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Left lane driving: two wrongs don't make a right

By: staff

Date: Friday, 14. July 2006

The Chief of the Minnesota State Patrol says that two wrongs don't make a right when it comes to driving in the left lane. Col. Anne Beers argues that speeding in the left lane is wrong, but it's also wrong to camp there and refuse to move to the right so faster-moving traffic can pass. "We know there is aggressive behavior out on the highways. Why contribute to that?" she said. "Let someone who wants to go faster go by you and your stress stays under control." According to the article in the Star Tribune, drivers in Minnesota, USA, are not consistently moving to the right lane when possible to allow others to pass--as required by state law. Highway signs indicating "Slower traffic keep right" have not helped, and some drivers responded to a recent article by stating their objection to being pushed from behind by speeders and asking "where are the police?" One driver asked: "If I am going 70 in a 60 zone in the left-hand lane, why am I considered a 'camper'?" However, Beers said that the force has little spare time or budget to spend on speed enforcement. "At our normal staffing levels we are losing the battle."

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n ward,

is it legal to pass another vehial inside the 30 mile zone


A wise man once told me "There are two kinds of people in this world - those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't."
Permit me to suggest two more - those who try to live according to our mutually agreed upon rules, and those who cheat whenever they think they won't get caught.

Patrick Jungers,

What defines "camper"? If I'm using the left lane, in the City, and am going 60 in a 55 is that camping? During rush hour, someone will always want to do 70 when all others are driving according to traffic, which is usually 45-50. Am i in the wrong? If the guy wants to drive that speed, then he or she should pay the bucks for "sane lane" priveldges.


Laura B.
Learn to drive properly so changing lanes won't be a big deal to you. The rule is to drive in the right lane and pass in the left, regardless of speed. Can't you understand that it is not about speed. It is about allowing the traffic to flow in an unrestricted manner. I know that helping others and being curteous to others is a foreign concept to self centered, selfish, left lane campers.

Laura B.,

To the guy who doesn't understand why the left lane is preferable, it's simple: you don't have all the incoming traffic coming unto the road from the right - mergers. And boy is that a whole new kettle of worms!

Laura B.,

If you really believed the speeders in the left lane are all involved in emergencies, heart attacks, and births, you are gullible. That is a pretty rare thing.

Laura B.,

It is OUR business what other people drive because people who break the law cause risk and rage and accidents. The speeds are set for a reason. If people obeyed the speed limits, there wouldn't be a need to be leaving comments like this.

Laura B.,

They don't make a special lane to break the law. So the left hand lane should be for going the speed limit. The right hand lane should be for SLOW traffic (under the speed limit). Why does a law abiding person going the speed limit have to move and be inconvenienced to allow someone to break the law? You most often can't go the speed limit in the right hand lane because that is for SLOW traffic. And yet I won't be forced to break the law by being in the left hand lane because other traffic wants to break the law. They don't pay my fines and increased insurance and have to bear the points on their record. The whole problem is being caused by speeders and yet the inconvenience is being directed to the law abiding citizen. Some things never change. Just like people who default on their credit cards, often end up having debt forgiven while responsible people pay the amount we owe to people. Our whole society is twisted.


Is it my writing or your reading that's causing my failure to communicate?
I haven't said anything about controlling other drivers. Driving according to the rules, including obeying the speed limit, does not translate to controlling traffic. I don't consider it my job to control others behavior. Nor is it my job to go out of my way to facilitate an unobstructed path for speeders to break the law by my cowering in the right lane afraid to pass because there may be a speeder somewhere behind me that I don't dare inconvenience.


All you want is to try and control the highways. You are on a power trip. You have given no reasonable explanation for your behavior. Leave speed control to the Police. YOU OBEY the traffic regulations that you claim to hold so dear and keep right. You don't have to be a rocket scientist and do speed analysis of the car coming up behind you. Actually, it is none of you business how fast he's going. It's simple, all you have to do is check your rearview mirror once a minute and if you see a car behind you, pull into to right lane when it is safe to do so. Not only is this the law, it is common decency. I only hope you do not pick a crazy person to play games with and end up in a serious accindent.


And one of the reasons for traffic regulations is to limit behaviors in order to ensure some level of predictability.

It shouldn't be necessary, even if able, to perform a speed analysis of a vehicle over 2000 feet back before executing a legal pass, especially when the person needing to pass is travelling at the maximum speed limit.


I am trying to show you that Vehicle & Traffic regulations are there for a reason. I am trying to present my point in a reasonable way, based on 29 years of law enforcement experience. When you resort to sarcasim rather than facts you are telling me and everyone else that you are running on pure emotion rather than logical thought. Do us all a favor and take the Bus!


Wow! Now I understand why so few people drive legally. A fella could get in big trouble with the law, as well as with the psychopaths, for doing that.



You fail to realize that by not yielding the left lane to a faster moving vehicle, you are also a law breaker. The person driving over the speed limit is breaking one law. You, blocking the left lane, are breaking three laws. 1) Failure to keep right 2)Failure to yeild the right of way 3) Obstructing Traffic. Not to mention the fact that the main cause of road rage is vehicles camped in the left lane. You are putting the public at more of a risk than the speeder. To answere your question, you continue passing then move to the right as soon as safely possible.


Yes, unfortunately there's no good way of handling tailgaters. We are dealing with neurologically incorrect individuals after all.
I suppose I should just accept the fact that legal drivers are not welcome in the speeding lane.


safedrive~ I'm with you on the cooperation theme. Not so much with the sitting in he left lane on a horse. What I was referring to was a situation such as the following:
A highway with 2 lanes in each direction. Speed limit 70mph. I'm travelling in the right lane at 70. I come up on 2 trucks going 65 and want to pass. I check the left lane and see that it is clear. I move into the left lane to pass the 2 trucks. Halfway through the pass a car suddenly appears on my tail apparently wanting me to get out of his way so he can continue on at 85mph. Do I squeeze in between the 2 trucks or do I complete the passing of the trucks and then move back into the right lane?


Each state has its own V&T laws concerning the Left lane use. NY law states that a driver in the left lane must yeild the right of way to a faster moving vehicle regardless of speed. This is in effect for many reasons. I may be driving my wife, who is about to give birth in any second, to the hospital. Now I am faced with stthomas sitting in the left lane on his moral high horse. Not a good situation.
If we all just treated each other with mutual respect, the roadways would be a lot more stress free. When I am faced with a poor driver and I feel myself getting upset, I tell myself that could be a family member driving that car. I then give that car as wide a bearth as possible. Tailgating gets us nowhere. To those camped in the left, just think that the guy trying to get passed you is someone who is in a rush for a serious reason. Maybe they received a phone call from the hospital telling them that thier father is dying and they need to get there to say goodbye. Do you want to be the person that prevents this. Drive safe and don't be selfish. Try to help each other out there. Some have stronger driving abilities than others. The stronger should always help the weaker. Not terrify them.


When it comes to a question of whose safety or convenience is going to be adversely affected, my need to execute a legal maneuver trumps your desire to speed.



I wouldn't say that speeders have no rights on the road; they certainly don't have the right-of-way. I do agree though that even though they may have an opinion about legal drivers, that opinion doesn't matter.


Yes Mohamedjr, it's OK to stay (camp) in the left lane at 15mph over bumping slower drivers out of your way until a faster driver comes up behind you. Then you should immediately move over so as not to inconvenience this person.


One driver asked: "If I am going 70 in a 60 zone in the left-hand lane, why am I considered a 'camper'?"
This probably because you have failed to use your rear view mirror and see that someone behind you is gaining on you and want to pass. That is left lane camping. It has nothing to do with speed

Care About,

I live in a busy, tourist town. With summer, tourists come to town for our beaches. From Interstate 128, drivers must make a decision at a major traffic light, #1 make a left towards Rockport beaches or #2 go straight towards Gloucester beaches. The left turn lane usually has 20 cars waiting their turn left. On two occasions, I have seen a driver pull ahead in the center lane, passing all those who are patiently waiting to make a left turn, then cut into a sharp left from the center lane -and cut in front of me as I am trying to complete my left turn. To say the least, it is scary, as I almost hit both cars. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING? This has happened twice to me in Rockport, and twice in Boston. Is this an increasing occurence?


Is it OK to camp in the left lane if you are going 15mph over the speed limit?


I believe you were supposed to put a comma after the word "good" in your final sentence.


If you are exceeding the speed limit, you are an illegal driver. You have no rights on the road and your opinion of other drivers does not matter.


It's very simple people.
It is illegal to speed in any lane on any road in America.
What part do you not understand?


Because the left lane is designated a passing lane. IF youu are not passing stay out of it. And Bob's Your Uncle


The arrogance of the left lane campers posting on this site is amazing. The hubris of acting like a vigilante only creates more road rage and more potential for everyone on the roadways to suffer a lengthy traffic tie-up because they feel entitled to police. If someone has a need or even a choice to pass people in the PASSING lane then the slower driver has an obligation to move over unless they are taking a left hand exit, which is a rarity on the highways.

All too often as a observer from one of the slower lanes, I've seen pricks who intentionally block the passing lane to exert their 'authority'. All this results in a backwards forming wave when people have to tap their brakes to accomodate the ahole who should have just moved over. It costs all of us time on the highways when we'd rather be doing anything other than spending it nwith a left lane camper. Their actions do not merely impact the left lane travel. Complete douchebags.


