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Road rage

By: Mark Pepper

Date: Monday, 13. November 2006

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Nighttime. The world around you swirls in a mixture of shadows and rows of streetlamps that line the side of the highway. The meetings with clients, the crashing of your computer (again), and the knowledge that you have to go back to it all again tomorrow, has taken its toll on you.

But at least the traffic is moving well. You glance to the side before pulling out to pass the car in front. All's clear so you slide gently into the next lane and begin to accelerate.

As you pass the other car, the other driver banks sharply into you, sending a spray of sparks dancing off your door. Glancing to your right, you see a hostile glare and the mouthings of obscenities in your direction. Quickly you accelerate to escape but the chase is on. Welcome to "road rage."

Chances are you'll never be in a situation like this, but incidents of violent driving have been on the rise for several years. According to the American Automobile Association, they've been increasing by 7% per year since 1990. An Australian study estimates that about half of all traffic accidents in Australia may be due to road rage. A study by Lex Research in the U.K. indicates that, of Britain's some 2.8 million company car drivers, about 83% have been victims of some form of road rage during their working life. About 21% reported having been run off the road and 18% have been physically threatened by another driver.

Some attribute the rise in rage incidents to the recession and social and economic frustration. Gary Fite, Public Relations Manager for the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland, reckons that, in many cases, the cause of the anger that touches off rage incidents is bad driving.

With an estimated total of 1,800 reported incidents of violent road behavior in the U.S. in 1996, it's a situation to be taken seriously. The incidents that trigger a Mad Max syndrome in the average driver are usually simple matters of discourtesy-for example, loud music, over-use of the horn, tailgating and changing lanes without signaling. These, of course, are usually just the trigger points. The actual causes can be traced back to all forms of stress, from being called into the boss's office for a friendly 'chat', to having just been dumped by your girlfriend. Pretty much, road warriors are the result of a flashpoint of all the accumulated stresses in one's life. As for avoiding the Mad Max syndrome, here are a few tips from Dr Ricardo Martinez, Administrator of the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, to help you through your journey:

Some other tips:

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earnest brown,

IN valleygrande"selma albama"the police should be out doing their jobs and writing tickets for following to close.THE Alabama drivers Law Book states you must be 1 car link for every 10 miles per hour,That would stop a lot of roadrage,But the police are not enforcing this LAW an WHY NOT?And for you stupid drivers riding people's but to close you need to be shot in your face cause your putting everyone at risk of dyeing or being crippled an your breaking the LAW!!!people should protect their self's cause your using your vehicle nas a 3000lb weapon!!


me and my mom were heading home from the store and the pharmacy when we were turning waiting on the other cars to get by this lady rear ended us and then she got out started to rant and rave and then cussing my told her she was sorry after the woman said to my mom you have no buisness to drive then mom told the lady we were turning on to a street that leads us to our neighborhood and she told her you need to go down the road and turn right back around the lady's car and my mom's truck is fine so is that an act of road rage




I was a victim of road rage with my husband at the wheel (I was the passenger) for over 2 hours. I felt helpless & was terrified as he cursed at the other drivers, drove at excessive speeds while weaving in & out of traffic, cutting off people & slamming on the brakes. I felt like I was in a death trap when he threatened to go through the set of lights whether they were red or green. I am still suffering & have been seeing a therapist & taking an anti-anxiety /sleeping medication to cope with this. This happened 3 months ago & I left my husband & am now filing for divorce. I've been told I am suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Anti roadrage security devices you can buy. I have a small but very powerful high pitched alarm above my driver door so loud it drive away a herd of elephants causes emense pain to hearing believe me this really works I already had one guy in a carpark running for his life !


I've driven in heavy traffic since the early 1970's it's correct to say tailgate/harrassment roadrage commenced in 1990 before that there was little tailing or aggression, why what changed ?
Answer:- speed cameras introduced same time cut back police patrols who caught people they saturated the streets, also lenient court sentences.
Return to past end tailing/roadrage .


I was coming home from the Fred Meyer a block up from my house. Having the right of way, I turned right into my apartment complex. The car across from me was also waiting to turn right. I turned and was well into the complex when the car started honking and drove up behind me. I realized that my lights were off - My car lights usually come on automatically, but somehow the setting got switched. New car, didn't really know how to work the lights. I tired to turn them on but couldn't. I needed to stop in order to figure it out but was too terrified. She pulled up next to me on the narrow road and started screaming at me and honking her horn. I tried my next to ignore her and go on my way. There was no WAY I was turning into my lot and letting her know where I lived. I sped up and got back in front of her. We approached a stop light and I took my free right on red. She followed me. I circled up the road and around the complex two more times, with her speeding up and getting next to me until I finally looked at her and flipped her off and told her to leave me the f*ck alone. She finally backed off. Absolutely terrifying. What should I have done in that situation? Continuing to drive with my lights off wasn't safe, but pulling over to figure them out ALSO wasn't safe. What are you supposed to do in a situation like that?


