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Aggressive driving and road rage: they aren't the same

By: Sgt. Robert L. Hohn, Arizona Department of Public Safety

Date: Tuesday, 11. July 2006

Over the past several years, there appears to have been an increase in rude, obnoxious, self-centered drivers on our roadways.

The media has dubbed this behavior "road rage."

Read more articles about road rage and about aggressive driving.

Reader's comments below

Naturally this quickly grabs the public's attention. The terms aggressive driving and road rage are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. There is a major difference between the two.

Aggressive driving

Aggressive driving is a traffic offense or combination of offenses such as following too closely, speeding, unsafe lane changes, failing to signal intent to change lanes, and other forms of negligent or inconsiderate driving. The trigger for the aggressive driver is usually traffic congestion coupled with a schedule that is almost impossible to meet. As a result, the aggressive driver generally commits multiple violations in an attempt to make up time. Unfortunately, these actions put the rest of us at risk. For example, an aggressive driver who resorts to using a roadway shoulder to pass may startle other drivers and cause them to take an evasive action that results in more risk or even a crash. Meanwhile, the offending aggressive driver continues on his or her way, perhaps oblivious of what he or she has caused. Rush hour crashes, which are frequently caused by aggressive drivers, are a major contributor to congestion and 10 percent of these rush hour crashes contribute to a second crash.

Road rage

Road rage, on the other hand, is a criminal offense. This occurs when a traffic incident escalates into a far more serious situation. For example, a person may become so angry over an aggressive driving incident that he or she overreacts and retaliates with some type of violence. These violent acts may range from a physical confrontation to an assault with a motor vehicle or possibly a weapon. Often, the roadway incident that caused the person to become enraged may have been something quite simple and even trivial. Some incidents, by their very nature, are intentional acts, such as when a motorist switches from lane to lane in an effort to go around other vehicles. But others may have been committed unintentionally, such as when a motorist makes an abrupt exit from a roadway without properly signaling his or her intent. Perhaps you have seen this maneuver or even done it yourself when you suddenly realized you were at your exit.

Public's concern

Throughout the country, the public's concern over aggressive driving continues to grow. Some studies indicate the public is actually more fearful of aggressive drivers than it is of impaired drivers. Aggressive driving is truly dangerous and cannot be tolerated. Several states are considering legislation to deal specifically with the aggressive driving issue.

The media should make a conscious effort to report traffic incidents as aggressive driving and not attempt to sensationalize them as road rage. Law enforcement officers also have a responsibility to educate the media on the differences in these two terms. The public will then begin to understand that the majority of reported road rage incidents are really examples of careless, negligent, or impudent vehicle operation and not violent criminal acts.

The public also plays a role in making roadways safer. The public should report aggressive driving incidents to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. In many parts of the country, motorists can easily report aggressive drivers, impaired drivers, or other unsafe highway incidents over their cellular telephone by using simple numbers, such as #77. If this is the case in your community, remind motorists that they should use their cellular phone safely and let a passenger make the call, use hands-free operation, or pull off the road when making the call. They should not be distracted from the task of driving.

Many road rage incidents have resulted from drivers overreacting and allowing their egos to stand in the way of common sense and good judgment rather than safely reporting aggressive driving incidents. A simple display of common courtesy will often be appreciated and may even become contagious. Try it! It might work.

Michael Bernstein:
I'm constantly amazed that in the case of driving habits and the placing of terms such as "aggressive" and "dangerous" to drivers who act quickly, but no one ever mentions the fact that for every "aggressive" driver there is most likely a "poor", "bad"....

Ken Smith:
Barry Elliott's paper "Road rage: media hype or serious road safety issue" posted on is the most rational treatment I have seen of this issue. "Road rage" is a pointless construct that makes good....

Leon James:
When we talk about driving we need to consider that people drive by means of three domains of the self called affective, cognitive, and sensorimotor. The affective domain of drivers consists of....

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One time when I was younger I was in the car with my parents and there was somebody who was going below the speed limit in the fast lane in front of us. This was very annoying. Eventually, somebody got so annoyed that they tried to teach the slow driver a lesson by getting in front of them and slamming on the brakes, almost causing a huge pile up. I do believe that the slow driver should not have been driving so slow in the fast lane (the lane on the right was full so nobody could move over), however, by trying to teach them a lesson, the other driver made an even worse problem and endangered not only the slow driver, but also all of the cars behind.


If you cant drive the speed limit then get out of my way and there won't be any problems. The left lane of the highway is for passing; It is not a drive in lane. Omaha, Nebraska has some of the worst drivers i've ever seen. Especially on west dodge road. 10 mph under on a perfectly sunny dry day is just stupid. When someone wants to go faster than me I let them go around. Yes it really is that simple.

John Mackey,

PS My wife thought of it when it happen to her years ago driving with our first born. She's on the patent too.


a year ago a girl got mad at me just because i turned my turn signal on and got in front of her in a reasonable amount of space between her and the car in front of her. i needed to get into that lane to get on the highway. so out of anger she ran up on the back of my car and was cussing me out. she even had the audacity to insult my heritage calling me a n!&&@! after she did that i lost my temper and cussed her out. then she called the cops and told half of the story. as i see it we are both wrong and must be punished equally. it don't pay to get aggressive back especially if you are a African American. now im facing reckless driving, following too closely, and careless driving. went to court explained my situation. since this matter happened a year ago im now just facing this issue it's not fair at all. now i got to pay a huge fine plus serve a 6 month 15 day suspension of my license then pay to get my license back unfair yes. worth it no. i have to appeal my decision i hope he gives me a chance to correct my error and keep my livelyhood.

Adrienne Alexis,

A couple months ago, my mother accidently cut off a guy in our gate community and tried to apologize. He decided to take action, put up his middle finger, curse us out a bit, and speed away. In a community! I'm trying to get my permit... if I have to go through crazy, selfish, drivers like him, gosh, I'll just ride my roller skates to school.

Scared to Death,

Last night driven home from my son house a SUV came up on me on a dark road from nowhere. Not once but 3 times he spun up n almost rearended me. Like something from a movie. It was the scarest thing I have ever been through. I though I was going to die. I didn't know what to do otherthan to sweve off the road without losing control of the car. Tried to get tag number but not able. Cried called hubby drove home still a mess. This person didn't even know but was tryin to take my life! Scared now just to get in my car. Did I do right thing ? No tag number to report!

Tiffannie clark,

My family and i were recently followed home by a man who thought we cut him off. This man followed us eight miles past his destination where he pulled into our driveway and attacted my husband my thirteen year old son and myself. . Sending me to the hospital. Aftwr this man bailed himself out of jail he had the nerve to press charges on us and we were arrested and now going to court in two weeks. NOT FAIR we now haveto pay a lawyer and medical bills for something that wasnt our fault. This man needs to be off the road and in jail.


My son was involved in an accident that clearly wasn't his fault. He was in a right lane that was ending and a woman failed to use a turned signal and nearly ran into the side of his car, as he saw her car coming towards him he veered right to avoid the collison. In return, his car hit the curb on the right, causing damage to the front right tire and rim. The woman so kindly did this with her daughter in the car and in front of 2 police officers. Now though, they failed to give my son any information on her, all I have is a report with his information. If this costs me $200.00 + and she walks away without anything I will be angry. I am sure if my 18 year old son would've done the same thing, he would've been charged with aggressive driving, failure to use a turn signal and improper passing. What was weird to me also was the fact the officer called me and asked me if I wanted her charged. Did he really think I was going to sit by and allow my sons car to be damaged at my expense and let her walk away. I don't understand why he didn't automatically site her, he WATCHED the occurence. Outcome yet to be determined.

Edmund Dickenson,

I have been hit twice by Ford pick up trucks, I was driving a Chev insurance said the 1st guy was not at fault, gave him a lawyer and we went to small claims court......I won the case even without a lawyer. The second guy was driving an F350 , he admitted to me he had been going over the speed limit.when the cops arrived he changed his story....... he said if I made too much opf a fuss he knew some bad people who would take care of me.Hells Angels I guess for want of a better name..Why don't they dispose of those people anyway....

kila nicolee,

if everyone juss be respectfukl of everyone else on the road am use there skills then we would be fine

ThugginAsx LeLe,

All people need to do is watch how they drive && ' then we wouldn't really have to worry abbout it being that many accident. Point && ' simple.