Each person posting here has the right to his/her own opinion, and I respect that; what I can't abide is the spelling and grammar mistakes. Not one post on this entire site is free from error. Please for your own good and for my sanity, spend less time in the left-lane and more time in the classroom.


Hurr Durr
I love your post! I totally agree with you. Unsafe drivers always try to bully but I don't care.

Great story! Once I moved into the left lane because I was turning left soon. A driver caught up to me and angery as he was, passed me in the right lane VERY quickly. Well, it just so happened that a cop was behind us and ended up pulling him over. It's nice to see the good guys win sometimes.

German autobahn,

SeanInCA, Dee and other left laners, NEVER try to drive in the German autobahns!

Unless you want to be ran over! and over, and over, opss


In Atlanta we have some of the worst traffic congestions at peak times. And there is always that accident, closing 3 out of the 4 lanes.

But when traffic is flowing it should flow, but guess why it doesn't??? There are always the left lane campers to deal with. And one aggravating, the speed limit is 55MPH on "urban" areas, and four major highways crisscross the city with four, six lanes or more.

Can you imagine how annoying or irritating is those self entitled pace cars not cooperating to the flow by camping in the left lane, usually at 55mph.

I'm not talking when the traffic is heavy, there's nothing you can do. But when it is flowing and there is plenty of room to let others pass, usually the left lane campers are there to do their thing... cooperate to slowness and create anger to others.

I don't agree with speedsters but cannot tolerate people that don't care about other drivers. Cruising in the left lane is NOT allowed. it is a lane intended to pass. That's why the sign reads "Slower traffic keep to the right".
My father in law was pulled over and got a warning ticket for cruising in the left lane. There you go.


I cannot believe that some people actually drive slow just to piss others off. I totally agree, I hope karma serves you.


I'm interested in getting a petition on the ballot here in Washington State which would make it "illegal" for any vehicle over 20,000 Lbs to use the left lane(s) on a two or three-lane highway for any reason, including passing. The Semi drivers can't keep up with the flow when traffic is stop and go, and there is no reason what so ever for them to be in the left lane if traffic is going the speed limit. Tim Eyman, are you hearing this?


To all the left lane campers, the wanna be pace car, the wanna be patrol car, YOU'RE NOT. How DARE you presume to know WHY someone is speeding, moreover, how DARE you appoint yourself the highway speed checker. YOU ARE CREATING THE DANGER- NOT THE SPEEDERS. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, so maybe intelligence (combined with innate stubbornness) is the key here. You lack any real control in your OWN life, so you try to control others where you THINK you can, like the highway.

You total jerks are the reason I did not get to my grandmother's death bed before she died. She had NO ONE else. The hospital had to make decisions I should have been there to make. Even though I had on my flashers, people wouldn't move. Some even blocked me in on purpose. WHY? What sort of sick person does it take to do this? You appoint yourself the speed checker, & assume you know why we're speeding. You don't. You also do NOT LEGALLY have the right to do that. Period. I can only hope karma will serve her justice, and when you're desperate to get somewhere, your Mom is dying, god forbid your child, I hope you run into one of your own on the highway, and I hope you get your last minutes with a loved one deliberately taken away- just because. Just because someone deems themselves your driving hampered. I hope it hurts. Hurts bad.

Side note: 10/1 the left lane campers are ALSO the same fools who don't pull over for ambulances or emergency vehicles. Police need to ticket these idiots, revoke licenses after so many offenses. Pull over. It's simple.

This society is becoming more & more a place of approved hatred and is malignant with people who think they're in charge of others. People cannot be polite, cannot just move over, and what does that say about them? That they have so little control in their lives that they want others to be just as miserable as they are. This, dear friends, is a sign of a true insecure person, with no real life to speak of. So much so they get their hollies creating a hazard on the road by foolishly blocking others and blatantly ignoring the law. Definitely a sign of a severe lack of intelligence, as well as assign of being a cold hearted desperate loser. Get a life, mind your OWN driving & let others make their own mistakes. Giant fools.


People who refuse to move over for faster traffic make the highways less safe, because the faster drivers have to change lanes to go around them.
What really ticks me off though is the folks who creep along just barley faster than the drivers in the right hand lane until they finally pass them, then finally speed up to 10 or more miles over the speed limit.

TJ 11A,

I am so glad I found this site!

Let me tell you a story. A couple of months ago I was driving up I-95 in Maryland, dropping my daughter off. We passed a state trooper hidden in the median. Nothing for me to worry about because I normally drive at or around the speed limit in the left lane regardless of what idiot behind me wants to go faster.

Shortly after I dropped her off, my daughter called to say she'd left something in my car that she needed. The result was that I found myself looping around and driving up the exact same stretch of I-95 just 20 or 30 minutes later.

Now the fun began! I was doing about 70 mph in the left lane, and a selfish idiot in a maroon F-150 started tailgating me. The speed limit was 65, so I slowed down to about 60 which aggravated this fool even more.

The guy started flipping me off and flashing his lights. After about 2-3 minutes of this, I figured we were about 1/2 mile from the trooper.

So I very... slowly... moved... to... the... center... lane.

The guy gunned his engine, leaned on his horn and made this sarcastic clapping motion with his hands. He took off like a bat out of hell then. He must have been going 85 or 90, because he flew away from me even as I sped back up to 70 or so.

Of course he flew right by trooper, oblivious!

Idiot. I was still laughing about an hour later, while selfish F-150 boy was probably still sitting by the side of the road or fuming over his $500 reckless driving ticket!

I'm so glad I found this site. I'd completely forgotten about this incident until today.

Here's the deal. We've spent 10 years with US troops fighting overseas (I was one of them). A big reason why we had to do it was because of selfish idiots here who think they should be able to drive as fast as they want and guzzle gas. Those are the same people tailgating in the left lane and thinking they should be able to do 75 in a 55 or 60 MPH zone.

I'm not going to cede the safety of the left lane to you just because you want to fly by me at 75 mph. But when you pass on the right, rest assured I'll be the guy calling your license plate in to the highway patrol! (Tailgating, recklessly speeding and passing on the right. Plus if you're driving so crazy, you might be on something, too.)

So you can be part of the solution (slow down) or part of the problem (keep tailgating and whining). If you're part of the problem, at least I get to enjoy watching your blood boil.

Happy travels!


Thank you so much for your comments and insight - I can not thank you enough!!! I live in NJ (where people drive crazy enough) and am on the road 4 to 5 days per week. It has been my observation that when I pass a car driving slowly in the left lane that the driver is an african american. I wondered for some time if this was just a coincidence and then began to believe that there was some kind of conspiracy going on. My feeling that this was being done on purpose grew stronger and stronger.

After reading your post, I exclaimed, "I knew it!!!!" Thank you for the truly educational information and thank you for confirming my suspicions.

Now with all that being said, and with respect the original non-violent ideas of a great man, please get the hell out of the left lane. All it does is make life for "everyone" harder and more frustrating. The world would be a better and much nice place if we could all just follow the rules and get along.

Sean in CA,

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when some d-bag gets all tweaked when he has to change lanes to pass me (I drive in the fast lane, always above the limit) usually making elaborate hand gestures to illustrate his frustration at me getting in his way, and then 10 miles up the road seeing the same moron pulled over by a state trooper. Way to go simpleton! Justice is served!

Sean in CA,

The way I see it, if I am doing 5 over the limit and I am in front of you, it's your job to pass ME if you see fit, not my job to get out of your way.


Here in Washington State the WSP (Washington State Patrol) has started to actively pull people over and issue mostly warnings but some citations if they are "camping" in the left/multi purpose lane. The most obvious reason to enforce the "slower traffic keep right" code is those people who drive either the speed limit or just above (4-5mph) in the left lanes are actively impeding those drivers who want to go much faster than the speed limit and therefor it is hurting the state revenue generated by the citations issued to those drivers going 6 or more miles over the limit. Those who say enforcing this is about revenue are correct in that enhancing the ability of those who wish to go much faster than the speed limit will generate a lot more revenue for the state(s).

Dick Pepe,

I'm living in Wisc. about 10 yrs , and still have a tuff time getting used to drivers staying in the left lane--I've actually seen them go into the left lane when no one is in front of them in the right lane--was this an old law that Wisc. drivers can't seem to get used to ?


It's not rocket science. Just because you are driving over the speed limit doesn't necessarily you are passing someone. especially if there's no one there to pass. When you move left to pass a slower vehicle and the next vehicle you are going faster than, is a mile ahead, put on your signal, move back right till it's time to pass that vehicle. It's all a matter of paying attention to whats going on around you, checking your rear view mirrors, and speedometer frequently. If everybody drove in the left hand lane because there MIGHT be a slower car up there somewhere then....everybody would be driving in the left hand lane and the right lane would be the passing lane. Confused? Then don't drive.


I don't care if you're going 50 or 80. If you're in the left lane and not passing traffic and holding up traffic behind you, move over. Play the game. If I'm speeding enough to warrant a ticket, let the police worry about that, not you. If everyone on the road drove the same speed, changing lanes would be near impossible. Slower does NOT automatically mean safer.