I was coming home from the Fred Meyer a block up from my house. Having the right of way, I turned right into my apartment complex. The car across from me was also waiting to turn right. I turned and was well into the complex when the car started honking and drove up behind me. I realized that my lights were off - My car lights usually come on automatically, but somehow the setting got switched. New car, didn't really know how to work the lights. I tired to turn them on but couldn't. I needed to stop in order to figure it out but was too terrified. She pulled up next to me on the narrow road and started screaming at me and honking her horn. I tried my next to ignore her and go on my way. There was no WAY I was turning into my lot and letting her know where I lived. I sped up and got back in front of her. We approached a stop light and I took my free right on red. She followed me. I circled up the road and around the complex two more times, with her speeding up and getting next to me until I finally looked at her and flipped her off and told her to leave me the f*ck alone. She finally backed off. Absolutely terrifying. What should I have done in that situation? Continuing to drive with my lights off wasn't safe, but pulling over to figure them out ALSO wasn't safe. What are you supposed to do in a situation like that?


I was attacked yesterday by a white van man driver, I admit i did a mistake and pulled out on him suddenly but he went crazy and tail gated me I turned into a car park hopeing he would of driven on, but he followed me when I stopped he stopped and I tryed to apologise, he grabbed me by my tie and pulled me nearly through my window shouting abuse at me, he then tryed to choke me with my tie and finally tied my hands together with my tie on to the stiring wheel and shouting all kinds of abuse to me. it was a very horrible experience because i kept on thinking he was going to start beating me, thankfully another driver entered the car park and he left.


just got shelby mustang


just got shelby mustang

Joseph Lupoli,

Every road-rage guide I see explains only how to avoid attacks.

But I have yet to find an article that explains how to defend yourself against road-rage attacks (physical altercations).

I guess I'll just have to write it myself.


i like road rage


What compels drivers to impede the flow of traffic in the passing lane on the freeway ignoring the posted traffic signs saying SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT but still some inconsiderate drivers will block all traffic going 20 miles per hour under the posted speed limit in the passing lane I think these drivers are the cause of most traffic congestion resulting in more traffic accidents I think they have the need to control outer drivers some of these drivers will actually speed up if the driver next to them on the right changes lanes to the right if the traffic tries to pass them on the right till they get next to someone else and slow again to block traffic from passing them on Christmas night I had to work graveyard shift and one of these inconsiderate SOB’s had all the traffic behind them blocked driving on a three lane freeway to the side of two semi’s going 50 mph and the posted speed limit was 70 mph the SOB was in the passing lane after about 30 minutes the semi in the middle lane changed lanes to the right exit lane and I had to change lanes to pass the SOB on the right so the SOB increased his speed to 70 mph and I had to pass him at about 80 mph and move to the left lane to let the massive traffic behind us to pass in the center lane and this made the SOB very angry so he started tailgating me and flashing his high beams so after all the traffic he caused had passed I moved to the center lane and continued on my way to work and a few miles later a CHP pulled me over and said the driver had called 911 and reported me as a drunk driver the CHP was very professional and gave me a field sobriety test I passed I have not drank any alcohol in 18 years I am a aviation maintenance technician for a large airline and fix, test and taxi two hundred million dollar air craft to and from our maintenance hanger from the jet way and I take my job and the safety of others very seriously I wonder how many fatal traffic accidents these inconsiderate SOB’s with control issues cause every day. California Keep Right was founded to address the problems that undisciplined motorists create on our roads and freeways. People driving slowly in the passing lanes cause a hazard by impeding the free flow of traffic. Failure to "Keep Right" negatively impacts three main issues: traffic safety, traffic congestion and emergency response. With your support, through public awareness, stronger "Keep Right" laws, and increased "Keep Right" traffic enforcement, we will make California a safer and more enjoyable place in which to drive.
There are many traffic safety laws. “SLOWER TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT” may be the most important. Not only is it a law, but also a guide on how to maintain order on today’s busy roads and freeways. With an ever increasing amount of vehicles and usually between two and four lanes this is the only way that motorists of differing speeds can share the road safely and orderly. Lane Courtesy by motorists can have an immediate impact on all of California roads. Driver education is our number one priority!
The need for motorists to "Keep Right" is critical when an emergency vehicle is approaching from behind with flashing lights and sirens. It is the Law! All too often drivers panic or freeze. Many drivers do not know what to do when an emergency vehicle approaches with flashing lights and sirens. In most states the law states that you should, "Yield to emergency vehicles with flashing lights and sirens. Safely and Immediately move to the right hand edge of the roadway clear of any intersection." If motorists obeyed the "Keep Right" laws at all times, "First Responders" would reach emergencies faster and safer, which would result in more lives being saved.

