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A heads up on 2008 cars and driving

On New year's day, 2008, Drivers.com took a quick scan of the landscape ahead for drivers, driving and automobiles More »

Playing God in LA traffic

It's Oscar night in Los Angeles more than 800 limos need to reach the red carpets in order and on time, but city engineers managing L.A.'s traffic computers have a problem--hundreds of their colleagues are on a labor protest, and hindering their efforts More »

Learn to walk again

Each year in the U.S. approximately 5,000 pedestrians die on the roads, and a new campaign is trying to go beyond the old messages to "wear white at night", by training drivers and pedestrians alike. More »

Left lane driving: two wrongs don't make a right

Drivers who plod along in the left lane on North American highways cause just as much consternation as those who race up behind the plodders. More »

Driving on the wrong side

It's a shock to see another car coming at you on the "wrong" side of the road, but it's something tourists face in more than 60 countries. Drivers.com takes a look at why. More »

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UK national charity promoting responsible car use, vehicle choice, alternative fuels, car sharing, driving behavior

The homepage for this department of the University of Leeds, in the U.K.

U.S.-based nonprofit organization promotes transportation policies which relieve traffic congestion, improve air quality, make highway travel safer, and enhance economic productivity.

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