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Maybe road rage isn't anti social


Date: Thursday, 01. March 2007

The problem with road rage appears to lie in the definition, writes David Dehaas. In a recent article in Canada's National Post newspaper, Dehaas points out that the term is often applied to driving behavior which is aggressive rather than enraged. "Organizations and even government departments that are otherwise fairly respectable have fallen into the trap of wildly exaggerating hazards, alleging cases of road rage that are really nothing more than momentary impatience." They're describing as "anti social" some pretty common behaviors that most people are guilty of.

Researchers are citing aggressive driving as road rage, says Dehaas, but the most commonly cited aggressive driving behavior is "speeding," according to one Canadian study, and about 85% of drivers admit they do that. It can hardly be described as antisocial, Dehaas argues. "Furthermore, closer scrutiny of the speed of traffic would reveal that the flashing of lights, honking of horns and wanton display of various suggestive hand signals tends to be directed not at drivers exceeding the speed limit but at those anti-social people in the other 15% -- the ones puttering along at 99 kilometres an hour in the fast lane."

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Heres a site that lets you channel your road rage and rate drivers online


Everyone at high school would follow your superior issue close to this good topic to make the good quality research papers or even america essay paper.

Dave G.,

Thanks, Walter for your thoughts. Just the same, I think it's a real shame that so many people now drive offensively rather than defensively. As others have written in this forum, too many drivers seem to have little knowledge or appreciation for what can happen to them or others in a car accident.


I guess the main reason is you don't know who you are dealing with -- just a tailgater? A police pursuit of a guy high on meth? Someone with a very short fuse who is having a very bad day/life?

Not saying we should all scurry to the side if we see someone who looks at all aggressive coming towards us. Just aword of caution to the"enforcers" who feel the need to enforce traffic laws (or what they think is traffic laws) all on their very own.

Dave G.,

Can someone explain why it is generally advisable to "get out of the way" of aggressive drivers ASAP? I believe this can be seen in psychiatric terms as positively reinforcing a negative behavior--which generally leads to the behavior being perpetrated. Any thoughts are appreciated.

Walter H,

Tailgating IS aggressive driving, but not always. I truly believe that many drivers don't know they're doing it or, don't understand what it means, or have a missing brain function which prevents them from recognizing a) the risks and b) the disadvantages of tailgating.

Road rage is something else. The road rager is NOT just raging about driving. There's other stuff going on -- deep psychological stuff.

Having said that, if someone is very aggressive towards me on the road or anywhere else I'm only human and the consequences will be unpredictable.


there is a big dif between aggressive driving and assertive driving.

aggressive driving by definition IS ROAD RAGE. period.

assertive driving is what it sounds like.
passive driving is more dangerous probably than aggressive.

slow drivers cause more accidents, BUT aggressive and speeders cause more SERIOUS accidents.



Third: governments must set REASONABLE speed limits that people will be inclined to follow. That way, "super-obedient granny" doesn't hold up a line of cars that would be going faster. Further, it minimizes fear and hatred of law enforcement, and the perception that the limit is set artificially low just to raise money from fines (Summersville, WV?). Don't put school zones in places and at times when children are rarely seen, or near high schools where the kids are old enough to take care of themselves. Get rid of the work zone speed restrictions when no workers are present. Do not enforce any speed limits where the population is so sparse that the driver of the Porsche can hurt only himself if he wrecks (unless children are in the car). This is of particular importance in the rural west, where on some roads you can drive 40 miles and never even see another car, yet it is in some of those states where they will arrest you for enjoying your car. And finally, start enforcing minimum speed limits and signs that the driver is too elderly or otherwise handicapped to still be driving.


Second, and most common, your own driving behavior.

On a single lane road, NEVER drive under the speed limit if conditions permit. If you absolutely must because of vehicle trouble, a heavy load, lack of confidence in night or winter conditions, or advanced age, use your hazard flashers and pull over when you notice cars stacking up behind you. This is the law in some states. NEVER slow down more out of spite when someone honks a horn or flashes his lights. He has a right to drive the speed limit.

Never drive below the flow of traffic for the lane you're in, regardless of whether you would be speeding. If you are so much of a Boy/Girl Scout that you must obey the speed laws to the letter, drive all the way to the right. Even then, expect to be honked at on urban interstates where for political reasons the limit is 55 but people drive 70 with the tacit approval of law enforcement.

Follow the flow of traffic in work zones. They may be posted at 35, but depending on the state and whether workers are present, people may not slow down at all as a matter of practice, and this may be tolerated by law enforcement. Don't be the one person to back 300 cars and trucks behind you in a 15-mile-long zone that hasn't seen active work in months.

Don't drive distracted or impaired. This should be obvious.

