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Miami drivers not raging - just confused

Once again, Miami drivers have topped the U.S. "rude list," but it's not fair, because things are different in Miami! More »

Alternative transportation � and cell phone phobias

Even for those who do have the option of public transport, mobile phone phobias may give them second thoughts More »

What is tailgating?

Tailgating is not just a safety problem, It's also a social problem. We human drivers are very social critters, and along with that goes a territorial element of our makeup that makes us respond to space around us in ways that vary from individual to individual and from culture to culture. More »

What works in changing road user behavior?

This report reviews published research (to December 1994) on behavior models that have been used to attempt to explain road user behavior, and it summarizes the results of efforts to change that behavior using four broad classes of tools--Legislation, Enforcement, Reinforcement, and Education. More »

Top 3 Causes of Car Accidents in America

Speeding contributes to about a third of all car accidents in America. Slow down and give yourself ample time to get where you need to go. It's not worth saving 10 minutes for the potential of losing your life or putting another person in danger. More »

Religion on the roads

From the Taliban to London Transport � conflicting religious views cause problems for public transport More »

Bad driver? Blame your parents

We've always believed teenagers have picked up a lot of driving behaviors from parents by the time they reach licensing age. Now researchers are trying to pin it down. More »

UK 'Mob' and Google Streetview

When villagers in the UK rallied around to block a Google Streetview car it was a significant event in the ongoing struggle between technology and privacy. Could we lose a magnificent resource? More »

Would YOU call the cops?

You know someone, perhaps a friend, who is not fit to drive and yet they're going to. Would you call the cops? More »

Indian truck drivers cheer kiss that sparks outrage

The spread of AIDS in India is a hot topic for trucker drivers but kissing incident between Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty shifts focus at New Delhi rally More »

Crosswalks confusing for drivers

A well-marked pedestrian crosswalk with better signs is not necessarily safer, according to researcher More »

Traffic jams may reduce stress

More traffic congestion could be better for drivers' health, researchers suggest More »

RAC urges coding of over-the-counter drugs

The U.K.'s Royal Automobile Club is calling for a "traffic light" warning system on all over-the-counter drugs. The system would employ green, amber, and red colour coding. More »

High profile problem driver

When Richard Gnida was pulled over for running a stop sign in Detroit in July, 1999, he was found to have a BAC level of 0.12, well over the legal limit. More »

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