Monty the terrible,

Omg i almost got killed by a man/bear/pig Driving a hummer 3 (streched)


I have my "Particle Beam Stunner". One zap and all is quiet. Mr. Road Rage will be quiet for 2 hours, and will have a nice tingle for a while. No damage to him.

Any more you need to drive an "Armored Car" like Wells Fargo bank services uses to travel in the USA.

12/21/2012. The end of the people, we didn't work out very well.


I blame much of the road rage problem on the very people in positions to combat this and are against the alleged aggressive driver. I say that they lack for thought. Apparently, in this matter, it has never occurred to any of them that in any sort of dispute, there are at least two sides. Therefore, they do not see the side of the alleged aggressive driver. I would probably be thought of as one of the aggressive drivers, and although there are others, I will now refer to one situation in road rage. It is caused by those who occupy the passing lane (the leftmost lane) when they are not trying to pass. Usually in such situations, such drivers prevent a good flow of traffic by causing a cluster of moving cars behind them and in all the lanes. Such a driver prevents my comfortable use of my cruse control, which I like to use to stay withing the speed limit. One solution for a driver directly behind this slower driver is to flash his or her headlights to bring the matter to this slower drivers attention. Usually, this slower driver changes lanes as a result, which solves the problem. I believe that much of the road rage problem can be lessened by some sort of education of such causes to all drivers. This could be done by way of, for examples, the media, and in the driving manuals and driving lessons. All of this can be implemented by such people that I've initially mentioned.

j loC^,

some guy cut me off so i cut him off then we ended up on the freeway and he chased me around h town so i chased him down to he ramed me a couple of times and i did the same too he ended up crashing in the ditch i stopped to c if he was ok but all he wanted to do was fight so we strapped up and went at it for a while wat should i have done diffrently


well im only 17 n i was up sence 4 n the moring running family around to vistitations n games but around 430 i had to b at work at 5 i was on my way n there was a motor ciclye and a car i past both of them well ass i got to the end of the road i looked out my mirror n saw the motorcicle i past n her pulled up to me as we were still driveing i kept going but rooled down my window n he just said some thing to me n called me a punk n he past me on a duble line n got n front of me my first time ever haveing ithappen to me i just got off the road n whent another way to work was i right for wat i did even tho i didnt call the police


reger-me com A website dedicated to making the roads safer for everybody. provides a platform for making constructive comments against a vehicle registration number. Under the invitation ‘compliment, corroborate or complain’ reger-me promote road safety through an innovative twitter like interface allowing communication in real time. Their How's my driving scheme is free although they do request a donation to SANDS if you use the service and like what they do.
I think peer pressure is the way forward and this system puts anyone with a registration number in the firing line

Victor Ertell,

was attacked by a road rage driver.
I 94 and Merriam rd at the airport exit.
was going 58mph at the slow lane right side of the road.I heard a gun go off, and a split second later my rear window
was shattering. I noticed nobody around my vechile except a 18 wheeler 500 feet behind me. i pulled ove to asses my damage and the 18 wheeler went on by. That's the frist time i expereince road rage. I plan on staying off freeways and use them only as a last resort. I am now scared to death to drive anywhere now..because of this.I keep my cell phone on as i drive now, ready to call 911 if need be. People die from this type of behaviour. I beleive they ned to ban handguns from the public all together across the whole United States. This shouldn't have to the wild wild west.


i have a question for you all to comment on. A week ago i was in a situation where a woman decided to pass me where the lane is only 500 and had to merge instead of just getting inback of me she decided to squeeze me(were were both over the posted speed limit at this time) i layed on the horn and as she passed me she put her passenger window down and said something while she was on here cell phone. i slowed down at this point but she was not able to do the same. she lost control of her car and caused an accident. I was not I the accident. I was told buy an person not to leave the scene(which I didn't). my husband said because i was not in the accident i did not have to stay. the officer that was on scene did not issue ma a citation at that time. but called me 8 days after the incident and said that I would also be getting a citation. I was the decent one to stay and now i will receive a ticket. should I try to fight this? please comment thank-you.

Shaken Up,

I made an obscene gesture at one driver and another (CRAZY) driver thought it was towards him! He chased me and foolishly, I pulled over to shoulder ONLY to explain it was not towards him. He did pull up behind me and couldn't care less. After being followed and harassed, I eventually DID give him the bird! I played it smart and ZIPPED to the police station, shamefully, running 2 red lights. I HAD to keep my car moving. I stopped at a light and he was scraming obscenities through my locked door & rolled up window. Should you keep your car moving to the point where you MUST run red lights in an emergency situation like this?? Any response appreciated. Oh, we both agreed to just let it go!

jose bobo,

im burning up from the fire in my soul im burning up


lala road rageis not a good thing

Dr. Ray Stevenson,


elizabeth spencer,

i was on 7&8 going to kitchener on friday morringand i want to past and 18wheeler and he cut me off 2 time what should i do about it i have all the stuff for the 18 wheeler


God, I feel like such a jerk. I was just making a right turn at a busy intersection. I stopped for the pedestrian in the crosswalk, which is always the right thing to do. The person behind me started honking. I immediately went into a rage. I just get so angry at these Boston drivers that honk at you for giving a pedestrian the right of way (I've seen that happen when a blind man was in the crosswalk!). After my turn I purposefully drove as slowly and annoyingly as I could, tapping the break lights just to piss them off. They passed me at the next intersection where they stopped to scream at me. I of course screamed back like a maniac. What was I thinking? These two guys could have beaten the crap out of me. I looked like an idiot and could have caused an accident. I was right to stop for the woman in the crosswalk, but I should have just ignored their honking instead of escalating the situation.