The right turn signal is there for a reason. Use it! If you are turning right and nobody knows it, several people may not be able to make a right on red because they expect you to go straight into their path. If you can and it would make a difference, move to the left lane if you are not planning to turn right on red.

Avoid "false courtesy." That's the motorist who sees people needing to enter the flow of congested traffic. Instead of letting one such person in and leaving the rest to the courtesy of the drivers behind her, she (yes, it's often women who do this) will let 4 or 5 cars in, making herself feel wonderful but inconveniencing the motorists behind her who were stacked up at the same light. To add insult to injury, she will uncannily often be the last person through on the yellow, leaving half a dozen or more people fuming behind her. (Once they are fuming, they are more likely to vent that frustration on a totally different motorist 2 minutes later.)


If you want less road rage, aggressive driving, etc., don't provoke it in the first place. There's a few ways that happens.

First, if you have strongly held political or religious beliefs and express them all over your vehicle, that will provoke some people in as politically divided a country as the United States. This can be anything from the Darwin Fish to an "Abortion Is Murder" sticker, or in some parts of the country, stickers expressing your views on the environment or guns. Free expression is of course a right, but sometimes your stickers are all it takes to provoke an otherwise courteous driver to rage if you are driving a little slowly and he is right behind you.

The ani-Bones,

yeah bones you are freaking insane. Eliminate them and you eliminate road rage? no bones, no. eliminate people like you who actually get enraged and you eliminate it.

mad hogg,

cool it bones. you're close to the edge. Think about all those years in solitary1

and anyway, don't always blame the other driver. maybe YOU could accomodate a bit more. and one more thing, some people are just bad drivers, not so smart, have poor judgement --- give them some slack.


Dont push me cause I'm close to the edge. I think they should have an IQ test for a drivers licenses. Half of DC would fail. Unfortunately you cant measure how considerate or courtious people are as a test. Erase the inconsiderate driver, then Road Rage goes away. Maybe I'll think differently when I finally CRACK and send an inconsiderate ahole off the road into a tree. but they just keepo pushing me to the edge.


If some inconsiderate person intensionally cuts me off, I have the right to retaliate. I'm not talking about some old man that accidentally cuts me off, its the ones that bypass long lines of traffic to dart in front of people. Thaty is what causes RAGE! I dont wake up angry, it is insonsiderate aholes that RAGE me. Get rid of inconsiderate drivers...... BAM you've solved the problem. Next time you intensionally cut someone off or act inconsiderate to those around you.... rememeber, I'm out there,,,, and I am armed.
Bones MD/DC/VA

Its Serious,

If anyone doubts the serious consequences Road Rage can deliver, have a look at

Here you will find short video clips of my friend who is an innocent victim of Road Rage, and is now a quadriplegic, destined to live the rest of his life in a wheel chair.

Yep, Road Rage is serious...


I see what your saying. Cuz I never thought about it like that B4 Maybe I will try to take my car more serious and help my friends to besides. we had 4 kids die in a crash from our school and it was so sad because they were smart and funny and all of us liked them a lot. They didn't do drugs and were totally cool. I think they just drove to fast and then they hit a big tree and they all died right there. We are all still so messed up when we think about that and see their faces and that they aren't at school anymore. Be cool everyone and I will try to be cool too. If I see you on the road then I will give you the peace sign and you can give me the peace sign back and then we will know that we are cool with each other - OK??


Okay, between bad grammar, bad spelling, supposed English lessons with problems, arrogant idiots, drugged out morons and people assuming that every human on earth actually has a brain, we have a whole lot of nothing going on!

The reason road rage is rampant is because too many of you selfish little brats think you are playing a video game and you don't have a clue about common sense, common courtesy or even a concern for your own life or property let alone that of someone else. If you got fired from your job, you deserved it so don't take your hate out on people who didn't have anything to do with your messed up life and drive right!

If you don't understand the laws of physics and what happens when speed meets metal or a tree or a human being, then get the hell off the road! If you are too old to go the speed limit because you can't see that far, then get the hell off the road! If you can't afford to keep your car running right, with your turn signals and brake lights working, then get the hell off the road! If your children need their naps or their bottle or they are sick and cranky, then you don't need to be going to Wal-Mart so get the hell off the road! If you have a job, then be glad you do and get up out of bed in time to get ready and drive there without having to run people off the road. Otherwise, quit your damn job, give it someone who can handle it and get the hell off the road!

I could go on like this all day and so could anyone with even 1/2 the brain God tried to put in their skull. Stop being angry, immature, thoughtless, careless, rude, arrogant, selfish, stupid, drunk, high, distracted (with phone calls or texting or whatever), vain (put the lipstick down), competitive, stubborn or thrill seeking (go jump off a bridge with a bungee if you have to feel your heart in your throat)or get the hell off the road. And for God's sake, if your a jacked up, wife beating, racist redneck, petty thief or violent gang member, then you definitely need to get the HELL off the road!
Try to be, smart, courteous and patient. Follow the rules and SHARE the road that belongs to everyone! Try thinking about tomorrow or even living to be 80 instead of lying on a gurney in a coma for 1 year while your friends go on w/t you or about the family of the boy you killed trying in vain to get over the pain and heart ache. Think about what you can buy w/ the $ you will waste if you get charged w/ a DUI or tear up your car. DUH!

