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1000 miles on a tank of gas

The U.K. government wants a "green" family car one that goes 1000 miles on a tank of fuel and pollutes at half the rate. Britain's DOT has dedicated 10 (US$ 16m) towards building a demo model, and it wants it soon. More »

Ford-Alcan deal to expand use of aluminum

A landmark, multi-year deal signed by Ford and Alcan Aluminium Limited for the supply of aluminum will support the expanded use of this metal in the production of safe, more fuel-efficient cars and trucks. More »

Gee Whiz it's the G-Wiz

London gives the electric car a boost with toll exemptions and free parking More »

Could Electric Cars lose momentum?

Electric Vehicles have been around for a number of years now, with varying levels of success, but there has yet to be a car that successfully appeals to the mass market. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV hopes to change all that. The iMiEV is a four-seater, bubble-shaped car which has become the first mass-market electric vehicle to go on sale in Japan. More »

Replaceable batteries in electric cars

Recharging batteries that run electric vehicles takes time, so some firms are proposing quick switch batteries that you can swap in few minutes. More »

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U.S. government site has info on gas mileage (MPG), greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution ratings, and safety information for new and used cars and trucks.

ACEEE's Green Book of the "greenest" and "meanest" vehicles of the current model year. Highlights the 12 winners, as well as best vehicles in each of several classes.

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