Is truly blessed,

Iv enjoyed this article and it really helped me on my Drivers Ed report and road rage is stupid. A friend of mine almost got killed for road rage it is so freaking dumb


Hey life threatened, probably just an empty threat by a bully type. However, i would report it to cops immediately. They will be able to find out who you are dealing with.

life threatened,

I was just driving on the highway when I guy threatened my life by cutting his hand across his neck and pointing to my license and I clearly was able to make out I know where you live and you are dead.
I was driving on the highway and about a mile from my exit or so I turned on my right blinker to merge into the right lane. As doing the car that was behind gunned it and I almost hit him and swerved back into the middle lane and honked my horn. I tried to merge in again and he wouldn't let me making sure there was no room so I honked again. I then slowed down to attempt to get behind him and sure enough he slowed down. As he did I quickly gunned it and went around him. Well he went to my side and yelling and flicked me off. Well I was stupid and flicked him off also. He then made the gesture to slice his throat and then pointed to my license and I clearly saw him mouth I know where you live now you are dead. This just as I was going off the exit and leaving the highway.
Well I got his full license because my wife was also in the car with me. I honestly just rather the whole thing be forgotten by both sides, but I am nervous about this guy and his threat gesture.
I don't know if I should report this to the cops or what. Because honestly I don't want them to go arrest the dude then I have to testify at court etc. Rather just forget about it.
More then likely he just made the threat etc and thats all it is, but???
What should I do?
Forget it or go to the cops...
BTW this happened about 1 hour ago.

Michael Kelly,

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Michael Kelly,

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I think both men and women can be equally bad, aggressive or annoying drivers, for different reasons. I find bad male drivers to speed and weave in and out of traffic more often and aggressively..bad women drivers just appear clueless, slowing down in the hogged passing highway lane, or sometimes literally in the middle of the road looking for some landmark or directional sign. I honestly have come to conclude that self-centered, mind-numbed, and obnoxious people are mentally hardwired to be drawn to buy the ugly SUV goliath vehicles on the roads.. Oh, and for those holier-than-thou "yuppies" who think they fart ice-cream and we don't: hate to break it to ya, but my experience checking them out on the roads, or getting in or out of them in parking lots, is that they're usually overweight, lazy-looking people who want the larger car to fit around their big butts they're unwilling to take the responsibility for losing, and they act/drive like they're not the brightest lightbulbs in the GE double-back. I can wait for these road monster vehicles to go away someday, like the Edsel!



I understand I am late responding but my husband had the same thing happen to him, a tractor and trailer pushed him several times after getting angry that my husband passed him. Since no damage was done to his Jeep, the cop was angry, did not beleive my husband and gave my husband a citation! Now I am looking for proof that this can happen. Can you give me anything I can use at the magistates? A name and town location perhaps. Anything would be a great help.

Marlene Tremmel

Albuquerque Driver,

On October 30th I encountered a road rage situation. I was lost somewhere in Albuquerque, it was dark and I couldn't clearly make out any signs. I just knew I was going west and would get more lost. I saw the sign for I-25 and in my attempt to change lanes I failed to notice a car in the lane. I cut of the car, was honked at, and changed lanes back to where I was before. The car in turn cut me off and stopped directly infront of me. I changed lanes and accelerated. We were the only two cars on the road. The car then tailgated me and I was having to drive in SEVERE excess of the speed limit. Then earlier this week I got a letter telling me I was reported for drunk driving. I was hurt and angered. I made stupid driving choices that night because of an aggressive driver. So far the state hasn't listened to my complaint about this driver.

Brint aggressive drivers get people killed. I very easily could have died that night...I moved out of the persons way and he/she still tried to mow me down.


Brint is a classic example of a guy who just doesn't understand what is going on around and does not understand people. The rant below is due to ignorance and paranoia.

Most people on the roads may not be good drivers but they want to cooperate and get along. The other guy is always an "asshole" or a "moron". Brint is, of course, the goodguy.

You need to learn , Brint, about yourself, about human nature, about driving.

Most road rage is due to ignorance and misunderstanding, and alack of ability to communicate.


