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Cell phones may increase crash risk 38%

A major study comparing phone records with crash records in Montreal, Canada found that phone users have a 38% higher risk of accident compared with non-users. More »

Jail for driving using Mobile phone

The British government has introduced new policy guidelines that make bad driving while using a mobile phone a jail offense More »

Smartphones, bluetooth, wifi and the dash...

With research showing that distraction-related deaths accounted for 16% of all traffic fatalities in 2009, this issue is once again high on the agenda of the US Transportation Department. 'U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has declared war on driver distraction, with much of the focus on weaning Americans off texting and other cell-phone use while behind the wheel.' More »

10 Commandments of wireless use

Do you insist on using your phone while driving ... in spite of the distraction? If so, these safety tips may save your life (and reduce your legal fees). More »

No hands-free phone for most Swedish drivers

75% of Swedish drivers use mobile phones, but most are still holding the phones up to their ear, and they are causing crashes, a new study says. More »

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If cell phones are all that dangerous to drivers where are all the crashes?

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