You are all foolish. If you would quit spouting off at the mouth and dig a little you would might glean some insight into afro American civil rights history. In 1954, Martin Luther King became pastor of the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Later, in 1955 he moved into position to lead the first great Negro nonviolent demonstration of contemporary times in the United States, the Montgomery bus boycott. Here, he suggested non-violence was the key to revolution and that those Negros privileged to vehicle ownership should intentionally drive leisurely in all passing lanes to slow traffic, allowing walking boycotters safety from oncoming traffic.

The tradition was rekindled in the early 90’s when senior pastor Eddie Long of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, a mega church in unincorporated DeKalb County, Georgia, suggested that all African American people inherited godly duties through the boycott movement to continue the non-violent task of driving slow in all passing lanes. Only this time the aim was instigating the temperance of light skinned people in the south. The theme was further promoted when Ludacris, the popular Atlanta hip-hop star began rapping about the opposite “move B***** get out the way” leading to the current black conspiracy to piss off Whitey.

Walter Terhune,

Has there been an studies made as to what attracts people to prefer driving in the left lane as opposed to driving in the right lane? Seems like many people will drive the left lane even if the lane is moving slower than the right lane. I'm curious about what drives the mind in drivers to find the left lane more attractive even when it's a disadvantage to use it.



Scroll down a bit to my Jun 9 post and read what I did to another brain-dead driver like you. No, I may start out behind you, but as I've seen time and time again, left lane squatters are unintelligent and are rather easily fooled. It really wouldn't be any trouble passing you and then turning the tables if I should see fit.

I've actually sort of come to an epiphany. There really isn't much point in trying to explain how to drive to left lane campers. As they've already proven, they're vastly less intelligent than the rest of us. We're just wasting our breath even bothering to try. Now I'm all for a good rant or arguing with a left lane bandit, but I've honestly given up thinking that doing either can lead to any positive results, because like I've said numerous times before, they're just so god awfully unintelligent.

These are the same people who park their shopping carts in the middle of the aisle because why should they be bothered in worrying about anyone but themselves?

These are the people who park in a fire lane because they'll only be a second while they grab their 25 items and "rush" through the "10 items or less" checkout lane. Oh, and they pay with a check.

To them it's "me first" and if they bother to even look in your direction, it's only a look of disgust because you've caused them to lose their train of thought while they were trying to tell Maggy on the cell phone that she needed to borrow a colander for little Jeffery's after-soccer party this weekend.

How's that for a rant? See, this is all I think this medium is good for. While it's fun to rant and make fun of these pathetic creatures, I'm fully aware that that's all I'm doing. They'll never learn. They're not smart enough, and even if they were an Ed amongst horses or a Lassie amongst Collies, they wouldn't care.

And, Dee, don't think I've forgotten about you. I bet you've done a majority of those things I mentioned above. I know I've already got you crawling in the left lane, but I'd be willing to wager that I've got the hat-trick on you. As for myself, I've never, and nor will I ever, do any of those things. Why? Because I'm aware of my fellow man, and I take efforts to not be a boil on society's ass.


Well Tom you are very smart, but remember you are always behind me.


Dee, you're obviously very unintelligent. I feel sorry for you. I'd try to explain why, but you're just not smart enough to get it. It's a shame that every argument I hear from slow drivers in the left lane sounds like it's being quoted from Corky from "Life Goes On".


Left lane is set up best for driving, it has turn lanes for people in front to make a left where the right does not, and people getting on the 4 lane from the right dont need to wait because there is no one in the right lane. So drive the left lane , its safe. plus thats why law enforcement only drive the left lane no matter how fast they are going.


*are not "sare", sorry


Today stupid b**** didn't let me pass her when I wanted to change the lane from right to left because the right one was closed. I tried to change it ahead of time but that stupid mean idiot driving light silver toyota thought that I want to just pass her for fun. I'm a woman but sometimes yeah, I think that some of us have many mental problems joined with lack of intelligence and that kind shouldn't be allowed to drive a car. That b**** didn't see a big yellow flashing arrow from the intersecion when she stopped on the red light with me? I don't think so. So b****, next time think if you sare able to. There was a big traffic and I had to wait until someone smarter than you (it isn't difficult to be smarter than you, though, but still...) led me change the lane. That happened at the intersection in Bedford Park in Chicago (I was driving from Bridgeview) 71th St and Harlem. In addition Harlem street in Chicago sucks. There are always closed lanes, big traffic, road is in a bad condition. It starts to be acceptable about 111 street. I hate it so much, I drive it only when I have to.



Sorry, I misread what you wrote as you were driving 55 in a 60. Like I had said in my previous post even when I thought you were driving below the limit, the other guy is at fault. With you driving at the limit or above, the other guy is waaaay out of line. Tailgating is a jerkoff move anyway. I will admit to using it only when someone is driving in the left lane and refusing to move over, but only after giving that driver considerable time to notice I'm behind them and that I want to pass. On a two lane highway you've got every right to the speed you're comfortable as him. If he's got a problem with that, then he'll just have to suck it up. If I were in your seat, I would have slowed down and really pissed him off.



In my scenario, I am going over the speed limit...I said 60 mph in a 55 mph zone, that's five over. The way I see it, no matter how fast you go, there will always be someone who wants to go even faster, and for some people, there is no limit....



In that situation, I'd have to agree with you that the guy behind you is being a jerk. That said, is there really a point to driving below the speed limit? I know by definition the term "speed limit" implies that you can drive any speed up to the limit, but in reality driving the limit or slightly above is the norm. Those who drive below it are a very small minority and are disrupting traffic flow. Anyone driving that speed most likely has a long line of cars behind them and miles of empty road ahead.

Certainly, the irate driver behind you is being a douche, but don't you think that you could find it in yourself to pick your speed up to at least the limit? Personally, I get annoyed when I'm in the situation of the driver that was behind you. I don't act out like he does, but I am annoyed nonetheless.


Ok, I'm reading all these comments, but how about this scenario? (i know it's a little off the topic). You are driving on a two-lane road with a 55 mph speed limit at 60 mph, and someone comes zooming up behind you and starts riding your bumper? In that case, there's nothing you can do, and that speeding idiot has to deal with it, especially in a no-passing zone. In that case, I feel that I don't have to speed up just to please that other person who wants to go faster. Your thoughts....


I've got a fairly amusing story about how I was able to turn the tables on an ignorant left lane driver. Read on.

A few months ago I was driving north on I-85 in Georgia. On this stretch of road, there is a left lane exit for I-985. This can cause a little confusion because I'm never sure if a person approaching that area is a left lane camper or is just preparing miles in advance to take the exit.

Regardless of which, these people are idiots. Nobody should ever camp in the left just because they've got an exit a few miles up. Surely a half a mile, or if you're really that paranoid, a mile, is plenty of time to give yourself. And besides, the road has 4 lanes with the left most an exit only, and the lane to it's right that splits with the option of taking the exit or remaining on I-85.

Anyway, I've been driving behind some idiot for about a mile hoping he'll show some courtesy and yield the left lane to me. Alas, this joker was having none of it and truly intended to hinder traffic. This was about 3 miles until the exit. Well, I had a hunch that he wasn't planning on taking that exit, and had a great plan to get back at him for being a tool.

So I hopped in the lane to his right (the one where I could either exit off onto I-985 or remain on I-85). I then matched his speed for then next 2 miles. By this time, signs started announcing that I-985 was a left lane exit and if you wanted to stay on I-85, you'd better move to the right. Sure enough, I was spot on with my prediction as this douche put on his blinker and tried to speed up so he could pass me and get out of the lane. I was having none of it and sped up too. So he tries to slow down, and I match him again. He started honking desperately as he tried to speed up and slow down so he could get out of the lane. Alas, we've already established this guy wasn't very intelligent since he was camping out in the left lane to begin with, so it was rather easy for me to anticipate his movements and keep him blocked in the left lane. I was delighted when another car pulled up behind me and we successfully blocked him in the left lane and forced him to take the exit.

I made sure to give him a grin and wave goodbye as he glared at me, still laying down on the horn. The next exit on I-985 is about 4 miles down, so I imagine I wasted about 10 minutes of his time for him to make it to that exit, hop back onto I-985 southbound, and backtrack to I-85. Mission accomplished!

Slower traffic keep right. I move over for traffic faster than me, why can't you?

Ryan Lambert,

we have the same problem in the UK too, the lanes are reversed as we have left hand traffic.
it p1sses me off when people toddle along in the right hand lane....if you wanna drive slow, get over to the left.
if you are in countries that have right hand traffic and you wanna toddle along, get over to the right, and i can get to my destination today, and you can some time next week pal!!!

Perry D. Bruner,

Mr. Mark Nagle, You are lost. Your comment that it is frequently Blacks or Asians camping in the left lane is wrong. I often see ignorant racist like yourself holding up the left lane. Truly does race matter in this case, wrong is wrong.


Rayman is absolutely right. The highway I commute on the left lane is frequently the slowest because al the drivers who want to go fast head over there without thinking. I pass them all the time in the right lane, which is the fastest most of the time. The middle lane is usually slower than the right lane. Thats in the rush hour.


One of the problems is the common "wisdom" that the left lane is the fast lane. To many of them it means you can fly in this lane. Regardless of any laws about the left lane, that is no excuse nor reason to speed as all drivers are required to follow the speed limit. In any case, driving on the left lane seems to par for the course for those uninformed drivers, ie selfish and uninterested.

