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Where to get International Driving Permits

By: staff

Date: Saturday, 09. September 2006

See also IDP Treaty List of countries accepting the International Driving Permitand our Travel and Driving section.

Where to get your International Permit (List by country)


Automovil Club Argentino


International Driving Permits (IDP)s are issued in all States and territories of Australia by the relevant automobile associations. The Australian Government Web site offers a list of authorized resources.

IDPs are available to persons 18 years of age or over who, at the time of application, can produce a current driver's license (not a learner's license) issued in an Australian State or territory (including Lord Howe and Norfolk Islands), and submit a recently taken passport-style photo (5cm x 6cm) which will be attached to the document. The photograph must be full face, without hat or sunglasses.


Osterreichischer Automobil Motorrad-und Touring Club(O.A.M.T.C.) e-mail :


Royal Automobile Club de Belgique (R.A.C.B.)


International Driving Permits are issued by the Bosnian Herzegovinian Automobile Club (BIHAMK), Skenderija 23, SARAJEVO 71000, Tel : (387-71) 212770 / 212 772~3/207658, Fax : (387-71) 213668/668950, e-mail :


United Kingdom the Automobile Association devotes a section of its web site to the issuing of International Driving Permits. The AA's sister organization, The Royal Automobile Club, also issues IDPs. Both state, however, that they cannot issue them to holders of foreign driving licenses.


In Canada the Canadian Automobile Association is the sole issuing authority.


ATC UAE (Automobile & Touring Club for UAE) in Deira, tel: +971-4-2284019 or Arabian Automobile Association. If you are in Dubai and want to get an International Driving Licence for use overseas, then you'll need your Dubai driving licence, a copy, a couple of passport photos and 100 dhs (but bring an extra hundred just in case, and your passport).


Official IDPs for holders of Finland Driving Licenses are given by Autoliitto (AL), The Automobile and Touring Club of Finland (ATCF); Web: Tel: +358-9-72584400. Fax +358-9-72584460, E-mail: (In association with Police )


In Hungary, International Driving Permits are issued by the police


The Wester Indian Automobile Association


Kerala Motor Vehicles Department


In Italy the issuer of International Driving Permits is the Motorizzazione Civile dei Transporti in Concessione (Ministry of Transports). However the Permit can be also requested also at ACI outlets that do this service on behalf of the Motorizzazione Civile.


AA Ireland, 56 Drury Street, Dublin 2, Tel : (Country code 353) (01) 6179988, Automobile Association of Ireland IDP info. Will also supply IDP to holders of some EU licenses if residing permanently in Ireland. Cost about 5 Euros.


In Japan, International Driving Permits are issued by the Public Safety Commission of each prefecture (province). In Tokyo, for example, permits are issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission. Japanese residents are advised to contact the Driver's Licensing Center of Prefecture first.


Kuwait International Automobile Club (KIAC)


Automobile Association of Malaysia


Associacion Mexicana Automovilistica

New Zealand

New Zealand Automobile Association


The Oman Automobile Association (OAA), PO Box 776, MUTTRAH 114, Tel : (968) 510239 / 510 630, Fax : (968) 510276, e-mail :


Automobile Association Phillipines(AAP), Tel : +632-7230808


Automobil Clubul Roman, the Romanian Automobile Association, offers this service at its branches throughout Romania. The cost for this International Driving Permit (IDP) is about 200,000 ( 1USD= 16,681 ROL/ 14.10.1999). Valid period: one year from the date of issuing.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi automobile and Touring Association email:


The Automobile Association of Singapore is the only organization in Singapore authorized to issue the 1949 Convention International Drivers Permit .

For information, contact the Licensing Section, Traffic Police, No. 10 Ubi Ave 3 at Tel No: 6547 0000 for more information on application procedures.

South Africa

The Automobile Association of South Africa is the sole issuer of International Driving Permits for the following countries: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and the Transkei. The applicant must be in possession of a valid driver's license from the country of origin. The IDP is not valid in the country of issue. Permits area issued from the AA head office in Kyalami as well as various AA Auto Shops nationwide.


Real Automovil Club De Espana (RACE)


Automobile Club de Suisse(A.C.S.)


In Thailand, International Driving Permits are issued by the Department of Land Transport (Tel: 0 2272-5322, 0 2272-5416). Applicants must possess a Thai driver's licence for at least one year to be eligible to apply.

The following are required for application:


Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey

United Arab Emirates

Arabian Automobile Association. We are one of the authorised agents to issue the genuine International Driving Permit from our sister concern Emirates Automobile & Touring Club. For AAA members it will cost Dhs 50.00 as processing fee and for Non members Dhs 150.00 (as of March 2008)


The U.S. State Department says it has authorized two organizations to issue IDPs - the American Automobile Association (enter your location carefully), and the American Automobile Touring Alliance, which offers IDPs through the National Automobile Club.

These are the ONLY two authorized places for U.S. residents to get an IDP: all other locations and sources on the Internet are not authorized, and some are scams that promise a lot, and charge even more, for a document that may not be accepted where you are traveling. The department warns tourists intending to drive overseas to first check with the embassy or consulate of the countries they plan to visit to learn about the requirements for driver's license, road permits, and auto insurance.

More information

Get more facts about the International Driver's Permit and check our warning about scams .

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R Ludwig,

Is there any information about how to handle a car accident in these countries. I'm interested in how the collision repair process differs.





ciao voglio cambiare patante indiana con inter nazinale


caio io voglio cambiare patente indiana con idp


Does the new York state permit international drivers license?


I've found that the best resource for drivers license issues in the US is They provide info for every state and that is important because drivers licenses are state based.


I am moving to US(Pittsburgh, PA) from Europe. And I have a valid Indian driver's license (no european) and it is in English.
I cannot go back to India to apply for an IDP. Couple of questions I have are :
1. If I can drive a car(especially rented) for a while till I get a local driver's license, without IDP
2. If I do need an IDP, then can I get in US without US citizenship.


Can I use a Chinese driving license to drive in Pennsylvania?


I am training for ministry in Florida and awaiting a decision for my visa to be extended. Is it legal for me to drive here while awaiting the reply for my visa extension? I do have a UK driving license


I am from Haiti, i have been in the U.S but i can't drive because i don't have the international permit. i went back to my country and they don't issue international permit in Haiti. i would like to know how could i get one from other country to enable me to drive.


Can I use a Singapore License to drive a car in New York?


Can I use my Turkish Licence to hire a car in Canada?

sandeep tete,

Hi i'm from india and I be going to nepal and hope fully be able to drive there and my licence is all over to india permite where can i get international driving permit in nepal? thanks

younis b. collins,

i want a liberian new driving license


Hi, I'm from the Philippines, and I'll be going to Japan and hopefully be able to drive there. My question is, is the IDL issued here in the Philippines valid to use in Japan? Thanks!


where can i get international drivers permit in nepal .


Where can you get in the Ukraine and these countries in Africa:
Sierra Leone


Also if you are coming to the states you have to have car insurance.



Anyone got any ideas on getting an international motorcycle license in Mongolia?


please who knows where to get a genuine international driving license in Nigeria.


I have a Baharani Driver License, can I drive in IL, Chicago,U.S.A ?

Question-2 OR
I have a International Driving License,from Bahrain. Can I drive in IL, Chicago,U.S.A ?

Please reply to me


I have a Brazilian Driver License, can I drive in U.S.A ?


i have an indian driving licence, can i drive in newzealand?


i got saudi arabian driving licence is it acceptable in europ?

please reply


I have an Driving License issued in India. Will it be valid in France. If not, How can I be able to self drive in Frince.
Please help


Whats about Bangladeshi driving licence in canada? My licence has been issued professionaly by the authority of Bangladesh Govt.

Am I able to drive in Canada or not?





i am trying to find out the costs of a drivers license if i am in lagos and the cost of a passport for ap erson coming from lagos to america there are many sites but it never shows the costs does anyone have the answer or a site i could go to to find the answer.

keshav arora,

i have international driving liecence can i driving cabs in uk

azzedine missoum,

I want change my driver permit Algeria to driver UK if is possibly


i am haitian where in the us ican make my international driving liscense


If im going to batam indonisia did I must apply singapore
internasinol lesen for class 2b.2a.2 bec I need to rent a motorcycle over there.i worried if I use singapore le sen witout internasinol an offen my emai.


if anyone knows how to get a international drivers permit from the bahamas please let me know email me at there good in the united states. every where but the common wealth of the bahamas. there was a company out of la that sold them about 10 years ago, please help


doe sanyone know how to get international drivers permits from the bahamas? mine expired and i dont know how to get another, i got it from a company out of la and that company is gone now.


in nigeria i got the first NDL used and espired
and the second one now so how can i get saudi
arabian IDL and where pls


HI ;am a nigerian driving for state goverment for
past 3yar and like to drive in saudi arabia and
has no money i need a help ween i get there i
start working and i wil pay bark pls naija
suffring is too much help me

Gao Yuan,

WTF, China is not on the list of countries. Looks like I can't get IDP at all...


I just arrived in chicago without IDP, how can i have a driving license so that i can drive here in the USA


can i use a AL permit in TN?


i have a driving lisence in oman ,can i use it in abudhabi.


Can i transfer my thailand drivers licence to a english drivers licence?


Hi i'm a South AFrican living in Canada and have a valid South African Driver's licence but would like to obtain an international one. How do I go about doing that in Canada?


I have a Chinese license and I can't find where to obtain an IDP in China. Some agencies claim that through online application and mailing them my lisence, signature and photo, they can get me an IDP. So are these agencies eligible? Thank you!


