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Top Tips for Airport Parking and Car Hire Insurance

We've scoured the Internet and come up with some great tips for you to use the next time you are thinking about using airport car parking facilities or buying car hire insurance.

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Dan Baldyga's insurance claims advice

Dan knows what insurance companies look for and what they will agree to pay -- because he has been the one who directed the settlements! Read his articles. More »

Fender benders: to claim or not

Some people are so paranoid about their insurance rates they'll pay thousands rather than claim. More »

Insured when pink pigs fly

Hurricane Katrina isn't the only source of insurance claims that got the bums rush. One Denver, Colorado motorist got the "when pink pigs fly" treatment More »

Why not set yourself on fire?

From the fraud investigation files--sad but true (and funny) stories of people who tried to cheat insurance companies out of money. More »

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