My Lexmark Printer Won’t Print!

Lexmark printer problems – from paper jams to missing Lexmark Drivers

When you have problems with your Lexmark printer not printing, the first thing to do is check for error codes. The problem may be as simple as a paper jam, and checking the error code will help you pinpoint this.

Common Lexmark Printer error codes and how to solve them

Error Code 22:
Paper Problem
This is usually a paper jam so check for this first. If there is no obvious jam, remove the paper tray and turn the machine off and on again, then reinsert the paper tray.

Error Code 41 Error Code 43:
Font Problem
The font you are using may not be available. To troubleshoot this problem, change the font in your document (to something standard like Arial) and then try to print again.

Error Code 970:
Fan Problems
The fan in your printer is not working as expected, check that all cables are attached correctly and try re-printing. A persistent error may suggest the fans or cables need to be replaced.

If your Lexmark printer is simply not responding at all then you need to do some basic checks

1. make sure your printer is connected to the power (ensure cables at back are fully inserted)
2. make sure your printer is connected to your computer (either by WiFi or cable)
3. make sure you have the correct and updated Lexmark printer drivers installed. Click here to scan your machine for any outdated or missing Drivers.

Feel free to post your comments below if these suggestions do not solve your Lexmark drivers problems.

Download Lexmark Printer Drivers >>

Lisa M Keegan


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  • Errores mesage says”cartridge srror”. we folloe your suggrdtions. MY dsk is genuine LEXMARK”ARTRIDGE. THEY ARE NEW CARTRIDGDSS. i never had thus problem before. pleea HELP

  • You’ve great thing in this case.

  • Hi,

    RE: LEXMARK X5470

    Error message – 1203

    Kindly advise problem?

    Thank you,


  • I too have the same problem with a Lexmark X5470 It is giving me the message
    ‘Error #1203′ Cartridge error consult user’s guide Can you please advise what to do – the printer also keeps making a noise as though it wants to start

  • Lexmark x5340 printer wont print error with no numbers shows USB cable used 3-one-printer

  • Has this printer worked in the past and just suddenly stopped working? Have you installed any software/ updates recently? Have you run the free Drivers Scan?


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