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Imagine getting up in the middle of the night and going driving - while still asleep! More »

Falling asleep at the wheel

The U.S. NHTSA estimates that 100,000 police-reported crashes annually involve drowsiness and/or fatigue as a principal causal factor. Here are some myths about staying awake while driving, and a nod to future technologies that might help drivers. More »

Sleepless in New Jersey -- it could make you a criminal

New Jersey's new law means that the 24 million or so Americans who work in extended hours jobs (such as long distance truckers) had better beware of sleep deficit. More »

Awake at the wheel

Ever wonder if the TV is watching you? A U.S.-based carrier is testing a video-based sensor that observes and warns of a driver's drowsiness. More »

Not just an irritant

More research now indicates that tired drivers can be just as dangerous as those driving after drinking. Up to 40% of serious crashes can be blamed on fatigue. As a group, young men are far more vulnerable than truckers. More »

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A personal description of the tragic circumstances that resulted in the death of a woman driving near a small Texas town.

The 'treadmill of a demanding job and shiftwork can lead to problems with sleep and medications

MD Junction.com is a health community focused on becoming a free center for Online Support Groups. At this discussion page you can connect with fellow insomniacs to discuss issues.

Comprehensive list of links to sleep sites on the Internet.

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