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Top Tips for Airport Parking and Car Hire Insurance

By: Essential Travel

Date: Monday, 19. July 2010

We've scoured the Internet and come up with some great tips for you to use the next time you are thinking about using airport car parking facilities or buying car hire insurance.

Airport Parking - How can you get the best?

Airport parking options can vary greatly depending on the size and location of the airport you will be departing from. But to ensure that you get the best parking spots and at the best prices, hop online.

Your first instinct will be to hit airport websites. This is a good start, as most large airports' sites will allow you to research the parking options available and even book online, often at a reduced rate. This is great if you are after on-site airport parking.

If however, you're looking for more options at once, a good 
airport parking compare site is you're best bet.

Compare parking in U.S. airports

On these websites you will be able to get the lowest prices, and compare them car park to car park. Booking online can help you save up to 60% on parking rates and it's also a great way to reserve a parking spot in peak times.

Insider Tip: Pre-book short term parking. 'They will allow you to pick up and drop off people at the airport'without having to deal with drop and go zones. At busier airports this is a good idea as you may have difficulty finding a space close to your terminal.

What you may not know: Before leaving your car for a long period be sure that the tyres are inflated correctly, as any slow leak may lead to a flat. Also disconnect the battery, as this could save you the hassle of returning to your vehicle to find you need a jump-start. Parking for a long period in a cold climate could cause your windscreen to get iced over, so be prepared just in case.

Car Hire Insurance - what is it for?

When you hire a car, you will normally be covered by the car hire insurance. However, you are still liable to pay the excess in the event of an accident. So if you have an accident, the cost of the repair will be covered. But for this privilege, your premiums could be very high.

To avoid this, simply waiver your car hire excess, and opt for an 
external provider's car hire cover.

Click here for car hire cover in the U.S.

Car hire cover in the U.K.

This often works out cheaper than the insurance from the car hire company itself, and will sometimes cover more (like the under-body of the car and the windscreen).

Insider Tip: When hiring a car, never go for the upgrades unless you really need the extra space. An upgrade usually means a bigger car which means more fuel and greater costs to you.

What you may not know: Always refuel the car when you return it. Car hire companies operate on the assumption that they give you the car with a full tank. Should it be returned without one, they will charge you a refueling cost which could work out to be up to twice as expensive as fueling it yourself.

All in all, taking a little extra time to do some research will save you time and money and help to ensure that you have a better trip!

All tips and advice were brought to you by Essential Travel - the UK's preferred travel extras provider

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This is a difficult site to use as the cuorsr does not stay visible.I will try my email again.I was at The bowl last night and there were no light on. The southern sky has a dome of city light pollution that extends up to 40 degrees. In the 1980 s when we observed there the dome was 20 degrees up.The rest of the sky is great. It is the best site close to the city bar none.The management there talked about turning of the lights in the off season.Prpbably time to talk to again and that way we might be able to get from May to October with dark skies.I will be up there again later this month.Jim mac GuiganScience Writer@UBC

Mike W.,

Great articles for travellers. I, myself have been tried car rental for business purposes in texas. My experience is good.

drivers staff,

Thanks Jeff - great links and we will add them to the end of the article

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