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A heads up on 2008 cars and driving

On New year's day, 2008, took a quick scan of the landscape ahead for drivers, driving and automobiles More »

UK 'Great car economy' backs off

A recent sharp drop on Britain's road traffic is the first since UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher touted her 'great car economy' back in the 1980s More »

Getting better fuel economy

Want to save money? Make sure you are driving a lean, mean, fuel-efficient machine by following these tips. More »

What to do if you put the wrong fuel in your car

If you've put the wrong fuel in your car, don't turn on the ignition or start the engine as this could compound the mistake by circulating the contaminated fuel and increasing the risk of damage to your car. More »

Could Electric Cars lose momentum?

Electric Vehicles have been around for a number of years now, with varying levels of success, but there has yet to be a car that successfully appeals to the mass market. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV hopes to change all that. The iMiEV is a four-seater, bubble-shaped car which has become the first mass-market electric vehicle to go on sale in Japan. More »

Ghost bikes - a new international symbol

The Ghost Bike movement is a now international effort to change motorist behavior and force city authorities to make the streets safer for cyclists. Like all great movements, it was started by one person who was prompted into action based on his personal experience. More »


"Why did the turtle cross the road? To get to the other side of a stimulus project," complains Senator Tom Coburn More »

Another billion cars and Obama's green initiatives

What we have to do to keep our automobile freedoms and still accommodate the additional billion cars projected to crowd our roads in the next 20 years More »

New US govt climate change web site

The Transportation Research Board has just introduced a new web site devoted to climate change and transportation More »

Energy, climate change top Washington agenda

It's a massive meeting of global transportation professionals, and this time climate change and energy top the agenda More »

Drive your way to better fuel economy

Eco-driving experts from Germany recently came to the USA to help Ford demonstrate that changing a few habits can improve your fuel economy by 24%, maybe more. More »

Horsepower, wars, and the environment

The August '08 cover story of Car and Driver caught the eye � America Vs the World! The magazine tests horsepower behemoths from the U.S. and abroad while Editor-in-Chief Csaba Csere calls for oil drilling off Florida�s coasts and in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge More »

Findings and recommendations - TRB 290

Summary of the Findings and recommendations of TRB special report 290: The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on U.S. Transportation More »

Climate change and transportation - the next steps

Pay attention to Special Report 290 from the U.S. Transportation Research Board. It has major implications for our decisions about where we live, how we maintain our mobility and what it's all going to cost us More »

Unpleasant images on Beijing license plates

Having the letters "WC" on their license plate doesnt appeal to some Chinese car owners. The English letters have become a well-known symbol for "toilet" in Beijing More »

The car and the city - Jane Jacobs dies

If Jane Jacobs had her way there might not have been a Peyton Place or Desperate housewives, and American cities would not be the same at all More »

Should we cut gasoline use 50%?

A U.S. proposal would add $1000 tax on vehicles that fail to meet a standard fuel efficiency of 30 mpg, aiming to reduce foreign oil dependency. More »

New tire technology cuts pollution

What makes a tire more fuel efficient and ecologically friendlier? Lower rolling resistance, say tire engineers, and now you can have your own. More »

How to get better fuel economy

As gasoline prices soar, the Alliance to Save Energy offers drivers tips to cut gas use while driving, protecting both pocketbooks and the environment. More »

Vehicle emissions tests should target worst polluters

Older, malfunctioning cars should be the target of emissions tests, and funds are needed to deal with them, says a research report. More »

Cleaner vehicles lead to suicides drop

Describes a British study in which researchers found an unexpected benefit from catalytic converters; the number of men killing themselves by deliberately inhaling exhaust fumes has dropped dramatically. More »

Cars getting cleaner, but driving choices worsen

Overview of research into public perceptions and opinions that indicates that drivers want to help, but they want practical steps to take, not preaching about how awful the car is as a polluter. More »

The environment and the driving instructor

Teaching students to drive with less power, less pollution, less noise, and less inconvenience to others could be a first step to realizing a culture of driving. Also describes a pilot program in Germany. More »

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UK national charity promoting responsible car use, vehicle choice, alternative fuels, car sharing, driving behavior

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