All this is bullshit. People are self-centered and don't give a shit about you. If you aren't aggressive, you'll get cut-off at every turn because people have no courtesy and you'll never get anywhere. Traffic is a necessary evil, not a "journey". What a moron. More mind control to sway your gut feeling when you are wronged by that asshole who is talking on their cell phone and who refuses to go the spped limit and won't use a blinker. People's entitlement while driving is unbelieveable.


All y'all are insane!


nice work Mark Pepper


nice article


this article is really helpful
tanx dude!!


Not sure how anyone else's state is about how road rage is handled by the authorities but here in PA they could care less. Sickens me. I recently had an incident where I must have upset a guy in an 18-wheeler as the traffic was at a stop and everyone began to merge to the left lane. I put on my signals and merged but only to have the truck push my car a minute later and then do it again for a few seconds. Reported it to the police and tracked down the guy's company and informed his boss. I could have got killed over some guy's ego getting the best of him. Police was trying to say that the truck did not push my car because he would have knocked dirt off the bumper. Whatever Columbo. Then he says there is nothing we can do since there is no damage to the car. Woah actually is a bolt indentation from the guy's truck. Guy from company says oh I talked to my driver and he says he never hit your car. Funny because if I was a trucker and never hit a car how would I even remember it since I pass many cars along the way. When I asked that question the guy hung the phone up on me. Guilty and he knew it. Seriously though what do you do when nobody is listening to you? Who or how do you report it?

Jennifer Smith,

everybody needs to go the speed limit and stop tailgatting people!!


Wow Im using this for drivers ed too!


i love road rage


Sorry to anyone who has lost a loved one due to road rage........

zachary smith,

sorry again thats not my e-mail
sorry its


zachary smith,

sorry i thought this was a different
one but ya steve this a good article
and well im 16 years old and in the 10 grade at legacy highschool in las vegas navada and i am curently in drivers ed and i told my teacher and he was impressed so i say thanks if you can i would like to add u to my e-mail cuz i have afew more questions and if any one would like to do the same my e-mail is

zachary smith,

umm ya this was a good aticle and
it also helped me because i know
what you are going through cuz im in your shoes but iv been beter


Steve, great site. we've added a link to it. See "Steve's Road Rage Blog" at

dumbo the elephant,

i love you


Why would you do the same to them? You're just sinking to their level. Besides, if you make them mad, they could do a heck of a lot more than flip you off from their car.


I don't care I will never let somebody communicate incivil to me in their mirrors and mouthing obscernity. I will do that to them as well. besides the road isn't belong them nad there are too individialist and selffish.


i think men are more aggressive than women. at amny times they are the one who start the fight on the road

mr america,

Research shows that 99.999999% of those people who call other people "stupid" are themselves of below average intelligence. It's a "fact," mr Canada


This article is awesome! Saved me for my paper due tommorow! and another boring essay having to be written on seatbelts. which everyone does for drivers ed in my school.


NICE! i like that name. it sounds cool. jidre on the other hand. is that your real name??? my real name is princess cuz i am one! if u cuss me out my bud bon qui qui will have a few words for u. BE WARNED! :0

Bon Qui Qui,

jidre what kind of name is that are you trying to be ghetto cuz if are that does not sound like a ghetto name take it from somebody who is from the hood my real name is Bon Qui Qui


Hey jidre, retarDed is a mean word. BTW, if u r gonna insult somebody, spell it right. She said it was dangerous. Its not like she was saying "OMG! road rage is the best!" that's like a death wish. get over it.


you are retarted

home skillet biscuit,

i love it when my sister races people the rush from it is amazing but can also be very dangerous

Nicka Tue.Feb. 24,09,

I like to drive ,I feel good when I drive. I don't like aggressive drivers; they are raod raging because they're angry with the world.just forgive them as God forgives us.


My son was killed by an aggressive driver. Charges were files as "Criminal Negligent Homicide"

Please see:

In advocation against Aggressive Driving.


road rage is weird!


Easiest way to deal with Road rage is to kill all the people who do it. Problem solved

big mike,

too all is right. I remember reading a while ago in a trucking magazine about a owner/op tractor that had about the same acceleration as a ferrari, without the trailer of course.

Too All Moron's,

Big Rig Driver 53.
your a dumb ass. a semi truck can accelerate just as fast as a a car if not faster especially if there is no trailer or the trailer is unloaded. those motors are anywhere from 12 to 18 liters and twin turbo. not to mention the gears in the axle's are 5.29's in general and the transmission has an 18 gear split. a tractor trailer will easily keep up if not win off the line up too about 100 mph against and little honda or anything else


this help me alot on my drivers ed project.


Ima native wit money...


To the angry woman in the mall parking lot.....SORRY you're so pissed off at the world. What could be more unattractive than making ridiculous faces at someone and acting out? There can't be anything THAT stressful in life.....unfortunately for her, there is nothing she can buy herself at the mall that will make her feel better. Sad. It's obvious when people have serious control issues and anger.


this article was really helpful for my psychology assaignment...

bigger hugh jass,

i agree with hugh jass.. but only when i'm drunk yo

hugh jass,

i'm a road rager. its aight tho.. i keep it poppin.

