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A heads up on 2008 cars and driving

On New year's day, 2008, Drivers.com took a quick scan of the landscape ahead for drivers, driving and automobiles More »

Ford may let drivers download a better car!

Ford's SYNC system is at the cutting edge of what is becoming an increasingly important and competitive area for the automotive industry. SYNC is built on the Windows Embedded Automotive platform and is described as '... a factory-installed, fully integrated in-car communications and entertainment system that allows drivers to combine their digital lifestyles with their life on the road.' More »

Teenage drivers restricted by GPS curfew

For more than 20 years now, drivers.com has published an online and hard copy booklet - 'Learning to Drive: A Guide for Parents'. Amongst other things, this guide addresses the issue of heightened risks that teenagers face when driving after daylight hours 'some of the worst accidents occur at night and with a group of young people in the car. If alcohol or any other kind of impairment is involved the risk in this situation is magnified several times' More »

When will cars drive themselves?

Attempts to educate and train drivers during the past century have been something of an embarrassment. But always, underlying the apathy towards raising driver knowledge and skills levels, there's been this notion that there's only so much you can do with us intransigent and intractable humans. Now, those who feel that way have another reason to be smug about their attitude. Cars that can drive themselves are becoming reality. More »

Europe overcoming border telematics hurdles

In Europe, traffic information and emergency services tend to go by country and that means problems, but it's changing More »

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