SIMPLY PUT - THINK! If you can't think, then, GET THE HELL OFF THE ROAD!

My brother killed a little boy on accident. Then he was in a coma for 4 months and in a body cast for a year. He never recovered his brain capacity, never had a real job, never got to get married or have a child and he just died a year ago after 25 years of pain, loneliness and guilt. My mother was also in a car accident that wasn't her fault. She was in a coma for 4 months and rehab & almost lost custody of me and my brothers. She still limps badly and has pain to this day because someone thought he could speed. My mom was escaping my father who had beat her but even she wasn't speeding. Yes, we all have problems and we all need to think about others. Be Nice and the world will be nice back. There are enough tragedies that happen by accident - we don't need people out there purposely causing them. JustMom is trying to give some love to ya'll - even you with foul mouths and bad English and negative energy. There really are more good things on this earth than bad so go driving & see them - nicely!

Mrs. P here,

Well, I know who to take points away from.


i like all of you guys your hilarious, i deal with road rage everyday cuz i do it. and i know people who do it. so i am doing a report on it for college.


doing a school project and those comments aren't helpful at all. Maybe y'all should discuss more important topics


jeeze people jus go on with life


I suspect the the most ridiculous comments are being made by 16 years olds doing drive ed projects. They just aren't mature enough to drive, and they're giving a bad name to other 16 yr olds who are mature.

Maybe there should be a psychological test for drivers!


these people are phsyco, this isn't myspace it's an information source

Walter H.,

Diana, I wouldn't take all of the comments above too seriously. It's obvious some were posted by people who are young and immature. Of course some others are a bit freaky and that lets you know there's freaky people out there.

Having said that, I believe a lot of road rage is because drivers just don't understand what's going on around them. They think they're right and the other guy is wrong but very likley they're the one who is wrong.


Some of these comments make me laugh (and quite frankly scared) on how people's ture colors are shown. But it has helped me clarify drivers on the road a little better. since this is for my classification essay.


The most scary thing about road rage is the you act and have done something bad before you realise what you have done. You flip out and when you see what has happen you say, how could I have done that. But it has happened and what could you have done to stop it?


That's it! You got the funk! OWWW! Ya gotta have that funk, Yeah!


I'm not trying to preach, but i think most should know: speeding, tailgating, and other traffic offenses are properly classified as aggressive driving. Road rage pertains to criminal actions, such as pulling over and beating someone up, or shooting them. I read a story of how a woman with a son ( not significant) but completely normal, shot another woman in the face because initially cut her off, or something like that. I read another of a guy who threw a woman's dog into traffic because she did something ( i forget now) that would maybe just deserve the finger. It crazy how getting in a car could make people do such things.


We got the funk. oww! gotta have that funk! yeah.


In many cases - probably most cases - road rage happens because people don't know the rules or don't understand them. For example, the law requires everyone to "share" the road. You don't have the right to drive a certain way just because you feel like it. That applies especially to speeders and tailgaters.

to sean,

what's sad is that you're complaining about it, lol. Practice what you teach....owned


wow you guys are sad...all of're getting pissed off over an thats sad...this just shows that all of you have no life to sit here and argue about road rage and bad driving...tsk tsk


U all are f#@k&^G stupid and need to get a life or go get the crap knocked out of u on the side of the road because none of u can drive your way out of an empty parking lot. Hell, u are all probably the people who flip real mother f%$kers off and won't pull over to get your a$$ kicked. So shut the hell up!


This is a great example as to why we have road rage. Everyone thinks about themselves more than others. Of course, this is not a new concept in the world, but when it comes to road rage, do you think we would have the problems we do if others thought about something else other than how they feel? Rule of thumb, if you want to resolve an issue, try to put yourself in the other persons shoes. In this story, the one who is rageful got fired from their job not 30 minutes before committing this act. You never know why people act out in the way they do. However, you may want to be a little more patient next time because of the fact this person may have a good reason to why they are acting out in such a "rageful" way. Besides, whatever happened to the golden rule? Whatever happened to caring about your fellow American? Where is the love? And we wonder why bad things happen to us. Its because we create bad things to happen to other people. Go figure!