I have a Chinese license and I can't find where to obtain an IDP in China. Some agencies claim that through online application and mailing them my lisence, signature and photo, they can get me an IDP. So are these agencies eligible? Thank you!


i have an international drivers licence from Nigeria can i use it in usa


I am looking for past test driving question papers from saitama menkyo center. Can any one tell me where to get/buy it?


I have a valid qatar license..
I wanted to know, if I travel Saudi Arabia will my license be valid.. Or do i have to get the IDP for driving in Saudi Arabia??

Pls Lemme know about this..??
My email --

Miya Blake,

I love to drive and i was wondering, how fast would i be able to get my IDP based upon application and classes?


and IDP is just a translation. It's not a new license.


You obviously know some things about the law. But your actually completely wrong. Needless to say, The government cannot investigate anything legally without any type of suspicion. If the person they are “investigating” Has to have done something to make them suspicious. Even if they are doing something illegal, it has to be bad enough to arise any suspicion.


I plan to visit korea next week and i plan to self drive in Jeju, i like to know how to apply for an International Driving License ?

How fast can i get the IDL upon application ?


traveling to France. Do I need an IDP or will my american license suffice to rent a car for a day?

Martha Hadley,

I understand that several US states' driving licenses ARE recognized as valid under Italian law. I need to either get a license from one of these states OR pay a lot of money to take an in-car driving school to qualify to take the Italian licensing test. And then pass the test, possibly in Italian. I am 56 and have driven all my life without an accident....

2 questions - can you have drving licenses from two states at once? so to get, for instance a New York license i'd have to surrender my WA license.

second, which states issue licenses that are accepted in Italy?



I have a Swaziland licence can a change it for a British licence


hi to every one could help,
am moroccan had allready join uk, can i convert my driver license to internation or uk driver license , thanx advanced,

tenzin zompa,

I have Indian driving licence from october 2008 and left india on march 2009. Can i use my Indian DL to get Canadian DL? If i can, where in Toronto should i contact and how long is the process.

Patrick Norwoord,

I'm currently in the Philippines, Can i upgrade my license from student permit to non-pro from a different LTO Branch? I acquired my student here in Pampanga, Philippines and i'm planning to upgrade it in Manila.

You may want to check this online reviewer i stumbled upon while looking for some reading material for my up coming non-pro exam


Hi can I drive in California and Nevada with my New ZealAND FULL drivers licence, which I will get an International Drivers licence endorsement for.

We are going to drive from LA to SFO and then to Las Vegas.


Hamayun Khan,

Hi. I'm from Pakistan. I want to make an IDP. Please help as there is no address or may be no office of AA in pakistan


Hi. I'm from Brazil. Can I drive with my driver's license from Brazil for a while? If yes, how long?
I'm doing all the process to get Pensilvania Driver's license, but it takes time.
I arrived here 5 days ago.


Hi. I'm from Brazil. Can I drive with my driver's license from Brazil for a while? If yes, how long?
I'm doing all the process to get my, but it takes time.
I arrived here 5 days ago.

jamal yousif,

i have a swedish driving license, how can i gett international driving so i can use it in USA, or is it ok with swedes licens in USA thanks


I have UAE driving license.Can i use this in pakistan its allowed r not.


hi,currently working in Uae since 3 years,my employer is not issuing a Noc to open the file for driving license,how can i get ? is it possible to get from India,if yes, were and how,i have 15 years old Indian license.


Where can I get a cheap international
driver license for car & motorcycle.
It must be valid 10-20 years.
Thanks, Steen Email:


is it possible to get a drivers lic from another country while mine is suspended in the state of Maryland, USA?
so that i can drive legally?



I am an Italian and a UK citizen Living in the island of Anguilla, a British Overseas Territory, not a country. I have a drivers Licence Issued by ANGUILLA. Does this qualify as a UK drivers Licence that doesn't need an IDP? I also still have an Italian Drivers Licence issued in 1993. Can I drive with that one instead?
Thank you for any help.


hello, i am going to work for 12months in NJ, USA. I am a uk citizen and i have a full uk drivers license, what do i need to do to drive over there?



I am foreign national with a chinese drivers license, I need to obtain an international driving permit but have been told I cant get one in china .
Is there a way out?


can i use my serbian international license here in the philippines?


Is it possible to get an Int'l license sent to you even after your already in the other country?


I am Chinese.I will go to Amercia.
Before I rent can,I must get IDP.
But it seems,I can not get IDP in China.
How Can I apply for IDP?


i want to be able to drive in my own country (Philippines)when i go n visit but i dont know if im allowed to drive there as i learnt how to drive in uk n i have uk driving licence.what do i have to do?and where do i apply international driving permit in the uk if i have to have one.


dear sir i want to join u r compney and want work for u r countrey
my email is

Chandravir Singh,


I have Indian driving licence but also i want International DL for UK so guide me,kindly send me Forms or guide me for further step....



Hi, i know this is a old topic and that, but question for you, i currently have a P1 QLD license i am wondering if i can drive on it in the UK, and if i have to show my plates etc, and as i'm dual nationality also would it be worth me changing it to a british license as i would be over their for 6 months to a year studying


I'm a malaysian citizen living in India. My husband is an Indian citizen and I have an Indian driving license. Now, when I go to Malaysia I want to drive there. Can I apply for International driving license in my own country Malaysia? :)



Dear sir/madam,

I have Indian driving licence but also i want International DL for USA so guide me,kindly send me Forms or guide me for further step....



Hello ,I have a valid jordanian driving license, this is my first semester in usa as a student, is it possible to use an international driving license , until I got my american one?
my e mail is


how many months i can use my international drivers permit portuguese in u.s.a


hi.......... i want driving job in dubai,

Aditya Acharya,

hello ...
I am a resident of India, i am in Spain these days & i have a valid licience from India, is that possible for me to take a car on rent ??
plz suggest....
My email id


I am a Nigerian planning to travel to the US soon. Where can I get the International Driving License in Nigeria?


I am a Nigerian planning to travel to the US. Why can I get the International Driving License in Nigeria?



I have an Indian Driving License and I'm currently in Malaysia. Kindly let me know how i can convert my domestic license into international in malaysia.

My email id is


i have valid indian driving licence taken 08/2008. i came in singapore in 10/2008. can i convert my licence in to singapore driving licence. please give me advice

my mail address:

Mohammad Shadab khan,

i have indian Driving licence and i want UAE Licence Please Advice me how can i get UAE Licence.



I'm a US expat living in Morocco for more than 7 years. I have a Moroccan driver's licence but my Texas DL expired 6 years ago. I'm going to visit in Texas just for the summer. Can I drive with my Moroccan DL? If not, what must I do? Thanks.


I would like to know if UAE motorcycle license is valid in toronto as i have LMV of Dubai. Is there any benifit of holding these license in toronto.

Gazi Harun al-Kobra,

I got Greek(Greece) Driving licence,which is valid for all EU countries!But I am going to travel USA & CANADA,Can I drive there with my Greek
Driving Licence?if not from where I can get International Driver's Permit in GREECE?
my e-mail:


I have a French driving licence, but am currently living in the Netherlands. Would I be able to use my French driving license in South Africa without getting an IDP?

Leigh Wallace,

i am trying very hard to convert my british licence into a south african one but no one seems to know how to do this!! any advice would be fantastic!!


I have my professional philippine driver license do I still need to get ID? and how?


Hello - I have a Chinese Drivers license but need an IDP to drive in New Zealand...please help advise how I can do this. Thanks!


Hello - I have a Chinese Drivers license but need an IDP to drive in New Zealand...please help advise how I can do this. Thanks!


OK a lot of scammers on here. I will only post on this forum once and no one that uses my service will post on here to verify. If you want a UK licence, email me, i dont charge anything upfront, you only part with money when the licence comes through YOUR front door.


Dear sir,
I have PAKISTTANI INTERNATIONAL valid driving licence
can i drive car in france ?please guid me.
Thanking you


i'm an expat and i have a bahrain driving license, can i use my bahrain driving license in Canada?


I have got an international driving permit for US in India. So, now can I drive the car? And, what are the further procedures that I should follow? Can someone help me out?


Chinese driving License For Foreigners and Extend Chinese Visa For Foreigners

We can get a Chinese driving license for foreigners with any visa. You can verify its validity at driving and vehicle license centre.If you want to drive car in China , Please contact us.

Here is a list of documents we need to help a foreigner get his or her Chinese legal driving license :

1.a copy of the main passport page

2.a copy of the valid visa ( any visa type is ok ).

3.a copy of the both sides of the overseas driving license (any driving license is ok )

4.a copy of the last entry stamp

5.8 one-inch color pictures with white background

6.Your chinese name and your height in centimeters

We also can provide the service to extend China visa for foreigners in China.

L visa to 3/6/12-months L visa (0/1/2/m entry)

F visa to 3/6/12-months F visa (0/1/2/m entry

Hugo A. Mejias,

I got a traffic ticket in La Serena, Chile, next day I came back to USA. What can I do to pay the ticket?


Hi, if anyone needs help on the validity of driving licenses in other countries, perhaps you can help.
Send the question to my email and try to answer it. Attach image from driving on both sides, to respond to questions (do not know as is the permission of each country, is trying to see if it complies with international conventions on road traffic).


since september 2009 I am PR in Australia.I have Indian driving license.How can I get Australian driving license, Please Advise.


i need to drive a car in mongolia as per my new work/job

i ham from south africa and have a valid sa drivers lisence

please advice?



i'm an expat and i have a bahrain driving license, can i use my bahrain driving license in kuwait?

david chilcott,

my aaa number is 4382527489447500..\i am in campos, brazil..can you tell me where to get an international drivers license..\i have a texas drivers license currently..thank address is

sasi kumar ek,

Respected sir
i have indian 'heavy goods and passenger vechenchile licence ,


Dear sir,
I have an indian valid driving licence
can i drive car in UK? please guid me.
Thanking you


Where in Bahrain can I apply for and IDP?