David Salas,

Here's an app that lets you vent your road rage and rate bad drivers online

Driver Z,

Extremely rude aggressive dumb drivers tailgating on my bumper for a while...BLOCKED my entire rear view so even if I wanted to switch lanes I couldnt see...

Then they switched lanes in an attempt to cut me off dangerously close... causing me to slam on my brakes.

The right way to do this is either to NOT tailgate and give the driver a chance to change langes

OR if they don't move out of the way, then driver behind can proceed to overtake BUT at a SAFE distance....

Beware of Massachussetts & New Jersey plates! Some PA in there - but those are mostly students...


I got pushed off to the side of the road today -- she almost side-swiped me. Good thing I went off the road, I guess. CHP said I couldn't lodge complaint, as the crime is finished and over with. I don't understand. Can someone explain?


The posted speed limit signs are a BIG JOKE!! They should all be removed and instead say "Drive whatever limit you want"! I'm SO tired of crazy nuts doing whatever they wanton the road and NEVER suffer the consequences. There are too many road ragers and not nearly enough police on the roads pulling them over!! I'm tailgated EVERY day and every night on 2 specific roads nearby where I live. I ALWAYS go 25 mph and not a mile under the limit. I JAM on the brakes and would respond by saying an animal darted out on the road. This road is a back road. The other is posted at 35 mph and tailgating is REALLY BAD on this road! I jam on the brakes, go slower and in RARE instances, let them pass. (IF I'm in a good mood and feel like backing down!!)


I a person for the first time was behand a person going 15 miles uner the speed limit and you hunked your horn at him two times to get him to do the speed limit idsthat road rage if so I never now that and will never do that again

Mike K.,

Road rage won't happen if everyone obeys the laws, e.g., speeding, tailgating,cutting people off. Try obeying the speed limit when there is not a policeman behind you. Just because the law is not in your rearview mear, doesn't mean it is ok to break the law. These driving infractions are the cause of road rage, not the other way around.

Mike K.,

I disagree. Reckless, agressive and inconsiderate driving is and should be against the law. If the laws were enforced there might be less road rage., or as you say retallation. Retalliation is the result of the law enforcement officials and officers not enforcing the existing laws.

Walter H.,

A note for Ellen,

We can all spend our lives ranting about other drivers, and most of us do, but the only driver we can do something about is ourselves. For example:

Take that driver you say was passing you on the shoulder, despite your signal. You shold NEVER be surprised by this. If you crashed, who would be legally at fault? YOU WOULD, and rightfully so.

We learn in basic driver ed never to presume, and any time you change lanes or turn you are obliged to watch out for the not-too-smart driver in the other lane. This is a basic principle of driving and it also applies to the driver who makes a left turn in an intersection and cuts across traffic. He is is the wrong, even if you are going through a red.

So, if you raise your driving skills up a notch or two you will find that almost all these problems with other drivers will fade away and driving will become more relaxing and peaceful.

Eileen Gutshall,

Michael Bernstein, you sound just like the kind of driver I wouldn't want to ride with. I agree that there are poor drivers on the road. But that DOES NOT give you the right to break traffic laws, which for all those dimwits who seem to think the definition of aggressive driving is unclear, thats it. Tailgating, changing lanes without signaling, passing on the shoulder, etc, they are all traffic violations and thus it seems to me, YOU don't know how to drive either. As you can tell, I get very pissed off about this subject because its always some jerk like you whose in a big rush to beat me to the red light who points the finger at other people. The other day someone almost caused an accident involving me because they were in a big rush; they went on the shoulder to my right when I had signaled (well in advance) that I was turning right. I almost turned into him except that I was pretty sure this asshole would do this since he had been tailgating me. And no, I was not going too slow; just obeying the speed limit. Did you ever think about the accidents you may have caused and didn't even know it? Maybe that person who is "driving poorly" as you put it had a bad day or just lost some member of their family or something. Stop being so self righteous and cut people some slack and stop CAUSING accidents!


Well first of all most of you guys probably have never driven in a major city. I have lived in Chicago, Detroit and Cleveland and if you leave 2ft in front of you, someone will cut you off. So you have to drive aggressively. If you just want to relax and go the speed limit go to the right lanes and stay there. The left lane is for people who want to pass. I i want to drive aggressively you can't do anything about it. Just get out of the way; your not a cop and can't do anything.


I have read some of these comments and I have made my decision to make the right choices. Well if you think I cut you off and I was in violation of your space, don't confront me just let it go. What if you don't, beleive me you don't want to find out. Just let it go!!!! That is what everyone needs to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John Hubert,

This kind of aggressive driving has to stop,what is to say that there might be a cop in that car ahead of the A$$ that is driving, like he owns the road. What can the cop do while in his personal car, nothing because "HE IS ONLY AN AGGRESSIVE DRIVER" that is BS!!!!!!!!!!!!


well it is goog to cuation the drivers on wheel,likewise other road users shuold be observant of what goes around them and inform the authority


I think maybe we should ALL have cameras in our cars, like the cops do, and have a record of these crazies


i was cut off by an aggressive driver going north and the other car going south ,the aggressive driver sped away who cut between the two of us and cause us both to avoid him and we bboth collided


God why do people speed to have their position?!!!!!!! Do not speed to hold your position. That may seem like an obvious concept but it is unbelievable what a problem it is! Drivers who speed for their position anger everyone else.


people should take action for road rage. why do people purposly cut us off and agressisly abuse us when we havnt done anything wrong.? all this people have experianced road rage. road rage is very dangerious and i have read alot of stories and comments about people who know of people who were invlolved and that have died. police need to do something about it or indivdual people will and it will get worse.


When someone intensionally cuts you off, its called inconsiderate. It is those insonsiderate people that are the problem, not the ones raging. Do away with insonsiderate drivers and there will be no road rage. I for one, am going out today to shop for pistol. Next time you're inconsiderate to other humans, remember, I'm out there and I''m armed. FU DC Drivers.


I live in Omaha, NE, and was driving with my grandpa in North Omaha(technically South Omaha), but for those of you that might kno, North O isnt the best place to be in, Gangs, robberies that crazy kinda stuff. SAo we were drving up to our grandparents house on a residential street. Some guy comes flying down a street on our left about 50 ft. in front of us and dosent stop at HIS stop sign. We slam on the brakes and he does the same. It took him a second to decide what he was going to do, but he then took off his seat belt got up and hung out the window, and yelled and cused at us. We quickly got on our way, but I then looked into the rear view mirror and saw him burnout, and start to chase us. We quickly turned onto our street and not to far behind this dude comes flying up to the end of the street, and start syelling @ us from his car. After that he seemed to get ADD and left. It was pretty minnor....i guess, but i was scared


I was road raged when I was 18 years old. I came across this guy who was driving on the left lane of I-70. I tailgated him for like a minute hoping he would move faster. Suddenly I heard him honk at me. It was a very long 20 second nasty honk. I looked through his window and he was shaking angry fists at me. Then he verbally abused me and sped off at like 110 mph. I thought he was gone by then but 10 minutes later I find him driving like 5 mph on the far left lane and I relized that he had waited for me. My heart then raced in fear. I had a flashback about the time when my mom and my dad had warned me that there are many harsh drivers on the road. He cut me off three times, verbally abused me some more and made dangerous threats. He then blinded my eyes with his brights and I drove off the road. I heard the man's shrieking tires from speeding off. I was not hurt too badly with 14 cuts on my body plus a broken bone but I was then too scared to tailgate anyone anymore.


To Mike, who said nothing's wrong with road rage: You must live in some parallel universe where nothing dangerous happens. That may be your opinion, but it's a FACT that road rage gets people killed. Could you look someone who's lost a loved one to a road rage accident in the eye and tell them it's okay?


