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Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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Platform: Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

Windows 7 Driver Download

Fix Problems and Update Drivers for Windows 7

download windows 7 driversDrivers are not only device specific, they are also Operating System specific, this means that if you change or update your Operating System, you must also update your software Drivers. Even without such a change, Drivers are regularly updated and you should ensure that your PC has all the latest updates. You can do this automically by downloading the Driver Update Tool below, or to troubleshoot the problem yourself, read the article below.

Download Windows 7 Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support for audio driver download download driver updatesDOWNLOAD

This article will help you if you are experiencing any of the following problems with a PC running Windows 7:

  • slowdown in your PC's performance
  • peripheral devices such as printers and scanners either not working or not working as expected
  • peripheral devices 'hanging' or intermittently shutting down and restarting
  • You get an error message when trying to use one of your devices (this could be sound, video, bluetooth, printer etc.)

If you are experiencing any of the above problems in Windows 7, or indeed any other Windows OS, then your first step should be to use the built-in and free Driver Verifier tool.

To access Driver Verifier you will need to :

  • browse to the System32 folder
  • open up the Driver Verifier program or access it via the command linke by typing verifier.exe into the Run box
  • Ensure all programs are closed before doing this as you will be asked to do a restart once you lauch the Driver Verifier.

If the Driver verifier has identified particular driver problems, then you can attempt to fix these driver problems by reinstalling the drivers if you still have access to them (they could also be available from the manufacturers website).

Get Automatic Drivers Updates for Windows 7 Driver

If you are having problems locating the drivers then you can use our Driver Downloader Driver Update Tool to automate this process for you.

If the Driver Verifier tool did not help and you are unsure of the source of your problems, you can download our software to run a free scan of your system. This will provide you with a free drivers report, you can then choose to register if you wish to get automatic Driver Updates. So, if you are running Windows 7 and experiencing some problems, you can use this free scan to test if these problems are Driver-related or even to rule it out if you think the source of the problem may lie elsewhere.

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Download Windows 7 Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support for audio driver download download driver updatesDOWNLOAD


please download this
26th November 2016 10:01am
i need full package of drivers
26th November 2016 4:48am
ajay pal
i want full drivers on window 7 ultimate
30th October 2016 2:30am
Stamius laurent
Sorry sir, i tried to install windows7 but no audio sound, help me pls. Also how to get product key >32bts
16th October 2016 7:45pm
vere nicc solution mos agry for oll comsiomers then go to oll
13th October 2016 10:20pm
i give this driver
6th October 2016 7:24am
chat balakrishna
Cheedipeta paddamallipuram pathapatnam srikakulam andharapradesh 532213
28th September 2016 10:33pm
Yahia Sallam
built up mouse is not working for the lenovo laptop this laptop which i am working on now.
18th September 2016 1:05pm
foarte bun
18th August 2016 12:34pm
Games are installed to my laptop pavilon dv6 window& but cant run and how do i update my window.
13th August 2016 1:55am
adla venkatesh
i need windows 7 32-bit all in one drivers pack for dell inspiron 15R 5520
22nd July 2016 8:02am
comp win 7 ultimate lack of network adapter and games are not running!
19th July 2016 8:06pm
adarsh rana
please sir,