Javad rezaey,

i am an afghan refuge how can ia get may idp


Dear sir,
I have indian valid driving licence
can i drive car in france ?please guid me.
Thanking you

Ntshakala Innocent.,

I have a Swaziland drivers licence, i want to change it to a South African one. please help on how to changeit.


I got International permit for USA from India. So can anyone help me what is the next procedures in USA. How come I get permit?


hai sir i have indian &qatar driving licence i want work from london canda can hellp me this is my mobile 0060162728064


You just need to find a good website that is accepting international credit cards as well as domestic credit cards!

Muhammad Usman,

i live in Pakistan ,Lahore and i have Pakistani driver license , so wher can i get international driver license in Pakistan


i have a australian driving licence , but now i've back to my motherland, i want to travel in italy, france, england and germany.i wonder whether i can use my Australian driving licence to drive in these countries? if not , what can i do?

pls contact me ~


i have a australian driving licence , but now i've back to my motherland, i want to travel in italy, france, england and germany.i wonder whether i can use my Australian driving licence to drive in these countries? if not , what can i do?

pls contact me ~

Surinder Singh,

with reference to my earlier mail.

Plese see my email address:

Surinder Singh

Surinder Singh,

I want to go to Australia for a business for near about a year time. I am holding a valid Indian Driving license. Can i drive vehicle in Australia with my Indian License.
Please guide.
Surinder Singh

Mattie Marida,

Good list thanks for posting, Just book marked it .Another good site that was recommended to me to get insurance and compare rates from different companies in one place


hi paola and vk, yes you do need international driving licences, i can get you some, i use loopholes, please contact me on


am travelling to uk next week on holiday. i have an indian licence in i still require an IDP for hiring a car in UK


hi, i can help you getting international driving licence. please contact me on


hi, i'm italian. i have a german driving licence and i live in london. where can i get an international driving licence?
many thanks


i want information of international driving license. now i am from saudi arabia


I want a job as a Heavy lift driver (driving hydraulic AXEL like Goldhofer or anyone. I have 15 years experience in the hydraulic Axel and project work.I have Indian Driving license only.but, I want the job in foreign country of anyone US,Canada,London or please help me for have foreign driving license and foreign job. Thank you.

Sunday owolabi,

Good day
am sunday owolabi am a driver and i which to work in canada or in qatar but i don't money ,so am looking if u can help was i start working so i can pay it back.
Thank u
sunday owolabi


I want to know if omani driving license can be converted to bahraini driving license?

drivers staff,

Try our jobs section for drivers on - best of luck!

raghu raj kalia,

my self raghu raj kalia.i am driver in UAE and i go to canada please call me my no is +919592978784


I live in the UK but have a greek driving licence and plan to travel to florida in sept. how can i get an IDP please ?


Drivers staff,

Hi Shanoaaz. we have a jobs section for drivers on - you can sign up for free newsletter there and get regular updates


i want to jobs for drivers my dl for india

Drivers staff,

Hi Lize - I am assuming your license was issued in the US? You should be fine to drive in France on this license - at least temporarily (depends on residency status in France and other things) You can confirm details by contacting the French Embassy in Washington -



I am a French international student here in the united States. I got my driver license a year ago. Now I am planning to go back to France for few months and come back for the Spring semester.
My question is, can i use my driver license, which expires in december, in my country in France? Thank you for your time

drivers staff,

Hi Alma,

An IDP just supplements your drivers license - it's not a replacement so you should carry both with you when driving. The US does not issue International Driving Permits to foreign visitors. Depending on the State you are driving in - you may be ok to use your South African license -


I'm a South African visiting in the US. My international driver's permit had just expired. I heard that the IDP can only be renewed in my country of residence. Is there any other means to have it renewed either online while in the USA?


Hi! I have a Norwegian license, and would like to drive in South Africa. Do I need an IDL? -If yes, where can I get one?

Drivers staff,

Hi nigels, you could try the IMTT (Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes Terrestres) which is responsible for all licensing issues - there is a 'contact us' section on their website - please let us know how you get on and we can update our list!


Portugal is not listed, any ideas where I can get a IDP for my Portuguese licence?


I am a student in UK since the past 3 years. But I just got an International License from Pakistan now. Can I use it in UK for 1 year now?


does one ned to pass special permit test for that? If yes, is there any practice permit test web sites?

mohammad khan,

wher i get international licenses for drive in bangladesh? from new york state driving licenses.

drivers staff,

Hi Amarjeet - if you check out the homepage there are some articles on working overseas - we are currently researching one on truck driving in Australia which should be up by the end of the week. We are developing a new jobs section at which should also be ready shortly


i wanna doing job in abrod


i wanna doing job in abrod

Stan Lewin,

Where does one residing in Brazil, obtain an International Driver's Permit


How can someone in Nigeria get an International drivers'License



I'm am an Indian living in SA. How can i get my IDL and from where, can it be done online?


Is an IDP renewable? i applied one in dubai a year ago but has expired. Unfortunately, im no longer working in uae and my visa is cancelled. can i still renew it in nepal? staff,

Hi Kathy - the IDP is essentially a translation of your existing license for use when traveling abroad. If you are in Nepal then you may be able to get your IDP issued via the Dept of Transport Management there - you can email them on


any idea if a nepalese can acquire an international drivers permit from india if plans to travel abroad?

Drivers staff,

Hi Soar, if you already have a license in your home country you could look at the International Driving Permit option.


i am an international student who has just arrived in the uk. how do go about obtaining a driver's license?

Drivers staff,

Hi Andrew,

Your US license should be fine for Australia but you could also get the IDP as it can double as a useful piece of ID when you don't want to hand over your passport! If you are staying long-term then you can apply for a license in Melbourne once there


hello! I'm a Nigeria citizing,and i use nigeria driveing licence.and i like to change to italy licence


is there a link to get a drivers license in Australia? i am a United States resident looking for a drivers license
for Melbourne.



If I have IDP and valid Indian driving license then for how many days I can use it in JAPAN. In US boston I used it for 1 year. Later I had taken US license. In the same way will I have to apply for Japan driving license or IDP and Indian is enough?


ive got a german drivers licence but live in the uk and want to travel to the us


where do i get an idp in germany?


am mauritian how to an idp to drive in french


I am a US citizen residing in Austria heading to East Timor. I am wondering if I may arrange the IDP from East Timor or here in Europe? Who could offer one the soonest?


I have a valid Chinese drivers license and will be visiting Illinois USA for about 1 month. Can I drive?

Drivers staff,

Hi Suresh, you would get it from your home country - the details for India are listed in the article above.


Thanks for the reply.
I would like to know from where I will get "International Driving Permit". Will I get it from Indian Driving office or do I need to apply in Japan.

Drivers staff,

Hi Suresh - if you are staying for under a year the International Driving Permit is the best option. It is accepted in Japan while many foreign license are not. If you are a resident (the exact definition is unclear) you must get a Japanese license.


I have Indian driving license. Can I use in JAPAN? If so then for how many days can I use it?


UK licence, will cost you a fair bit but only money upfront is for DVLA and DSA fees.

Drivers Staff,

Hi Moon, you will find more information on the IDP here - although Pakistan is not signed up as a country accepting the IDP - you could check if they can issue a translation (same as the IDP) which would be acceptable in Portugal (as it is signed up to accept the International Permit).


hi i have my pakitani driving lincence so can i change this lincence into portugal licence plz if some one knows about it reply me in my email my add is regards


hi! i am just confused if i am allowed to used my IDP from the Philippines even i stay here in united kingdom for more than 4 years. i used to renew my IDP from the Philippines so i could present this as my license here in u.k. but one of my friend was caught by the police although he showed his IDP. the policeman said that the validity of IDP from the Philippines is just for 1 year. Is there any law stating that IDP from the philippines is just valid for 1 year here in u.k? why others can drive their car using this IDP for a long time?


i want to get an international driving license to drive in the USA . I am from Egypt. i have a valid Egyption licence and i am going to USA as a tourist for 15 days so plesae advice.
you can email me on (


i want to get an international driving license to drive in the USA as i am going there as a tourist so plesae advice.


how i can get the international driver license?,im from the philippines but im working in the United States of America..please could you help me.. i really appreciate if you could help me..thanks you!!!1


hi there,
do i need a idp for singapore and malasia.i have a code 14 in south africa.(extra heavy vehicle.)
please assist!


I've been living in China since 2002. My Indiana drivers license expired in 2005. I've had a Chinese license since 2003. I will take my wife and children back to Indiana for the summer.

1) am i still qualified as a resident of Indiana?

2) how quickly can i get a new license?


Hi, Im in India now. I have to get the letter of authenticity issued by the RTO Jalandhar(India). Can any1 plz help me to get it issued at the earliest. Mail me at,

I think RTA website is pretty good in NSW Australia for all your driving needs


do i need an international drivers license if I am visitng for 3 weeks in the state of Maryland? I am from Israel. Thanks you.


i am indian and having a UAE driving license now i want to go kuwait and want to convert it into kuwait driving license......plz tell me wat i ahve to do.

