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Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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System Requirements
Platform: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

Steps to Install Lenovo Drivers

How to download & Install Lenovo Drivers

Issues with Lenovo Drivers can adversely affect the performance of your Lenovo device. In the worst cases, driver-related issues can prevent you from using certain programs or applications.

Download Lenovo Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download driver updatesDOWNLOAD

Before we discuss the steps you need to perform to troubleshoot Lenovo driver-related problems, let us first understand why these problems occur in the first place. Lenovo driver-related issues usually manifest when one or more of the following holds true:

  • You have reformatted your Lenovo laptop or netbook but have not reinstalled all the drivers that were present earlier
  • You have deleted a driver file by mistake
  • One or more installed drivers are outdated or corrupt

Read on for information on how to troubleshoot Lenovo driver errors in 3 simple steps.

Open the Device Manager window to identify the problem

In case the error is driver-related, it will show in the Device Manager window. To open it, perform these steps:

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box, and press Enter
  4. Double-click the hardware device type with which you are experiencing a problem to see all its devices. If there is a triangle, an exclamation mark, or a question mark next to the device, it means the issue is indeed driver-related, which can be easily resolved by downloading the latest Lenovo drivers and installing them via the steps below

Download the latest Lenovo drivers

  1. Open your browser and go to
  2. Click the Drivers & Software under Choose The Support You Need
  3. In the next window, select your product type
  4. Next, select the correct product series, the actual product, the correct machine type, the correct model, and finally the operating system
  5. On the next screen, select the driver you need to download, and then click the Download now icon (Note: If you need to download multiple drivers, instead of downloading each one separately, add all drivers to your download list by clicking the Add to Download list icon.
  6. Once you have all the drivers you need, click My Download list, select all the drivers you want to download in the next screen, and click the Download Selected button)

Installing the latest Lenovo drivers

To install all the download drivers, simply double-click them one-by-one and follow the onscreen instructions. After you have installed all the drivers, we recommend you restart your machine.

Why do you need an automatic driver update software?
A driver update software such as Driver Downloader Driver Update Tool downloads and installs all missing and outdated device drivers within minutes of clicking the Scan Now button. This avoids the need to download drivers manually, which can be quite a challenge if you need to download multiple drivers or if the driver you need is not listed on its manufacturer’s website.

Get Automatic Driver Updates

Using a Driver Update Tool can be a simpler and more effective way of fixing driver-related errors. There are many advantages of using a Driver Update Tool, such as:

  • Speed - searching for Drivers yourself can be time-consuming and frustrating
  • Reliability - Driver Downloader Driver Update Tool has one of the web's largest databases of Device Drivers
  • Efficiency - Driver Downloader will update your required Drivers (by exact-matching to your PC's specific requirements) and will keep these Drivers up-to-date as new versions are released

Driver Downloader is one the web's most trusted and comprehensive Driver Update Programs. By downloading Driver Downloader you can instantly resolve your drivers problems by scanning your PC for outdated, missing or corrupt drivers, which are then automatically updated to the most compatible version.

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Download Drivers for many Lenovo devices on Windows 8, Windows 7, XP and Vista, common Lenovo Drivers downloads are:

lenovo g570 drivers
lenovo t430 drivers
lenovo t420 drivers
lenovo s10 drivers
lenovo x61 drivers
lenovo ati drivers


Download Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download driver updatesDOWNLOAD



I can't install REDHAT LINUX OS in lenovo G450 my laptop and also could not find out drive disk.

7th November 2016 2:32am
Hi, My G50-70 laptop , not Recognizing any mobile mass storage , mean when i need to transfer file from mobile memory to PC by way USB computerconnection>Media device(MTP) . Camera(PTP) working . showing lenovosuite instaling problem, any one help me how to solve this.
6th October 2016 7:47am
Lenovo g580 I can't install apps at all to show no supporting blank file even if I send apps via Bluetooth they dnt support why
14th September 2016 9:32am
Eric Barnes
During the installation of the Lenovo FIX I receive near the end of the installation an error message saying: ---Failure !! Error Code -0001],
Grateful for any suggestions as to where I go now.
4th September 2016 9:45pm
All the storage capacity of my lenovo G40 was accidentally deleted. when i switch on it says EFI NETWORK 0 for IPV4(28-D2-44-8B-EO-OD)boot failed. When I tried to load a new operating system it says drivers missing and shows a memory of 31MB. What can I do to load the drivers, how do I download them.
6th June 2016 1:09am
my lenovo g50-70 laptop windows 8.1 os, any mobile not recognise in my laptop? all pendrives are supported. please help me...
2nd June 2016 10:29am
Rigan Odhiambo Otieno
my laptop is missing video card plus the me please i cant even watch my video clearly
15th May 2016 8:02am
Please provide the link to install the MTP driver for K3-Note, Win8 setup
15th December 2015 12:33pm
my lenovo A238t driver softwere problems.
21st September 2015 9:10am
unerring knack
facing PCI network controll device,
my lenovo G500 laptop cant detect wi-fi network
.i need your sincere help
please. where can i get the set up for this software please?
31st August 2015 5:00am
Zia Ibrahimi
I want to free download The Laptop Lenovo 505 All Driver software but not downloaded PLZ Help me thanks
28th July 2015 12:13pm
I have problem with rear camera Lenovo s930.only selfie camera can take photo .rear camera cannot take.please help me.thank you
23rd July 2015 12:20am
are there any 'beeps' during startup?
16th June 2015 4:25pm
My Lenovo will not reboot. It keeps going from diagnostic to repair and kicks out then does the same thing over and over. How can I get the computer to reboot?
29th May 2015 2:01am
have you tried the manufacturers site for the driver? you can use our drivers scan tool to detect the exact drivers you need (use download link in article)
8th May 2015 5:23am
pranav rastogi
i want to install backtrack on my lenovo g500s machine with window 8.1 . I install os and shows error of not having wireless adaptor in my system
7th May 2015 2:44pm
have you tried the Drivers scan? this should recommend the most appropriate Drivers based on your system and hardware
3rd May 2015 4:23pm
I can't install Bluetooth or wlan driver in my Lenovo g500 leptop when I was try to install it say not appropriate driver to be installed please help me
2nd May 2015 10:48am
Hi Makoy - I would always recommend to reinstall the existing Drivers unless you are experiencing problems - why are you reformatting? It is usually easier to backup and reinstall everything first anyway - then if you need to remove drivers etc. you can do so (set a restore point first)
23rd April 2015 5:03pm
Hi Sir/Ma'am,