give me activation key driver downloader softwere

16th July 2016 8:56am
neeraj kumar
have a hp laptop system windows 7 i3 problem are not working screen brightness and not video support. Not Wi-Fi connections. Please solve this problems
4th July 2016 10:06pm
juventos sequeira
saya suka
23rd May 2016 10:13am
sulaiman khan
download for computer software
3rd May 2016 12:53pm
bkwas softwere
18th April 2016 12:57pm
okodi keneth
why is it that i am unable to download window 7
10th April 2016 11:25am
Ralph S Moses
My computer is running slow
Also how can I download drivers for my Windows 7?
6th April 2016 5:37pm
I need windows7 driver
6th April 2016 5:30am
Dhrupad Gajjar
SM BUS driver is not working in my Laptop..I need update this driver for my windows-7 samsung divice
8th March 2016 9:45am
akshay medpalwar
need sound drivers for windows 7 os
6th March 2016 1:48pm
my coputer says device driver not found how to fix it please help me.
18th February 2016 8:19am
my laptop is very slow.
13th February 2016 1:03pm
raju kumar
VGA problem my pc because i have not driver.
13th February 2016 2:08am
my pc (os- win7 ultimate) message usb device no driver found & device driver software was not successfully me?
8th February 2016 6:18am
Plz help sir lenovo leptop the Troubleshoot problems wireless network no connect
30th January 2016 4:23am
XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (four series of four characters).
28th January 2016 11:10am
shani shah
i need drivers for browsing easily
24th January 2016 7:50am
Error or process interrupted by user, that is screen message I receive on trials to run a scan
31st December 2015 1:08am
I can't use my DVD on windows 7 ultimate. need help for code 31. How to install
30th December 2015 2:06pm
Hi ABHILASH, have you recently installed any updates? Have problems just started or always there?
29th December 2015 8:04am
I have a dell laptop system windows 7 i3 problem are not working screen brightness and not video support. Not Wi-Fi connections. Please solve this problems
29th December 2015 8:02am
malvin white
Dj need help with base in laptop will not play thur speskers help
12th December 2015 5:21pm
saya ingin mendownload master ini
27th November 2015 11:07am
Ranjeet Kumar
Sir, i want to imagi to video softwara thank u
16th November 2015 4:29am
emmanuel fleming
having problem with installation of drivers on my laptop(windows 7, 32-bit). please help me out
11th November 2015 4:27am
M Sohail Amjad
i like it
8th November 2015 2:40am
winow 7 driver
29th October 2015 1:25am
dilkhush mansur
i want to dell drivers very hard problem
26th October 2015 1:08am
Please i need drivers for my Sony Avaio VPCEH.
25th October 2015 1:06pm
i like ur site
16th October 2015 3:30pm
asiedu emmanuel
this windows drivers is so cute and nice to me
7th October 2015 5:09pm
trimakasi,,,, nnti saya coba pelajari
28th September 2015 5:39am
akhilesh kumar
Lost audio driver not install please suggest
8th September 2015 4:29pm
good ok
29th August 2015 7:35pm
gimana sih cara kode driver downloader
25th August 2015 10:01pm
sir my laptop is i3-5th generation -dos
i want to install window 7 can u suggest me what driver i should install
22nd August 2015 6:08am
Driver help
Hi Steve - you can save the files to an external device such as flash or hard drive and transfer them this way
12th August 2015 4:15am
Need help on Lenovo G570. Cannot connect to internet. Looks like it's missing the drivers. The adapter has code 10, the ethernet controller, network controller, USB all have code 28. Will probably need to download the driver files to the usb using another machine and copy and paste to the the laptop, but where do I save the files to?
11th August 2015 5:48pm
free download drivers
10th August 2015 6:39am
Joaquim Fernandes
Lenovo C200 AIO desktop machine all usb ports are not working even usb mouse is not detecting, please help to find the driver for usb mouse.
6th August 2015 7:29am
It's not working..
27th June 2015 2:48pm
fressful windows
25th June 2015 7:08am
try running the free drivers scan using the link in the article - this will tell you what drivers are missing or need to be updated
4th June 2015 4:29am
im using ibm p4 n using onboard i jst changed from windows xp to windows 7 ultimate then after that i cant find any sound pls help
27th May 2015 9:56am
I was usin hp window xp nd I install window 7 ultimate on it,since my mouse is nt functionin well nd my ggraphics ar nt workin unless I put d system save mode
19th May 2015 6:07pm
i have one problem in system my graphis driver uninstall please help me how to install if any driver for graphics driver
16th May 2015 2:38am
driver helper
Sooraj - was the hard disk (external I presume) working before? Is it plugged in via USB and is that USB port working with other devices?
3rd March 2015 11:34am
installing of driver is not gewting possible in my pc..driver for WD my passport 1TB hard disk..could u help me plzz...
3rd March 2015 11:10am
Tom, Queria instalar todas as atualizações de software mais recentes?
2nd March 2015 9:13am
depois de algumas atualizações o windows7 desliga mas sem desligar o PC dá mensagem de erro e as opções normais de modos ,,às vezes nem chega a desligar totalmente apenas o monitor apaga e reinicia sozinho ,, mistério !!
2nd March 2015 8:02am
Md Saddam Hussain
Please help me