Kaleemullah Khan,

i have dubai Driving lisence,i want uk or any Europian lisence because i want to work as a Driver in Europian Country,i have 5year expereince,please help me? My email ID,


i have a very good skill in driving all kind of luxury and non luxury heavy and light motor vehicle i have 10yrs of experience in driving and i am looking for a job in any europian country but not in india my mail id is plz contact me if any job details thanks and regards moin


i have a very good skill in driving all kind of luxury and non luxury heavy and light motor vehicle i have 10yrs of experience in driving and i am looking for a job in any europian country but not in india my mail id is plz contact me if any job details thanks and regards moin


hello , need help .. can i use saudi arabia IDP in japan ?

Detlef Tyras,

I have an international Driver's Licence obtained in Germany (I am German) but as I live in South Africa Germany will not renew it and I am unable to find anywhere to renew it in South Africa. Can anyone help?


I have a full uk license and took my IDP to Pakistan. While i was driving there i was stopped by Police who said that the IDP was not acceptable. I had to pay a fine. Please can someone clarify if IDP can be used for driving in Pakistan?


I am currently residing in Italy. I have a South African licence, but need to get an International Licence so I can drive when I go to Germany on the weekend. How can I get one when I am not in South Africa anymore?


Hi Friends im working in singapore having a valid Indian driving licence how to get a International driving licence through on line pls help me & mail to


Wat if I m a canadian and intend to drive in SA? anyone know the correct procedure?
Kindly send the information at

Drivers staff,

Hi Gemma,
The International Driving Permit is usually just required when a translation of the drivers license is necessary.

As you are from and visiting English speaking countries there should be no need for it.


i live in the UK do i need an international drivers licence to drive when i visit california and nevada?


I am going to Mongolia and want to be able to hire motorbikes/cars. I wasn't able to get an IDP from the AA in the UK and they couldn't advise me on where to get one. do i need an IDP and if so, where do i get one? Also, can i hire a motorbike if i only have a learners licence for a bike?


I am currently holding a Malaysian license and I'm residing in Australia. Is there any possible way I can change my Malaysian license to an IDP here in Australia without having to go back to Malaysia to do it?


imran khalid,

i have dubai havey laicence,i want uk havey laicence,i have 5year expereince,please help me?

safiaddin safavi,

I am an Iranian tourist landed from March 4th. My viza is valid for six mounths.I have international drivers licence.How can obtaine drivers licence?


i am a uk resident, i went on holiday to my country and obtained a bangladesh license, i then got a internation license i was woundering if it can be used in the uk. as i was already a resident.


i am nigeria living in germany ,i ahve driving licence from nigeria .and i want to change it to germany ,but the police told me it is fake .,and it is not fake bos i did it for my self in drive licence office in nigeria ,what can i do ,or what is my fine if they took me to court

Allen Davis, - check it out and you will save money on your car insurance - especially with the easy quote finder widget


How can a Greek license holder obtain an IDP in Greece for driving in the U.S.A.? Thanks.


Responding to Alex going to Greece: your U.S. license is sufficient with any reputable car rental agency. You don't need an IDP.


Help needed. I hold a valid Costa Rica drivers license since this is my country of residence. I will be in the USA in June needing to rent a car in Texas to drive to Colorado. I know I will need an IDP but have no idea who or where in Costa Rica to go to accomplish this. If anyone knows, please drop me an email:


I work for AAA in PA and I am under the impression every AAA in the US issues IDP. The cost is $15 for the permit and we have the forms in the office. You get the permit the same day and it is good for one year. All you need is your drivers license and you can not be within 6 months of your expiration date. You also need two standard passport photos which we can take in the office. Its really easy to get one and almost all car rental companies in foreign countries require you to have one. It is used in conjuction with you Drivers License. call our ofice if you have questions 570-819-1920


going to greece this summer need to rent a car. dont want to be scammed. i already have seen 5 different prices for an "international Driviers License" HELP


I want to go for work in GCC Countries.Please suggest me what should i do. staff,

there's no difference


What is the difference, if any, between IDP and IDL?


Hi. I'm in australia now, and i'd like to aplly for a IDP from here?? I have a brazilian drive license!!!


How do I get an international driving permit for a chinese tourist with a valid Chinese drivers license?


How do I get an international driving permit for a chinese tourist with a valid Chinese drivers license?


My husband is from Belgium. Now we read this about getting an international driver's license BEFORE leaving the country. He already left the country. Now we are told to get a certified translation from a college certified translator. We call IU and no Dutch to English translator. Now what? They said we can also get a certified translation of his regular Belgian driver's license from a government source. But where is this government source? And why are they telling us to go to a college to get the translation when colleges only are able to certify translate from a few languages? Theresa

li ke,

Since china does nOT subscribe to the UN treaty you will not be abel to get a chinese IDP

Why not get a US inense as you are already a resident.

Li Ke,

I am a Chinese citizen living in the US as a permanent resident. I have a Chinese driver's license. Can I obtain a International dirver's license to drive temporarily in the US until I get a state issued driver's license?

Dan ro.,

are present in Romania and espirat international driving permit and do not know how to take possession of another. who can direct me to contact me.




I was under the impression that since China is not a country that was part of the 1949 Convention for IDP that US would not recognize a IDP from China either.

So, a person from China holding a vaild DL or IDP from China is legally not allowed to drive in the US until they have gotten a vaild US DL.

Can someone confirm?


How can my Chinese employee on a valid L-1B visa drive in NJ without a US driver's license? She has a valid Chinese driver's license.

She was issued a ticket by police in Morris County for not having a US driver's license.

She is still waiting to receive her social security number (6 weeks now)


How long does it take to obtain an IDP from AAA? I will be leaving the Country for the UK on 2/24/2010.


they would have to have a license in their own country first, then no problem.


I am wondering if international students on a visa (adult age) can obtain an international drivers license and be permitted to drive here in the U.S.?

Drivers staff,

Hi Santosh, taken from our article 'The International Driving Permit' - "An IDP cannot be post-dated, extended, or renewed, and is valid for only one year from the date of issue". There is lots more info on this subject here including countries that accept the Permit.



I live in Indiana, USA and my dad would be visiting me in the summer. He has an Indian license issued in New Delhi. How long (if at all) will he be permitted to drive on his IDP/Indian License?

Thabang From Lesotho,

Automobile Association of South Africa no longer offer IDPs to Lesotho nationals. Check their website.



A good official translation of your icense should be fine instead of an IDP. After all, that's what the IDP is - all about translation.


I should also just add that she is not eligible for an SA drivers license until she gets permanent residency, which could take many years.


Elan, friend is Argentinean, staying in South Africa for a few years (student visa). Her IDP will expire soon and she can´t get another without flying back to Argentina. The consulate has offered her an official translation and endorsement of her license (stating it is a genuine license). As I understand, the IDP is simply a legally recognised translation if the license... Will the consulate document achieve the same or must she actually fly back to Argentina just for that!
useful page, thanks!


hi i have indian(3 yrs old) and international d/L .plz guide me how to get australian d/L

Drivers staff,

Hi Simone,

This information should help you - there is also more information on our article on the IDP


I m from Italy, I have my driving licence and my international driving licence.I m trying to get an auto insurance here in Texas, but for example at Geico they said they can't help me because I haven't got an US driving licence. What insurance company can I go to?
thanks so much, my email


China is not on the list of countries that recognize the IDP system.
Check here

you may have to go to an embassy to get an official translation done into the official UN languages.

mohamed elnour,

i live in china ,guangzhou and i have chinese driver license , so wher can i get international driver license in china


I live in south africa,but currently in the it possible for me to get a provisional licence here in the uk? staff,


answer is's on the list of countries.

check here


Can you get a IDP from the Domincian Republic?,

Living in the uk for 10 years using an international driving licence which is renewed each 12 months,with a provisional british licence. Is this illegal or not.


I have a friend from Panama that is visiting me. He left Panama without getting a interamrica driving permit. Does anyone know the office in Panama where we can request or apply for the permit and they can mail to the U.S.. I spoke with AAA and they said this could be a possibility. Looking for a web address.


If you are in India and you need an international driving license, then email

Drivers staff,

Hi Ann,

Each state has its' own driving rules and regulations -
or more information on the general subject at


I live in China and am going to the US for holidays. Can I drive in the States using my Chinese license?


Interested in using my cdl and driving truck in australia, How safe is it really....for a foreign citizen to live there and enjoy local livelihood...???

Drivers staff,

Hi Lisa - the Australian government website (second link on this page) should provide you with this information


a friend from france is coming to australia can he drive my car on his french licence or does he require an international licence


I live in the US and me and my husband wants to move to Africa. We have North Carolina drivers liscenses and what kind of liscense do we need in Lagos Africa.


If you're form Somalia you produce your license at the South Africa motor vehicles office and they will tell you how to get license in South Africa.

tahir abdi wakil,

am in south africa where can apply for that licence,am frm somalia working here in cape town do u have agents in south africa?


Bunny, is your license in english. If it is then perhaps but you should check the province you are going to.


Hi! Im planning to go to Canada this holiday, can I use my Philippine driver's license? tnx!


I have a friend residing in the USA currently without immigration status but seeking asylum here. It is dangerous for him to return to his country. He can not obtain a license in the USA. Is there any country that would issue him a drivers license as a non-resident? He can't leave the USA without losing his petition for asylum but he can travel to the embassy of any country with an embassy within the USA. He is NOT interested in IDL,IDP, fake identification, counterfeit or forged documents. Only a legal driver's license issued by a government agency from any country. Thank you.

iftikhar iqbal,

i have pakistani driving i get international driving licence from pakistan


with an American license you have to apply in the United States for an ID ---try AAA


I am an American citizen with an American drivers licence. How or where do I apply for the International Driving Permit to drive in Brasil?