Mark Nagle,

Slow drivers in the left lane just suck. Theres nothing else to say about it. They know they are pisssing people off but sit there with their mouths hanging open doing way less than the speen limit. It's usually Chinese or blacks that do it the most.


The left lane is the passing lane. If you are not actively engaged in passing a slower vehicle, you have no business being in the left lane, no matter how fast you are going. This goes for both slow drivers and speeders. If you are not currently passing someone, you should be in the right lane.

However, it is completely irrational to expect that someone going the speed limit should never use the passing lane. If the speed limit driver comes up on someone going 5 mph under the speed limit, obviously, they should pass them. This would require them using the left lane. However, they should try to carry out their passing maneuver in a timely manner, then move back to the right as soon as they are done passing.

But for those of you who say "slower drivers should never be in the passing lane", that is just ridiculous. They should never RIDE the passing lane, but what is the problem with them using the passing lane to pass a slower vehicle, as long as they pass in a timely manner and move back over when they are done?

In my area, I see just as many speeders riding the passing lane as I do slow drivers riding the passing lane. So if you are a speeder who is riding the passing lane and complaining that others are doing it too, isn't that hypocritical?

Let me restate my opinion. You should only be in the left lane if you are actively engaged in passing another vehicle. Period. If you are not currently passing another vehicle, you have no reason whatsoever to be in the left lane, no matter how fast or how slow you are going. KEEP RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS.


I really can't stand drivers who think they have any business policing others. The left lane is for PASSING, not regular driving. Even if you can't stand speeders, let the police ticket them. By driving in the left lane when not passing another vehicle, you are not only breaking the law, but unnecessarily contributing to road rage. Intentionally instigating someone makes you culpable when the situation escalates. Get off your self-constructed pedestal, and MOVE OVER!!!


Its NOT YOUR JOB to enforce speed limits, and from your message i would think you have very little understanding of how speed limits and enforcemnt work. suggest you follow the rules and keep right if you are slower than other traffic

cant stand speeders,

I cant stand speeders on the interstate, your not really going to get to your destination any faster just because you go 20 miles over the speed limit! Its rediculous, I wish I was a cop for all these idiot speeders that tailgate, flick their brights, when im riding the left lane going 75mph in a 70 speed zone. I would pull them over, damnit I would bust their ass, and maybe taze them I dont know..anyways follow the law and dont speed!!


Thanks for your comment Tom. I'm the exact same way. People think speed kills, but their wrong. It's idiot drivers that aren't aware of their surroundings. I can drive my 2005 Impala with one hand on the wheel all day at 100mph on the interstate. The only danger I face is people weaving or changing lanes without signaling when I pass them.


Look, it all seems pretty simple to me. If you are being passed on the right or have a parade of cars behind you, you're going too slow. Be champ and move over. We'd all appreciate it.

Most of us fast drivers aren't driving recklessly; we just happen to be comfortable driving at a faster speed. Trust me, I am in full control of my vehicle and am always aware of the cars not only in front of me, but to the sides and behind. Those jerks that are speeding recklessly while weaving in and out of traffic are a burden to all drivers, not just the slower ones. I'm not one of those guys. I approach your car respectfully, but I do expect you to move to the right lane if it is not occupied. For you to not do so is just as rude as the jerk that tailgates and cuts us off.


Here's my story, as a driver that feels that obeying the law is a virtue, even when it's inconvenient:

I was driving down I-25 around 11 PM, heading south toward Denver (I'm from Windsor). Since there was construction going on, cars had started to "clump up" with about 20 cars together between many miles of empty road.

At the particular part of the interstate I was driving, the speed limit was 70 mph, making it eligible for "left-lane" enforcement. The right lane was going about 55 for whatever reason, with a string of at least 10 cars going that speed. I moved over into the left lane to pass these 10 or so cars, speeding up slightly to 75 mph.

I did this thinking that the person in the left lane, who had previously been at least 500 ft. behind the line of cars, was going about 75-80 mph. If so, my passing would have only caused a couple seconds of slowing down on his part before I completed my pass and returned to the right line.

This was not the case, as I soon found out - this person was easily pushing 90 mph, given how quickly he caught up to me (I had only passed 2 cars by that point). Oh, the guy in the white Ford Expedition slowed down a bit; enough to JUST tap my bumper, instead of crashing completely into it. He was on his cell phone, face screwed up in sheer rage, flipping me off. Now, the last part is the most distributing because he already had one hand holding his phone, so when he was flipping me off, he was not holding onto the wheel.

10 terrifying seconds later, I've completed my pass, but instead of waiting 2 seconds for me to merge back into the right lane, he proceeds to tear into the right lane, laying on his horn, still flipping me off, and still on his phone, and he's out of my sight in about 8 seconds - too fast to even read the license plate. I then go back into the right lane, allowing the more typical speeders to pass me, having returned to the speed limit.

Later, as I'm thinking about what my boyfriend is going to think about his damaged bumper (I was borrowing his car, as mine was getting new brakes), I notice flashing lights. What do you know - a upside-down white Expedition in the ditch, with police there and an ambulance. I have no idea if the guy was hurt/survived, unfortunately.

The primary lesson: Being an idiot knows no speed.
Tertiary lesson: You have to share the road with the fast and slow alike. Unlike what some ignorant person wrote previously, the speed limit DOES apply to you even if you are a "superior" human being. I used to race dragsters (the kind that go 200+ mph) and I know that was only possible because I had a whole quarter mile (and then some) to myself. If I tried that on a highway filled with people, I'd end up like Mr. Expedition or get somebody else seriously hurt somebody. Then again, however said that probably wouldn't mind hurting the "sub-humans" s/he honors by stooping down to drive with them.


you should pity the people who drive too slowly in the passing lane. life is going by too quickly for them and they can only cope by hampering progress in this symbolic manner. the upside of this is that they are easily duped and you should have no difficulty passing them (think 'strategy'). I hope you are not one of the dozen impatient drivers tailgating a slow driver on the interstate or impatiently waiting for someone turning left on a surface street while the lane to the right is available.

i first noticed this syndrome in the mid '80's. i think it is somehow connected to the decline of our country in general.

the hell with this,

man all that highway discussion is so simple any idiot could figure all that out. what the REAL probably is all the piece of shits on public roads that will be on your ass no matter if youre going the speed limit ( like 30 ) or 60 on the same road that idiot will stay on your ass and i BET it will be some jerk in an SUV who probably is doing it because in all other aspects of life its people on HIS ass


To the people who drive fast in the left lane: The people who "camp out" in the left lane will obey the "slower traffic keep right" sign when you decide to obey the "speed limit" sign. Since that isn't going to happen, they won't move over. Plan ahead and switch to the right lane if it is clear and pass them as safetly as possible. If the right lane is full then don't tailgate and wait for your opportunity, it will come if you are patient. Don't run up on their bumper and stay there for 20 minutes when the other lane is obviously clear enough to pass, you just waste your time and get angry for no reason.

To the slower drivers who "camp out" in the left lane: Those "morons" will get off of your ass and leave you alone if you do your camping in the right lane instead. But you aren't going to do that are you? So they will keep doing it and keep bothering you over and over and over again until you move or they pass on the right.

To the drivers that have to deal with these morons: I'm sorry you have to, but there is nothing you can do about morons. Just watch out for yourself and pay no attention to them, but be courteous and move over when safe and necessary. Do not try to make them even angrier, get them away from you and they won't bother you anymore.

The Law,

Dear "Washington driver" I couldn't agree with you more on the observation of US drivers being immersed in their own world. It is so important to just sit up and pay attention we are operating huge machines that can kill us and others. It just doesn't seem to happen here and is tending to get worse.
I often say that many laws are enacted to protect people from themselves and this topic surely holds that thinking true. Unfortunately we Americans only tend to respond to the loss of money or loved ones (in that order) of course the latter is not an opption. So I was thinking what about a "One fine fits all" type of solution. Where let's say, for any traffic violation moving or not speeding, going to slow, parking, etc... an offender would recieve an almost incomprehensible fine of... say $2000. That number could be adjusted but hefty none the less. Think of all the admin. costs saved by not having to deal with all the different fines and such, then maybe eventually enough people would get it or get off the road to lower enforcement costs.

Just a thought.

The Law,

Two wrongs don't make a right. If you choose to break the law by speeding it is breaking the law. If you choose to not move to the right (on any multi-lane road) you are breaking the law. It is really that simple. Speed, get caught, get ticket. Do not move to the right, get caught, get ticket. Either way, follow the damn law!
Excerpts from Texas statutes:
Sec. 545.051. DRIVING ON RIGHT SIDE OF ROADWAY. (a) An operator on a roadway of sufficient width shall drive on the right half of the roadway,
b) An operator of a vehicle on a roadway moving more slowly than the normal speed of other vehicles at the time and place under the existing conditions shall drive in the right-hand lane available for vehicles, or as close as practicable to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway, unless the operator is:(1) passing another vehicle; or (2) preparing for a left turn at an intersection or into a private road or driveway.
Sec. 545.053. PASSING TO THE LEFT; RETURN; BEING PASSED. (a) An operator passing another vehicle:
(1) shall pass to the left of the other vehicle at a safe distance; and
(2) may not move back to the right side of the roadway until safely clear of the passed vehicle.
(b) An operator being passed by another vehicle:
(1) shall, on audible signal, move or remain to the right in favor of the passing vehicle; and
(2) may not accelerate until completely passed by the passing vehicle.
(c) Subsection (b) does not apply when passing to the right is permitted.
Sec. 545.061. DRIVING ON MULTIPLE-LANE ROADWAY. On a roadway divided into three or more lanes and providing for one-way movement of traffic, an operator entering a lane of traffic from a lane to the right shall yield the right-of-way to a vehicle entering the same lane of traffic from a lane to the left.
Sec. 545.104. SIGNALING TURNS; USE OF TURN SIGNALS. (a) An operator shall use the signal authorized by Section 545.106 to indicate an intention to turn, change lanes, or start from a parked position.
(b) An operator intending to turn a vehicle right or left shall signal continuously for not less than the last 100 feet of movement of the vehicle before the turn.

