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The super fuel-saving gadget

By: staff

Date: Sunday, 11. February 2007

If a gadget can reduce fuel costs by 20% why wouldn't it be on every car? The advertisers of such products might tell you it's a conspiracy between oil companies and automanufacturers and you might say - "What the heck. It doesn't cost much and it's worth a try."

But there's a better way. Check it out on the Internet.

TV "Infomercials" can be a powerful tool to sell just about anything and the format - looks like a mainstream news or documentary, sometimes with well-known celebrities helping the sales pitch - can be very convincing.

However, as a recent MSNBC Dateline investigative report revealed, things are not always as they seem on infomercials. Dateline reporters invented a product (a fictitious skin moisturizer) and then went looking for producers for an infomercial. They found one who offered to fix them up with a white-coated doctor to support the product and testimonials from people who would say they tried it.

For a $5,000 fee the doctor, who later claimed she was tricked by NBC's deception, agreed to endorse the product.

The antidote to these super sales pitches can be found on sites such as or

For example Infomercialratings com offers consumer ratings on the Tornado fuel saving device and offers test results on three devices - the Fuel Genie, the Tornado, and the Platinum Gas Saver.

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If you have Sunoco, Hess, Valero, stations in NJ you will be buiyng gasoline from American fuel sources. You car should use no less than 91 octane fuel. Larger Sunoco stations have 91 octane fuel.The last time I drove through your state I noticed many Hess stations.Your on-board computer regulates the fuel air mixture. The anti-knock sensor reduces ignition timing when the octane rating is too low which otherwise causes pre-ignition. The more the anti-knock sensor reduces ignition timing you will loose fuel economy and horsepower.The higher the fuel octane the cooler and slower the fuel air mixture burns. High compression engines deserve higher octane fuel.


here I am, back with my jetpack

Bill Parkinson,

I do not work for Fuel Genie, but would love to. I bought a Fuel Genie last weekend at the Toronto RV Show. I just purchased a 2010 GMC Sierra 2500HD Diesel. The trip to Toronto was my first trip so I had set my trip computer so I could watch my milage. I set cruise to 120K and got 16.2 Liters per 100 Kilometers. We then went to Niagara falls and I set the cruise to 110K and got 15.8 Liters per 100 Kilometers. This was not subjective. This was a computer with the vehicle set at cruise.
I went back to Toronto and went to the RV show and met the guys from the Fuel Genie. At the end of the show I bought one and they installed it right there. I got back on the freeway and headed for home. Set cruise to 110k and reset my computer. I got 12.3 liters per 100 kilometers; a saving of 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers. It worked for me and I saw the proof. I have no proof it works on gas but I know it works on my truck.

chembe mataa,

This is a briliant idea!i want to find out more about fuel savers.


we likely feel desperate about high gas prices nowadays. Some do some necessary measures to address this problem like ways to improve gas mileage. Hypermiling is also an effective way.


The price of energy, in particular fossil fuel, is historically high and seems set to increase. Fuel bills - whether for the home or for the car - take up an ever-increasing proportion of people's budgets.
Fuel saver


well said regulated gas prices. heck we already regulate natural gas prices, why not petroleum? Although I am working on a gas saver using a battery and water to electrolize into hydrogen and oxygen into the fuel port. Kinda hard to regulate the heat though. Doesnt save a significant amount of fuel but it does increase power a bit. be great if I could create the right ratio and do away with gas all together. Water for fuel, water as emmissions.


The whole oil industry is a scam. We fund the research for the oil companies while they make record profit and feed the public stories about future prices just gives them a green light to raise the price anyway. Even if we go hydrogen, these oil companies will be a part of it and do the same. Gas is not a luxury it is like a utility company and should be regulated. We are all at thier mercy.


A fuel additive works for me, but I found out it's not adding the whole bottle but actually "tuning" the amount to your car and the brand and type of gas I use. My car feels zippier and the gas consumption goes down as I "tune" until I reach what might be the optimum amount. This was done over several months. I've had my car for almost 10 years. It is more fuel efficient, runs smoother and has more power now than, let's say, 6 months to 9 years ago.


Some of these so called solutions are just not logical for most. Although chads comment was comical, it is deffinantly not a solution. And as for our government stepping up to the plate its because there all crooks. They know whats going on in Brazil.


Lisa you r rite on. I cant believe we cant reduce or eliminate foreign fuel dependency. I am sure there is away to solve this problem. I cant believe that our government does not stick their nose into this. Cant they see that this is a contributing factor to the failing economy. Lets organize people and not take this anymore!!


Sell your car and buy drugs you will forget about driving and hence you wont have to worry about fuel.


Just slowing down will increase fuel economy


Just buy a mopad mine gets a 100 miles a gallon .


What is NO used in Brazil as described by Lisa?


Buy a chopper. mine gets 45mpg.its fun and a gas saver.


I find it very hard to believe that a country that can put people in space and cure multiple diseases can't endorse technology to decrease our consumption on foreign fuel...Brazil uses NO, not any, foreign fuel, so I know that the technology is there. If the government isn't going to take control, I wish there were a way to organize the public to!


Get regular oil changes, check your tire pressure and plan your route. I work 25 miles away from work so I make sure I run all of my essential errands on my route back home. It may not seem like a lot but every bit helps.


What about car-pooling to the grocery store etc.


Try walking to the store. You won't buy as much and you will loose weight.


Bicycle isn't much good at -15c when you want ot carry home groceries. And ther are some areas (a lot of areas) where I wouldn't dare ride a bicycle. Drivers just don't see you.


buy a bicycle!!!!!!


My top 3 tips for saving fuel:

1) buy a fuel economical vehicle
2) cut down on trips
3) think ahead in traffic
4) tune ups and tire pressure etc.

Tom Stover,

As we get more desperate for savings on fuel. Fuel savings gadgets and additives need invesigating. Give me a simple one that really works. Or check your tire pressure, etc.

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