I am an American citizen with an American drivers licence. How or where do I apply for the International Driving Permit to drive in Brasil?

richard blaszkowski,

where can I obtain IDD in poland?
how much will it cost?
for how long will it be valid?


My father in law is living in Poland and wants to apply for a 'International drivers licence' in Poland as he is coming to New Zealand in January 2010. There is no address listed in Poland where one may apply for it.
Does anyone know this address please.
Greetings from New Zealand


can I use my driver's license in the Philippines when I go to Canada?


to M Jones

Check out our links on Driving the the UK at this page

The first link, shodl give you the info you want -

1 Driving in Britain on a foreign license

From the UK Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority. Information on driving for visitors from the European Union, European Economic Area, other countries around the world and for students in the UK who wish to drive.

M. Jones,

I am a student from the U.S. going to grad school in the UK. I am in the UK roughly 7 months out of the year. I will be attending school for 3 more years. Since I leave the country for so much time each year, can I continue to drive with my U.S license without getting a UK license for the remainder of my time abroad?


You need to either get a U.S. license (if you are a resident) or if you have a Brazilian license already, then get your International Permit from Brazil.

We don't have information on that above so you would need to do a search in Portuguese. It is probably administered by a national Auto club.


I am from Brazil and here for college. How do I get a International Drivers Permit or license


To the Person from Chile I am from Australia yes all australian states allow and International driving permit with you native licence for all classes you might have, but only for the first 6 months after that you have to get a australian states licence

It works fine here for any licence overseas for them to just get changed over queensland have so rules for some countrys but all they have to do is a written test to change their licence over, i wish i was the same australia to other countrys

I am lokking a EU licence to see wheather that is legal


This is a Totally crasy system particularly with the Uk and europe

Yes apply for and get a International driving permit but it won't mean any thing there in the UK or europe because you still have restrictions on what vehicle you can drive, and You can't get their licence unless a resident of the UK

just plain DUMB


An International license based on an American license (no matter which state) is not acceptable in the USA. You have to have your American license.


is the international driver licese allowed to drive here in america,



usually the International license document is issued by an organization delegated by the government to handle it. In many countries this is a national automobile association, although it may be a government department or even police. I suggest you try first the largest automobile association in Poland and if they don't do it at least they could tell you.

Here's their web site
We can't read Polish here so if you find the right address could you please let us know and we'll add it to the list above?


My Polish fiancé and I will be moving to the U.S. soon, he needs to get an international drivers license to use for the first few months. Does anyone know where you can get an international drivers license in Poland?

Thank You!





can a european who is a permanent resident in the philippines and even married to a filipina and who is in and out of the country twice a year still use his international driver's license? or he must use philippine driver's license already?


You can only get a valid IDL from the country where you got your valid license. In your case that's the UAE.

Try this address
ATC UAE (Automobile & Touring Club for UAE) in Deira, tel +971-4-2284019 or Arabian Automobile Association. Or the link above under DUBAI

Stany Dias,

I have valid UAE driving lisence and want to convert into Iternational driving lisence in LA/USA.
How do I go about?
Can I get IDL ?

Thank you


Max International MaxGXL

S. Premji,

i am not in my home coutries and i need to get IDL. how can go about it.


hi i am an indian living in china
next week flying to usa for holidays .
i have chiness driving license can i drive in usa with out international drivers permit can u pls guide me


Dear Dan, thanx for you list and for your answers, great job. Please give me your mail, I've got some private questions. (or you can write me an empty letter on my mail:
newwave [at] radio [dot] fm
Thank you.


Bari, with an Arizona license you do not need an IDP in Australia (ps) that's for 12 months as a vsitor)

Bari Dedefo,

Bari, on Monday, 27 July 2009 at 07:23 pm
Kindly let me know as I am travelling to Australia on my Visitor Visa. Do I need IDP/IDL for driving in Aus.
I hold valid Arizona driver License
My e mail address is

Abayomi Adebule,

I intend to be assisting my passengers who may be needing the IDP on their short stays abroad, however, Nigeria does not issue this document, how do i go about this?


F. Juah

If Liberia does not issue an International Driving Permit then you should get a translation of your license yourself. Check with U.S. licensing authorities in whichever state you will be in.

Your Liberian license should be good for up to one year if it is in English or you have a suitable translation.

F. Juah Lawson,

I have a valid Liberian Drivers License and have been a valid drivers permit for the United Nations Mission In Liberia; However, I am leaving to attend School in the United States in August 2009 and my Country (Liberia)does not issue the IDP, Kindly advise me on how to proceed to obtain one.

Thanks and best regards.


Kindly let me know as iam travelling to Australia on my Visitor Visa. Do i need IDP/IDL for driving in Aus.
I hold valid LMV in India
My e mail address is
thanking you


Good Day All,
Can anyone tell me were can i get IDP in Qatar with 3 year validity.I want to use IDP to get a permanent Indian driving licence on the basis of IDP without any driving test in India.I am an Indian citizen.


Is Malaysian International Driving License recognise in Dubai. I did seen on the list of country which accepting the International Driving License, United Arab Emirates not stated there. It's only SAUDI ARABIA.. Pls response and revert to my email at

Thanks for your help.


I would like to know if I can drive in Nambia and Botswana with my SA Learners license?


There is no such thing as an International Driver's License. The IDP mentioned above is just a translation of your local driver's license and that is acceptable in any country that is a signatory to the UN 1949 or '68 treaty.


I'm living in chennai, INDIA and i need a international driver's license for 2 and 4 wheelers which is acceptable all over the world. so could you tell me the procedure to get it and where to apply ?


to Harrassed -
You will need either the International license or a translation. You may be able to get the IDP by mail.

On the other hand, if you are going for two weeks only then your Malaysian license will almost certainly be recognized by whichever state you are driving in.

Each state has a different system . Some states have official translation services so enquire about that for whichever states you are visiting


I have a Malaysian driving license and am currently living in Australia. I am intending to travel to America in August, and I am not sure if I am able to drive on my Malaysian driver's license. I will not be able to go back to Malaysia before hand, and was wondering what I need to do to be able to drive in America.
Will an official translation suffice? I will only be there for 2 weeks.

arif waheed,


Elvira King,

I am applying for the International Driving License in the UK. I have driving license in the Philippines. Please tell me on how and where to apply and how can secure it.

Thank you and I shall Look forward to hear from you soon.

MSB Lane,

I have a valid driver's license from Malawi but cannot find an automobile association listing in Malawi and am currently in South Africa. I am travelling to the US and the car rental places say I need an IDP. Any idea where I can get one?


I have a license from Chile and want to drive in Australia, do i need to get an international license to drive there and if so where can i get one in Chile before leaving for Australia. Thanks for your help.

Nick H,

I have a full license from Botswana (southern Africa), How can I change it to an international license in order to drive in Canada (I have moved to Canada)



Since Bahrain is not on the list of countries that have agreed to accept the 1949 United Nations Convention on road traffic covering acceptance of the International Driving Permit, you can presume they don't have one. Check the list here -


where can I get an IDP in Bahrain? - for a bahraini license holder travelling to UK


ok...appreciate d help rendered... =)


Troubled ... Check out our page on Driving in Germany

troubled, a malaysian who is currently studying in germany. i have been studying here for 4 years and has a car license from it true that i cannot rent a car in germany as i am only a student?


You can drive for a period of time in Canada on your Indian license but you need to check each province. They all have their own licensing systems.
An International driver's license is only a translation of your Indian Driver's license in the official UN format. The only way you can get a Canadian one is to get a Canadian license from the Province you are in.

An International Driver's License based on your Indian license is only good for one year, so if you are staying in Winnipeg longer you will need to get a Manitoba Driver's license


I am from India and a student in Winnipeg, MB , Canada. I have got Indian driving license and i could not drive on the base of this license across Canada . So that I wonder is it possible to get international driving license in canada . If it then please let me know the procedure.


You IDP should be recognized. South AFrica and Australia are on the list of countries that signed the 1949 convention


Do I need a International Drivers licence to drive in Serbia? If so what is the process of getting one and where?

Pranav D,

I'm n Indian wit ha valid Indian driver's license. Is it possible for me to drive in South Africa & Australia?



The answer is generally yes.

The details of this depend on the state or the province which all have separate licensing systems and reciprocity agreements with other countries. For example, Montana says 120 days, Kentucky says no, Indiana says one year.

Ernesto L. Aragon,

can i drive in the U.S.A. and Canada using my philippine driver's license? for how long?



You have to apply for a International License in Saudi Arabia. It's the only place you can get a valid one.

Check our page on Driving in the UK .

Don't know much about which organization in Saudia Arabia is the official one for the International permit but it's usually a national Automobile Association so try


I am a new student coming to UK. I have my home countery license issued from Saudi Arabia. I want to apply for International Licnse to be able to drive a car in UK. Which company I should chose to apply so that it be accepted in UK?


If you have a European driving licence card, do you still need an International driving permit to drive in Italy?


I am an Indian residing in Estonia . I have a IDP , can I drive here? The country accepts Vienna Convention not convention of international road traffic, what to do??


Most places allow driving for a period of time on your license form your home country. Botswana is probably the same ..
check here for more info


Can I drive in Botswana using my valid Indian Licence. If yes, than upto how long.


What you've got to do Alex is get a license in Chile (if you can get it that quick) and then go get an international permit, based on that. The IDP should be easy.

