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Road Engineering - Featured articles:

America's infrastructure catastrophe

America is at the crossroads and the crossroads is in very poor condition. The challenge of eroding highway infrastructure is right up there with sub-prime mortgages and terrorist threats More »

Roundabouts: reducing traffic frustration

Traffic roundabouts (they're not traffic circles) have been used in Europe for decades. Now they're beginning to catch on in North America, and for very good reasons. More »

Cars, trucks and roads will get a new language

A universally shared communications 'language' aims to allow vehicles and roads to share information More »

The science of potholes

Potholes often cause serious damage to vehicles, and spring is the time they bloom. Here are tips to help you avoid trouble. More »

Life without traffic lights--really!

Imagine an intersection without traffic lights or stop signs. A recipe for disaster? Not if the speed limit is below 20 mph, says a U.K. consultant. More »

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An international educational and scientific association of transportation professionals who are responsible for meeting mobility and safety needs. 17,000 members working in more than 92 countries. Founded in 1930. Based in Washington, D.C.

UK website about Traffic signs, signals and pavement markings. Articles and Q and A.

The website of TranSafety, Inc., offering information on road safety, management, and litigation. The site archives two journals on the legal aspects of road injuries, and road design, maintenance, operations, and safety.

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