWNLOAD


Click here to download and run a free Drivers Scan >>

Although it is possible to install the latest driver manually, the process is time consuming. The steps given below are the ones you need to follow to manually install a printer driver:

Install the latest driver from the Printers folder

If the latest driver is stored on your Windows computer, perform the following steps to install it:

  • Open Control Panel
  • Click Hardware and Sound
  • Click Printers
  • Right-click the printer whose driver you need to install, and then select Run as administrator
  • Click Properties
  • Click Advanced
  • Click the New Driver tab, and then follow the onscreen instructions to install the driver

Download and install the latest printer driver from the manufacturer:

Visit the printer manufacturer’s website, locate the latest driver for your printer, and then download it. Install the driver by following the instructions given on the manufacturer’s website.

List of the most common Printer Drivers

  • Cannon SELPHY ES3
  • Cannon SELPHY ES2
  • Cannon SELPHY ES1
  • Dell Printer W5310n (Workgroup Laser)
  • Dell Printer V505 AIO Inkjet
  • Dell Printer P1500 (Personal Laser)
  • Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 460cb
  • Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 1125c
  • Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 3915
  • Hewlett-Packard Deskjet 3938


Hi my printer shows in a printer list but when i am trying to print something than print documents are not come through. what is a problem,printer status is drivers are unavailable can you please help me how to fix it.
23rd October 2016 7:33pm
My EPSON L220 scan driver is installed but the printer driver can't installed in my Desktop m using win7 Ultimate.
21st October 2016 6:53am
reedham chaudhary
finally i got the solution of the problem by expert
advice , now I'm very happy with that. you can also visit
and get the problem of your solution
17th August 2016 2:49am
HP Deskjet was put into storage shortly after purchase. 5 years later, trying to use but no ink coming out. Ran printhead cleaning utility to no avail. Has the ink just dried up, or are the printheads likely ruined?
12th August 2016 5:44pm
hp deskjet 3740 printer CD shows error of OS-incompatibility. my laptop's operating system is win 10(updated from 8 to 10). plz let me know how to update it? what should i do?
12th August 2016 5:24pm
Craig Derrick Slaughter
Looking for driver forhp 3631
1st June 2016 9:49pm
John Watson
So guys i have this problems installing my printers driver so i tried it as it is in the manual but it wouldnt i contacted a Printer Helpline and my problem was fixed within a short period of time....And then later on i have paper jam problem and then i gave them a call issue fix again easily....i tried so many numbers but they weren't working...The number i called is 8444454460
1st June 2016 7:19pm
need drivers for my dell968 aio printer for my surface pro..please ? anything? anyone?
27th May 2016 10:12pm
My computer says "Needs Troubleshooting"
Trouble shooting says print driver missing for printer X.
I no longer have printer X
How can I uninstall what's left of the printer files.
15th March 2016 5:05pm
I need Drivers for WINDOWS 8 OS 64bit
Printers Model :
1.wipro HQ 1600+
2. epson 1050+C
HP deskjet 5748
30th January 2016 12:19am
is it showing in the device manager? Has it worked previously? Any recent changes/ updates?
21st January 2016 4:04am
anuj Sing
i have virtual printer driver dopdf 7. installed successfully but not shown in the printer area. why????
21st January 2016 3:59am
My laptop udated to Win 8 64 bit. I noticed my printer wasn't working. I have been trying to install the updated printer driver. It gives me this error at the set-up cannot find the printer driver. I am installing a WF-3640 Epson all in one driver.
9th January 2016 10:25pm
i installed the drivers but print is not coming
8th December 2015 1:23am
p. kanaka raju
error for printing
28th November 2015 1:25am
it attempt to print and the paper comes out blank..Plus, nothing error on the screen .. btw it's the mew printer , I just bought it
13th November 2015 7:20pm
Hi Elena - does it attempt to print and just the paper comes out blank? Any on-screen errors?
13th November 2015 5:00pm
I still cant print anything from my printer since I had followed all of the instruction by th CD, when I print something, nothing printed on the paper . So idk why . Im using epson L220. Anyone have idea ?
13th November 2015 11:22am
gurpal singh