If you are not a US resident you can't get a US license .


I moved to Chile 4 years ago after being a Seattle resident for many years, now i´m going back for a month visit, but my license expired 2006, and is lost. I never even thought about it again as I´ve not been driving in Chile and don´t need it. Anyhow, the Washington DMV is extremely unhelpful and they just say, "sorry, you´re no longer a resident and therefore cannot get a license...have a nice day." does this make sense. I´m a US citizen, and not a citizen of CHile. I´m assuming I can´t get an international license either because of the expired license. Anyone know more about this?


Yusuf, you should be able to drive in South Africa on your Turkish license. However, getting an international version of it is not expensive and it would be far better to get one before departing. Click on your link above for teh Auto Club of Turkey. Also go to our Travel section on Driving in South Africa for more info


hi,i am living in Turkey and i have a drivg licence which contains english explanations with photo. I will be in south africa for nearly 5 months with a touristic visa.
Could you please tell me if i can use my licence in South Africa or should i pay for international driving licence in Turkey?

David W.,

I live in France with a valid New York State driver's license. Can you tell me how I can obtain a IDP in France, preferably, or in the United States via the internet? Thank you so much.


James , you get your IDL from whatever Jurisdiction you got your regular license from. It's just copy of that license.


I am presently in teh USA ( california) and would like to know where can I renew my international drivers licence.


Of course fkhan, unles you're somewhere a special motorcycle license is required. Then you get an International motorcycle license.


can i drive a motorbike on international driving license?


im told i cant get a licence for not taking breath test 2 many times. for ten years 10 1 more and i can never drive . i have cancer and while im ambulatory i refuse to stay in my room to die.


Can I apply on line anywhere for IDP if I am already overseas but can provide number of my full clean UK drivers licence for chcking in Swansea and attestation of my Identity from local UK Embassy?


Abu .. I believe you can use the Saudi IDP in the UK for a year. However, to check details go to our travel section on Driving in Britain at


The official IDP is not actually a license. Usually you will be asked to produce your home country license as well.Also to get an official IDP you need to present your home country license.

Various web sites offer their own version of the IDP but it's not official

Abu Abdullah,

Can i use a saudi licence in UK? can i use an IDP in uk issued from saudi?
i will be going to there soon

mad nutter,


Thanx 4 ur comments, but i hav lots of experience, i have driven for more than 20 years in many countries without a licence and never been stopped - my backup is to giv a collegues detaisl if i ever get stopped, but want an IDP so that theyw ont get into any trouble - my question is how can i get one?


Hello mad nutter

an IDP is just a translation of your regular license in a format approved by the United Nations. It's no good without a license. As for your driving being as good as any other driver on the road? .... you might be safe, depending on where, when and how you drive (risk management)but you won't be better without skills and experience.


Woman driver, an IDP is of no use without a regular license. As for a woman drivign in Saudia Arabia

mad nutter,


i cant drive, but want to know if i can get an IDP (any websites that issue them without asking for anything), once i get it i can hire a car, my driving skills will be no different from any other driver on the roads

woman driver,


i have a full EU licence but cant use it in Saudi Arabia, can i just get in the car and show my IDP?


Be careful about IDL. According to the AAA and the other USA motorist club, IDL is a fake. The letter from Homeland ecurity is alos a fake and they are being investigated. Homeland Security has nothing to do with IDPs. The agreement is with the US State Dept only and the 2 auto clubs.


can i drive in uk with macedonien driven licence



Check here for information about licensing and traveling or moving
Especially the Foreign reciprocity Guide


Do I have to resit another driving test to obtain a usa license.. I have had a uk license for 24 years but now i live in ct but shortly moving to ma


Where do I get IDP at Chennai/India


Hi Lea,
You can rent cars in UK with your Philipino drivers license, the only condition is that you MUST have an entry stamp to UK (from airport immigration) which is less than 1 year old.

I believe this is the same for driving personal cars as well.

The rule is that once you are in the country for more than an year you MUST have a valid UK drivers license. So, provided you travel out of the country and have a stamp from immigration which is less than a year old you should be OK if police stops you. Yes you may need to carry your passport to provde the case.


Zafir,, if you are going to work in Saudi Arabia and drive there you will need to get a local license. Probalby best way is to take a lesson from a local driving school and they will bring you up to date on how the system works.
Check out our links to DRIVING IN Saudi Arabia



I am a UK national, got my licence in France and then converted it to a Hong Kong licence when I moved there.

I have since left Hong Kong and am back in France, but have learned that I can't drive legally here on my HK permit.

Do I just need to get a translation of my HK licence, or might I have to take a French driving test again? (hope not... brrr).


Zafar Ali,

Dear Folks! Went thro the whole discussion above, about drivin in diff countries. Its really very informative.

Can anyone plz help me provide some useful on the following.

I hold a Pakistani Driving Lincence (in english) valid for the last about 2 yrs. I plan to go to Saudi Arabia shortly on a visit visa, followed by work permit for about three years.

Can I drive car over there,on my pakistani licence, for a limited period (3 months may be) without getting an IDL or a Saudi licence here.



Hello i have a US licensed expired 5 years ago, i need to drive in Dubai, does anybody knows if it is still vaild to transfer it for a Dubai license?

Thank you.


i live in RSA am 15 years old in what way can i obtain a legal driving licence. Can someone please inform me asap email


yo wut it do i js need 2 find out where i can get a permit in texas


I just had to pay a 200 Rand bribe (after intially being asked for 600 Rand) for not having a IDP in South Africa, however, I was informed that all I needed was a valid drivers licence (Australian), in English with a photo on it. Is this correct or do I need an IDP for South Africa, if I have an Australian licence that incorporates a phot?


I have a German drivers licence, do I need an IDP for South Africa? If so, where can I obtain one?


Cherian, for information on Driving in Malaysia check our links here
Malaysia is a signatory to the UN convention on the International driving permit so you should have no problem driving there for up to a year.

Cherian (IND),

I am an Indian National with an Indian driving license for both cars and motor cycles. I also have an International Driving Permit for cars issued by the Regional Transport Authority in India. I am hear on a two year work permit.

I would like to know if this permit is valid in Malaysia.

Also what is the procedure in getting a local driving/driver’s license?

Thank you for Kind cooperation.

mail me


h0w long can i drive my british reg car in holland before i need to get dutch reg


hi im in saudi arabia im going to canada soon how will i get my IDP in the phils?


Bijoy, check our section on Driving in Australia


i am working in baharin , having my bahrain driving lisence.i am mooving to australia as immigrant with in 2 moths. I would like to know that ,can i change my bahrain lisence to an australiance?


Lea, you can get full information on the Philippines International driving permit here:

Lea UK,

I am a Filipino Citizen and currently here in London for a vacation, and I would like to drive here. Unfortunately, I dont have International Driving License only Phlippine Driving License. Can you help me on this?
1.) What is the step-by-step procedure on how to get it here?
2.) How much would it cost me?
3.) How long will it take, from the application until the time i can get it?
Please help me. I need it badly.
Thanks a lot.


Rachelle, the state of Texas honors all foreign non-resident driver licenses for one year. Your Philippine drivers license may be temporary but it is still a license so it should be honored.


Admin, need your help!
Here it goes, I just got my Philippine Temporary Non Professional Drivers License valid for 5 mos after after that I'll be getting the permanent, thing is I'll be leaving next month, so i won't be here t get it. I called up AAP, said they dont accept Temporary Licenses, so can I use my Temporary License in Texas. I have a Visit Visa.

Lawrence Sheed,

China driver licence holders info:

China is not a signatory to the IDP (International Drivers Permit) international law.

So, China has NO IDP to issue.

For China drivers licence holders, you just need an official translation of the licence into English (or the official language of the country you will be driving in) from a notary.

Suggest get that done in China, where the notaries read Chinese.
Put a copy in your licence wallet, and you are good to drive in other countries.

Some other rules apply in certain countries - eg in Europe you can drive for a maximum of 6 months during visits, then they require you to apply for a local licence.

The basic facts aren't clear (and they should be).

Basically each country thats a signatory has an official IDP issuer, and the IDP *must* be procured from them, or its invalid.

If the country is not a signatory, then
a translation in the language of the destination country is sufficient.

Wish that were in clear English at the top of the page, would have saved me some googling...


DK, I was unable to get my IDP before heading to Italy, but I decided to have a crack anyway.
I used a well-known rental company, and...there was no hesitation, I was able to rent a car on my Aussie licence without any dramas.
Just lucky?


Can someone please tell me a place (pref. online) to get a legitimate IDL from the United Kingdom. I am from UK, but am currently in the USA. Looks like I need to get an IDL from UK. I'd appreciate any help you could give! Thanks, Nathan.


Am from PAKISTAN have desire to work in any europian country ,and have 20 year experience of LTV driving in pakistan ,if anyone need driver ,my services available any time ,plz contact on my email


Steve , check out the DRIVING IN ITALY section at

Looks like you need the IDP, but I thing you can get it by mail, maybe using courier


I have an Australian driver's licence and am currently residing in the UK.
I will be in Italy this weekend and I want to hire a car. Will my Australian licence be sufficient? If not, what can I do to organise an IDP before I head over in less than 4 days?!
Thanks in advance,


Gubta, you can't get a Bahraini International license without having a regular Bahrain license, or if you have a license from another country you must get your IDP there

Girish Gupta,

At present Iam on Resident Permit in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. My Bahraini driving liecence expired on 21st March, 2003. I want to visit Bahrain for business. How I can procure international driving liecence from
Bahrain to drive car in Bahrain? Kindly advise me. My contact detail as follows: Name: Girish Shivcharan Gupta P.O. Box 33294 Address: Industrial Area 3, Behind catterpillar signal, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Mobile: +971 50 4402059 Office Tele: +971 6 5437543 Fax: +971 6 5437542 Email:

Dr Smith,

If any way need a drivers license so get back to me through this email


i am in pakistan. i im going to uk. i want to know how and from where will i get international driving licence. thanks


check our section on travel in the UK - England, Scotland, Northern Ireland


Since China is not a signatory to the 1949 international convention on road traffic you can't really get an official IDP. I think the best you can do is try for a passable translation. Whereever you go you just have to look up local rules on visiting with a foreign license.


