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Windows 10, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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System Requirements
Platform: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

Steps to Install NVIDIA Drivers

Download NVIDIA Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download driver updatesDOWNLOAD

You try to launch your favorite game, but get an error message that states there is some problem with your NVIDIA graphics card. No need to worry, because usually NVIDIA graphic card errors occur due to some Driver problem that you can easily fix by downloading and installing the latest NVIDIA Drivers.

An NVIDIA graphic card error may occur when:

  • The required NVIDIA driver is not installed on your Windows computer
  • The NVIDIA driver installed is not compatible with the version of Windows you use
  • The NVIDIA driver file is corrupt

Read on to learn how to identify if the error is Driver-related and how to install the latest NVIDIA drivers to fix the error.

Open the Device Manager utility

In case the error is driver-related, it will show up in the built-in Device Manager utility.

To open Device Manger in Windows 7 or Windows Vista, perform these simple steps:

  1. Click the Windows icon on the left hand side of your taskbar
  2. Type devmgmt.msc in your Start Search box, and hit Enter

To open Device Manager in Windows XP or older versions, do the following:

  1. Click Start
  2. Click Run
  3. Type devmgmt.msc in the Run dialog box, and press OK

In the Device Manager window, look for your NVIDIA device. If there is a yellow triangle, a question mark, or an exclamation point next to it, this means your NVIDIA device has encountered a problem.

To fix the issue, simply download and install the most current NVIDIA drivers for your graphic card from the NVIDIA’s website. Users are recommended to note information about their NVIDIA graphic card, such as its model number, from the Device Manager Window.

How to locate the latest driver on NVIDIA’s website

  1. Open a browser window and log on to
  2. Select your geographical location
  3. Click Drivers and then click GeForce Drivers or All NVIDIA Drivers
  4. If you’ve selected GeForce Drivers, on the next screen you can either click Auto-Detect Your GPU let the NVIDIA GPU reader auto-detect the right driver for you or you can manually search the driver by filling the relevant information in the Manual Driver Search box and then hitting the Start Search button
  5. If you’ve selected All NVIDIA Drivers, fill the relevant details and click the green Search button
  6. Click the Download button to start the download process
  7. Save the driver file on your desktop

How to install the NVIDIA driver

Install the NVIDIA Driver file by double-clicking the file downloaded to your desktop and following on-screen instructions. If you are unsure about updating Drivers yourself, you can use a Driver Update Tool.

Get Automatic Driver Updates using a Driver Update Tool

You can fix driver-related errors faster if you use a Driver Update Tool, which offers the following three advantages:

Speed – Downloading drivers manually can take a lot of time as you must locate the correct Driver on the manufacturer’s website

Reliability – Our Driver Update Tool has the most comprehensive collection of genuine Drivers

Compatibility – Driver Downloader Driver Update Tool will provide drivers that are compatible with your PC’s specifications.

With Driver Downloader, you can fix all corrupt, missing, or outdated drivers with just one a few clicks.

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Download Driver Update Tool Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP language support download driver updatesDOWNLOAD


Nicola Spencer
Thank you very much for the information. I had nvidia put into my computer when I purchased it as I do lots of photography and editing. I have a programmer called Topaz which now does not work and I can't find the nvidea graphic cards on my computer, they won't open and come up with a message. I have downloaded the new drivers following your instructions but still not working. Do I need to buy a new nvidea card or has it disconnected to the other card? Thanks again. Nicola Spencer
13th October 2016 2:55pm
when i install AndroidWorks from UnrealEngine4.9 then it gives me error. "Installing USB driver 11 is failed."
19th November 2015 7:56am
after installing the drivers the are not working they are doing nothing when I click on then nothing happens any body is having the same problem ???
24th September 2015 10:10am
no. I changed graphics cards and it didn't have the driver installed
22nd July 2015 6:43am
are you updating the driver because you experienced problems?
21st July 2015 5:02pm
When I try to run the NVIDIA driver file it just gets stuck on 'checking if your system is compatible'. I am running windows xp and have the latest driver file for a GT 610 graphics card. Can anyone help?
18th July 2015 9:11am
Hi Sarwar - have you tried the Drivers scan - this will tell you the exact drivers you need and then you may be able to get it from the manufacturers website
7th July 2015 7:47am
sarwar ķing
I have an nvidia card the problem started wen im installed the driver its working but im so stupid and im deleted the driver in win7 in brogram files and the problem started the problem is after im formated my compeuter and im puted the dvd driver pack solioutioun and im clicked the auto install the driver pack installed all drivers only the nvidia card not drivired susessfully please help me please job me""""
5th July 2015 10:40pm
Drivers help
have you tried updating the drivers? run the scan using the download tool - you can then seek out the drivers yourself or register the software to do it for you
9th June 2015 5:02pm
I need NVIDIA Geforce mx-4000 driver.
9th June 2015 12:46am
Shobham Prasad Sahu
when i'm running NVIDIA control panel it is showing a message "you are not currently using display attached to an NVIDIA GPU". what i 'll do to make it correct and get rid of the problem
7th June 2015 1:08am
have you tried the drivers scan - it will tell you the drivers you need which you can find and download yourself or register for automatic driver updates
26th May 2015 3:53am
I cannot find even all nvidia drivers in my dell 3546 windows 8.1 pro
25th May 2015 12:44pm
this often means that your monitor cable is physically connected to the wrong port - it should be connected to the correct graphics card port so just check the back of your PC ...
3rd May 2015 4:30pm
saurav kumar
"you are not currently using display attached to NVidia gpu " means what???
2nd May 2015 11:58am
ravi kumar
how can i install nvidia graphic driver and software
in window 8.1(32bit)without any graphic card or graphic hardware
24th March 2015 6:16am
Were you having problems before downloading the new drivers or why did you update them? Also, we have just written a post on the different types of graphics drivers which should clarify it for you -
6th February 2015 5:07pm
me neither m having the same prob,i downloaded the latest nvidia software geforce gtx 980 for OS windows 8.1 64 bit

im using acer aspire e1-571,intel core i3-3120(2.5GHz,3MB L3 cache),intel HD graphics 4000,up to 1760MB DYnamic video memory,15.6HD LED LCD 4GBDDR3 MEMORY 500HDD OS windows 8 64..

when i try to launch it saz"the graphic driver could not find compatible graphic hardware"

and i dont know what daht means..... i'd really appreciate ur hlp (h) :)

6th February 2015 5:03am
This Does not help the issue at all. Cant use the update driver method because the computer and the installer both think there is no graphics card in the system
25th December 2014 1:52pm
it says 'Nvidia Cannot continue
the graphic driver could not find compatible graphics hardware...
Please Chat me at Facebook my e-mail is there
Help my for any suggestions Thank you :*
20th December 2014 4:40pm
Hi i have a dell inspiron 5110 laptop .my lap top cant find my cell phone but find some other cellphons .my win is 7 64 bit
20th July 2014 4:23am
Plez help
17th June 2014 11:22am
ghardaoui M
driver nvidia sony vaio
24th June 2013 10:00am

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