Is this enough? I can go on all day with every state and an ass load of countries. JUST FOLLOW THE LAW NO MATTER WHAT!

Washington driver,

Left lane driver:
Washington State Law states:
"It is a traffic infraction to drive continuously in the left lane of a multilane roadway when it impedes the flow of other traffic."
What you said makes no sense. The law makes perfect sense. Speed and you'll get a ticket. Hold up traffic in the left lane no matter your speed and you get a ticket.
...I just wish tickets were handed out more often for this infraction.
Too many drivers simply are immersed in their own world when they should be paying attention and keeping everyone moving forward.
Drivers in Europe figured it out, and it is such a pleasure to share the road with these drivers.
Here in the US however, there is something that prevents this from happening. The psychology of American drivers is simply different: not sure if its greed, selfishness, or plain old stupidity. American drivers just can't seem to figure it out. I'm sure most American drivers would be shocked and dismayed when witnessing a european driver on an American highway. They would wonder how that funny looking european with the little leather sneakers and a colorfull sweater managed to find a hole and pass. Look at that S car go!

Only in a perfect world.

Left lane driver,

So let me get this straight, according to washington state law, I will get a ticket for example if I am going 70 on a 60mph zone and at the same time get a ticket for not going at that speed on the left lane? This doesn't make sense at all, must be a another attempt from the government to scam our money. If the government feels that this law is necessary then they should raise the speed limit to 70 for left lane drivers and leave the speed limit at 60 for right lane drivers. This will eliminate any problems!


The way I see it, drivers don't use simple skills and focus when driving. First, the LEFT IS FOR FASTER CARS TO PASS, PERIOD. (Yes, I am yelling...)

Your attention should be on the road at all times, so no faster approaching car should come as a surprise to you! Left lane squatters complaining about that speeder out of nowhere probably didn't see the person approach since they RARELY check their mirrors.

Proper road focus means checking all of your mirrors, blind spots and other lanes every few seconds because road conditions can change even faster. A good driver employs strategy and anticipates a course of action- including having to bail off the road if necessary- leaving him or herself enough latitude to change course.

Another piece of the puzzle is having a WELL-MAINTAINED CAR! I think a lot of people slack on service and don't have confidence in their car's performance causing more lane squatting,
"car babying", afraid to change lanes, etc. I ALWAYS make sure my car is on-point! Frankly, I'd rather not be disfigured in a preventable accident; spend the $ on your tires, good windshield wipers, brakes and an oil change dammit!

Some say lane squatting it's racial/ ethnic, but I say not so much, unless the person is obviously new to the US. Usually it's the entitled type of driver who feels entitled to left lane squat since they are a: soccer parent on the cell/ mini-van/ kids on board/ nice or fast car envious/ those with lazy driving habits/self-appointed traffic cop. I'm an African-American woman, and you can best believe I drive with more skill and courtesy than most.

I do find people assume driving a newer, luxury sports car automatically equals arrogance and then they make conscious effort to "police" when I try to pass. I've had people doing approx 53-59mph in the left lane on a 65 highway mouth "Slow dowwwwnnnnn" when I'm trying to; I've been called names, gotten flipped off, blocked, etc. Soccer moms and older uptights are the worst.

Mainly, I think slow/ uninformed drivers don't really know how to drive but assume their driving skill/ habits are the standard for everyone, so anyone not conforming is wrong or illegal. Funny, I can always tell another really good driver since invariably he or she will "mirror" my moves, kind of partnering up to get through traffic.

Yet, I'm always happy to accomodate. Other cars are faster, I move. Traffic down the road, I strategize. Always signal, never ride the brake, let people in etc. Self-impose a speed I won't exceed - it's 85 depending on the road. Anything over that is too much on a US road.

Speed can kill, but poor driving habits-not knowing how traffic "works"- and poor defensive skills kill much more. So again, left lane squatters, please stop being so smug, aggressive and self-righteous, your self-absorbed choices can kill just as easily as passing and speed.

union jack,

Hey its obvious what the problem is. You American morons don't have enough LANES. Two and three lane highways were fine when the population was 180 million people but now you have 300 million but the same number of LANES. Build more LANES!!!


To thlong winded guy who drives slow in the left lane, you are truly a loser.


You suck really bad.

Fast Drivers SUck #2,

I drive a freeway the has two lanes. I routinely drive 75mpg on this road, though the speed limit is 60mpg. I don't "camp out" in the fast lane, but I am always driving faster than the poeple in the right lane. I often have no space to get over to the right when a giant jerk in a giant truck comes up behind me, tailgates me and flashes his brights, pretending to ram me. I can't get over! The right lane is filled with cars all in a row for a couple of miles with no space to get over. When I finally have the chance to get over, I put on my blinker to indicate to Mr. Aggressive behind me that I will be getting over to the right. Instead of allowing me to do that, he screeches over to the right lane and then proceeds to honk his horn, yell at me out his window and start to push me over into the median. It is not the first time someone has done this to me or another car on this particular freeway. The thing about yesterday is I even speed up to 85mpg to try to get this guy to back off and that didn't even help. That's 25mpg OVER the speed limit and an incredibly dangerous speed in my estimation. The other scary thing was, this guy almost succeeded in pushing me into the cement barrier and I was only saved from being crushed by braking and going into the dirt median which luckily came up about a 1/2mile after he started trying to kill me. I was so shaken, I sat there. I am not paranoid or unreasonable. Another car even pulled over behind me to tell me he saw what happened and got the truck's license plate. He said I should call the police and report an assault with a deadly weapon becasue the guy seemed hell bent on running me off the road or killing me.

The second incident occured this mornign on the same freeway, albeit going the other way. I was driving in the left lane and was just getting ready to get over to the right to exit the freeway in a couple of miles. A truck came up behind me in the right lane going at least 90mpg (I was going 75). He swerved over into the left lane and proceeded to tailgate the guy in front of him who was going about my speed. The truck then started to pretend like he was goig gto ram the car in front of him -- alternately slowing down and speeding up while be less than 15 feet behind the car, very little room to correct for the error. There was no longer anyone on the right and the black car in front turned on it signal and started to come ove into the lane in front of me. Instead of allowing the car to get into the right lane, the truck swerved over into it and then back over into the left lane, without even clearing the car. He clipped the black car, the car went completely across the 20ft dirt median, into oncoming traffic, was t-boned by two other cars and then flipped over onto its roof trapping the driver inthe car. This all occurred in less than 30 seconds, not enough time for someone justify gettign frustrated by a slow driver. The truck speed off. I followed the guy to his work, wrote down and took a picture of his license plate, him getting out of his car, him walking into his work and the damage on the front of his car. I then drove back to the scene of the accident and told the police what i witnessed and showed them my pictures. They took my statement and told me they would be contacting me later to either look at a photo array or line-up or both of the guy who was in the truck.

All-in-all, four people were taken to the hospital, including a baby with head and spinal injuries. The driver of the black car that flipped onto it's roof died at the scene. He was dead as they pulled him out of the car after having to use the sawzall to get him out.

He wasn't being passive agressive or trying to piss anyone off. He was the victim of a person much like most of those I have seen arrogantly talking about their entitlement to driving fast on this forum. You are the jerks and morons, not the slower drivers and your actions kill.

Fast Drivers Suck #1,

I want to relay two incedents to you guys who think people soeeding in the fast lane and acting aggressive towards slower drivers is right --an incident yesterday on my way to the doctor;s office and an accident I witnessed and was almost involved in here Southern California this morning.


Hi guys just though I would drop in and add my 2 cents. Slow drivers in the left lane are a pet peeve on mine. They hold up traffic and need to be taken off the road. Thanks but you all really make me mad.


Jeff Geiger,

Driving fast in not inherently reckless driving and does not pose an inherent danger. Reckless driving is when you do not use your indicator to change lanes, when you tailgate the driver in front of you, when you drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and when you focus more attention on a phone call than the road. And yes, reckless driving is when you are in the left lane and are not passing anyone, or when you are passing in the right lane. We as motorists are not police officers, and we do not enforce the speed limits. If you are in the left lane and someone comes up behind you going faster, you move to the right lane and let them pass. Period. You should not be in the left lane in the first place unless you are passing. Period. Instead of police being stationed on the side of the road waiting for “speeders”, I would rather see police genuinely reducing traffic hazards and keeping the roads safer by giving tickets to those people who truly drive recklessly by not using their indicator to change lanes, by tailgating the driver in front of them, by driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and by focusing more attention on a phone call than the road. Having police sit on the side of the road waiting for “speeders” is a misallocation of resources and does not make us any safer. In terms of the “revenue” argument, the police could bring in much more revenue to state coffers by penalizing the types of drivers I outlined above.


