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Another annoying red light camera story

Imagine the constant flashing of a red light camera outside your window, day and night, even if no one is running the light More »

A parking meter you can hate

NBC reports this story out of Washington D.C. There are parking meters that appear to be broken but then "repair themselves" in time to give you a ticket More »

Driver fined for wearing Burqa

The French battle with the Burqa shifts up a gear with the recent fining of a 31-year old female driver in Nantes, France, for the offense of wearing a Burqa whilst driving. More »

Facial recognition tech used on drivers

FBI project uses facial recognition technology to scan license photos for criminals More »

'Draconian' cellphone rules for Transit drivers

Incredible a Boston transit driver crashes while sending a text message to his girlfriend. But some people think the Transit Authority's response was over the top More »

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