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High profile problem driver

By: staff

Date: Friday, 29. December 2006

When Richard Gnida was pulled over for running a stop sign in Detroit, USA in July, 1999, he was found to have a BAC level of 0.12, well over the legal limit. This was a serious offense, but for Gnida, even more serious. Because of his record, if he's convicted he faces up to a year in jail, a $1,000 fine, and a minimum of a 5-year revocation of his license.

Gnida is eligible for the tough sentence because he has had three drunken driving convictions within 10 years, combined with a previous license revocation. But there are some who feel that this isn't enough. Gnida made the headlines two years ago when he drove a limousine into a tree, severely injuring two members of the Detroit Red Wings hockey team. He had just gotten his driving license back in April, 1999, after being released early from a 90-day sentence he had received for violating his probation from a nine-month sentence received as a result of the crash.

He had been ordered to undergo drug counseling, to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and to show up for court hearings to schedule 200 hours of community service. He was arrested for not fulfilling those requirements. He served 75 days of the 90-day sentence for breaking the parole agreement and was released March 1.

Gnida's driving privileges were revoked following the crash, but were reinstated in 1998 after he presented a certificate proving he had completed an outpatient abuse program to the state's driver license appeals division.

Previous to the Detroit crash that seriously injured Red wings defenceman Vladimir Konstantinov and team masseur Sergei Mnatsakanov, Gnida had been ticketed twice for speeding and was convicted in 1994 of driving while impaired. In 1996, the Secretary of State's Office revoked Gnida's license for having more than 12 points on his driving record.

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Drunk drivers are the worst offenders in the world, they ruin lives and get away with MURDER.


Mahesh, you're a jerk. Only a scumbag like you would advertise on a page that the only people logging onto are there because of what this lowlife did. Gnida deserves to spend 20years in prison-period.

Drunk drivers are the worst offenders in the world, they ruin lives and get away with MURDER.


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Casey Loring,

This a*****e ended the career of my favorite hockey player growing up. Drunk Drivers are the worst.


yes, there is a reason to keep bringing this up. your uncle is a f*****g moron and wrecked the lives of alot of people.


Why this a*****e was allowed to drive after his first drunken driving conviction is ridiculous. We need stricter laws. And a limo company hired him? How f****d up is that?


3 FU@KING months. 3 months after getting his license back and again gets a DUI. After the 1st conviction you would think he would learn. Speeding is a black and white area. But drinking and driving is no excuse. After the accident with Vladdy and Sergei, his license should have be revoked forever or he should have gotten a longer sentence. Your Uncle hasn't learned from anything, he doesn't feel horrible about it, otherwise he wouldn't make the same mistake and it will be only a matter of time before he kills someone. For what he did on the night of June 13th 1997. I think this guy is a piece of crap. 6 days to celebrate 42 years of waiting. Runied by some asshole who decided that his drink was more important than doing his job. He should be made to go see an autopsy of a victim of drunk driving and maybe, it will make him realize what he did.


Your Uncle may regret what he did, but he RUINED peoples lives. YOUR Uncle was entrusted to drive people who were celebrating, people who were being responsible by having hired transportation. Your Uncle grossly neglected the responsibilty of his JOB! I realize that it is a bigger impact due to who he injured, it does make it a big deal. It will always be a big deal. Now Vladimir lives in a nursing facility with full care, his wife and daughter live states away. Your Uncle robbed him of his ability to live a normal life, of his family, of his independence, he should be ashamed, he should NEVER be allowed to drive, he shouldnt be allowed to ride a bike. His record shows proof that he hasnt learned from his mistakes. He is proven that he is sick and has no remorse for the lives he has affected. I realize that is your family and by nature you defend him,and that we the public only know what the media prints. You yourself need to look at this from the outside. He took one of the happiest nights in Detroit hockey history and twisted it into a heartbreaking,life ruining tradgedy. I hope for the sake of anyone on the road anywhere that Mr. Gnida never gets behind the wheel of anything ever again. I fear for public saftey. He is a sick sick man,I fully realize that alcoholism is an illness, but it is NOT an excuse for repeating the same offense.


well, when he goes and REPEATS this mistake, then yes, we have a right to criticize him for it.

get a goddamn clue.


My uncle is Richard Alan Gnida. He is a wonderful, amazing, strong and has made a mistake. If it had not been that he fell asleep at the wheel with "Red Wings" players this would not be a big deal and everyone would go on with their lives thinking nothing of it. It is ashame that people have the time of day to criticize someone when they themselves have done wrong if not worse. Its been years since the accident, he feels horrible and will have to live with it forever. Is there a reason you people still feel the need to keep taking about it?


that fool would have been John Gambino, still in operation just now working with a different name. Hard to beleive isnt it.

Mr T,

I pity the fool who hired this clown


People just need to remember the very simple rule, "slower traffic keep right" Regardless if someone is speeding, if you remember that rule you will be OK. Because even if someone is going faster than you or the speed limit, you are now the slower traffic. Simple isn't it.


I can't believe that the state of Michigan allows this guy to still obtain a license.....Tell me it isn't to only help the automotive industry with each vehicle he wrecks...

gnida sucks,

Richard Gnida, hope you rot in hell you b*****d for what you did before you hurt someone else's life.


Being a class A truck driver I see 80,000lbs racing down the freeways with drunks behind the wheels; this guy aint s**t


HOLY this guy still driving??????? i wonder what is wrong with legislation that they allow this kind of thing to occur repeatedly???

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