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Another annoying red light camera story

Imagine the constant flashing of a red light camera outside your window, day and night, even if no one is running the light More »

A parking meter you can hate

NBC reports this story out of Washington D.C. � There are parking meters that appear to be broken but then "repair themselves" in time to give you a ticket More »

Driver fined for wearing Burqa

The French battle with the Burqa shifts up a gear with the recent fining of a 31-year old female driver in Nantes, France, for the offense of wearing a Burqa whilst driving. More »

Facial recognition tech used on drivers

FBI project uses facial recognition technology to scan license photos for criminals More »

'Draconian' cellphone rules for Transit drivers

Incredible � a Boston transit driver crashes while sending a text message to his girlfriend. But some people think the Transit Authority's response was over the top More »

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