Ghetto Fabuluzzz,

I'm doing a report for Driver's ed class.. this is really helpful. thanks a lot!


My husband was a victim of road rage this morning. The guy chased him, followed him to his place of work and threatened his life and our car. We have a partial on the license plate and the make of the truck. Apparently my husband has seen this guy do the same thing to other drivers...happens when you have to go the same way to work. I want this guy put away before he takes that next step and actually kills someone. All my husband did was pass him in a passing zone. The guy actually SPIT on my car! I can't tell you how upset I am by this incident.


I hate people who road rage.


This article was was exactly what i was looking for, for my drivers ed homework : )


there are lots of crazy drivers out there. The other day a lady got mad at me for driving the posted speed limit 55 mph and started tailgating me so i sped up a little and then she passed me and started cussing and giving me the bird. Really lady you are dumb. People need to take it easy jeez dont get freakin' mad over nothing.

Big Rig Driver 53,

Less to even notice your very poor spelling and grammar, Your story is full of shit!
A big rig cannot drive like the little tiny "car cars" as you would say in your standards. It takes a big truck a much longer time to pick up speed like cars, And they do not go over 110 MPH!
I am not takeing up for truckers, I know they can be very disgusting! But your story dose just not speak words of truth, However you would make a good truck driver...Since a lot of truckers like to make up silly stories like you do.
But thanks for the laugh, That was really COOL, But Not Possible!


I enjoyed your article. It was very informative. I am taking Speech in college, and I am doing a paper on road rage.Thank-you


to all the power hungry anabees. next time you decide to blow your stack be mindful the guy u blow ur stack at may blow yor head off. its a crazy world.


I am doing a paper on road rage do you have any tips?


I was almost involved in a road rage accident.Someone turned out on my tail coming from the opposite road because they THOUGHT!!!! they had the right of way.Then they rode my tail blowing their horn all the way down the road,flew up beside me shot me the bird and then they cut me off and slammed on their brakes.An almost wreck as you can tell.Police officers need to find better places to camp out so they can catch these crazy people.

Some people will never learn how to drive...Its a sure shame


thank you very much.


Helping me on my Drivers ed project now!


when i drive to atlanta every day i see road rage every day this is becoming a big proble and it is pissin me off cause i was almost hit last night by a big rig and he slowed down and followed me for about 3 miles on my ass so i got pissed and slamed on the breaks and the i nailed the gss and got up to about 110mph and the sumbitch was still on my ass so i went faster and he quit chasing me

Leanne Mucci,


Does someone you love have terrible road rage? Is his or her horrible attitude behind the wheel causing problems in your relationship? Does their aggressive driving make you feel so unsafe that you are afraid to get in the car with them? Do you want to get them help?

A NYC production company is currently casting for a new reality TV show that aims to make the roads safer! If you know someone who needs to learn how to be a safer, calmer driver, we want to talk to you! In your email please include your name and contact information plus a brief explanation of who you are nominating and why! And please, do not tell your road raging loved one you are contacting us. There will be some compensation if you are selected.




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Yeah britty, sure I can help. (**refer to top of page**)


hey wats up ?? can anyone help with roadrage ??,


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me need info on road rage!!!!!!!!!

Queen Victoria,

This article helped me accumulate much knowledge about road rage. Furthermore, when reading this article I had a feeling of great enlightenment.

...Plus, it helped me finish my driver's education project. :P



I'm doing a Drivers Ed Project right now, and this is really helpful


hey mud trucks r sweet ur just lealous cause u ain't got a jacked up chevy duramax with chrome stacks and mud tires


Road Ragers are usually dumb rednecks. I honestly do not understand "redneck livin'" but I do know it requires a lot of intolerance and RAGE. What puzzles me even more is how people supporting a family and making 30-40k/yr can possibly rationalize over-extending themselves on these expensive trucks with stupidly large tires(also very expensive). "Hey ya'll, we can't afford to heat the house this month but I got them big tires."


Thank you so much for the wonderful info! I am a new driver, and the tips for avoiding road rage are very helpful.


This totally just helped me with my drivers ed project. That i am starting right now. THANKS :]

you suck,

You can totally tell GMoney$$$ is white. It's so obvious.


I was confronted by a crazy guy in a truck on the way to take my brothers friend home.He was cursing and using profanity.Ignoging him only made him drive and act more crazy.I finnaly had to pull over because of his eratic driving.As he approached my car I took my glock model 27 from my console and held it at my side.He was yelling at me through my window and I just sat there till he was done without any expression on my face.If the road rager would have done anything to me there would be one less road rager out there.I am a Texas concealed carry and would have handled his rage.
To all those billy badass road ragers guess what almost everyone in texas has a gun.Keep you cool and stay alive.


