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Israel: driving crazy, fatality rate down

The experts are puzzled. By all accounts, driving in Israel is getting worse: more honking, rudeness, cutting in. But surprisingly, Israelís traffic fatality rate seems to be going down, and quite dramatically in 1999. More »

Left lane driving: two wrongs don't make a right

Drivers who plod along in the left lane on North American highways cause just as much consternation as those who race up behind the plodders. More »

What is tailgating?

Tailgating is not just a safety problem, It's also a social problem. We human drivers are very social critters, and along with that goes a territorial element of our makeup that makes us respond to space around us in ways that vary from individual to individual and from culture to culture. More »

Why drivers tailgate

This 1994 article notes the lack of research on tailgating, and suggests that drivers who do so feel more stress and waste time. More »

Aggressive driving and road rage: they aren't the same

The author maintains that aggressive driving consists of traffic offenses, while road rage involves criminal behavior. More »

Hawaii's courteous driving jamming traffic?

There's an interesting debate about courtesy and aggression amongst Hawaii's ultra-polite drivers, but maybe they misunderstand what courtesy means. More »

Running red lights becoming epidemic

The leading excuse cited by the red light runners is "being in a hurry!" But each year crashes caused by driving through red lights result in nearly 1,000 fatalities and 90,000 injuries in the U.S. And it's getting worse. More »

Maybe road rage isn't anti social

Studies of road rage all share the same academically fatal flaw of starting with a foregone conclusion, says writer David Dehaas, and they confuse aggressive driving with road rage. More »

Fleet drivers in U.K.: rude gestures frequent

A survey of company car drivers found that about half of them had been involved in incidents involving rude gestures or "road rage" in the past year. More »

Canadian drivers' multi-tasking fuels aggression

Overview of a study that points to dangerous driving habits that can fuel frustration and the spread of aggressive driving. More »

Chopper coppers spy on aggressive drivers

Drivers in Massachusetts, USA are being watched by police hovering in four helicopters equipped with video cameras. More »

How safe are drivers in your city?

Survey of U.S. drivers in 2001 reveals their concern about other drivers, but they are still likely to speed, tailgate, and drive through yellow lights that are turning red. More »

On the roads: war or peace?

Is the standard of driving on our roads worse than it was a decade or two ago? Is highway culture breaking down into an uncivilized war zone of "me first" driving laced with aggression and hostility? More »

Aggressive drivers see red twice in Minnesota

Some aggressive drivers in the USA can now watch an "instant replay" of their bad driving, filmed by an overhead plane. More »

Statement on aggressive driving by Ricardo Martinez

Summary of the statement on aggressive driving by the Honorable Ricardo Martinez, Administrator, NHTSA, before the U.S. House of Representatives. More »

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