I just almost had a HEART ATTACK on the freeway because this STALKER guy in a white van kept trying to get near me and when I wanted to get away from him on the shoulder he pulled over and started reversing to come get me and I then started reversing and he kept chasing me and so so I had to wave people down on the freeway screaming to come help me and 2 nice cars pulled over and I told them he was stalking me on the road and then EVEN AFTER IT WAS CLEAR I WAS AFRAID OF HIM AND FLAGGED OTHERS TO HELP ME HE STILL KEPT REVERSING TOWARDS ME so I jumped back in my car and took off because I never want to get beat up by a man again and who's to say the other people could protect me? I feel like from the last experience a few years ago the State patrol never worried about me when I called 911 so obviously it does no good and just more stress. It's ridiculous that the police don't help. I feel like having a nervous breakdown now. I feel helpless in front of a bully. People can be so evil it makes me just want to wish I was never born in the first place to go through more and more trauma. I am so tired of evil.


road rage gets you no where and it will end up killing someone some day!! i want to beat the crap out of someone when they cut me off but i restrain because i know it's not worth it and i could end up in jail for it!!! Think about it all you road ragers, you'll end up in jail if you keep driving the way you drive or end up killing someone and you end up living with that for the rest of your life!!! ask yourself this, IS IT WORTH IT TO DRIVE LIKE AN IDIOT EVEN IF IT MEANS KILLING SOMEONE OR KILLING YOURSELF EVEN OVER A SMALL CASE OF ROAD RAGE?? I DON'T THINK SO, PEOPLE NEED TO CHILL OUT!!


I live in boston and got into a road rage incident today. I was driving back home from work and was standing in an intersection to turn right and the red light was on but there was no "no turn on red" signal. I was waiting for the light to turn green but the person behind me asking me to and I waited for some time and then turned. After that the lady came before me and yelled at me at yelled at her and went before her and merged into her lane. Later she passed by me and yelled at me and took my license plate information. I yelled at her and avoided her and left the place. I forgot to get her license plate information. Should I call the offices or 911 and inform them about the incident?

Where's The Fire?,

I fullheartedly agree that education is the solution. Here in the United States, driving standards are lower than nearly all other developed and developing nations! This is a deeper social issue than can be solved with penalties that are easily monetarily dispersed and repeated. My driving instructor was a well seasoned, British driver of nearly all of Europe,U.K.,and the United States. It is my understanding that in many European countries, you can't even get a driver's permit until you are 19. After many hours of instruction on the roads, you must usually pass a road test in the dark, in inclement weather, and during ideal conditions. Only after this have you 1) gained the maturity of age and longer-term training, and 2) proven your ability to safely operate your vehicle in a variety of real life trials. IDEAL conditions are the determining factor in the MAXIMUM speed limit. It is also true that a speed of 55 mph is the ideal highway speed for fuel efficiency. I operate heavy equipment for a living and extend the caution with which I move such equipment to my driving on the roads. It saddens me to hear of people aggrandizing the road rage experience, or those who are too uneducated to realize its true significance. It is a daily experience of mine to encounter several of such people on my way to work in a mere 15 minutes. There is a difference between inconsiderate driving and road rage, but the two really go hand-in-hand. It is probably a lack of formal education and solidly defined social structure that ultimately cost over 40,000 Americans their lives each year on our roads and highways. I believe that here in the United States, education is again becoming a luxury of the affluent. My public schooling and driver schooling were sufficient for me to become a courteous and cautious driver after my first speeding ticket. I'm not wealthy, and it is cost effective to avoid incurring citations. I think good driving is a choice everyone who ever took formal lessons makes. Are You Decent?


Perhaps these gentle reminders will help remind slow drivers that you would like to at least do the speed limit. movealongs dot com


BEWARE road ragers...MANY people legally carry firearms with the legal right to fire in defense or personal safety.

Sadly, I was forced to use my on one violent road rager...may he rest in peace.

YOU WILL eventually meet your match. It's not worth losing your life over.




dont drive like a gram or "NOT YOU" - with a 3 inch dick will run u over with his dodge ram 1500 with a 6" lift and 35" tires and a push bar.....


I can't understand how people will waste all this time on here just to make themselves look ignorant. Road rage is a serious problem it you think its a joke just keep your thoughts to yourself


I got kicked off of platewire last year for my frantic behavior. I am the greattest rage on the highway. I am an expert in road rage and aggressive. Aggressive aint the word when I'm behind the wheel. IM CRAZY!!!!! LONG LIVE ANGER ON THE HIGHWAYS!!!!!!!!


people can get seriously hurt because of others' road rage, no lie. i hate these kinds of drivers. HATE THEM. making the road unsafe for others, ain't that crazy??


I agree with Gary , it's education that's needed. MI-Agressive doesn't specify what "slow" driving is. I could be one of the fastest drivers on the road and some aggressive bastard wants to go faster. He (she) wants everybody ahead in the left lane to move over. This makes traffic a dangerous mess and disrupts the flow.



Tickets arent the answer.
People like me just pay their way out of them.

Its slow drivers that cause the congestion and frustration.

A citizens report won't do anything but make YOU a target.
Unless a police officer SEES the infraction, there isn't a thing that can be done.
Nor will a video on the nightly news about aggressive drivers.
How about slow drivers and the hazards they cause? Theyre more hazardous than speeding drivers.
Save your pencil pad for your grocery list.


To reiterate what the officer's article points out, I have also witnessed a serious increase in unsafe driving practices over the past 10 years. My memory is excellent and I definitely see a huge difference. The number of people driving at excessive speed and unsafe distances from cars in front of them is too many to count. I have been recording license plates of vehicles committing these offenses using my cell phone voice recorder. After two hours of driving in a single day, I end up with over 25 offenders recorded.

I conducted my own vehicle efficiency study. I drive 50 miles to work each way, 35 of which are on a major highway. In one test I drove at a constant 80mph on the highway, and in another I cruised at 70mph. The fuel efficiency difference was a whopping 3.5mpg. The time difference? About 6 minutes. I'd say with the very high fuel prices, there is plenty of incentive to drive slower.

Aggressive driving has the following negatives: increased stress to all drivers, increased accident risk to all vehicles, poor fuel mileage for the aggressive vehicle, and increased wear-and-tear for the aggressive vehicle. It is a LOSING PROPOSITION, any which way you look at it.

The primary problem is education. Most people don't understand the consequences all across the board. If they did, maybe they might realize how risky it all is. Also, driving is NOT a competition. We are all strangers just trying to make our way to a destination. This isn't about "jockeying for position" on the road and feeling "had" by letting someone pass you. CHANGE YOUR ATTITUDE and you will reap far greater benefits than the momentary illusionary satisfaction of having passed someone.

But unfortunately the damage is done. So many people have developed unsafe driving habits. We need to slap them back into place. More police ticketing events need to be held. More public service announcements about the detriments of aggressive driving. And perhaps a "citizen's report" program, whereby people can make note of aggressive drivers and report them to the authorities. I'm still recording and sending my lists to the police. Maybe they'll get the hint.


I'm hoping that an officer is able to do something about this comment...Yesterday, 6-3-08, I was driving south of Wilkes-Barre, PA on Rt 115 S when a white BMB female driver speeded past me going at least 85-90 mph (speed limit 55). She past me by crossing over the double yellow lines. I always have a digtal camera on me and I was able to take a picture of her licence plate number -
PA plates - GTY-8905
She knew that I was trying to take a picture of her plates because she began to swerve all over the place hoping that I would be able to get a good picture. Does anyone know a web site that I could report this on?

Leanne Mucci,


Does someone you love have terrible road rage? Is his or her horrible attitude behind the wheel causing problems in your relationship? Does their aggressive driving make you feel so unsafe that you are afraid to get in the car with them? Do you want to get them help?

A NYC production company is currently casting for a new reality TV show that aims to make the roads safer! If you know someone who needs to learn how to be a safer, calmer driver, we want to talk to you! In your email please include your name and contact information plus a brief explanation of who you are nominating and why! And please, do not tell your road raging loved one you are contacting us. There will be some compensation if you are selected.





I'll agree that there should be Zero tolerance for Road Raging drivers whom seek to inflict physical harm by circling, or following home etc.

Radim's right. Speed doesn't kill. Poor uncontrolled and wreckless driving does.
The police have just warped the minds of drivers since the 50's when it became a REVENUE enhancement for local government. Speeding tickets main reason have never been for safety - they're for revenue. If they were about safety - you wouldn't be able to pay your way out of one. It's all about the $$

From what I've read Kylie - you forgot to mention that you chose to engage in road rage by sending a double obscene gesture to the other driver.
That's being a participant in Road Rage.
Let's play fair. You Egged her on.

