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Platform: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

Fix Windows XP Audio Drivers Problems

Download XP Audio Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download  audio driver updatesDOWNLOAD

How to Update Windows XP Audio / Sound Drivers

This post will help you if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

  • you can't hear any sound from your computer
  • sounds are interrupted or play abnormally
  • your computer doesn't behave normally (crashes, restarts or stops responding) when playing sound
  • You get an error message when trying to play a sound (below are some examples of error messages):
    - WAV sound playback error detected
    - The CD Audio device is in use by another application
    - MIDI output error detected
    - Your audio hardware cannot play files like the current file
    - No wave device that can play files in the current format is installed

To fix Audio Device problems with any of the above symptoms, you should first try the in-built sound troubleshooter. If this does not resolve the issue then you will need to look at manually or automatically updating Sound Drivers.

Windows Sound Troublshooter:

  • Select Start > Help and Support
  • Under Pick a Help Topic, select Fixing a problem
  • On the left navigation panel, select Games, sound, and video problems
  • In the right panel, select Sound Troubleshooter

Follow the on-screen instructions until your sound problem is resolved or you run out of options. If this happens then you need to look at the next option, updating your Sound Drivers.

How to Update Windows Sound Drivers:

You can use the Microsoft Update Tool in to check if there are Updates for your Sound Drivers. If your Sound Drivers are out of date you will need to get details of the Sound Driver in question and then contact the manufacturer for an update. Some manufacturers are better than others in responding to these requests. Alternatively, you can let our Driver Update Tool do the work for you. You can run a Drivers Scan for free but will need to register the software to get automatic Driver Updates. Alternatively, follow the instructions below to try to manually update the Drivers yourself:

  • Select Start > Run
  • Type dxdiag in the Open box - click OK
  • Select the Sound tab
  • Under Device, note the device name, and under Driver, note the name of the Provider
  • Click Exit

You now have the information required to contact the sound driver manufacturer and request a Driver Update.

Automatic Driver Updates

A more simple and effective way of fixing driver-related errors is by using a reliable and efficient Driver Management Tool. Such software can fix even the most obstinate driver errors in a matter of minutes.

Driver Downloader is one the web's most trusted and comprehensive Driver Update Programs. By downloading Driver Downloader by you can instantly resolve your Driver problems by scanning your PC for outdated, missing or corrupt Drivers, which are then automatically updated to the most compatible version.

Common XP Audio Problems

  • Windows Media Player cannot play the file
  • WAV sound playback error detected
  • audio hardware cannot play files
  • No wave device that can play files in the current format is installed
  • device cannot start (code 10 error)
  • drivers for this device are not installed (code 28 error)
  • sound works erratically in windows xp

For all Windows XP Drivers downloads, including XP Audio Drivers, Windows XP USB Drivers, XP VGA Drivers as well as many others, you can download our Driver Update Tool below for automatic Driver Updates or just to run a Free XP Drivers Scan of your PC.

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Download XP Audio Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download driver updatesDOWNLOAD