I love driving too. Ambition, to own a car with all the gadgets: navigation system, internet, top entertainment system, hands free phone etc. ... I won't be in a hurry, so no road rage

roxanne mae balicao,

wow! i love driving!!!


Wow, this article is really good for Drivers ed.


I was also the victim of road rage recently. I rolled through a stop sign
a driver made a sharp left its a blind spot for the stop sign driver. There is a stop for me not him.He threw his hands in the air I quickly
said sorry and waived. Thats was not good enough for him. He stops in front of my car and I becamed extremely
scared. He then pulls forwad about 15'and gets out of his car! He told me to get out and take it like a man! I call 911 he sees what I am doing and runs back to his car to get something
I did not wait see what it was. One of the worst days of my life.


i live close to an elementary school but those parents drive fast as fuck on a 25 mile zone yet they the first ones to complain.


I'm am so tired of the SUV's on the road especially Chevrolet Silverado Trucks and Ford Expeditions AND Yukons AND HUMMERS. They think they own the road. I have a small car Ford Escort ZX2 but does it go fast when it needs to. Small doesn't mean slow. My husband has a Ford F-150, too. I blame the car manufacturers for road rage.


hey good info it help with school tar


You should always avoid road rage. Back off and calm down. This is hard for some people. Like bad weather, stupid drivers are just part of the environment. Still, it would be nice to let them know how you feel, without endangering yourself or the general public.

Don't give in to road rage. Avoid legal trouble and doing things you'll later regret. Don't get mad, get even! You came to the right place. Here at the RoadRagers




road rage is badd! respect people!! & drive safely bc u shudnt have a license if u kno u cant drive under a good manner use the golden rule :)be cautious & safe towards u n others


Drive Carefully


you kids should learn to spell before you start driving. please...for all of our sakes.


Thank you for this article, this helped me alot in driver education. as well as very interesting to read in general. :)


im doing a group project on road rage can you help me

Danielle Upton,17,

helped me wit a road rage essay!!!


Thanks for all the good comments they are getting added to my road rage pecentation in Abilene, TX at Cisco Junior College. Drivers are horrible here. I am sorry to say I drive with road rage all the time. I invited you all here to experience their horrible roads and drivers. Be Safe everyone. Again thanks. Everyone needs a beat me Doll to get rid of anger. :)


K, so this article was so totally awesome. k girl kayyyyy


To all the people who think road rage is the result of aggressive driving, let me share just one of my experiences.

I was driving southbound on the NY-NJ Palisades Parkway in the travel lane(right side lane) @55 mph. I came up behind a slower vehicle. Looking in my driver's side r/v mirror, I saw the only vehicle behind me in the passing lane was an SUV about 200 yards behind. I used my turn signal, and moved into the passing lane. I looked in my r/v mirror and saw that the SUV, now probably about 50-75 yards behind, had turned on the headlights(it was about 4 PM on a sunny day). I passed the slower vehicle and was about to move back into the travel lane when I saw that the SUV was now on high-beams, and tailgating me. Anyhow, when it was safe to do so, I moved back into the travel lane. The SUV moved in behind me, and stayed there for a while with the high-beams on, before deciding to pass me. As it passed, the driver, a middle-aged woman, slowed down and glared at me. Fortunately, I was relaxed that day, and not in the mood for taking it any further. As far as I can discern, I did everything right, and was still subjected to this harassment by another driver who obviously was not following the rules of the road: she was well over the speed limit, was not near enough to warrant withholding a passing maneuver and was in the passing lane for a long time when there was no reason to be.

I am usually a quick driver, but when I have time, I try not to drive quickly just for the sake of doing so. I am well aware of the frustrations of quick drivers trying to pass, and always respect that when I drive slower. Had I been in a more aggressive mood, I would have reacted differently when the SUV started tailgating me with the high-beams on. There are a couple of simple rules for all to observe that would mitigate road rage: 1) stay in the proper lane 2) observe courtesy to fellow drivers.

To expand on those two rules:
1)When you are not passing someone on a multi-lane highway, stay to the right as far as possible, whether you are traveling below the posted speed limit or not. Don't take it on yourself to be the speed-limit enforcer. When merging onto a roadway, recognize that those already on the roadway have the right of way and that you must stop if necessary. When exiting a roadway using an exit lane, signal your intent well in advance and move completely into the exit lane to allow traffic behind you to move smoothly. Iow, don't step on your brakes at the last second and execute a right-hand turn.

2) Always signal your intent to change lanes or exit well in advance. Keep your fellow motorists behind you informed in this way. And if someone is trying to move into a slow lane, let them. Let faster traffic move past you(in the proper lane) whenever feasible. Don't think to yourself, "let them go around". If you are in a passing lane, which is the left-most lane on any multi-lane roadway, you do not belong there if faster traffic is behind you and/or you are not passing another vehicle. And for quicker drivers who come up on slower vehicles passing other vehicles, be reasonable with them. Don't expect them to speed up to 95 mph just to get out of your way. A little courtesy all around, and commonsense observation of lane discipline will mitigate most road-rage situations.