recently i got hp 2131 printer but hp software from cd is not launching .....error message saying cd contains virus .....i have avast antivirus it is not working on those virus......what i do please help me??????????????
7th November 2015 8:45am
My drivers will not download. My printer cannot be detected. I need urgent help please
23rd October 2015 5:43pm
I just installed the mf8280cw canon printer. Now I have no sound on my computer. I have windows vista and used usb to connect to cp. how do I get the sound back?
20th October 2015 10:05pm
my pc recognizes my canon 2560 scanner but not the printer
12th October 2015 1:58am
I installed a xerox phaser 3250 on a toshiba laptop. Printer prints a test page. Laptop recognizes the printer but when I try to print anything I get nothing and it says error printing.
24th September 2015 3:08pm
my brother give his old cannon mp250 printer i both new usb cable, and now my computer can not find the usb, it saying that is malfunction. I did uninstall usb and connected back but still doesn't work.
9th July 2015 11:38am
Thank you so much! I read through all the information here and found out all I had to do was go to Dell's website, download the correct printer driver to my laptop's hard drive and boom! Success! I am printing like a pro again!
1st July 2015 9:31pm
Drivers help
Hi KerryAnn - have you tried the drivers scan (link in the article) - this will scan your PC and identify the exact drivers required - you can then search for them on the manufacturers website or use the automatic updates if you prefer
23rd June 2015 12:42pm
Hiya my Acer netbook keeps telling me I need to reinstall Lexmark X422 for ages, I've tried & tried,I've tried to find the driver using windows update but no joy, It's running on windows 7 starter just now. It also says windows update is not configured to download drivers when it's downloading updates
22nd June 2015 7:54pm
vinay kuamr singhal
I have tvse-msp240 classic printer
i have created my form according ticket size
problem-> first ticket size ezect
next second ticket it take 5px margin
next third ticket it take margin 10px
next 15px and so on how to resolve it .
please help me. it is very urgent
12th April 2015 1:41am
Hi Lori - the simplest solution (and it often works!) is to try turning off the printer for a couple of minutes - turn back on and see if it works. If not, disconnect it and turn off both the printer and computer, then reconnect and turn back on. If this doesn't work then let us know as it may be a printer driver issue
25th March 2015 6:43am
Lori Kitt
my printer is not showing when i try to print to it - it was ok yesterday - help!
25th March 2015 6:39am
Hi Suresh - did you upgrade any hardware or software since the printer last worked? Are you reinstalling the printer drivers from the original drivers disc? Is anything showing in your Device Manager?
9th February 2015 4:12am
My Konica minolta195 printer was working properly, but now is not all detected in any other PC or laptop, I installed device driver software many times, and all tried in PC and my Laptops.
Printer is blocked from my systems, help pls.R62C
9th February 2015 3:19am
Fixing a printer driver error is often simply a matter of updating, installing or re-installing the driver. You can update your driver using Windows Update. Once it's set up, Windows Upgrade will download and install recommended updates for your printer automatically.
5th February 2015 12:58am
driver helper
Printer spooler problems can be Drivers related. The best thing to do is run the free drivers scan using Driver Downloader (link in the article above) - the driver report will tell you if there is a problem with your printer drivers, if this is the case you can use this info to search for the drivers on the manufacturers website
29th January 2015 5:45pm
I've been trying to fix my AIO960 Dell printer and my print spooler will not stay running I've tried everything to fix it an now I'm out of Ideas can anyone please assist me with this issue?
29th January 2015 11:44am
I cant print from my laptop was working ok but not now why?
17th January 2015 12:40pm
This laptop was just repaired. Printer was working fine before repairs were completed. Now printer will not work, as it is saying that they cannot find the driver that is compatible with HP Deskjet 3050A J611Series Printer. I have looked everywhere. Can you help me. I need this printer.
17th December 2014 11:01pm
i have an exiting printer working all of a sudden the printer stops working if i shutdown and then on it will dictate the printer driver and it will try to install it but along the way it will stop and display encounter problem trying to install then i try to install it with the same driver i install it with before but still showing me the same massage.what do i do at this time