I have a driving license issued by HKSAR Govt. I plan to have a trip in Scotland. Do I need an international driving license.


Can someone pls provide me with information regarding application/purchase of an IDP from China. I currently hold a Driver's license from China.

This is to facilitate me to drive in the EU.


I am Indian studying in russia.I dont go to India every year. I have got IDP which is valid for 1 year what should I do


Im going back to s.Korea, and before i was able to drive because of the military there. Now I'm going back to visit, can I get an IDP before I leave to go to Korean through AAA and how long do it take to receive?


My driver license is from Wisconsin,Milwaukee,it has been expired 12 years ago and now I am in Abu Dhabi.I want to drive ,but do I have to do tobe able to drive.Thanks


Ravi, yes and it's good for 12 months from arrival, but you need to get it in India. Our link above to the Western Indian Automobile Association ( the only one we could find but there must be other sources. If you find one could you let us know?


I am from India. I got admission to Masters program in an University at Texas, USA. Can i take International driving licence here so that i can drive there??



You will need an international driver license


If your Indian license in is Englis you should be OK. If nto you need and internetional drivign permit


Hi. Have an Indian and Egyptian Valid driving lisence. Am leaving for London in a couple of hrs!!! Will I be able to rent a car in UK? Please reply ASAP.


The IDP is valid for 12 months


How long is the IDP valid for??

amar shah,

Thank you very much. If possible can u refer the section or law provision which i can refer in ministry of ontario license. In case of any problem, i can show it to the authority for my safer side.

Amar Shah


Your International permit is good for 12 months from the date you arrive in Ontario

amar shah,

hey i m having international Driving Permit (issued in India) with the indian license. I am in ontario on work permit visa for 1 year. Should my IDP will be valid to drive a car in ontario or should i have to apply for the ontario license? pls guide me


i am i5 and wondering how i can get a learners per mit


i have international pakistani licence,so can i drive or not


I have a Korean drivers license. Is this valid for driving rental cars in Japan? If I need an International Drivers Permit, where can I purchase an IDP here in Korea?


I immigrated to South africa from the Uk i just want to know if my drivers license is valid over here???? can someone help me please. and for how long is my drivers license valid for over here????


Antonio, according to a Hertz representative an IDP is not required. Just present your Bahrain drivign license.
Note that every state and province in the U.S. and Canada have their own licensing systems so to be certain, if you want to rent a car, check with the local renter beforehand.

As a general rule, in any state or province your foreign driving license is good for anywhere from 30 days to 90 days



most likely it's an auto club so this is the place to try first. If they don't do it they may know where to go.

Wayne Bridgman,

My girlfriend is comming to Dubai she needs to get a internetional Driving Licance in russia She is is St petersburg dose anyone know where she gets it from department or what ?


hi DK

Would be pleased to receive your expertise on the following queries:

* Is the Bahrain driving licence valid for use in Ontario, Canada? Or will i have to obtain an IDP from Bahrain, as i am a resident for over 3 decades.

* Will the local rent-a-car agency in Ontario consider my Bahrain licence or will they insist on an IDP as i intend to drive there during my 2 month stay?

Thanks for your help.
My email is


hey dk
I was reading online that if your going to stay in the US for more than one year then you may have to get a Texas license, but since im not eligible for social secuity which is required for a license, can I show them the international drivers license inorder to obtain a TX license.


I'm living in Texas and I have an International drivers license, and I am not eligible for a social secuity number, can someone please tell me what are the requirements to obtain a Texas drivers license.


China doesn't sign on to the International Driver Permit treaty so you can't get one from china even if you have a Chinese license. YOu'll hve to apply for a license in Louisiana


I'm a chinese visiting the United States, how can I apply for an international driving license. I am living in Louisiana at this time.

Munkhochir Jamsran,

Hi, I'm from Mongolia and I work in a tourism company and in near future I'm planning to recieve tourists from China who will bring their cars to Mongolia and drive throughout Mongolia. But, in order to that they are required to get International Drivers License by Mongolian Government. And it's funny cause I just learned that IDL's are fake, and what I need is IDP. So, my question is how do Chinese people get IDP's? cause, appearantly they don't issue any type of IDP's in China. Also, how should I get an official IDP? where should I contact and send my documents?
one more question! Since Mongolia is not in the list of countries which accept IDP, is it possible that the government whould require an IDP? or did Mongolia signed and has been added to the list recently? Thanks


Hi, I have a valid U.A.E. international driving licence.could i able to drive in ireland? if it is yes where i can find to get approval for my license in ireland?


Rish, you can only get an official IDL from the country which issued your regular license. However, I think you can do it by mail. Click on the link above for India.


Hi I am from India and curretnly in US (Indiana state). I have a valid Indian DL, but i did not get IDL before leaving India. Is it possible to get one in US.

I searched in google and found sites like, which issue IDL ( just traslation as per UN norm). Will it be valid in US and are the sites trustworthy??


You dont' need anything else if your license is valid (both home license and IDP). Also I think your foreign license may be good for one year in Maryland.


Hi, I have an IDP and my local driving licence from my country and I am in USA state of Maryland as a tourist. what other permit do I need before I can drive in Maryland?


Hi, I am now a resident in Barcelona and would like to convert my South African drivers license into a Spanish one. I have an IDP. Is a conversion possible? Thanks.

Jayesh Panchal,

I'm in italy as was having international driving license of one yr in April 08 it's it possible to renew it withoug personally going to india.
pl advise asap


I am a Nigerian, i have been living in the U.K since September last year, and i recently got my IDL from Nigeria last month (April), i just bought a car in the U.K last week and started driving with my IDL. But can i still use this IDL for one year from April or just 6months seeing i entered UK sept 2007?. Secondly i want to apply for a provisional license, once i do that, which one are my supposed to use to drive, the IDL or provisional or both?


This varies with the state. It ranges from 30 days to one year.

You could check with the DMV for whatever state you're in by going to


hi. i'm australian living in the US for the last 6 months. i want to take a road trip in 2 months time. how long is it before i MUST get a US license? i've heard both 6 and 12 months. if its 6 months i guess i needn't both getting an IDP then, right?




gls, you can get this from the automobile Association Phillipines (AAP). We have just added this to our list above



who can issue IDP in the philippines?


kindly email to


I have a Pakistan driving license for last 22 years, I have my own Company in Sharjah free zone, and resident visa from Sharjah free zone, and also I own an apartment in Jumeriah, Dubai.

I opened my file in Sharhaj for lessons, but its taking too long to get a license. I have 2 questions.

1-Can I transfer my file in Dubai.
2-Is there any way I can drive on my Pakistan license or IDL from Pakistan until I get my UAE license. My business is suffering allot because of this. If no what are the consequences if I drive without a valid UAE license. Please advice it’s very important for my business.

Amit Kumar Gope,

Hi! Am from India, Kolkata. Will be visiting UK Shortly. Can somebody advice on how to get an IDP from here in Kolkata, India. How easy or hard is it to drive in UK.


Your local office of the American Automobile Association (AAA) is your best option


We live in Hays, Ks. and are traveling to Italy in October. Where would the best place be for us to obtain an IDP?


Kay, An IDP must be obtained from the country from which you have your original license. However, I believe it can be obtained by mail, although it takes longer. If your husband is staying in the USA longer (residing there for more than 3 months or so) he can exchange his license for a U.S. one.

However, each state has its own license and different rules. Check the states out at


hi my husband has a vaild german drivers licence and needs to obtain a german IDP to drive here in the US??? Can we obtain it here in the US? or how would we get one so he can drive here?? thanks so much


I am an Indian currently outiside India Is it possible to get INTERNATIONAL DRIVING PERMIT based on INDIAN DRIVING LICENSE online or through INTERNET........PLEASE


I understand an IDP must be applied for in country of origin. What if they are visiting from China and are already here?


Is it possible to transfer my South African license to a UK one without having to go back to SA to do so. My SA license expires 24.04.08 and Im only due back there in September?

Please can someone advise me here.



hi im 18 from australia and in a year im going to los angeles an while im over there i want to drive trucks can anyone tell me how do i go about doing this



You need to get an International Driving Permit in the U.S. before you go. Also, check our section on Driving In Italy at and Driving in Europe at


I am renting a car in Italy this summer, one website said I can drive with a US license. Is that true?
Please help. Thanks.


I have a chinese drivers licence i am not chinese, but i have been a resident of china for 5 years. I wish to travel to the US and rent a car for 3 weeks. Is the chinese licence sufficient to do that? do i need an official translation of the license or some form of IDP to rent there? I wish to rent in California.


Try this phone number for info
ATC UAE (Automobile & Touring Club for UAE) in Deira, tel +971-4-2284019


i am in Dubai. I need to apply for Dubai Driving license. if i want international driving license issue by Thai international driving license company. is that possible that other person such as my brother will process it for me.

amin darabi,


I have a question why foreign citizens have the right of having both national and international driving license in



I am on a Residence visa in UAE, can I use my International Driving License? If no, what will be the punishment if caught by the authority?