Alex is immature ... probably not quite driving age yet


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Thanks for the info >.


I just used this article for a psychology paper I had to do. I loved that fact that it was short, sweet and to the point. Easy to follow!



Any other comments on sites like this?


I would like to clarify one thing: PlateWire is a free service. Users can join without paying a fee. There are paid services (Send a postcard to the owner of the license plate you've wired) but to join and participate, you do not have to pay.
Also, PlateWire currently has the largest number of members and wires (messages filed) than any of the other sites following the same thread. PlateWire is also launching PlateXchange ( an open source API that will allow similar web sites to communicate messages amongst them, increasing the likelyhood of the owner of the vehicle actually receiving the message.
My .02 cents.


fear me
i drive a nisan(gray) 1990 if you see me get off the road. i am a bad driver


i got in to a road rage attack and the guy tried to bash me but i smashd him

positive one,

There's no excuse for this crap, I was verbally attacked by a MANIAC in a construction zone. It wasn't because of bad driving habits or careless driving, it was because people think they own the road. People are going to get in your way. Try to be more patient and understanding then being a disgusting, loud mouth LOSER.


i luv this article =]


I think we have to take a closer look at what the root cause of most road rage incidents is. It's bad or uneducated drivers. People not keeping up with the flow of traffic, driving below the speed limit in the passing or fast lane, drivers that don't accelerate to the posted speed when entering the freeway, drivers that speed up, pull in front of you and then force you to do their speed, the list go's on and on. Don't be so fast to blame road rage on aggressive drivers, a major portion of the blame rests on the drivers that impede the flow of traffic with bad or careless driving habits !

Gangster John,

Yeah G Money$$$ is down with it!

G Money$$$,

This is Wack yo! I be ragin all da time wit my girl in the hood fo sho! holla to ya motha!

Patricia H,

That website, is pretty cool. Good stats. The other one wasnt to friendly, I saw some others, lots of bogus stuff and a couple you had to pay to "wire" things! How stupid!


Paula I am with you I need information too. My report is Monday also.


Women are just as aggressive but they do it in different ways.Lke for example they won't let you in the lane ahead of them


Paula, click here Lots of stuff on road rage


do you think that men are more aggressive as drivers then women?


i need some information on road rage. I have a ten page report due monday...and I am just now getting started!!!

Speed demon,

ps: If you can't drive properly you should be banned from driving for life.

Speed demon,

Learn how to f@ing drive and use your flashers everytime you turn a corner or switch lanes AND USE YOUR COMMON SENSE IF YOU HAVE ANY LEFT!!!! And violence solves nothing anyway.

The famous trice,

I don't have road rage but my boyfriend does and when he races I love it

thomis thompson,

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best driver ever,

no one on the planet could beat me in any driving thing


i love to drive it turns me on!!!

thug driver,

i love road rage

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yeah this is helping with my drivers ed project to


bust their head, easiest way


The best way to combat roadrage is to write your representatives and petition them to require better training for all drivers. Also, follow the rules of safe driving. Use your signals to inform others of your proposed moves through traffic. Maintain proper following distance. Stay out of the "fast" lane if you are not passing. Above all, do not give in to the temptation to "punish" a driver in the fast lane for going faster than you by using your vehicle to impede his or her ability to just keep going. Your "moment of power" may cost your more than you bargained for. As a professional driver trainer, I endeavor to teach my students a simple rule I learned when I first started driving professionally 33 years ago: "Either lead, follow, or stay out of the way."

Ray Dobbs/ Nashville,

The best way to prevent a road rage incident from other people is mount a small camcorder on your dash whereby the aggressor can see you video taping their actions. then you can call 911 and you have all you need. Their tag number, model vehicle, and an iron-clad "witness"!


Im researching road rage. Do you have any good websites that i can find the history or how it got started??? Please!!! Im dieing here cuz my teacher says i need it soon........


I read on another site that if your being followed, not to go home. Dont stop, go to a police station. Dont try to out run the other driver, obey all traffic laws and speed limits. My question is. If your being followed, and have to stop at a red light, does that mean a butt beating is probable on you? What should one do in that situation? If you stop at that light and the driver behind you is angry it wont be pretty.


I was a victum of road rage and was run down by my attacker. I am a big man and knew no fear so I got out to see what was happening and this guy used his truck as a weapon. If you have a cell phone use it-no man is able to over come the attackers weapons and it may be his car/truck/gun-etc. So be careful and use your head when driving and never get out and confront the attacker no matter who you are.


wow this really helped with my drivers ed project and probably saved me from failing


but seriosly its not bad, im doing my project with it right now lol

brim of extintion,

helped w/ my driver's ed project too!!

Claire Maize,

This article helped me get a wonderful grade in the science fair.Yeah!!!

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this article was really good. It helped me with my driver's ed. assignment

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