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The up-front story about learning to drive

A Drivers.com editorial outlines some of the issues and questions facing novice drivers. More »

Novice driver education model curriculum outline: Summary

The U.S. AAA-FTS sponsored a project to "reinvent" driver education (DE) into a form that reduces crashes by novice drivers. The research team identified novice driver needs, evaluated methods of instruction, assessed the effectiveness of DE in influencing behavior, and finally proposed performance objectives and methods for DE. More »

Driving education/ training in graduated licensing pt2

Second half of the complete text (lengthy) of a 1996 scholarly report about the relationship between driving education, training and licensing. More »

Trends in driver education, evaluation and development

An overview of how systematic program evaluation and development can best be understood and improved in the context of driver education policy, program planning, and program management More »

Driving: It's never too early to learn

Author argues that we should be teaching young children the basics of driving, to prepare them for the rigors of modern traffic. More »

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