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Congestion - Featured articles:

Pay to drive in New York City

Following the success of London's congestion tolls on drivers in the city's core, cities everywhere are looking to follow - and a new report scopes New York's prospects More »

One and a half weeks stuck in traffic

Drivers making rush-hour trips in major U.S. cities are spending as much as 62 extra hours per year stuck in traffic delays. The quest for solutions is stirring some heated debate. More »

Athens: the traffic Olympics

Just over 2 years now to the next Olympic games, and Athens regards the transportation problem as the "biggest challenge in the history of our city." More »

UK 'Great car economy' backs off

A recent sharp drop on Britain's road traffic is the first since UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher touted her 'great car economy' back in the 1980s More »

SatNav traffic info comes to Dublin

Dublin, Ireland's horrendous traffic bottlenecks may be avoidable for some well-equipped drivers in 2010 More »

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Transportation Management Association providing traffic mitigation services to Hudson County, NJ

An international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. 17,000 members working in more than 92 countries. Founded in 1930. Based in Washington, D.C.

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