Just upgraded my hardware and still using the same operating system. Now some of my games don't want to play and some play but have no audio. We already installed the latest drivers but still nothing.
22nd November 2016 5:58pm
Shinde cv
In my desktop using Win Xp
Onboard sound not working
So addl sound card installed
Sound Icon comes on task bar but sound not come
What is problem
Sound card also changed
5th November 2016 2:41am
Hi I got a problem my system was originally windows XP and sound was working completely fine, until I updated my system to windows 7 that's where sound no longer workerd, I believe when I updated my system to windows 7 the multimedia audio control driver got deleted in the process however I downgraded to windows XP sp 3 and it requires that I reinstall multimedia audio control but I don't have a recovery CD/DVD to reinstall audio driver as it requires me to do. Please help
2nd September 2016 2:12am
aditya kumar
i updated my windows from 7 to 8 & sound automatically got reduced.plese help me in resolving it.
3rd July 2016 12:08am
I downloaded the driver above but it refused to install in my windows XP, then i copied it in another system, it ran a little and wrote error.
15th June 2016 6:25am
siyaram saini
my computer is not audio driver working but i download audio driver than licance key requer
3rd January 2016 9:21am
my comuter cannot insatall audio sound driver
23rd November 2015 2:57am
Drivers help
Was the sound working previously?
8th August 2015 12:32pm
edward sailas
i need help plz no sound in y compture
8th August 2015 9:36am
Driver help
Are you pairing a device or using the Bluetooth for audio?
7th August 2015 3:58pm
hp 2230 model has problem that whenever i connect to bluetooth after it audio will not work
6th August 2015 11:32pm
thanks, sound is working perfect now.
6th August 2015 4:21am
Is there any error? Can you get sound from any programs?
23rd June 2015 12:34pm
Hi sir i install new win xp.before install hd audio sound is ok.but after install audio driver there is no sound.and audio driver is successfuly instaled.please help.thanx.
10th June 2015 3:10am
Drivers help
try running the drivers scan using the link in the article - you can then use the info to search for and download the required drivers
4th June 2015 4:31am
Sir I can't downlode sound in windows xp
26th May 2015 10:42pm
sir mujhe license key chahiye
21st May 2015 10:10am
what is the proper driver for c-media high definition audio device for windows 7 64 bit? The one installed by windows is not working (while the one installed for the same for windows 7 and xp 32 bit it is working)
11th April 2015 3:34pm
Hi Riya - are you sure it was the correct Driver you installed? Do you have details/ disc for the previous driver? Try the free scan (in article above) and the report should show the exact realtek driver you need so you can check against this
11th March 2015 5:19am
Hi, accidentally deleted my realtek audio drive and re-installed it but even though computer shows that no audio device found.I am using windows xp please help me to solve my problem
11th March 2015 3:11am
Judson Solomon
Hope your site can solve my audio driver problems
21st February 2015 3:04am
this shows in my lenovo laptop

windows could not start windows audio service on local computer.
Error 0x800706cc:The endpoint is a duplicate