I'm back, and I've got a couple of things to say. For people who sit in the left lane and hold up other drivers, I have a question: who gave you the right to decide someone else's speed? The answer: no one. If someone wants to speed and get a speeding ticket, then that is their problem, not yours. People sitting in the left lane is one of the top causes of road rage and wrecks on US interstates, so if you sit in the left lane than you are every bit as ignorant and stupid as people who speed and tailgate others who sit in the left lane. Oh and for those who say that people who always drive over the speed limit are extremely dangerous to other drivers I have this say: The autobahn in Germany is the safest highway/interstate system in the world, and look how fast people drive on it. The reason for this is that getting a license over there is far more difficult than getting one in the US, and they receive training that is a hundred times better than what we receive. Thus people know the rules of the road extremely well in Germany, and they are trained to handle a car well at high speeds. Not all Germans are the greatest drivers in the world, but they can drive a hell of a lot better than most Americans can. I don't mean to offend anyone with this, but I know this all from experience as I lived in Dresden, Germany for two months, and rode (not drove) on the Autobahn with a friend.


I remember one incident when driving through Asheville, NC, on I-40. I'm in the right lane, doing 73 in a 65 mph zone, and I approach a group of four semi-trucks in front of me. I get in the left lane, and out of all the things in the world some asswipe in a Honda Civic was cruising right beside these trucks, and the road in front of them was wide open for at least a mile. At first I just staid back, but after a minute I started to get irritated. I flashed my lights and honked my horn a few times, but this idiot did nothing. I had a bunch of cars behind me, riding my ass, and the road was only two lanes wide, so I was stuck. This asshole brake-checked me a couple of times, because they thought I was too close (the closest I got was one car length behind them). It took me twenty minutes to pass these trucks all because of this goddamn idiot. When I finally passed the trucks, I passed her on the right, and it was some woman in her 30s. Stupid bitch gave me the finger, and I gave her one right back. Without a doubt one of the stupidest drivers I have ever seen, as she had traffic backed up like a motherfucker.


I'm reminded of the guy I encountered the other day on the interstate. They were camping in the left lane after the right lane was cleared, but when I went right to pass (legal in that jurisdiction) they sped up to catch up to a vehicle in the right lane. A mile later the right lane car exited, and since this oddball was still slower than me and still in the left lane I went around on the right and was on my way.

10 miles later, I caught up to a 6-8 car knot of traffic where the faster folks were gradually working their way around a 65 mph minivan. This guy comes up on the traffic group fast enough in the right lane that one of the right lane cars bails to the shoulder. It didn't get him much, the slowest right lane car wasn't going anywhere.

After a few miles we hit a 10-mile stretch with no exits, and the roadway clears so it's me in the right lane, the other guy in the left, and a slower car 1/8 mile ahead of me. I wait in the right lane thinking this other guy has simply decided he wants to go faster so I stay right to let him go.

Does he pass the slower car? No. He decelerates more than 10 mph so he's locked on to the side of the slow car.

A few more miles and a horn honk later, we're catching a semi that's even slower than the joker and his unfortunate roadblock partner (the right lane slow car's driver tried to speed up and get away, even, but just had a little econo car so they didn't have much luck.) The joker stays left and speeds up to get around, then backs off again after the slower traffic is dispensed with. I have to pass on the right yet again, and I use the acceleration my V8 has over the V6 he had at best.

I back off to the speed I want to be going, the joker blows by, and then he finds another victim about when we reach the "next exit 2 miles" sign so I can finally use the play I've been planning. I stay right and act like I'm just hanging out over there, then take the exit that the joker can't access because he's blocked himself into in the left lane.


There is a reason why the posted speed limit is lower than what most people feel comfortable driving at. That reason is because when the government decides to set a speed limit they have to make it conform to the people in society with the lowest intelligence and slow reaction time. (Such as our friend Traveling Dave). This I can understand, it's not someone’s fault if they are not as smart as other people. Most people that do drive slower for whatever reason (not all lack intelligence, some may have kids in the car or are just on a leisurely drive) are courteous enough to move over one lane for someone traveling at a higher rate of speed. The few that think that they have the authority to deicide what speed is fast enough for me to drive are just ignorant. But being ignorant and being stupid are two different things. People like, hmmm, let's say Traveling Dave for example are both ignorant and stupid and can't comprehend how someone can drive 20-25 over the speed limit. To him we are reckless and have no concern for other drivers on the road when in reality we do. We are just comfortable at that rate of speed because
1.We may have more road experience
2.We are more confident behind the wheel.
3. Higher intelligence = reaction speed.
So for those of you that are so quick to criticize speeders or classify them as careless and reckless this is just because you can't comprehend driving at that speed because you lack either, confidence, skill or intelligence along with quick reactions. You may think I’m driving too fast, but that is just because you are dumb or ignorant. I’m not going to drive slower than what I feel comfortable driving at because we have the speed limit set so low just for the dumbest people in society. Because these people mentally can’t handle higher rates of speed than what is posted. If I get a ticket, it’s my problem (the radar detector helps me with that). I know you ignorant people are doing this to get you point across, that you think whatever speed your driving is fast enough and no one else should drive any faster. I also realize that you ignorant people won’t move and I won’t make an issue of it. I’ll just pass you using the right lane. It makes it more fun for me (I don’t mind weaving if I have to). Then I’ll purposely cut you off and if the mood strikes me right (and I have done it before) I’ll toss my cup of coffee or can of pop out the window aimed at your windshield (and I am a good shot, 5 for 6 so far). But only if there is not a lot of traffic behind you because unlike you I don’t want to endanger anyone else’s life to get my point across…….Just yours.

The Duke,

After reading the above comments I realize why we have so many accidents,actually most are not accidents at all they are caused by people driving to fast and by people driving to slow,if we all obeyed the posted speed limit we would all be a lot safer and happier after all isn't that why there is a speed limit,mind you I do agree that the powers to be have posted some roads way to low and others way to high.but a good example of left lane driving is on the two lane interstate highways in California where the cars can drive 70 mph but the trucks can only drive 55 I do not understand the logic of this,it makes for a very dangerous situation,I am driving 70 to 75 {I never drive more than 5 over}when a car comes up behind wanting to pass,I do not want to block him but how can I move over without endangering my life?there are trucks in the right lane doing 55 I pull in between them braking hard to reduce to 55mph,I have now really upset the truck driver I pulled in front of making him have to brake,the speeder has gone by but all the traffic in the left lane are doing 70 plus and I can't get back out,this is one of the main reasons why people stay in the left lane,I never stay in the left lane as long as the right lane is clear so I can drive the speed limit in it,but if it means I have to stay in the left lane because of the trucks so be it,the guy behind needs to be patient till I can find a place safe enough to pull over and let him by,but I am damned if I am going to speed up to his speed and risk a ticket or worse just to make him or her happy,by the way I have never had an accident or a ticket and I have been driving professionally for 50 calm down none of us own the road be patient getting there safe is more important than getting there fast.


Wow...still 15 and still finding adults online who don't even know each other acting more like middle school kids than adults...Oh the wonders I will have on the road...*Note the obvious sarcasm*

Traveling Dave,

I love to drive in the left lane at the speed limit. I know it pisses off the people who want to drive faster but that's why I stay in the left lane. I love to piss off all of the assholes that somehow think that they are free to break the law and endanger others on the road. So, if you drive up behind a black Expedition in the left lane that's driving the speed limit, please feel free to flash your lights or wave the bird at me. If you don't, I'll be disappointed.


Now there is even a song for truck drivers called "Keep Right"

Check out the music video on youtube by entering "Keep Right" or here is the link:

Remember to Keep Right


Well for my 2 cents on this whole mess you guys re calling a "discussion." You can sum up the next few paragraphs in 3 words: "I don't care." The people who want others to move over want them to move over because the law that the slow driver is breaking, is getting in the way of the law that the faster driver is breaking. So either way, the law is being broken.

Basically every driver on the road just doesn't give a rats ass about what other drivers want. All I see on the road are a bunch of babies... if they don't get what they want they throw a tantrum. All this discussion has consisted of is crying and complaining that slower drivers need to move out of the way because otherwise the faster drivers won't get their way. There were a few actual mature people discussing, but they were clearly outnumbered by the ones who gripe and complain about people actually obeying the law.

As for me, I just get out of the way when possible to let the speeders go by so they can annoy someone else with their tailgating and impatience. If they want to endanger others and cause accidents, then fine. They are the ones who have to live with it, not me. I just drive to get where I'm going... not to make drivers get out of my way because they happen to be actually obeying the law. Then again, why should they care what you want? You obviously don't care what they want since you are focusing all your attention on how to get them out of your way.

Anyway, I will not be back to this comment board. So anyone taking my name know that I will not be back. If anyone does respond to this... I'll be extremely surprised if it doesn't involve name calling of some sort.

Janice W. Ratliff,

I have an ongoing "argument" with my husband about this.....if you are in a neighborhood and there are four lanes (2 each direction) do you still consider the left lane for passing? I completely disagree. I feel like that rule applies for highway or divided highways, but not neighborhood roads with 25-30 mph limits. Please help end this 20 year old battle.