14th February 2015 5:29pm
I have laptop probleum
9th February 2015 5:02am
will i have to update drivers if i upgrade to windows8?
30th January 2015 5:52am
Did you restore from a disc or restore point and why did you do this? Was there a problem with the system? When you say no programs are working - what exactly can you do? are you able to use email? Is sound etc working?
24th January 2015 3:58pm
i wanted to restore my system and file settings after which, all programs in my pc stops working. what will i do? cuz i have reset it over and over but same issue still occur
24th January 2015 3:51pm
driver helper
do you mean you upgraded to Windows 7 from another OS?
2nd January 2015 8:14am
i have windows 7 ultimate, after installation of windows and drivers etc, in My Computer only C drive is showing, i made 2 drive partition C and D, D drive was not showing in My Computer ( i have important data in D drive) some buddy help me plzzzzz....
2nd January 2015 6:40am
very good drivers
12th December 2014 3:02am
i need for driver in my pc for run bluestacks
23rd November 2014 1:29am
Intalled Win7 on my Asrock 775i65gv and Gigabyte ga-8i915g-lge mainboard with an Ati Radeion 9550, after the win7 video driver installation it no longer boot up, before the video driver install and using the onboard graphics it is running perfectly now the pc runs but do not boot and no display even if i use the onboard graphics, what went wrong.
22nd November 2014 3:09am
no broblem drever polnij atstoi
16th November 2014 9:33am
Sir I m trying to installing Windows 7 when I clicked install. they showed "no drive were found" without this driver I m not able to install window 7.sir help me. How can I solve this problem..
7th November 2014 1:03pm
try running the Drivers Scan and it will help you identify the Drivers you require (it runs a scan of your PC), you can then search for the Drivers on the manufacturers website or register the software to get automatic driver updates
6th November 2014 4:17pm
Garlens Baptiste
I need to know more about the cd name drivers and utilities.
6th November 2014 9:49am
rahul birla
i want to sony model pcg-71811w prodect vpceh25en
full driver please help me
3rd November 2014 6:06am
amrjonu ekta windows 7 a ekta software pathyea din e- mail a
31st October 2014 8:55am
not sure what you mean by scratched videos?
29th October 2014 6:27pm
satendra kumar madheshiya
I have a samsung laptop ,when i play any video that to scratch the videos,Plz Solved this matter
23rd October 2014 1:44am
Hi Soe - have you updated software or OS recently? Have you tried running a Drivers Scan or checking Device Manager for issues?
16th October 2014 6:57am
My computet has occasionally black screen and its say display driver has stopped responding .... wanna know how to fix ... thanks :-)
12th October 2014 12:04am
Hi Sanjeev - is it the original/ official manufacturers' cd? You may be able to get the windows 7 drivers from the manufacturers website or you can download our driver update tool using the download link above and run a free windows 7 drivers scan
15th September 2014 5:40am
Dear Sir/ Madam,
My computer driver will be insert the dvd and few seconds loading, after open my computer drive for no files on them.
how to solve the problem?
12th September 2014 7:35am
need to complate driver my sony vio model VPCYB15AG
23rd July 2014 10:08am
Drivers Help
Hi Jeff - you can use the download link in the article above and the software will scan your PC and pick up the required touchpad driver
18th June 2014 4:52pm
I don't see a download for touchpad. where can I find it
18th June 2014 4:33pm
I dont understand how this works
4th June 2014 11:33pm
that wwas problem alright - drivers missing so did drivers scan and ok now - download updates and working. thank u
4th June 2014 11:35am
driver update
what is the nature of the graphics driver problem? Did you recently upgrade to windows 7? You can run a free drivers scan by clicking the 'download now' link at the top of the page - the report will show any problems with your windows 7 drivers and allow you to register for automatic updates
30th May 2014 8:29am
how do i fix graphics problems dell windows 7?
30th May 2014 5:34am
please how do i fix my samsung sound problems?
16th May 2014 9:07am
graphics driver software can not be installed properly on my hp probook 4540s. it says pc does not meet minimum requirements for the software though my pc meets !!
27th March 2014 12:33am
29th April 2014 1:03am
Drivers Help
Hi Tanvir - what Operating System are you running? Do you have enough free space?
30th March 2014 9:50am
graphics driver software can not be installed properly on my hp probook 4540s. it says pc does not meet minimum requirements for the software though my pc meets !!
27th March 2014 12:33am
Dan cross likes it up the bumhole.
18th March 2014 10:33am
jacques chefer
I need computer drivers
23rd October 2013 5:52am
sound driver is prblam computer not istolesion
9th October 2013 5:59am
i want to download hp laserjet
9th October 2013 4:11am
i have lenovo pc type-8823,model no-5BQ,SERIES-3000H, YEAR-2007,Operating system-WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE
PROBLEM:- GAMES are not running 1.06.7600.1583
18th July 2013 8:00am
Dinabandhu Sethia
please help me!
3rd July 2013 10:17am

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