16th February 2015 7:23am
Hi Venkanna - was your audio working ok before? Have you recently made hardware or software changes? You can run our drivers scan using the software download link above. this will tell you the drivers you need.
5th February 2015 5:14am
i have no audio my mother board is 865 gv (american megtrentds) so how can i download my audio driver help me
5th February 2015 5:08am
i have install windows 7 professional,but i don't have sound in my sound.
1st February 2015 6:12am
try free audio drivers scan link above - this will give you full details of the driver you need.
9th January 2015 5:12am
Dharmenra Singh
Dear Sir,
I lost my mercury 845GV motherboard driver CD,Win XP
I want to install Sound drives. Please help me
8th January 2015 8:39am
i bought windows 8 and updated my sound drivers also stil unable to get sound??
7th December 2014 8:19am
Drivers help
Hi Krishna - run the Free drivers scan using the 'download now' link above - this will tell you the exact Drivers you are missing - you can then use the tool for automatic driver updates (you need to register the software for this) or you can search for the Drivers yourself and download them manually.
23rd November 2014 3:29pm
i have checked my sound box there is no mentioned device id nd provider all those things i cant understand what i can do now reply me.............
23rd November 2014 11:13am
you need to run a drivers scan to check what drivers are missing or outdated - click the download link above and run a scan - you only need to register the software if you want to get automatic driver updates
10th November 2014 3:29pm
My Computer say that "No audio device" which way can be used to fix this problem
10th November 2014 1:02pm
Abbas Chohan
how to install the audio/sound driver
10th November 2014 11:29am
audio draivr
10th October 2014 11:17pm
Have you tried the free drivers scan (use download links in the article above) - this will show you if the problem is with your Audio Drivers.
2nd October 2014 5:20pm
i have draivers
19th September 2014 1:50pm
please set my driver
12th September 2014 9:50am
it is better
8th September 2014 2:36am
sainul ansari
my laptop window sp modal compaq seleron sound driver loading function can you help
31st August 2014 3:21am
had no audio device help me
24th August 2014 5:15am
Ronald Gapud
my audio is not functioning.. i tried to device manager go to sound video and game controllers, update my drivers, restart my PC yet the still doesnt work pls help to fix this thing..
29th May 2014 12:58am
audio problem please salov
12th May 2014 11:37am
where can i find the licence and activation keys? please help
9th May 2014 5:13am
Muhammad zakaria
I don't have an audio driver
4th May 2014 3:12am
it is very good
30th April 2014 4:41am
Drivers Help
If you are not getting any audio error messages then ensure that there is no 'mute' button clicked (there is often an icon in the system tray or go to sound in the control panel) - there may also be button on your keyboard to control the sound - usually in the top line of buttons and will have a sound increase and decrease ones with icons depicting a speaker or similar
8th April 2014 5:08pm
Thank you so much...Troubleshooting procedure really worked for my computer.. :D Thanks once again
24th March 2014 7:00am
My Sound Device Drivers Are All Installed Here is no Problem But I can't Hear any Thing I Tested Very Speakers But I was not Hear any thing How can Help Me !
24th February 2014 11:51pm
My system showed that no sound devie found plz help solve this
10th February 2014 2:09am
how to installed the sound drivers
6th February 2014 1:55am
i haven't found any device name under the sound tab. It says that there is no sound card found but in the s config the window audio is running? what's really the problem with that? Ty. I nid ur help.
25th January 2014 8:00pm
Jim Johnson
I lost all sound when I play any files saved on my laptop or off a cd/dvd player, yet the sound works fine when I browse the internet. I do not have the airplane mode on. Using Windows 8.
29th November 2013 7:45pm
i lost my bluetooth drivers in my windows8 pc...please help me
21st November 2013 11:14am
i have lost my audio device by mistake and
I need soud drivers of intel.
17th November 2013 4:43am
1st November 2013 5:31pm
My hp6715s does not run any sound driver setup, Can you help me plz help me
26th October 2013 10:43pm
abdul manan abbasi
i am having motherboard hp hw4100, how can i identify the required audio and etc driver for my motherboard.
22nd October 2013 12:40pm
I need soud drivers of intel
30th September 2013 2:59pm
ayan tariq
i have lost my audio device by mistake
30th September 2013 4:21am
My pc does not run any sound driver setup, Can you help me plz
15th September 2013 2:48am
i dont have audio device,how to reinstall it again?,i tried everything but its not working...please help....need it very badly...
20th August 2013 8:30am
Mik Kartikay
I can't understand. This setup took too long to install and then as soon as I did stuffs and all suddenly it all went blank and the computer restarted itself.
Can you suggest What my Case is???
Please help me. This is real serious.
If dad finds out that my Audio drive has gone corrupt he will fracture my head!!!!
25th July 2013 2:07pm
how to install de sound device
5th July 2013 12:23pm
shoaib saeed
when i computer start he say there is no disk drive.plese insert a disk into drive/device/harddisk1/dr4
4th July 2013 2:19pm
how to install de sound device
1st July 2013 9:03pm
Hey'in xp you can download audio drivers without disc'n net connection with simple way.
Just follow my instructions,
open ''MY COMPUTER''s properties
>missing audio driver
>chose from specific location
>chose from list
>plug and play audio drivers
>then unmark up right corner if marked.
>chose manufacture
>intel realtek ac 97
then next,
and D0ne...
Reboot or n0t 'but driver or installed...
19th June 2013 3:13am
i just can't understand it, am trying to install audio drivers but it is telling to load Microsoft bus driver
14th June 2013 6:41am
Drivers Help
Hi Mariantony - can you provide any error message details? Was it working before or have you upgraded recently? Did you try running the free scan on (click the download button) - this should provide you with more detail on any Drivers problems
7th June 2013 7:46am
I am unable to activate my audio driver and make my audio system work. I tried downloading audio driver from the net but could not succeed. I am working with a Windows XP PC. Can anyone help me out?
7th June 2013 7:38am
Francis Kimutai
How do i get audio drivers for my hp PC from the internet?
16th May 2013 4:21am
doug johnson
sound max was removed from my computer by accident. I now have no sound for my music. How can I fix this since I dont have the xp disc anymore
7th May 2013 4:20pm
drivers Help
have you installed any new programs lately or made any other changes? Did you have sound before? Please provide some more detail so we can help troubleshoot your XP sound problems
22nd April 2013 6:17am
i had no audioor sound in my windows xp. tnx
22nd April 2013 5:13am
Nikunj Butani
How to Solve Sound driver Problem in Xp.
3rd April 2013 1:33am
kunal kishor
kuta kahika
10th January 2013 5:33am
I want to install a Creative soundblaster live! 5.1 but my pc doesn't detect it as being a creative soundcart, and can't find drivers for it.
17th December 2012 7:12am
Hi Jo - can you clarify the problem? The sound is only working with headphones or speakers plugged in but not very clear? Were you able to get sound before without headphones?