Good Day,

Apologies for such a noob question. Actually, I was planning to reformat my laptop however, I am getting confused as to why there are 2 drivers for wireless lan and as well as bluetooth drivers (based from the Lenov Drivers site)

For Wireless Driver:

Theres a: Intel and b: Atheros,Broadcom,Realtek

For Bluetooth:

There's a:smileyhappy: Intel and b:smileyhappy: Liteon/Atheros, Broadcom

Just want to clarify, do I need to install both of these drivers or just choose 1 (between the Intel and the Atheros/Broadcom).

Apologies for the noob question.

God Bless,

22nd April 2015 8:32pm
Help! I have problem with my Lenovo G400 and I decided to do restore factory but I don't have a back up or dvd so I decided to restore it using my friends back up for his ACER. Now, my Lenovo has turned into acer and I really want it to turn back into Lenovo. :/ the driver (D:) is still lenovo by the way. I think it's just the C: turned into acer.. I don't know what to do.. :( My sister have Lenovo driver installer but I don't know how to use it... :(
15th April 2015 11:01am
have you tried going in in safe mode? did you install new software/ OS before this happened?
26th March 2015 5:14am
T420s WIN7 (64) - my device manager shows all drivers are working properly when using the latest nvidia driver for my system. However, my computer does not boot. Instead I get a black screen with my cursor showing.
26th March 2015 1:44am
driver helper
Hi Kareem - was it working before? Have you tested the wifi on other devices to see if it is working ok?
19th February 2015 4:38pm
kareem elgammal
I cant open wifi on my laptob lenovo z5070???
19th February 2015 4:21pm
thank for your answer iwas sure about the driver because i had downloaded it from the official site for the laptop so i took my laptop to where i had bought it and they told me u were trying to install wrong driver they installed the correct driver and problem solved. thanks again for your respond
19th February 2015 12:29am
driver helper
Hi Amir - are you sure it is the correct Driver? Have you tried the Drivers Scan (download link above) - this will tell you the Drivers you need - you can then search the Lenovo site for them
18th February 2015 3:37pm
I've bought an e540 core i7 yesterday and installed windows 8.1 and downloaded all the drivers for my note-book from Lenovo everything works fine but wireless driver won't install i'm getting error 80091007 what should I do?
18th February 2015 5:00am
Hi Reza - are you installing from a CD or download? If CD, is it an original or copy? Are you upgrading from another Operating System or is it a clean install?
9th January 2015 12:08pm
Reza Ziaie
I tried to install windows 7 on my new Lenovo Z5070 laptop. During installation I got the error message: " Windows can not open file D:\sources\install.wim "
Would you please help me.
8th January 2015 4:25pm
Driver Helper
have you tried going in in safe mode?
8th January 2015 4:54am
Cris Ann Subebe
im having problem with my lenovo laptop. there's a problem about the my recently installed software so it says that the computer has been shut down. i couldn't reboot it or it wont go to home. what am i gonna do?
8th January 2015 3:12am
need Lenovo G580 Windows 7 Drivers - no original cd - where can I get this?
17th December 2014 4:57am
USB not reading kindly advise
27th November 2014 6:20am
hussain sawar
swith on problem
31st October 2014 2:03am
Update my lenovo drivers
25th September 2014 1:30am
leez kingston
it was lenovo driver problem tnx
17th September 2014 4:16pm
are you able to access lenovo laptop in safe mode? Did you install any software/ OS updates before this happened?
15th September 2014 5:06am
A Ramu
When i switch on my lenovo laptop it displays "Phoenix securecore tiano setup" and it cannot be removed and not enter to my os
9th September 2014 1:56pm
jeremy Hardin
formatted e520 and will not let me install new windows says cant find hd drivers please insert cd and press ok
14th October 2013 7:15pm
reza azimi
updath my lenovo drivers
21st April 2013 6:42am

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