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Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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System Requirements
Platform: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

Fix Dell Sound Problems

Download Dell Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download driver updatesDOWNLOAD

Are you having audio problems with your Dell computer?

If you are having sound problems on your Dell computer (such as bad sound quality or no sound at all) then this article may help you.

Rule out the obvious

It may seem painfully obvious but it may save you hours of needlessly troubleshooting a sound problem!

  • check that the speakers / audio output volume is not muted
  • if speakers are external, check the wires are plugged in fully and all necessary connections are made

Check Sound card / adapter

If you are not confident updating Drivers then you can use a Driver Update Tool to automate this process for you. Either way, we would advise you use the 'free scan' option on many of the Driver Update Tools to assess if your problem is driver-related or not. This may save you some time and the driver report is free.

To check that your sound card is working:

  1. select Start > (right click) My Computer > Manage
  2. In the Management window select > Device Manager
  3. Next to Sound, Video and Game Controllers click the + sign
  4. A yellow triangle will signify a problem so if one is present, right-click that device and select Properties
  5. You can then choose to update the driver

If you have not run Windows Updates in a while, you should do so now as this can often help resolve Drivers issues.

Automatic Driver Updates

A more simple and effective way of fixing driver-related errors is by using a reliable and efficient Driver Management Tool. Such software can fix even the most obstinate driver errors in a matter of minutes.

Driver Downloader is one the web's most trusted and comprehensive Driver Update Programs. By downloading Driver Downloader you can instantly resolve your drivers problems by scanning your PC for outdated, missing or corrupt drivers, which are then automatically updated to the most compatible version.

Click here to download and run a free Drivers Scan >>


Download Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download driver updatesDOWNLOAD


Drivers help
where upgraded to Windows 7 and lost sound - have you tried the free drivers scan - use link in article - can then use the details to search for and download the relevant drivers
22nd February 2015 4:06pm
Hi Kumar - did you do any updates? Have you double checked that the sound is not muted? Are speakers external or internal?
22nd February 2015 4:04pm
shakir ahmad parrey
hello every body i m shakir i m using a dell laptop in which i lost a sound by changing the windows plz help me and currently i m using windows 7
22nd February 2015 5:11am
shariq farooq
i formatted my windows and apply a new one windows 7 and i lost sound plz help me
22nd February 2015 4:59am
i had a dell 3542 lap which is 3 months old and suddenly sound had been stoped and the speaker are not working at all help me friends how to rectify the problem. THANK YOU
20th February 2015 9:30am
Check the BIOS and make sure audio is enabled. I had this same problem with a PC at the college I worked for and this turned out to be the solution.
18th February 2015 1:06pm
have you checked the wiring to the speakers - do you mean external or internal speakers? If internal we can provide different troubleshooting so just let us know your system etc and if you have made any recent software changes
14th February 2015 8:41am
in my lapto inspiron 3542 am getting sound in right speakers and left speakers are not giving any sound plesase tell me what is the problem,and how to check the right and left speakers.
14th February 2015 1:36am
Hi femi - have you tried using the download link in the article to run the free drivers scan? this will point you to the exact dell audio driver you should be using
7th January 2015 10:14am
femi b.
i just formatted my dell precision m70 from windows XP to windows 7 and now my sound driver isn't available and i have downloaded so many but its still not working
7th January 2015 9:50am
Catherine A. Cortese
no audio device is installed. can you please send me a solution.
4th January 2015 11:44am
Alan C
I bought the Inspiron 14 7000 series laptop. When it arrived it had a static/wishy noise throught any headsets I used. The motherboard broke after a month. They sent it for repair which took a total of 6 weeks from breaking to re-delivery. They replaced the motherboard but said the sound was fine. When it came back, had the same sound issue. They just sent me the 15 7000 series as a replacement but it has the same sound issue. I think it must be a systemic problem with the series.For the price it is completely unacceptable.
18th December 2014 8:05am
i formatted my computer and changed the windows and there was no sound
9th November 2014 7:55am
Drivers help
tanvir - have you used the download link above to run the dell drivers scan?
5th November 2014 11:06am
Boss, Sound driver i need for Dell model no:PP18L How can i get it
5th November 2014 10:59am
sunil kumar
My laptop sound is very slow rather then other laptop or it is very slow with respect to my mobiles sound so please help.......
2nd November 2014 6:39am
i want to need my all intell drivers updated autmatically in a week
14th October 2014 12:09pm
have you tried the free dell audio drivers scan (download driver update tool link)? The report will list the required drivers which you can then either search for online or download using the driver update tool
16th September 2014 5:13pm
Saikat Gupta
I am havinf dell Inspiron 14R N4010. Error message no audio output device is installed
1) I had a hard disk replacement and installed windows 7 ultimate.
2) Installed windows 3 times still the problem has not gone.
15th September 2014 11:21pm
aideo driver
14th September 2014 12:14am
i have got more information from this site,thanksss
5th September 2014 5:11am
i cant run any game plzz solve my problem is there any driver reqired to run game plzz send me linke to download that software/driver my model number is dell inspiron 15 3542 service tag:38XK412
26th August 2014 11:20am
Hello, I just want to ask what probably the problem of my laptop(its brand is Dell, Inspiron) built in speaker. Once I turned its volume to its max then I suddenly heard a growling noise or something distorted from my speaker, this problem continues until now.I checked the mixers but its all normal. Please need help.
14th August 2014 10:51am
Md sohel
how can i downlode & install dell pp21l sound driver?
13th August 2014 2:06pm
My brand new Dell Inspiron 15 , its Sound is going out randomly.
i have to restart the laptop everytime for the sound to play. please help me
11th August 2014 12:18pm
Kim M Joy
No audio output is installed
dell 17R inspiron
23rd July 2014 5:47am
I have dell inspiron 15. my sound is not working properly. system is neither on mute nor driver update is req. I have to restart my computer and sometimes it does not work either. when i try to play media file sound goes off often. please help me solve this problem
20th July 2014 5:18am
Brand new Dell Inspiron 15. Sound is going out randomly. Dell said that it was a Microsoft problem and blamed it on them for not having a sound driver new enough. 2 month old computer and Dell won't do anything. MS said Dell was full of *****.
I can't believe how horrible the Dell customer service is.
17th July 2014 7:38am
audio on my 8 month old dell inspiron suddenly stopped.not a pc guru,need help.THANK YOU!
12th July 2014 5:38pm
Anik Islam
my pc does not have any sound.Pc can't found Hardware.my windows 8.How can i solve this problem?Pleace.tall me
27th June 2014 5:06am
Please I need help.my dell laptop doesn't recognize any device and it says that it has been set to never install driver updates.how do I rectify it please?
20th June 2014 8:14am
Deus Lean
Hello, I just want to ask what probably the problem of my laptop(its brand is Dell, Inspiron) built in speaker. Once I turned its volume to its max then I suddenly heard a growling noise or something distorted from my speaker, this problem continues until now.I checked the mixers but its all normal. Please need help.
17th May 2014 9:10am
in my laptop i can listen sound through headset bt i cant hear any sound outside plzz help mee
1st May 2014 2:30pm
Dustin Klungtvedt
Downloaded something to try to watch a NHL game online and sound stopped working. A pop up keeps showing up for new hardware found for "Audio Device On High Definition Audio Bus". Please help, send to email please
21st April 2014 8:06pm
bluescreen dump tells me there is a video driver problem

