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TV program slams Goodyear over tire

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's award-winning Fifth Estate program maintains that Goodyear knew about death-causing flaws in its LRE tires as early as 1995, but only recalled 200,000, leaving about 8 million on the roads. More »

Driving With Kids: A Survival Guide

The golden rule to remember is that the driver is responsible for the passengers - no matter what. They may really want that toy that has fallen under the back seat, or need you to pass back a juice bottle, but your job, first and foremost, is to ensure their safety, pandering to their needs is secondary to this. If they know you can't and won't react then they won't expect you to. More »

Do booster seats save lives?

Ohio is the most recent US state to implement more stringent booster seat legislation for children aged between 4 and 8 years old. A booster seat is essentially a platform designed to raise a child up high enough so that an adult seat belt fits them appropriately and can therefore be effective in the event of a crash. More »

Hi Ho silver is safe!

Silver-colored cars and trucks remain the most popular, and now a new study of crash data in New Zealand indicates that silver may also be safer. More »

Brake by wire

A new braking system may revolutionize the auto industry, and omit brake cylinders, hydraulic lines, and brake fluid. More »

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IIHS report on results from tests of frontal offset crashes at 40 mph; with ratings and "best picks."

IIHS (USA) report on the likelihood of dying in 1994-1997 model year cars, vans, pickups, and SUV's, with charts of each model.

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