Steven Buck - sounds like you were Playing hokey pokey in a lane. 8-10 lanes and you were doing 55-60mph on the interstate??
Why wouldn't you move out of a big truck's way especially with a load of lumber?
That's just carelessness on your part to being an observant driver.
Your emergency flashers only made it WORSE as he probably had to hit his brakes to avoid Loosing his truck, and load! He didn't know what to do, and when driving a truck loaded like that, you can't just suddenly change lanes.
Triangle framing material?? Those are called Trusses hero.
Here's a tip. Big trucks can't stop quick. When they have a load, its even worse. So when you see one - get out of its way!


Being an aggressive driver, I would say the things that set me off more than anything is when people fall off the shoulder of the road, peppering my car with stones, and cracking my windsheid.
I generally pass, triple digit speeds when need be (As they illegally speed up when I attempt to pass).
The other thing that irritates the begeezes out of me, are people that drive slower than the speed limit or "good samaritans" that think they have to hold up traffic to obey the laws. These types of things set people like me off bigtime. If people want to pass me, then I let them pass. If there are cars behind me, I get over and let them by so i'm not the clog.
I don't think you'll solve this problem anytime soon as stress levels for the grand ol US of A have gone off the chart. With gas prices topping $4.00 in MI today....It's only going to get worse.


Name ONE SINGLE RESOURCE available for people that have issues with Aggressive Driving and Road Rage.
Don't submit a stupid answer either.
I bet you can't. I haven't found one yet. Not locally, not on the net. Zero.

Everybody complains on how bad these people are, but nobody wants to help solve the problem other than put people in jail, only to get out and do it again.
Tickets and jail aren't an answer.
Instead of complaining about it, how about recommending some decent resources for people to FIND help with this!
Until then - get out of my way pokey drivers.

Maryland Driver,

If you are a driver in or around the DC Metro area, i.e. 495 Beltway or 270; you can totally sympathize with me when I say that the common courtesy level of drivers in this area is outrageous.

Drivers that drive in such a way to potentially cause an accident are very inconsiderant, selfish individuals. People that are out thier driving like that are not thinking about hte consequences that thier road rage can cause. There has not been one day that I have driven in this are and not seen an accident or a traffic jam from all the "rubber-neckers" investigating the accident on the side ofo the road. I mean c'mon people, if you are not going to help then get the hell on!

Maryland Driver,

People who drive in or around the state of Maryland / Washington DC are crazy. I question the DMV for issuing Drivers Lic. to individuals that are road ragers. I believe that part of the issuance should involve an intense, on the road evaluation of how these drivers react. It's no fair that my insurance is high due to specific individuals inability to control thier temper and take thier time.


By the way, she didnt even scratch my new paint job.


Its really interesting to read everyones stories. I have one myself. It was scary as hell...but this b**** got what she deserved!!

I admit, I get pretty frustrated while driving, but I never make eye contact in tense situations and I've never pursued anything(cursing, giving the bird)

Anyways, so I was out one day with my friend on US-183 in Austin when this crazy girl flies onto the highway and cuts across 3 lanes of traffic without any thought and right into my lane. I am a very aware driver and saw her coming. I was able to honk (not a super angry, long one..although some other people did) and move to the next lane. Well, she stayed in the lane she robbed me of and I passed by her in the next lane. I was begging my very confrontational friend not to look at her and let it go...but she didnt (she wasnt really mad..she just likes to mess with people). Well, as we passed, my friend gave her double birds. I was nervous but thought it was over. Well, this chick fell back a good ways, sped up to about 90mph and swerved at my car, trying to sideswip me into the highway wall!!! I of course, was paranoid-ly watching her and saw her coming and got out her way. Well, she was going so fast that she lost control, over corrected, slammed, I mean SLAMMED into the highway wall...and then into the wall on the other side...
That b**** totalled her little sporty car and the battle she was trying to win.
My first thoughts: OWNED BITCH!!
Second thoughts: call the police for an ambulance. I told them about how she crashed because she tried to hit me...they never called back. hmm


i don't think that road rage is the best soln. if u want to be a jerk on the road, then buy a driving game and do it virtually


Today I turned down an alley that I didn't notice was one way (there was a smashed up stop sign turned backwards blocking the little "oneway" sign). It was 2 blocks in length without any turnoffs and people were parked on both sides of the alley (in both directions I might add - partly why I never noticed it was oneway) leaving just enough room for one vehicle to get through. When I got to the other end a big tow-truck came barrelling up in front of me and suddenly looked up, noticed me and slammed on his brakes. (I was stopped by then, checking both ways to turn out onto the street). The guy started making exaggerated foul gestures screaming and hollering in his cab that it was a "one way, b^&*$", pulled up almost nose to nose with his truck now blocking both the lanes on the main street. He put it in park, threw his hands in the air and mouthed "I'm not moving" and sat there. Other vehicles couldn't get by and he was aggressively jabbing in my direction, indicating it was my fault he wouldn't move.

Yes I made a mistake - but by then I couldn't back through the alley (the one lane had deep wheel ruts from not being plowed) for 2 blocks. All he would have had to do was pull back one foot and I could have got out. I had my 3 young kids with me and he was getting more and more angry I thought he was going to get out and come to the truck so I tried to back out anyway. After I started he squealed off backwards (almost hitting other drivers) and drove around to the other end of the alley and waited where I eventually managed to back out to the other street. He continued with his gesturing, but this time was out of his truck (again parked blocking both lanes of the main drag) jabbing towards the one way sign that nobody could see because it was covered up. He was getting closer and closer to the truck and his truck was so close to my rear I almost had to hit him to back out (but didn't).

Just as I pulled out a cop came up the alley in front of me (going the right way), I was very relieved even though I had been in the wrong - but I made a mistake. He looked at me, and the guy making the scene, and just drove off.

We live in a small town - there's a good chance I will be seeing him around. I feel like calling the towing company (what if I need a tow truck and they send HIM?) and on the other hand I'm scared to death. My vehicle is one of only 2 in town and he was REALLY PISSED!!! My husband says there's nothing we can do unless he *tries something*, but I feel scared now to be on the main drag with this idiot around. He's also quite a bit larger than I. I feel like I should call the police for advice but I think hubby is right that there's nothing they can do. I've never been so scared in my life - and it's my first ever experience with this kind of thing.


Are there any organizations with local chapters that bring the community and law enforcement together to monitor and enforce road rage / aggressive driving laws?

Please email:



I think some people deliberately create aggressiveness in drivers because of the ridiculous habit of driving slowly.But it's the truth, road raging is crazy man!!!


I am engaged!!! I just had to tell everyone!


Never count on the police to come to help you out on a Rage incident. They have too many other things to do.
Like eating lunch, taking a break, or not giving a damn cause' it's just a infraction and won't help with thier promotion resume' It's low on thier priority list and this stuff happens millions of times every day.
And even if they decide to respond it will take a long time and by the time they get there you will probablly be dead.


i think road rage is crazy


Road rage can kill if people aren't taught to let people off with a good sign.


thats pretty funny that, the jonathon martinez guy, was mad at another woman cause she spelled him name wrong, well considering he spelled it 2 ways how was she suppose to know.
oh well it was like a year ago.


About two years ago, I was on the way to the local grocery store and I picked up a tailgater along the way. I was already exceeding the posted speed limit by about 5 mph but that didn’t matter. As a counter measure, I slowed to about 10 mph under the speed limit and the tailgater backed off a bit.

After getting to the store, I noticed the tailgater followed me into the parking lot and then circled a few times while I was getting my wallet and keys together. Walking up to the door, he came around again and shot me a finger.

About 30 minutes later, I returned to my vehicle and found that this same person was parked out on the edge of the lot, just sitting there. I got on my cell and called the police and explained what was happening, they told me to stay put until they arrived… which they did about 10 minutes later. As I approached the police cruiser, the tailgater sped off. The police took off after him and that resulted in a high-speed chase and finally, an arrest after the guy crashed through a fence and into someone’s front yard.