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
OS Version: 6.1.7601.
Locale ID: 1033

Additional information about the problem:
BCCode: 116
BCP1: 84F7E008
BCP2: 8DC4E9B0
BCP3: 00000000
BCP4: 00000002
OS Version: 6_1_7601
Service Pack: 1_0
Product: 256_1

19th March 2014 12:39pm
drivers Help
Is the sound distorted? Was it perviously working?
19th February 2014 5:55pm
satya ranjan behera
i have audio problem i.e. only background sound is coming with no words means the music behind the video is coming but what they talk ,their sound not coming.
11th February 2014 12:12am
Running Windows 7 on a new Inspiron 17R. I have an external modem which I use to dial numbers. It dials o.k. but no sound of the dialing is coming from the computer's speakers. Tried a number of different fixes and downloaded/installed the latest driver from the modem manufacturer. It has to be computer related and not modem related. Worked fine on the old Inspiron running on Windows Vista.
17th January 2014 10:56am
driver sound problem
2nd January 2014 12:27pm
Please can someone help me fix my audio problem. my laptop is Dell notebook window 7 latitude X1. My system displays NO AUDIO OUTPUT DEVICE IS INSTALLED. As a result of that,I can't hear any sound again even when the video is playing.
26th December 2013 5:12pm
deci nu mai am driver ul de sunet...l-a eliminat sotul fara sa vrea... de unde il iau iar,tinand cont de faptul ca la inceput nu stiam service tagul...nici acum nu stiu exact care e,la baza codului de bare de pe spate fiind mai multe litere si numere...sper sa ma ajutati
20th November 2013 7:06am
Rafiq Baloch
My laptop's sound is not working and it's not on mute, what do I do?
please help me. Thanks!
send me to my above Email.
7th November 2013 10:03am
my pc does not have any sound at all after a friend of mine installed windows 10 pliz send me info on what to do
2nd November 2013 10:29am
G. Masha
my pc does not have sound driver at all please send me to my above Email.
25th September 2013 5:38pm
badda khan
sound problam
25th September 2013 3:39am
my pc was formatted and the audio driver was not reinstalled again, so there is no sound now. pls send me help to my maail
30th August 2013 9:19pm
My dell sound sometimes disappears. I need to restar PC or do steps:playback select speakers, configure and press test . Maybe it notebook motherboard problem?
My laptop is new what I have to do?
20th August 2013 3:50pm
vishnuvardanreddy n
please verify the sound drives
17th June 2013 3:46am
Abdul Ghaffar
My computer is not installing sound driver please give me a solution about it how to fix the problem .?
24th May 2013 4:19am
my problem in computer is audio driver and no install and update. plz tell me this problem plz give me information on my ID.
26th January 2013 7:05am
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25th October 2012 12:05pm
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24th August 2012 1:48am
zin dyali
7th May 2012 10:24am
super driver
4th May 2012 2:54pm
i am getting captcha error in inatalling commentics :(
26th April 2012 4:13pm

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