12th November 2014 6:45am
Ghana shyam sahu
sir my canon (IMAGERUNNER2420L) both xerox and printer can't finishing print please Sir sent my email id what is the problem ?
31st October 2014 11:04am
I installed a new brother printer using a disk and now after the log on screen my computer just comes up with a black screen? No windows or desktop? If I do ctrl alt del the task manager comes up so the computer is working but that's all I can see. What's going on and how do I fix it with no desktop?
26th August 2014 7:44pm
My Lexmark X6570 has stopped receiving print commands from the computer. The printer will copy documents and print emails and articles on the internet. The printer is 3 or 4 years old. I just upgraded my computer from XP to Windows 7. Should I run the Lexmark install CD again>
5th July 2014 12:16pm
I have recently gotten a company upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise, and now my HP LaserJet Pro 440 M475DW will not install the printer drivers. Everything else installs properly except the actual printer.ANy thoughts? I have been to the HP site to download the drivers directly.
24th June 2014 12:33pm
Drivers Help
Hi Robert - You can use our software (use the 'download now' link above) to run a free drivers scan - the Drivers report will tell you the exact Drivers your PC is missing, you can then use this information to search the web for the Drivers yourself or register our software to automatically update the drivers (and keep them up to date)
10th June 2014 4:11pm
I have a dell with vista 32bit and have been unable to find a driver that will run my hp laserjet 3100 R Printer.
Have been told to get a new computer and a new printer to solve the problem. That is not a viable alternative to a printer driver.
Any help would be appreciated.
10th June 2014 4:05pm
ink pad resetter
In order to reset the Epson Ink Pad you need to download the reset program which sets your printer counter to zero and it again starts with beginning.
31st October 2013 11:18pm
Please i need laser Printer Driver Panasonic KX-FLB812.
2nd October 2013 8:11am
taimoor SALEEM
i need Printer Driver hp f2480
14th September 2013 5:31am
Samuel Malhope
I have beeb trying to download Canon MF Series Drives for Windows 7, because I have Cd, but it is not for 64 Bits.
11th March 2013 2:21am
need driver for hp-deskjet 3845
6th March 2013 9:46am
need driver for epson stylus cx 7450 all-in-one
21st February 2013 1:08pm
agoi Gboluwaga
Please i need laserjet Printer Driver 1000.
16th January 2013 9:20am
Drivers help
Hi rb - we have a recent article about device driver errors on our Driver Updates blog- - select the post "Device Manager Error Code 32 – what is it and how do I fix it?"- part of this article deals with deleting Registry values which sounds like it is relevant to your problem - read the article and come back to us if it does not help - good luck and hopefully happy printing!
22nd August 2012 3:35pm
Hello. I did the unthinkable. I installed my HP Laser driver with the printer plugged in before they told me to plug it in. Needless to say my system is all screwed up and now I cannot reinstall the driver to fix the problem. Even after I uninstall the driver it says it is still there even though it is not listed in my printer and fax tab in the control panel. My brother who knows much more about this (but no time to fix it for me) said it was installed somewhere else and that he would have to dig around to try to find it to remove. The problem is that I really need my printer now and it has been months since I made the mistake. Can someone please help? Thanks.
22nd August 2012 11:23am
i installing the printer driver, but installation time operation not be completed and installation was exit......repeate the installation but problem is repeated....
what i can do. please replay the reason
4th April 2012 1:20pm
i need drivers for my hp laserjet 3100 printer any one who has it should kindly help me
thank u
25th March 2012 6:51pm
need drivers for a Canon Multi-task F80 printer fax copier. it is an older printer. Canon no longer has software. Thanks.
13th February 2012 8:06pm
help me plese
30th January 2012 10:44am
usb parallel port driver
9th December 2011 6:22am
Camping List
Great!!! This helped me a lot!!
16th July 2011 9:25pm
thanks! finally fixed my printer - driving me nuts for weeks!
4th June 2011 5:50pm

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