It was a 19-year-old kid in his Father’s car who said he was just out having some fun.


He got 18 months in jail and a $1200 fine plus he was supposed to pay to repair the private property he damaged.

His Father paid the fines and damages and then said that the police had been ‘overly aggressive’ in chasing him down.


First off, I'm very,very disapointed in our law enforcement. Where is the justice,and the truth? in our system.You know it is pretty dang scarey when an incident takes place on the road/freeway,and when you report it expecting to get help and the officer to hear both sides and make the right decision, and the officer tells you he don't want to hear it! yes this really did happen. he lets the road rager go and gives the one reporting the incident the dang-gum ticket, then you go to your assigned court date and they give you a paper to look over with plea bargains,,!! what's that?? can't they just accept the truth? the way it really happened? the court system just wants money, money,money. they don't care anymore what's right and wrong. It is a sad world we are living in people.It really is.. heck most people can't afford health insurance let alone car insurance. then when our country is becoming vastly populated with illegals who cannot afford car insurance and or health insurance don't know how to read the road signs or speak English, and think they already own this State. This is just my oppion this is probably alot of the cause of the rosd rage, Americans are retaliating in one way that they
can, letting the illegals know that they cannot come over here and take over everything including our roads/freeways think about it 4 a really is true, most of the crimes I said most, not all. are committed by illegals robberies, rapes, shootings,car accidents, etc.... they get there hands slapped and r let go.Or they retreat back to their home-land. well enough of that. If more of all of us, everyone was to be more courteous on the roads/freeways we would have a whole lot less accidents, 4 real. Go ahead and let that fast driver get in front of you. what's the big deal?? Go ahead and let that lane changer, change.. if you know they r going to do it,, let it be done...***Because there is always, always... a safe place later on down the road that you can make up 4 lost time/slowed time..Say a little pray.. ***God give me patience... not hard to say,*** God keep that fast person safe..not hard to say.***God give that road=rager calmness.. not hard to say...
Umless ur scratching your head/nose keep ur hands on the wheel.and if someone jumps in front of you,or does something stupid.. "JUST LET IT GO" at least you are safe, and you WILL get to your destination in one piece.Your Boss knows already that traffic at times can be a night-mare, with road-construction, or the last-minute calling of mother-nature. or an accident. heck your boss is human to...So just please THINK... BEFORE YOU STINK.. lOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP.. LOVE BEFORE YOU HATE, PRAY, BEFORE IT'S TOO-LATE.... *KEEP GOD IN OUR STATE,AND IN YOUR HEART. HE IS THE KEEPER OF OUR FATE.... LOVE you all... Drive safe...
p.s. note I did not say I hate illegals, I just stated a fact that we all already know...


I have a problem with aggresive driving! When people get right up on the back of my car,it really angers me! I always keep pulling up, but it never fails, some dummy will keep pulling closer to my car! DO NOT do that to me if you know me! I am a girl with an attitude. (lol)


Tailgating gives me road rage. I don't know why people can't accept the fact that usually when you tailgate someone, it makes them go even slower, at least it does me. I don't drive slow neither and I don't hang out in the left lane. I love it that people who do the aggressive driving, always blame the drivers around them. Grow up people, there are too many traffic deaths, and they could most of them could be avoided if people just slowed down a little and were more courteous.


I'm sorry to those who lost children to road rage. That's an awful thing. So is being a road rager. I'm doing a 3 page paper and all those people who argued and said they like being a road rager didn't help me any, but a lot of you gave me something to think about. I still only have my permit and some of you make me scared to get on the road. lol! But I do think everyone should take road rage seriously.

julie (UK),

tailgating women!! makes me sooo mad. i dont drive slow either but I still get the odd one. I want to get out and confront them out of the car and see how hard they are then! I know I should know better but why should they get away with it..HELP Im going to get into a situation one day cus im getting madder and madder and Im not push over!


hii i'm a student and i have driving licance,i like fast driver but i'm carefull. we are carefully drive.
i think l love my girl_friend. l love life; this world.


You guys should try driving out there these days on a motorcycle. You can't fight a cage on a bike. In the last year I have had two road heathens try to kill me with their vehicle. I turned the one today in to the cops and I still remember the license number of the first one. boy is he in for a surprise one of these days...


Road rage is mainly an American thing. It happens in the U.K. and elsewehre but it is far more prevalent here. I find American drivers in general very infantile behind the wheel, poorly trained and egotistical.

My solution to avoiding road rage is to drive as little as possible in the U.S. Most of my driving takes place in Germany and in the U.K. nowadays. I find it much easier and far safer. None of the road-rage episodes other posters described here do EVER happen on German roads. I feel safer at 130 mph on a German Autobahn than at 70 mph on an American interstate. When I tell this to friends back home, they do not understand it. In Germany I am surrounded by courteous, well trained, defensive drivers (who happen to drive 100 mph or better) and I feel safe. In the U.S. I have to be on guard for every yo-yo I pass on the interstate because I must expect he/she will do something stupid either unknowingly or on purpose.


road rage is fun


Patience and tolerance...where are they now? Certainly not on the roads. Needed: Love, kindness, tolerance, compassion.

And what about rage? Why are they so angry, anyway? Are we a world of spoiled brats? Duh, I think we are!

Drive defensively...Live defensively!



My daughter, a 20 year old USF student, and her boyfriend were almost killed because of senseless road rage. The driver that caused her to crash her car into a tree and almost die, just drove away . Numerous people witnessed the accident and stopped. Here are the facts. On March 28, 2007, my daughter was traveling northbound on I75 in Bradenton, FL approximately one mile south of I275 at 3:50 pm. She was driving her 2000 Acura Integra, a small white sports car. Her boyfriend was a passenger. They were returning home from a relaxing day at the beach. She was in the middle lane. The traffic in front of her slowed so she moved to the left lane to pass. A black SUV, described as a 2007 GMC Yukon, traveling about 90-100 mph in the left lane, became very angry that she was in his way. He tailgated her with aggressive behavior. The SUV moved to the middle lane, came up beside her car, and began screaming at her on her passenger side. Witnesses described the man as a white male in his mid thirties. He was visibly yelling and screaming at her and motioning for her to pull over. When she did not, he cut her off by pulling in front of her in the left lane. At this point, the SUV driver is ahead of her. This initial confrontation was witnessed. Approximately five miles down the road, my daughter returned to the middle lane. A witness stated that as soon as she returned to the middle lane, the SUV slowed down to get beside her and began running her off the road by driving closer and closer to her. She took evasive action to avoid a collision by moving further and further to the right lane. He continued to run her off the road and onto the shoulder. He then ran her off into the grass. At that point, she lost control of her car. The witnesses stated that she was doing everything in her power to gain control of her car and get back on the road. Once the car returned to the road, it shot across all three lanes of traffic, into the median and flew into a tree. The driver side of the car hit the tree first and then flipped up into the tree. The roof of the car collapsed and pinned my daughters head and body. Her boyfriend, sitting beside her, said when he became conscious, he looked to find her but could not see her. He crawled out of the crushed windshield opening and was helped out by bystanders that had stopped. He screamed to find my daughter. The bystanders pulled the car down from the tree. They were unable to get MY daughter out of the car. EMS arrived within five to ten minutes. They cut the trees away from the car and had to cut the roof off to get her out of the car. She was flown to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg in critical condition. Her boyfriend was transported by ambulance to Manatee Memorial Hospital. They both sustained serious injuries. My daughters brain was bruised, she had a severe laceration to her forehead, her left rib was fractured, her left lung collapsed and badly bruised, and her right forearm and right wrist broken. Her boyfriend’s forehead was severely lacerated and his right wrist broken. The witnesses described the event as horrific and “no accident’. The SUV driver had clear intent to run her off the road. This is attempted murder!

Local Person,

Story sounds familiar. I assume you are the football player that caused an accident just like this. To every one who reads his report, he got off because he is a football player. To Cam: What else are you taking besides alcohol? Check in immediately with a mental health professional and "please" take a copy of your comment with you. What I hear in your lengthy report is a plea for someone to stop you before you kill someone else and yourself.