I totally reject the claim that drivers who are driving the speed limit should stay out of the left lane so speeders can pass. There are times when a driver has to be in the left lane, in order to make a left turn. Should people who don't speed be prohibited from making left turns? That would be the consequence if everyone did what the Chief of the Minnesota State Patrol says we should do.


There's an awful lot of self-serving stuff in the comments above.

It's all about getting along!

If FBI has his (her) way big daddy will control all. On the other hand who wants to live with macho jerks who just don't get what traffic is all about and just want everyone to get out of their way just because there in a hurry.


Bliss, urwetodddid!!! Your theories may work in California, but try them in New Jersey, New York or Southeast Michigan.Get your money back for your schooling. And if your saying to your self "that jackass has never drove in L.A. how would he know?" Wrong just got back from So Cal, one of the easiest places to drive on earth if you enjoy being gridlocked on I-5. Sounds like your just a frustrated baby who cant drive as fast as he wants and blames it on everyone else. Where all great drivers just ask. And for you Mr FBI they might as well take speed limit, stop sign,no U turn, slow traffic keep right signs down and sell them for scrap metal


What we need is photo-radar and strict enforcement of speed limits everywhere. Of course the speed limits should be realistic and in many places they are not.


For those that dont know, Driving is a privadge not a right or constitutional right, Otherwise you wouldnt need a driverslicense and the police couldnt uphold speeding tickets what so ever.

Try to be human, Polite and courtious, Step aside and let the more eger pass like those at the checkout line that let you pass bebecuse you only have one item and they didnt have to at all, But they choose to.
Think about the old lady in the comercial as you look down at your speed-O and think your going fast enough as the person creeps up behind you in the left lane, Please put your arrogance into the back of your mind and "Please step aside"

Pay attention, Dont become part of the "Sleeper Blockade" (Coma-tosted drivers who pace slower moving vehicals to the right) wake up, Your the one who is the danger on the road because your not paying attention to what your doing and putting others and me in danger (even driving slow).

False, Speed waste gas, This is not true, All cars run different at different speed and do get better gasmilage at higher speeds, Also I buy my own gas and will waste is as I choose (That is a right).

Celphone users, Is your life not worth waiting a few min or pulling off to the side of the road.
Some states as like mine have banned cellphone use while driving.

Please dont worry about the person changing his tire on the side of the road or the accident, Its none of your business, Wait till you get home and turn on cable tv if you need see blood.

Im not even from Minn, Im from So. California, We have more cars on the road then 45 states have people, So we like to cruise when its not bumper to bumper.

Thanks people.
Remember, Be human, Lets all advance in life with grace and ease.


What pisses me off is people who feel the need to block traffic and pass even though they are going only a few miles an hour faster. If your not going at least 85 keep right... and if you pass, check your mirrors. Dont just glance because you cant tell how fast someone is going unless you are actually paying attention. Let the faster traffic pass first.


Looks like people lose their cool over this left lane issue. Where I come from the speed limit is strictly enforced on the freeways. In the left lane very few go more than about 10-15 mph over the limit. On the right, people are usually doing the limit or slower. There are very few angry drivers in evidence.


I see someone has hijacked by username above to place their own message. Looks like this whole comment thread is being hijacked by one very immature (or worse) individual).

With a few exceptions of intelligent comments above his whole issue of "slow" drivers in the left lane seems to pull in comments from people who have nothign to offer except the same mantra, regardless of what is being discussed.


It is you who needs the help BGR


Thomas, you've got one life (maybe). Get psychological help before its too late


Thomas has issues

Cyber AL,

We may not have to worry about this much in the future, what with balck boxes in cars and gps tracking. I hear the latest is that all cars will have GPS by 2010 and that means they can tell where eveyone is and also how fast we are going.


Hey RG, good argument, in that particular case i would also agree.


In that senario I do see your point completely and do agree as well.


Yao, OK we're both after the perfect flow. But the example I gave above was a two-lane situation (and I have a particular one near where I live in mind). So for the sake of simplicity let's leave the center lane idea out.

Lots of drivers go to the left lane because they want to go as fast as possible, but there have to be some limits (not necessarily the official speed limit which most ignore in this case).

Most drivers will speed but only so much because they can't afford to get caught too often. Usually the left lane is 10-15 over the limit and about that much faster than the right lane.

OK, now someone comes along that wants to go 20 - 25 over the limit. Fine, if traffic is light I'll move over. But if Im busy passing other cars I'm not going hit the brakes, slow to right lane speed and then accelerate again. The fast guy will have to wait on his opportunity!

A perfect flow of traffic has to have some kind of limitations on speed.

I'm trying to get people like Robert, Bill, etc. to think about that.


Again you go backto it being one driver.I am telling you most left lane drivers would be going alot faster if the ones going slower (not slow) would move. then you would have the left lane moving really fast, center lane would be moving about 10 over and the rest in the right lane, wouldn't that be nice! it's called a perfect flow of traffic.


Yao you say you agree with me but you still go back to this image of me going slow in the left lane.

Take a look at the example I gave you and think about it. I said -

"The entire highway has to make way for this one driver? "

What's your response?


But see i agree with you, if someone wants to go faster than me, I would move over. That is our point. Slower traffic keep right. But you make it as if 1 driver is going to want to go faster, when in fact most of the left lane wants to faster, but you have the one or two that makes us slow don't. It is us who is trying to get through to you. it seems you are just stubborn and want eeryone to go at your speed, when in fact you say you speed yourself (10 miles over) but who are you to say that's as fast as we should go, what if i say 15?


It seems to be impossible to get through to most of the people above. This is NOT about slow drivers eating or applying makeup or on the phone in the left lane. There's no disagreement on that. It's about the people who want to pass YOU (robert, yao, Bill, etc.). You want to go fast. They want to go faster. So what's allowable?

Let's say there's two lanes. Traffic is heavy. You and all the others (Bill, Robert, Etc.) are driving in the left lane and you are driving at the speed of traffic. You are continouously overtaking the right lane traffic which is heavy also.

Now someone comes up behind and wants every body in the left lane to push over into the right lane just so they can go faster than everyone else.

Sound like you all would agree that you should all move over, despite the fact that this makes traffic very disruptive and stressful for everyone, makes it less safe, and wastes fuel.

The entire highway has to make way for this one driver?


I also have been reading about left lane drivers that drive too slow, and in most cases thomas is cause, people like him just don't get it


I've found getting in front of a slow-left-lane-traveler and deaccelerating (not braking), but slowing down to the point where the "mouth" breather gets frustrated works very well as a motivator to switch into the right lanes...


thomas1, there are signs posted all over the untied states highways that inform you how to handle a situation like this one. "Slower traffic keep right" who are you to decide his someone's fate? If he wants to get a speeding ticket for driving too fast.... let him. But if you have room to move over and you choose not to do so you are also in violation of not obeying posted highway sings. After all to that driver you are the slower traffic.


This is simple highway courtesy and common etiquette in every other state I've ever lived in. The roads would be a faster, safer, more relaxed place if you would just MOVE THE *bleep* OVER!


I find this simply amazing, rg & thomas1 are perfect examples of why the roads are the way they are. thomas1 is talking about being in the slow lane on a Sunday, eating donuts and talking on cell phones, we are talking about the left lane and people who drive slow in it.


Left lane is for fast, right lane is for slow, get it thomas1. good


See, this is why the left lane always has someone parked in it, amazing.


Wow, RG and thomas1 do not understand, slower traffic keep right.


RG, we do get the point, it is you who seems not to. Slower traffic keep right, the end.


OK, we established thomas1 has mental problems


Let me set the scene, I-94 near exit 12 in michigan, 8:00am Sunday morning. I am the only car on the road. Out of nowhere comes mr ego in his Dodge Ram 150 POS.right on my bumber, and I am in the slow lane. This crap happens all the time. I feel like a magnet for morons. Are these people born on Mars. I think heavy traffic or no traffic there are people on the road that are insecure and cannot be comfortable in there car talking on there f^#^#ing cell phone, eating there jelly filled donut if they are not trying to stuff there POS up my tail pipe. GIVE ME A BREAK


Its not that simple either. but it looks like none of you guys get the point. Hasnt anybody taken driver ed? Traffic is not about each individual doing what they want. It's about cooperation and traffic flow.

Move over and let faster drivers pass is simple - up to a point. It gets ridiculous if everybody has to waste fuel and pollute more just because a few want to speed. Mind you, if traffic is light then slower traffic keep right of course.


Hey RG, just move over if someone is traveling faster, it's not that hard.


10 mph over is not slow but if someone is going 15, you need to move over. You are now the slower traffic and slower traffic must keep right.


I think just about everywhere has laws about driving too slow and obstructing traffic. However, 10 mph over the limit is not slow.


In Germany on the motorways there are no speed limits except in certain areas. Drivers keep to the right of they are slower. This works very well.


so no speed limit?


In some states they are implementing new laws to ticket the person in the passing lane going too slow or slowing the flow of traffic.


I'm in agreement with Eric and Timmy, just move over, it is that simple.