If you can describe situation before and now then it may help us pinpoint the problem. Also run a free scan at and let us know what sound drivers, if any, are flagged

11th November 2012 3:31pm
windows xp.
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6

When I turn on the computer, the computer detects headphones was detect. But nothing plug in for sound. Every time I turn on the computer, the same thing over and over. Then When I plug in the headphones or speakers .. the sound is not clear ..

Already remove the drivers, install the sound drivers. regular thing recurring. is also updated sound drivers, but still the same problem.

Very confused :)

14th October 2012 8:52pm
it is good web
28th September 2012 9:57am
This has to do eith the installation of drivers/updates. Why dont you make provision for one PC ? Say the price of ten divided by ten. I think you,ll have more customers like my self.Some people may want for ten PC , others five , some two. So give people the options!
3rd September 2012 9:39pm
i lost my motherboard
19th August 2012 8:42am
ronald l forest
i have a hps3500f pavilion slim line desk top computer.i added windows xp pro. and i need sound drivers. im curently on another computer. can you allow me to download the drivers and then i can install them on my hp?
please help me out.!!!
30th May 2012 3:22pm
10xxx :)
4th April 2012 10:23am
drivers updates
If you have lost the audio drivers CD you could try the manufacturers website or run a free drivers scan (see links in the article above) - this will tell you the drivers you need and give you the option of registering to download them
21st February 2012 9:58am
i lost my motherboard cd
21st February 2012 9:25am
manish mahajan
i lost my mercury motherboard cd. i want sound driver.
10th December 2011 4:01am
Hay.i formated my computer and installed windows sound and poor do i repair is intel supported.
1st December 2011 11:13pm
i lost my intel mother board cd
25th September 2011 12:46pm
i need installers for realtek rtl8139, atheros ar5xxx, realtek ac97, intel graphics media accelarator, intel inf update utility and smart link 56k modem drivers but i can't download those installers...please give me links where i could find free downloads on those installers
20th July 2011 8:29pm
i lost my mother boarddisc my mother board is WINFAST 760gxk8mc please help me
3rd June 2011 9:31pm
iggalk, can you tell me a little bit more about the problem?

- did you have sound before?
- when did you start experiencing the problems (does this coincide with software installations/ downloads or any upgrades to your operating system?)
- have you tried rebooting and still same problem?

You can run our drivers diagnostic tool for free here

this will at least confirm if the problem is with your drivers then we can take it from there!

28th May 2011 4:25pm
I went to the 'dxdiag' and when in sound tab nothing appeared. There is no shound device recognition. This is the message I get when trying to use windows media player: error-id-0xc00d11ba-condition-id-0x00000000.html
any help?
thanks in advance,


28th May 2011 3:01pm
driver updates
If your original drivers cd is missing you may still be able to get updates from the manufacturers website - if you have no luck with that try downloading using the 'download now' link and run a free scan to see if the drivers are available
31st March 2011 6:11am
my system mortherbord dirvers cd is gon iwhant divers
model noberp145gz-m plz send me


26th March 2011 4:29am
drivers help
try the 'download now' button and run a scan (this is free) - the software will tell you what drivers are missing and will give you the option of registering to automatically update all required drivers
5th March 2011 11:39am
john michael viterbo
had no audio device in my windows xp. tnx
5th March 2011 10:30am
had no audio in my windows xp. tnx
5th March 2011 10:20am
That worked for me - had no sound on windows xp after update - thanks 4 advice!
17th January 2011 9:18am

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