There's two sides (at least) to every story and any time I hear a road rage story i ask for details and then the story changes. road rage almost NEVER happens for no reason. Usually people who blame the other driver just can't see their own faults.

kathy taylor,

I tried to go around a toyota suv last nite and he ran me off the road. He used his car to hit mine, twice, and he wouldn't let me slow to get behind him or speed up to pass him. Eventually he forced me off the road completely and pulled over in front of me - I was frightened for my life and called 911. The man called police himself and then proceeded to tell the officers I ran into his lane. The responding officer let him leave the scene so his little girl could go to the bathroom. When I asked why he was allowed to leave and that wasn't he DUI - I'd smelled alcohol on him when he leaned down to my window screaming for my I.D. the officer became disrespectful and yelled at me what was I supposed to do? and told me to get back in my car. I am frightened of the outcome and do not feel as though the incident was taken seriously. Any advice would be appreciated.


My husband is an aggresstive driver...he wants to show the other guy he's wrong..sometimes, because the other fello is driving to slow or changing lanes without his signal lights on. My husband starts to tail-gate....drives faster...or passes the car and then slows down. I can't stop my husband, because it's always the fault of the other guy...not my husbands. I'd like to turn my husband in for a good scare at the local police department....maybe they could come visit our home or call him in for a good talking too. I just might save a life...maybe my own.

Idaho Cam Man,

Part B
...but still running right headon into the wagon in a t-bone crash right smack in the middle of the 5 lane highway.

I remember seeing the truck and wagon lock together sliding toward me and then I saw that truck go airborne with its tailend going straight up and over the wagon below it and landing upside down on th truck's cab and sliding to a halt. After sliding, the wagon ended up still sitting upright without turning over and was also pointed in my direction.

Well, I had a feeling I may have hit the wagon myself. That is when I figured I would stop and check my vehicle for possible damage cause I really like my hotrod turbo car. So I did pull over to the side of the road and stopped.

Then I got out of my vehicle to look things over and, after that, I decided I would just get the heck out of this revolting development. I obviously knew there had to be accident injuries and maybe there could have been somebody dead or dying, but I decided to take care of myself instead and drove away.

Well after an hour or two, I began to hear that law enforcement was out trying to find my car and I began to realize I might be in for some difficult days ahead. That is when I finally called some friends who knew what I should do.

After talking to those good folks, they were able to arrange my first contact with the law enforcement investigator on their own turf with me at a comfortable place which had long been a friendly and interested environment of my own. So would you believe I was not ever in contact personally with the law until right at 5 full hours after the end of my 15 mile speeding trip which ended in a major accident that I may have helped cause.

The real kicker is that the wagon, which I caused to come to a dead stop right in the path of the pickup truck, was driven by a young married man who had his wife with him in the front seat and his 5 week old new born baby girl in an infant carseat in the back of the wagon. What a terrible matter that all three members of this young family were killed instantly, but I could not have saved them anyway.

To get to the current state of the matter, my friends were very supportive and helped me greatly through a series of clever legal motions and hearings. My 3 vehicular manslaughter charges were dropped by agreement with a magistrate judge in private chambers surprising everyone and the media minutes prior to the beginning of the official preliminary hearing to establish probable cause. This really helped me by dropping the charges prior to any witness accounts of my involvement.

My charges then became leaving the scene of an injury accident and reckless driving. The preliminary hearing lasted 2 full days and there was very much evidence and more eye witneses to my total wrong doing than anyone else. But the 3 manslaughter charges against the driver of the pickup truck, who only had public defenders, stuck and the legal process continued.

Well, I will not devulge the remainder of my friend's and my attorney's clever legal moves and any arm-twisting, but today I am pretty much free to drive and travel anywhere I always have. I slept overnight on work release for less than three weeks and was released from custody on withheld judgement and just 5 years probation.

As for the driver of the pickup truck, he got 10 years maximum and 4 years mandatory for each count of his 3 manslaughter charges and thus has to pull at least a total of 12 years and as much as 30 years in the Idaho State Penitentiary. You see he was above the alcohol limit which was determined from his BAC blood draw.

As for me, I stayed away from the law for 5 hours and the law officers decided it was too late to give me a breath test and too late to take a BAC blood sample for alcohol or for illicit drugs and steroids. I still am not certain as to whether this was road rage or whether it was only aggressive driving.

Your comments and opinions are most welcome and will be appreciated.

Idaho Cam Man,

A couple years ago I really got away with some major aggressive driving while speeding over a total distance of more than 15 miles on one of Idaho's most dangerous mountainous state highways. After the first 5 miles of excessive speeding, I ran up on this dude's pickup truck bumper and pressured him into increasing his speed to an excessive level also by not reducing my own speed to his more appropriate highway speed. I did not want to slow down and he was just in my way.

So I got right up on hie bumper and tried to pass on the right once, but the two lanes converged back to one and I pulled back behind the truck and continued pulling in and out numerous times while trying to force the truck driver to get out of my way and let me go on speeding down the highway. This went on for the next 4 miles until a much better passing opportunity came up.

On that first real straight away of over a mile I was able to pull up along side the pickup truck with my turbo-charged sports car and drove along with the truck like that for close to a mile before I was able to finally pass by exceeding the top speed of the truck easily.

We were at this point having a lot of speeding fun, at least I was. So a mile or so down the highway in more curved conditions I reduced my speed from over 100 mph down to about 75 and allowed the truck to pass me and get back in front.

After about 7 miles of my total speeding adventure, we came to the second really good straight away road segment where I again was weaving in and out of the travel lane trying to pass while still right on the truck's bumper. At about the 8.5 mile point, I decided I had had enough fun playing with this pickup truck driver, so I threw my floor stick down into second gear and shot out past the truck at about 100 mph right in the middle of a no passing zone and an at-grade 4-way roadway intersection.

I just went on my way in the nopassing area extending from the approach end of the intersection, throughout the intersection, and right on out the departure side of the intersection for a total yellow line marked area of about a half mile. Well, by the time I got back into my proper lane down the road, I had blown that pickup truck out of my way and the truck had fallen back about 10 or 12 car lengths.

At that point, the fun and action were really over, at least I thought so until I got about another mile down the road. As I was doing around 100 or more mph, I was about 500 or 600 feet from a right side roadway intersection where suddenly I saw this compact size family wagon pulling right out in front of me from a stop sign position into the middle of the 2 lanes I was traveling in.

You had better believe my heart stopped and I came close to breaking my water and you dropping you know what else. All I had time to do was to break my speed and do a quick S-swerve to my left over into the middle lane of the 5 total lanes and hope the wagon stopped in time to miss me too.

Well I think the other driver may have hit his brakes and stopped just as my car slide sideways around the wagon's front end with my car still doing about 75 mph. I slid all the way over into the 2 opposing lanes of travel before I was able to regain control of my sports car and start to drive on down the road.

Now you will not believe what I saw in my rear view mirror after I had traveled about 300 or 400 feet on up the road. It was no other than the pickup truck braking hard, but still running right headon into the wagon in a t-bone crash right smack in the middle of the 5 lane highway.

End of Part A - Continue with Part B hereafter.


I was waiting my turn at a 4-way stop sign and I started to go into the intersection when a guy cut in
front of me and to make matters worse he slowed down and called me names like I was in the wrong. I guess it was the name calling that make me crazy. I yelled.."pull over." and we both did. I jumped out of my car and started yelling at the idiot and he got right in my face and I pushed him, hard, to start a fight. Right then another another guy came running out of a store , got between us, and started yelling at us to break it up. He was bigger than either of us. After a moment or two we did and we drove off in separate directions. My fear was not the confrontation but how quickly I became violent and what could have happened. He could have had a knife, a gun...we could have beat the hell out of each other. And for what?? Because he did not wait his turn and called me a name? I am the idiot and I thank that guy whole broke it up. Later I realized that the guy who make me so angry taught me something about myself and I realize a change is in order. Next time I will stop and wait.... it's that simple.


What an idiot that guy is! Why would you take it that far by running after someone? Not only that, but he left his car?! That's very respectable that you were the "bigger man." and kept your cool. I don't think I could have put up with someone doing that and screaming in my face and let them get away with it.