What is wrong with regular guy? taxes???. Look even if the guy did not have a job or at worst was an illegal, they still shop at stores and pay the sales tax. Which is irrelevant to driving slow in the left lane. Just move over if someone is going faster, you are going 10 over, would you not want the guy in the middle lane to move over to the right lane? Same idea


What do taxes have to do in a driving senario? The fact is the left lane is for passing, it is just as wrong for someone not to move over as it is for someone speeding. That is why you in fact move out of the middle lane and want to drive in the left 10 miles over the speed limit, because the middle lane is not moving fast enough for you. That is what we say about left, if you are not keeping up with the speed of traffic you simply need to move over, after all, speeding is speeding whether is is 10 over or 20. How can you to dictate how fast over the speed limit people should go? You can get a ticket for both. So you see, it is that simple.


Not so simple Eric. Mr bigshot isnt the flow. He's going way over the traffic speed and expects everybody to adjust. He doesn't own the road. maybe he doesnt' even pay taxes


As you state you want to get back over in the left lane.If you want to get back in the left lane you have to keep up with the flow,so if Mr Bigshot is going 85-90 you need to do that to keep the flow and to stay in the left lane "slower traffic keep right", if you choose not to than stay in the middle lane. Common sense if you think about it because why is it you want to get back in the left lane? Because the middle isn't going fast enough for you, well, that's what we are saying about the left lane, simple.

Regular guy,

I'm doing 75 - that's 10 over the limit - in the left lane, passing a lane of slower drivers. They're doing about 65. In my rear view mirror I see mr bigshot-in-a-hurry come up behind me at about 85-90 and then tailgates. Fine, I move over and mr bigshot passes. He tailgates the car ahead. It moves over and lets mr bigshot pass. OK but now I want to get back into the passing lane but theres more mr bigshots tailgating. So now, everybody has to keep jumping lanes to accomodate mr bigshot-in-a-hurry. I don't think so. I want the cops to do their job and get these tailgating superspeeders who think they won the road!!!
PS - I've got a powerful vehicle too. I just don't choose to believe I have rights over other people.


You are exactly correct!!!

Bad Driver,

I'm a bad driver, I know it, and I'm the first to admit it. But it does still piss me off when I'm trying to get somewhere and those slow ass drivers bog down traffic. I don't think they do it on purpose though. It just takes them longer to form a thought. I think they're the same group of people that will sit at a green light until it turns yellow and then finally decide to take off, or take forever slowing down to make a turn when their already going 10 mph in a 35!!!


That's ok, when the piss me off I run them off the road, HAHA


They are driving slow in the left lane only to piss you off(HA-HA)


I hate slow drivers in the left lane, they just sit there and try and slow the traffic. MOVE OVER JACKASS


They are probably going too slow in the left lane because they are trying to figure out what happened to Air America and not consentrating on driving. Or it could just be because they are working out their surrender plans for Iraq like a bunch of cowards.

Sean Hannity,

Liberal scumbag lane hogs

Rush Limbaugh,

I agree Liberal Democrats and slow left lane drivers SUCK


if u dont pay attention when u drive then you dont need to be driving.


2 wrongs don't make a right but 2 rights don't make a left either.


I hate slow drivers in the left lane. They hold up traffic and clog the highways


I hate people like Al101, they can't drive worth a damn and the only response you get out of people like that is "come to NY". It wouldn't matter where I was, he still sucks ass anyway and is a pussy.


Karl didnt say he drives in the left lane. In fact he said he doesn't like slow drivers in the left lane. Looks like he's made his point though, judging by the reactions. Looks like racist psychos feel the left lane belongs to them. Come to New York and learn!


Poor Karl better stay out of the left lane.


His Mother probably doesn't even love him. that's why he drives in the left lane, for attention.


Who was that Karl guy a few posts up? He seems very disturbed and angry. Hey Karl, it'll be OK. Just stay out of the left lane.


That is true but if the Buicks are not in the left lane they are usually broken down on the highway


And did you notice most of the Buicks are gold in color.


I agree Bill, that is so the truth


Most of the offenders I see are usually either older people in Buicks or African American in Buicks, just ban Buicks from the left lane!


Hi, I'm Karl and I drive slow in the left lane with my mouth hanging open. I do it because I'm an unemployed, uneducated idiot that has nowhere to be.


hey, I don't like slow drivers in the fast lane, but much worse are the Eric types. Psychological problem!!!!!


Oh and anyone who dislikes the things I wrote, i encourage you to email me and we'll chat.


These morons will go slow in the left lane and then when you go to pass the speed up so you can't. YOU ARE NOT THE POLICE, I hate moron drivers.


Shereelee wrote "You can pass me on the right as easily as I can move over then back. That's that. Doesn't disrupt the flow of anything but your movement." This is proof she's an idiot!!! Everyone knows passing on the right is very dangerous and causes thousands of accidents each year. Her name is as long as the line of morons who drive slow.


Soccer Moms, Tractor Trailers, Lawn Service guys and African Americans. DRIVE SLOW IN THE RIGHT LANE AND NOT THE LEFT!!!!.


All you slow ass people who think you are the "police" by driving slow in the left lane and refusing to move are ASSHOLES. Plain and simple, and then when I have to pass on the right after being behind your slow ass for miles,you then decide to move over at the same time I do (without using a signal), and almost cause an accident. Drive as slow as you want, IN THE RIGHT LANE, MORONS


I have found that drivers just don't pay attention. They are on their phones, reading, changing the radio station, etc. Paying attention is the best courtesy.


I've found getting in front of a slow-left-lane-traveler and deaccelerating (not braking), but slowing down to the point where the "mouth" breather gets frustrated works very well as a motivator to switch into the right lanes... Occasionaly it does get out of hand and you have to run them off the road and bash their brains out with a hammer... oh, sorry, just day dreaming there...


I'm happy to see slow drivers in the fast lane get pulled over but there's another problem which needs to be addressed. Even if you drive fast in the fast lane there's always someone who wants to pass and go even faster.

Now suppose you're driving to work, you're in the fast lane, you're passing traffic in the slower lane to your right, do you still have to keep lane hopping so that even faster drivers can get through?

If so, does that not mean a lot of lane changing, more stress and less safety.


Since I drive 150 miles round trip for work, I've been seeing more and more people who hold up traffic in the left lane getting pulled over for obstructing traffic. It's a pain when you're driving 75 with someone riding your tail, and then coming up to someone who is doing 5 under the speed limit in the left lane, and a line of trucks doing 60 in the right lane. But the truck part is a seperate issue.


Rob and Sherreelee need to buy bus passes. They are a dangerous blend of stupidity and arrogance. I am forced to pass hundreds of mouth breathers a week as they ride the left lane with impunity.


If the whole world were to drive the 10 miles over the speed limit, the traffic on the roads will be at a dead stop.


You can pass me on the right as easily as I can move over then back. That's that. Doesn't disrupt the flow of anything but your movement.


Ok, so I've been living here in Minnesota for 2 years now. It's not a bad place. But there is one thing here that consistently drives me insane - people who drive in the left lane and go either the same speed or slower than traffic in the adjacent lanes. So, I am going to rant about this and hopefully start a movement to spread the word...

The left lane is for passing, you morons!!! Don't feel it's your responsibility to uphold the *bleeping* speed limit. If you are going 60 mph in the left lane and I come up behind you, move the *bleep* over! This is not a challenge to your ego or sub-par driving skills. It is simply someone behind you who wishes to pass. If you're going 80 mph and I feel like going 90 mph, move to the right and let me pass. I'm liable to attract that cop that would have otherwise pulled you over for yet another DWS (driving while stupid).

And for the truly retarded, when someone comes up behind you in the left lane and gives you a friendly flick of the lights:

-Do not flip me off. It's rude and unneccessary and could get you seriously killed if they happen to be a psycho prone to fits of gun-waving road rage!

-Do not slam on your brakes. I'm not sure what flavor of idiotic that maneuver is, but it's certainly one of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

-Don't make me pass you on the right! It's very unsafe and throws off the whole flow of traffic.

-Don't wait for me to pass and then get up behind me riding my ass at 85 mph flashing your lights. That's just silly.

This is simple highway courtesy and common etiquette in every other state I've ever lived in. The roads would be a faster, safer, more relaxed place if you would just MOVE THE *bleep* OVER!


Robb needs some ramming tactics, the left lane is intended for passing, then returning to the right. It was intended to make traffic to flow more efficently. Robb needs to find something more constructive to do, how's about being on a vent at a local hospital's ICU; after being rammed into a armaco barier? One less egoist on the highway and life in general


Robb you sound very angry......calm down. The fact of the matter is, there are signs posted all over the untied states highways that inform you how to handle a situation like this one. "Slower traffic keep right" That knucklehead may not even be late to work but who are you to decide his fate? If he wants to get a speeding ticket for driving too fast.... let him. But if you have room to move over and you choose not to do so you are also in violation of not obeying posted highway sings. After all to that driver you are the slower traffic.


maybe the knucklehead is in a rush for a legitimate reason, lie a a doctor or something. Anyway, the speed limits on roads are often ridiculous. Some European back roads have speed limits higher than our big spacious north American freeways with 65 mph.


Look, the speed limit is the speed limit. The so-called "fast lane" is the same speed limit a the "slow lane". And just because some knucklehead who's late for work can't manage his own time doiesn't mean that I will just get out of his way.

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