Thank you, Cameron! I'm doing the same thing. And I love the way Josiah talks about how badly everyone spells and how they need English classes, then mis-spells tragedy. It's really quite funny. Everyone needs to stop giving English lessons and talking about how insipid everyone else is, and talk about what this page was made for: discussing road rage. I'm 15 years old and I can see how immature you people are. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You aren't intelligent enough to use real words, so you continue to use expletives and curse words. You are pitiful. You are the scurge of decent society, and we would be better off without you. I use curse words when speaking occasionally, but at least I have the ability and intellect to write without them. DO you have nothing better to do with your life than sit on a 50 views a month chat page insulting people? I know some people will read this and think that statement is hypocritical of me, but I have to be on this for school and was merely noticing how stupid some of the people posting are. Oh, and I'm doing great, Kate.


To Cameron,

I guess many of the comments are frm people doing school projects.Shows that age does NOT indicate maturity. These comments show everything from mature common sense to immature nonsense and in some cases emotional problems.


I'm simply looking up information for school, and this what I stumble upon. What a shame.


Some one deleted my comments!! ARG!!! I am going to take a drive now and think of my issues. Remeber that you all are so very special and you all hold a special place in my gas tank.


yeah, um, a lot of you are immature and obviously don't care very much about this discussion. I agree with all the people up there, it's ridiculous. Road rage is a serious problem. People are getting injured or killed every day, and all that you all care about is if someone elses spelling is wrong. That's upseting. And cussing each other out is terrible. You all sound like a bunch of sixth graders testing out every cuss word you know on each other. I hope by reading this you learned a little more than a few new cuss words. But i definitely agree with the person up there. USE THE BRAINS YOU WERE GIVEN AND THINK ABOUT THE REAL ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!


God can heal the heart! God Bless you all!


some of yall have serious issues....cant we all jus get along....


Hi Kate , we're fine.


helo how are you all doing today


hi am a driver and im affend and im going to cry


Since I've only read part of the conversation I would say that there is more than just opinions of road rage going on. All of us take short cuts when we drive. But telling others to shut the F***ing h*ll up is overly immature and ya'll need to seek counseling and anger management. Don't you realize that there are children that can get hurt because road rage gets out of control.


How the heck are you gunna try and say that road rage isn't a problem? This is just one among the thousand problems when driving, but road rage is huge. This is one of the main causes of accisents and it's all because people don't have any dagum patience. Also, because people would rather wait til the last second to leave the house to get somewhere and they are afraid of being late for a date or something. Like it's the end of the world or something. Anyway, yaull need to get over yourselves and get a life. Don't you have something better to be doing besides screwing around with serious problem in our world. This is a site for a serious debate on a seriuos problem. Go the f**k away and leave the ones who really care about their lives alone so we can try to solve problems instead of making them worse.


You guys arguing about that really is quite trivial and reflects a sterling example of the globalists plan to dumb down society. To create petty and baseless divisions among society. I think your comments are a direct reflection of your level of intelligence.I cant believe some of you think that you will be taken seriously when you cant even spell. Instead of having an intelligent debate about an obvious growing problem on roadways, some of you would rather resort to pathetic and childish name calling tactics. For fucks sake educate yourself on your intellectual behavior. Name callers you bring shame to yourself, it is a tradgedy that you represent quite a big portion of our society. Quit wasting the brain God gave you.


I haven't read yet but hen I read it I will sey some thing


wow this is fun..who talks about road rage and get all pissy about it..ridiculous. im a terrible driver and loving it.


wow yall need help dis is just ova drivin and if yall curse of stupid stuff like dis yall need to go get help ANGER MANAGMENT PPL


Why should I want to waste my time with these idiots who don't even know what they are fighting over.


You all need to take english classes. I will be glad to help you.


come back when YOU learn to spell Socrates


I just HAD to come back from the grave to join in this intellectuil diskcussion. You ALL suck big time!!!

El Coolio,

I gots two things to say to y'all, first you all suck and second you can't spell or drive so just shut up


isnt this to talk about road rage and being anti social. we can clearly see who is a road rage person. But to demonstrate a problem by saying shut your mouth doesnt mean their wrong. we all have driving problems thats the truth but what does it lead to? us talking stupid like this or finding ways of how to stop it? im probably going to get flamed for this but that is what i think this post is mainly about.


Wow, I don't even know what caused all that to happen. Why fight over nothing?


dam you bi$$hs need to shut the f$$uck up


both of you shut your face


Come on guys, what the hells goin on here???


Stop fighting you all have problems


No you nuber!!!!


all of yall need to shut the hell up f++king dum a$$


I love everybody even with driveing proble


You both have driveing issues

shikaka is ...,

shikaka... ur a freakin homo so shut ur own're just to scared to admit the fact...95% percent of people that are bad drivers think they are "good" drivers, asin ur case


Well see you have to calm down ok! Everything is going to be ok!




Shut your face


DO you have driving problems???


shut ur face, people all over the world have driving problems.

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