You won't believe this. I was about to turn on a street, but realized it was the wrong street. So this guy that was RIGHT on my ass tried to swerve by me, but I had already started to go on to the next street. He honked and screamed (cussed) something at me, so I of course yelled back and called him a name. I thought it was over and pulled into the parking lot, when, next thing I know I see him running on foot in my rear view! He left his car in the street and chased after me! I should have gotten out of my car because I am a strong guy (and 6'4), and he was a skinny small guy, but I stayed in my seat because he was there within seconds. I was afraid he was going to break something on my car, but he screamed at me through my window and luckly I really kept my cool and told him he needs to calm down. I would have been more tempered, but there were a bunch of kids and parents around watching all of this. Finally he thought he "got the best of me" and left. Part of me really wishes I would have just gotten out of the car, because he for sure would have hit me. Then I could have kicked his butt in self-defense. Anyway, what a psycho. Who chases after someone and leaves their car in the intersection?!


I hope everyone who gives the middle finger realizes that IF you get caught, you can get a heavy fine. trust me. i am doing a report on road rage and you all are helping me alot. thanks :D


I am driving in walmart parking lot, lady on hand held cell phone pulls out in front of me( give her a lil toot, not a long f you blast). She gets in turn lane, I follow, she starts taking off outof turn lane, I follow, she slamms on her breaks and makes me hit her. I am in a 4x4 ford,ok and she drives the f off, she drives the f off, I will say again, she drives the f off. Her back right coner is mangled, she is 60 yards ahead, jumps out and scream ( you stupid bitch you hit my car, and my gradbaby is in here). SHE IS STILL ON HER CELL PHONE. I run for the nearest car asking for help. I had whiplash bad, and one of the drivers came after me terrarizing me in the car as the girl who helped me held her cell phone up showing him she was on phone with 911. Cops came ambulance, and they even screamed at cops I was calling them the N word, chasing them around I am 5 3 140, and their were four of them. I was put on a back board, and a collar in er for 8 hours. NO TICKET DID I GET EITHER.


I don't think there is any point in reporting crazy driving because the police really can't do anything about it, even if they say they have a hotline number!


Hopefully one of them wrecked.


I was driving to work this morning coming from Sanger down my normal route on Jensen. Like every morning there are the typical speeders and this morning especially there was a hummer speeding in and out of the two lanes. I let him pass and moved over, even thougth I was going the speed limit---and he catches up to this little green hyundai and cuts it's off. The worst part is that little green car cuts off the hummer and slams on their brakes!!! WTF! To make matters worse, they keep driving like that for over 10 miles. I am ahead of both of them and pray they dont try to speed up and pass me, God forbid an innocent bi-standard get's hurt! The hummer even tries to pass on the dirt, not even a lane and that stuped green car keep slaming on it's breaks. It they want to get into an acciendent and get banged up go somewhere else. I had my child in the back seat. I turned off onto a side street and took a different route. Then I called to report both of them to the police dept. (keep in mind I had both license plate #'s) and the lady tells me there's nothing she can do since it's been 20 minutes and I left them. Seriously, nothing you can do?!?


Help, I'm scared of Roger!!!! NOT What a pussy


Hey Roger, you sound angry yourself. It's ok calm down. Sounds like you are the problem. Sounds like you are trying to prove your Macho Status.


The above comments defending aggressive driving and/or road rage are most likely from young guys who feel the need to prove their macho status. If any of these "males" are over 40, you should know better for christsakes! To the idiot with the Dodge 1500, sure do wish you'd try your crap with me, be your last time. Yep, I'm saying what you think I'm saying. You wouldn't be the first one nor most likely the last.


Stop driving like idiots and people won't chase you down and key your cars. You were all probably driving in the left lane slow, not using yor turn signals or cut someone off. Get over it and stop whinning.


Well, this was a helpful resource...
I am writing a 15 page paper on road rage O_o


We have deleted some recent comments that published licence plate numbers of alleged road ragers. any identifyign information is deleted from comments for obvious reasons.

However, lots of people want to know how to report incidents of road rage, reckless driving etc. and how effective this is so we are working on an article that will help.


Aggressive driving means different things to different people. For me, anyone who moves into my space without communicating is being aggressive but there's different levels. If someone is very aggressive I get angry. Don't like being bullied and anyone who tries it is taking a chance. Having said that, a good dose of patience and tolerance is a must in traffic now, and besides, many drivers don't even know they're being aggressive.They just don't have the smarts!


First off, its normal to have road rage, because it is normal to have any emotion. It is not normal to act on the emotion. As to those who find themselves driving many miles with someone on the road cursing, tailgating, and attempting to run them off the road, you might try getting off the road. You know, exiting the roadway or driving to a public area where video surveillance is a factor. Why play in their hands? You are in control of your car. Take control!


Try dealing with a road rager while riding a motorcycle. I was leading a small group to a military officer's retirement when a lady in an SUV that missed her turn tried to forcfully move me and my bike out of the way. A couple more inches, she would've hit me, possibly killing me. That should be attempted assult/vehicular manslaughtler, or murder (it was intentional). Our governments need to start writing and passing laws for this.

stick and rico,

road rage is great yes and no because you can stick your finger at someone releasing just a pinch of tension in your fat head. second reason why you think road rage is great you get to rearend a persons car but are to afraid to rearend a truck which will end up giving your cars front side a nice make over. third you can drive faster than the person who is shouting at you when they just realized that they missed your license plate to ticket your face for damages and maybe a fine.

wonder why some of us are caught on tv for some unbelievable scenes and what not but i can tell tick and rico you must be on it alot and have paid some hefty money man because you know alot about driving..


If you don't like getting tailgated - don't drive slow and refuse to move for faster vehicles.


road rage is great so shut it fools

my world,

wth rofl do you guys read or just tell your life long story of how boring it is to be on the road. isnt driving a way to get from one place to the other (on time is not the issue: it is your own fault for being late you might as well be fired). if you cannot handle driving on the road like your cruising with no worries you shouldnt be on the road, not the others who actually pay attention to road signs and speed signs. They do not want to get a ticket unlike some aggresive drivers who should be ticketed like how they are doing in England or whatever. their policy is you pay 10% of your income if you speed or do any crime on the road. how would you feel if you paid your childrens life money away just to get to work on time from over sleeping or drinking by speeding. iono about some of you but road rage? you want to damage other peoples cars? or what about this you pick on someone on the road but while you look through your rear view mirror you bang into a 6 year old child? but for some of you i can guarentee that you would think it was a speed bump..... really do you guys drive so insanely ( does not relate to highway but i can guarentee both aggresive and road ragers do this ) that you think most people drive more slower than their grandma? what if it was your grandma you banged into? then what......


the same thing that happened to you can happened to any one in the world


Xanax was my answer to my valid southern california Road Rage issues.
The sooner everyone faces the reality that there are far more people who have no idea how to drive, and have no business on the road. The healthier and happier you will be yourself. Who wants to purposely cause an accident or be involved with a fuck you fight with a stranger on the freeway? Certainly not me. Get a prescription to the 'Let it go pill" It's working for me. :)
I'm a nice patient understanding driver thanks to my Amazing discovery! You know the words nice and curtious don't exist anymore anywhere, let alone on the overcrowded highway. haha!
Road Rage is not a joke don't get me wrong. Get help or get the frick off the road!

Speed Racer,

Waiting 7 seconds at a stop light for the guy in front to look up and go. Honked once for a split second, the guy lookes up starts driving and flips me of. I ignore him and follow. Next light guy sits at light on purpose, 10 seconds I don't honk because I could not care less. Guy looses patience and takes of. Next light, same thing, he's watching me in his rear view I look back at him. He puts his crap bucket in reverse and rams my brand new car. Then steps out and gets his face slamed on his crap bucket about ten times. Cop sitting in the turn lane oposite of us, did nothing untill I finished the job(lady behind me thretens to call the police on me).
Cop walked over cuffed the other guy and filled out an accident report. The guy did not file any charges and paid for damages. Lady filed a complaint against officer. I recomended him for promotion.

Angry Redhead,


Angry Redhead,

I think very few of you actually read the above article. Road rage and agressive driving are NOT THE SAME THING! I have road rage, yet I am a defensive driver. I get overly angry when someone drives aggressively (i.e. cutting me off, not using a signal, trying to run me off the road, etc.).

