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Another annoying red light camera story

Imagine the constant flashing of a red light camera outside your window, day and night, even if no one is running the light More »

A parking meter you can hate

NBC reports this story out of Washington D.C. � There are parking meters that appear to be broken but then "repair themselves" in time to give you a ticket More »

Driver fined for wearing Burqa

The French battle with the Burqa shifts up a gear with the recent fining of a 31-year old female driver in Nantes, France, for the offense of wearing a Burqa whilst driving. More »

Facial recognition tech used on drivers

FBI project uses facial recognition technology to scan license photos for criminals More »

'Draconian' cellphone rules for Transit drivers

Incredible � a Boston transit driver crashes while sending a text message to his girlfriend. But some people think the Transit Authority's response was over the top More »

Red light camera gives money back to driver

One of many motorists caught running a red by a camera in Chattanooga, Tennessee, decided to challenge his ticket. He won, and now 176 'victims' will get their money back More »

Speed cameras, privacy and transit scofflaws

While Arizona's radar cameras may be going too far, Chicago's bus drivers are getting their tickets paid More »

Diplomats ignore London's congestion road tolls

Former London Mayor calls U.S. ambassador Robert Tuttle a "a chiseling little crook" over his refusal to pay road congestion fees More »

Phones and driving - mystery of the crashes

Phoning while driving is, we're told, as dangerous as driving drunk, and we're 4 times as likely to crash -- but where are all the crashes? More »

Problems with immobilizing stolen vehicles

General Motors and OnStar have demonstrated technology to immobilize stolen vehicles by slowing them down. It should overcome some problems More »

Ontario's 'shock and awe' speed laws

License gone, car gone, minimum $2,000 fine are the teeth of Ontario's new street racing and stunt driving laws More »

Seize cars of speeders

Police commissioner wants cars of speeders going more than 30 mph (50 km/hr) seized More »

Impaired driving roadblocks

Some people are claiming that traditional police roadblocks are ineffective and target the wrong people in their efforts to stop drinking and driving. Some argue that police should do broader sweeps through communities. Are we on the wrong track in efforts to combat drunk driving? More »

Drinking drivers dodge punishment

A new study shows that nearly half of repeat drunk drivers are returned to court for failing to comply with the terms of their sentence. More »

Traffic tickets prevent crashes, says report

A life is saved for every 80,000 tickets issued, says a new report, and that could mean a boost for law enforcement on the highway. More »

Campaign to get killer drivers

Newspaper's campaign to get "scum" killer drivers off the roads is gathering steam in Britain. More »

Police pursuits prompt policies

Pursuits of drivers is a hot topic; statistics for pursuits in Pennsylvania, USA are presented in brief. More »

Police leaving the law to cameras

Dangerous drivers are escaping punishment because police forces are increasingly relying on speed cameras to do the work of traffic officers. More »

Crash scene is shock treatment for teen offenders

Wales police play traumatic trick to educate teen offenders. More »

Have the wheels fallen off traffic enforcement?

Positive influence of driver behaviour requires both "the carrot and the stick," and enforcement threat is the sharp end of the stick. Research has shown that the chances of getting caught are much more important than the size of the penalty in shaping driver behaviour. More »

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