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Aggressive Driving - Featured articles:

Israel: driving crazy, fatality rate down

The experts are puzzled. By all accounts, driving in Israel is getting worse: more honking, rudeness, cutting in. But surprisingly, Israelís traffic fatality rate seems to be going down, and quite dramatically in 1999. More »

Left lane driving: two wrongs don't make a right

Drivers who plod along in the left lane on North American highways cause just as much consternation as those who race up behind the plodders. More »

What is tailgating?

Tailgating is not just a safety problem, Itís also a social problem. We human drivers are very social critters, and along with that goes a territorial element of our makeup that makes us respond to space around us in ways that vary from individual to individual and from culture to culture. More »

Why drivers tailgate

This 1994 article notes the lack of research on tailgating, and suggests that drivers who do so feel more stress and waste time. More »

Aggressive driving and road rage: they aren't the same

The author maintains that aggressive driving consists of traffic offenses, while road rage involves criminal behavior. More »

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Three academic, but very readable articles on one page, sponsored by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in the USA.

Page outlines some of the efforts made in this U.S. state to curb aggressive driving.

Test yourself to see how aggressive you are as a driver. A non-scientific test.

list of programs throughout the U.S. (from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)

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