Not You,

dont drive like a gram or ill run u over with my dodge ram 1500 with a 6" lift and 35" tires and a push bar. Thank You

Raphael & Harper,

we are doing a report on road rage. thank you for your imput!! :)


If your going the speed limit or say 5 miles above it, there is no reason you should be tailgated. Don't tailgaters realize that most people will not speed up for them.

me bite you pezz,

road rage driving is just another excuse for stupid people to get others to do the samething ...... people suck ASS


Hey Jack! Where in Steve's message did it say that he was in the passing lane? Perhaps he was in the 2nd lane to the left, or the right-most lane. I see cars doing that crap all the time. These lead-footed drivers insist on overtaking and cutting off others with less than one meter to spare all while the passing lane is completely open.

Perhaps you should refer back to the comment made by Chris, the one right above Steve's.

And I agree wholeheartedly that society has grown impatient. Not only that, but as evidenced by the post above mine, people tend to brush fault off their own shoulders and are quick to blame others.

"It's your fault you lost control and crashed when I cut you off because you were doing the limit.

"It's your fault my kids are violent because you made a video game about guns and carjackings... nevermind the fact that I've never had an actual conversation with my kids in their lives.

"It's your fault I had a heart attack because I bought your supersized fast foods despite knowing that they were glutted with cholesterol and saturated fat."

It is rare when someone takes responsibility for their own actions.

It's incredulous how one can blame an innocent driver for their own aggression, rage, and ineptitude. How many more people have to be seriously injured or, God forbid, killed until we say, "Enough is enough?"


time for u to grow up steve. Its not your job to drive in the passing lane and enforce the speed limit, and when the light changes from red to green that's your signal to go!! Your one of the causes of road rage.


Sometimes some yoyo will speed up to my bumper (I'm going the speed limit), pass me and then cut me off and speed away. I think these people are having adult temper tantrums. Why do they are to take their agression out on innocent drivers?

Why do people honk when the light changes? These people also have temper problems.

Part of the problem is that society has grown impatient.

To all the road ragers out there...


I think road ragers are people who tend to blame others for their problems. They are not good drivers and they don't know it.


you people who think there is nothing wrong with road rage are the people who should ld you like to be the cause of your not be allowed to drive a car. i have been involved in several road rage episodes because my husband is a road rager. he puts our lives meaning his, mine, and our children at risk because of his stupid pride or whatever it is...a marriage could end because of road rage either by divorce or death..THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!!!!! Would you like to be the cause of your kids death????


Some jerk followed me from a grocery store down the street because I honked my horn at him as he was turning into the grocery store extremely slowly. He tried to run into my car and run me into oncoming traffic. I was able to stop next to a cop car that was parked at an intersection and the idiot escaped. All for honking a horn. People out here in AZ take horn honking waaaaay too seriously. I'm from NY - horn honking isn't considered such a big deal there. I've been treated better driving in Manhattan than out west.

k' train,

road rage is bad!!!!!!!!!!


i am a road rage driver and i dont think theres nothing wrong with it because nothing bad happends and slow people should get off the road!


We driver trainers teach 'traffic management' as advanced driving. In other words you are always driving 5 vehicles -- your own, the one in front and the ones on either side. you anticipate their every move and even know what they're thinking. The risk of road rage is virtually eliminated, but not completely because there's always someone stupid or very aggressive out there

Heller H,

Right Jazz, that's life. It just takes a little spark and you can be pitched into another world. Sometimes you have to let it go but maybe that one time you are already enraged and you blow. On the other hand, if you anticipate really well you can avoid the conflicts that lead to road rage.


Road Rage can just happen. I can be totally happy driving along and some jackass does something that puts themself, my family, and myself in danger. People act like they own the world and dont care that they could have killed someone. Am I wrong to get pissed at them? Some asshole almost kills me, runs me off the road and then laughs and what?I should not get out and kick their ass. Put my family in danger and I will show you what road rage is. Mistakes happen and I dont get mad, people do stupid things and I dont get mad, heck I do stupid things and make mistakes, but if you do it on purpose and dont care about the safety of others you deserve to get whatever you get, punched, shot, whatever. I had some woman cut me off and when I beeped the horn to avoid being hit she flipped me the bird. Whats with that? I say this, IF you are a road rager ask yourself this. Was it a mistake, was it just someone being stupid, or did they do it cause they just dont care. If your answer is that it was intentional, get out of your car and kick their ass. Other wise relax it let it go.


My 17 year old son was killed in an accident when a chase followed a provication involving a plastic bottle being thrown from a carfull of teenagers the 51 year old chaser feels he did nothing wrong.


road rage can kill people jonathan dont drive near me either


I was harrassed by a road rager! I even apologized to her but she tried to run me off the freeway, she would get in front of me and slam on her breaks, she held up a sign that said bitch, she flipped me off. She called the cops on me while she was doing all this. I waived at her to go away. I was calm for as long as I could take it but 9 miles later when she tried to run me into the rail I said to myself. If she comes up just one more time she's gonna get it. I had a huge soda from the night before never touched I rolled down my window, I tried to lose her and sure enough she came to the side of my car with her window rolled down calling me names. I chucked the soda out of my window and it hit her and splatted all over. I felt better. I laughed at her but boy she was pissed. I have a bad temper but ususlly have to be provolked in order to act out. Anyways she chased me I finally lost her. a hour later the police showed up at my work and they acted as if I was the culprit. I out them in there place as I firmly told them what happened. They threatened me and all but I told them if your going to arrest me then "DO IT" if not good day! Well they went and checked out my story saw the note book calling me a bitch. They wanted to know why I didn't call the police. I told them my purse is on the floor. I couldn't! They asked why I didn't call when I got to work I told them It was over. I just can't believe the lady was so mad and couldn't get over it. Psycho! By the way I was pushed into the commuter lane because of road construction. There was a two car gap between her and the car in front of her so I signaled in and she sat on her horn for at least 5 minutes. NO LIE!

Pissed Off,

Moped drivers are the worst. Be careful of these freaks. They are known to hurt people.


Road rage is not the answer to never know what the other person may have in their car with them (hmmm...maybe a legally concealed weapon) and unfortunately you may just be the person to set them off. Take a breather and think of those you love before you act out on someone else on the may cost you your life. Be safe and be careful out there.


NEGATive, road rage is the key to success. it makes me happy


Jonathan, Jonathon, Jinathen, or whatever, it's not important. Do you act your road rage on the Highway Patrol?. If not, you are a coward.


are you kiding??? nothing wrong with road rage??? Fine, land yourself in jail. and Jonathan, when you get mad at other drivers because they are cutting in and out and etc. breath, and stay calm, just remember it is not worth your time to deal with them. You have things to do and you will hardly see these people again.

Tracy, of course the store won't show you the tape, the police has to get the tape and get the vandal


there is nothing wrong with road rage


You can't spell my name neither cause it with an (a) not a (o)


look you retard if you're gonna send me a message spell my name right


Forget you Ruby I have real road rage problems (lol)


I have some advice for Jonathon please don't drive anywhere near me.


I have some advice for Jonathon please don't drive anywhere near me.

Jonathon Martinez,

I have a big problem please help me I'm a huge road rager!!!


My husband is a road rager and I can't stand it. I will note even drive with him anymore. I told him that I am driving from now on. If he doesn't like it, than he can drive his own car. I told him that he will never put me or my daughter in danger. If he wants to be a jerk he can do it in his own time. I wish someone would knock him down a notch or two.


I was chased down a freeway for about 20 minutes by two males and two females . I got bottles thrown at my truck causing damage and I called 911 got put on hold and I asked an officer that was parked for help he suggested it would be best for me to keep holding. The police are here to serve and protect .Who are they serving and protecting?


I don't get it. A crime was committed and the police would not try to find out who did it?


I was followed to a supermarket parking lot by a man who tried to provoke me into a confrontation after he cut me off. He became further enraged when he couldn't engage me in a conflict. He keyed my car and slashed a tire and I watched him do it from inside the store but was unable to get his lic. plate # and all of this was caught by the stores video monitor. I filed a police report and contacted the store to see about viewing the tape, but they won't let me see it. This may be the only way to identify this man and file charges. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed?

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