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Another annoying red light camera story

By: staff

Date: Sunday, 30. August 2009

"It's just constantly in the evening, just 'flash, flash, flash," says West Seattle home owner Don Schaab. He's talking about the red light traffic enforcement camera at the intersection in front of his home which, he says, sometimes flashes even when no one is close to running a red light.

"Cars will just be sitting at the intersection, nothing moving, and it's just flash, flash," Schaab told KomoNews recently.

Komo News said program manager Mike Quinn referred to the flashing as 'false positives' and told a Komo News reporter that his crew is 'tweaking' the problem and will correct it soon.

The camera, which was installed March 9, has led to 386 citations in the five months since then - 77 tickets a month.

Schaap wants a protective shield installed to protect his house from the flashes but Quinn is saying that would affect photographic evidence.

"Our technicians indicated that there might be some compromise of the second photo of the violation were they to install a shield," he explains.

Quinn says complaints about the cameras are greatly outnumbered by request to have them installed at neighborhood intersections.

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AL 127,

problem is, "neighbors" want traffic lights at every intersection and cameras as well. There is always a presumption they work but sometimes the effects can be negative. Too many traffic lights make it difficult for traffic engineers to keep traffic moving. Cameras have their problems too, especially if they don't work properly


"complaints about the cameras are greatly outnumbered by request to have them installed at neighborhood intersections."

Hear, hear.... I wish we could get one near our house, and my neighbors agree.


I have questions about red light cameras. Do they catch drivers going through a little late and catching the first bit of red, or do they catch mostly drivers who ignore the red and just go through? The late ones are probably on 'red alert' as they go through and may not be that unsafe. The ones who go through well into the cycle may be the most dangerous, especially if they simply don't see the light. But then the cameras won't stop them.


Another annoying story? Or another camera? (:)


The cameras are obviously not perfect yet and this can mean that innocent drivers have to spend time and money fighting bogus tickets.

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