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Bad driver genes?

Study indicates genetics play a role in bad driving More »

Would YOU call the cops?

You know someone, perhaps a friend, who is not fit to drive and yet they're going to. Would you call the cops? More »

Reporting unfit drivers

In 7 of Canada's 10 provinces doctors are required by law to report medical conditions in their patients that could impair driving, but it looks like few do it More »

Impaired driving roadblocks

Some people are claiming that traditional police roadblocks are ineffective and target the wrong people in their efforts to stop drinking and driving. Some argue that police should do broader sweeps through communities. Are we on the wrong track in efforts to combat drunk driving? More »

Dirt bug could cause crashes, says study

A Czech research group warns that a common parasite that infects between 30% and 60% of the world's population could cause crashes. More »

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DriveABLE™ is a privately funded University of Alberta spin-off company that provides a scientifically based driving evaluation procedure to identify persons who have become unsafe to drive due to cognitive impairment. Its technology is internationally recognized and can be delivered on a world-wide basis.

International Conference on Alcohol, Drugs, and Traffic Safety, held in Adelaide, Australia. Links to over 150 full-text papers in HTML format.

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