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Auto Theft - Featured articles:

Onstar gets tougher on car thieves

OnStar announces Remote Ignition Block, a new device to stop thieves in their tracks More »

Problems with immobilizing stolen vehicles

General Motors and OnStar have demonstrated technology to immobilize stolen vehicles by slowing them down. It should overcome some problems More »

Cloning cars

Ever wonder where all those stolen cars go? Well, most of them end up back on the sales lot, or in a private sale. Here's how to avoid buying one. More »

Do you know your car's true identity?

Identity theft has a new wrinkle. That car you are driving might not be what you think it is, and the difference could end up costing you thousands of dollars. The new scam is called "VIN cloning." More »

Buying a stolen vehicle

They're not criminals, but they wound up trying to hide a stolen vehicle from police More »

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