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Hybrid hype meets diesel

The Gasoline-electric hybrid fuel engine is being touted as our saviour from high fuel costs, but diesel engines may be as good, or even better, some say More »

List of manufacturers' sites

Here is a giant list of manufacturers' web sites, on behalf of Drivers.com. More »

Top 10 auto emblems - the story behind the badge

The emblem on a car is more than just a symbol and it is much more than just a piece of artwork adorning every vehicle on the road. An automobile badge can provide us with a glimpse into the history and origins of a car, and by giving you a brief insight into the top 10 auto emblems, we show you just how much information can be contained in this little piece of decorative metal. More »

What's in a name?

Ever since reading a sign in a hotel bar in Mexico which stated 'the Manager has personally passed all the water served here' I have had a fascination with linguistic faux pas and, as this article demonstrates, the automobile industry is one place where such gaffes abound. More »

Could Electric Cars lose momentum?

Electric Vehicles have been around for a number of years now, with varying levels of success, but there has yet to be a car that successfully appeals to the mass market. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV hopes to change all that. The iMiEV is a four-seater, bubble-shaped car which has become the first mass-market electric vehicle to go on sale in Japan. More »

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