Thank you and best regards.


I think it would be wise to get an IDP for your trip. You can probably get this from the French Automobile Association by mail .. don't know their address since I don't speak French. You could try asking your local Hertz or AVIS car rental and I'm sure they will help


I'm French, holding a French driving licence and will go to the USA for 2 weeks soon. What do I need? a translation could be enough? Do I need a IDP, and if yes, is it possible to get one without asking to French authorities? I'm living in China, and I have no possibility to ask to French authorities... Thanks a lot


Can I drive in the UK on my Thai license or can I apply for International Driving Permit...


I am an Indian. I have got driving licence recently Jan 08 from India. I am trvelling to UK in march 08. But I was in UK since May 06 to Nov 07 also. But never drove a car here. Can i drive in UK with new India Interenation Driving licence?


I am from Panama, I will travel to USA soon. I would like to know if I need an IDP to drive in USA and if so, do you guys have any idea where can I get it in Panama. I have called the Transit Deparment and they have no idea.




Bangladesh is part of the IDP treaty. Your government driver licensing authority could tell you which organization can officially provide it. Or check with a major auto club in your country.


I reside in Bangladesh & have an license in my country. how can i obtain an IDP? Is a translation OK? or where can i translate it?


Jacky, an international driving license is simply a translation of your own driving license. If your license is a Chinese one then you won't be able to get an official IDP. You would have to get a license in some country that does offer the IDL.

One suggestion is that you have your license translated into English yourself. Not sure how that would go down in France. I think your best bet is to get a French Drivers License since you are going to be working (and presumably living) there.

The IDL is only good for a year anyway.


hi,i am a chinese.
and i will go to france for working,do you know where and how can i get an international driving license,for it
is impossible to get one in china?


Since the UK drivers license is in English there is no need for an International Permit unless you are coming for more than 3 months. but each province is different. Check here for details :


i have a freind coming from cardiff and i am wondering if she is going to need a idp ? to drive in canada


Your boss will need to bring his International Driver License and his Japan driver license. If stopped by police for any reason he will be asked for both of them. One is no good without the other. It's the translaton that's critical.


Dear Sir,

My boss who is a japanese holding o a international driving license. he will be travelling France for 1 week, will like to check if he will be able to run in France with the internationa driving license and what are the documents he will require to bring alon?
Thank you


I'm a filipino, I have a valid licence in my country, now i'm in the US & I can't get a us drivers license for some reason, can I drive with IDP?


I'll be visiting my folks in Redlands California, as a tourist. Do I need to have an International Driver's License besides my Phil. Drivers' License to drive in the US?


States have different rules. Most states allow visitors to drive but the length of time varies. You can check it out at That's an umbrella organization that works with all the states.

See for more licensing information


Hi there, lots of great posts here. I have one. The girl I want to marry is visiting from Australia to the USA and wants to drive. Does she need an IDP for three weeks driving? A previous comment said that it wasnt required. Just want to confirm before she comes over


Can a 19-year-old visiting New Orleans, Louisiana from Mexico for a few months drive in Louisiana if he has a valid driver's license from Mexico? Or does he need an IDP?


hey,i live now in new jersey,and i have a uae driver license ,i know its international cuz its writen in two languages arabic and english,but they told me you have to take everything, we dont accept it


I'm from Nigeria and currently seeking assylum in france. I've obtained an IDL from Nigeria Road Safety, I want to travel to other places in France at the end of January with a friend with a valid Frence Driving permit. It may be necessary that I would share driving time. Do I need to obtain a IDP or would my valid Nigeria International driving permit be fine for this situation? As it include frence as a place where i can use it to drive


I obtain a Internation Drivers Licence from Nigeria, and i dont know if i can use it to drive in france


I'm from South Africa and currently on holiday in Germany. I've obtained an IDP from South Africa Automotive Association on various occasions when I visited Europe before. This time however I didn't obtain the IDP. I want to travel to Paris at the end of January with a German friend with a valid German Driving permit. It may be necessary that I would share driving time. Do I need to obtain a IDP or would my valid South African driving permit be fine for this situation?


Check our page on Driving in Japan


how old do u have to be to get a driver's permit in nakuzco japan.


I have a Portuguese drive license but im living 6 year on USA the police tell me i can't drive with my drive license and I can't take a Mass license because i don't have SS what i shold do?


I am planning a trip through Europe and would like to rent a car. I have an American drivers license as well as a Chinese drivers license. What will I need to rent a car in Europe and which type of license must I obtain? I plan on doing a loop from Bulgium, Germany, Switzerland, France, etc.


Can anyone advise from where I can get an IDP in Pakistan?


I am a J-2 visa holder and im here in california. Can i drive with my valid driver's license from the philippines? If yes? How long?


Mel, your IDL is god for 12 months after you arrive in Californai


I am a temporary visa holder for 2 years only, can i drive in california with my valid driver's licence from the philippines with IDL? Although I pass the written and driving test, but the DMV put it on hold co'z i don't have SSN,but it is on process right, i'm only waiting for my work permit to apply for SSN and it takes a month to receive the said requirements.So, i can drive in california? If yes,how many months is permited to drive with my native driver's license?can u email me in


hi there i have a british license (got it 3 months ago)i am 23 yrs old. but i am wanting to get a international license aswell, as with the international one u can rent cars out and stuff not needing to be 25 or over like the britsh license. what u think?? any good sites that i can just buy 1 an internatinal license off, and give details of my present britsh license....?? im all new to this stuff u see.


hi would like to know i have a international driver license it will expired in january is there a way i can renew it in nz, i am from sout-africa


I would like to know where someone with a valid license from the Dominican Republic can obtain an IDP to drive in the USA. It is not on the list, and AAA, the consulate/embassy for both countries, etc., have not been helpful. The Dominican licenses are in Spanish. Could that license just be used for a couple of weeks as a tourist, or is an IDP required because of the language difference. Can't find out where/how to get a real IDP anywhere in Dominican Republic - Please help! :)


If you can't get an IDP before you leave China then see if you can get an English translation!


Dear Sir:
I am Chinese and have a China Driver Licence.I will go to Italy first, then Spain and Poland for bussiness trip.I would like to rent a car and drving myself to go around Europe. Can anyone give some advice how can i manage to accomplish it? Thanks in advance!


I am leaving for Spain very soon (I am a US driver) and do not have an IDL. My friend in Spain has asked me to drive since he has his mothers car and it is a manual. Is there an expedited service? If not, what are the risks in using only my U.S. drivers license?




India is on list of countries for IDP. U.S. is also.


IS Indian IDP valid in Pennsylvania state?


Sharath, It's going to depend on the car rental agency. If you are more than 60 days in the U.S. and are living there, an IDP will take you up to 12 months, then you need a U.S. license.


Hi. I am Indian currently doing my Masters in Indiana University. I have an Indian Drivers License but no IDP/IP. Am I qualified to drive in Indiana and Chicago with my Indian Drivers license. Please let me know ASAP as i have to rent a car tomoro morning.


hello, I have a californian driving license, but I'm french and now I live in France, My country does not accpet to transfer (just to driving school to make money out of it) so I have to spend at least 600 euros to pass it here, (I drove in California since 3 years) I saw this web site, they propose to fill for me application to have a malta cyprius...DL and because it's europe I can switch to a french one. But they also propose that service to people that don't even have a drinving license...Is it a scam?


Does anyone know is a scam or not?


I'll try the Bulgarian Auto Club. Thank you,



Bulgaria is a signatory to the IDP 1949 convention.

WE didnt' put a source on our list because of the language barrier. However, if you are now resident in Canada you could get a Canadian license (from whichever province you are in) and then apply to the Canadian Automobile Association .

If you have a Bulgarian license you would need to apply to the source in Bulgaria, either by mail or by going there. You could try the Bulgarian Auto Club.


I am from Bulgaria originaly but I am in Canada I do not see Bulgaria in the list also i am not there. What can i do to get IDL.
Thank you.



I have a foreign driver's license from India which is in English. I have also obtained my learner's permit in the USA. I am yet to finish my road test. Can I drive in the US using my foreign driver's license till i get my Pennsylvania driver's license? I understand if your license from home country is in English you dont need IDP... appreciate any comments... I have been in PA state for less than an year..


Natasha I believe you will need to renew if your IDP is a year old. It's only good for a year. but you can do it by mail.


please help.i got macedonian international driving lisence and im staying in germany,but im resident in macedonia as well.can i drive still with my macedonian international driving licence or i have to do new one.i got car inshurance,and my visa expired next year.thanks for youre help


My friend has a Filipino license and is living in Spain and now wants to drive here. Can she transfer her license to a Spanish one? Or will she have to re-do the whole test here? Many thanks for your reply!


I am Chinese, where do I get an International Drivers Permit in China? Does any body know?


I am Chinese national holding a Chinese valid driving license, can I drive on it in US for 2 weeks as a business visitor? I can not get IDP in China.



Anyone know if I can drive on a Canadian
G2 license in Vic,Australia?

G2 is considered the 'probationary' license
jusy before a 'full' license.



I was deported from the US to Portugal and I am having A hard time with getting my license because I dont know how to read and write portuguse, I had A valid license before coming here. It was expired. What can I do

Priti jain,

I am in trouble..plz help
I have a valid Indian Drivers License. But, I do not have an IDP. It is very very difficult to manage in the US without a car. I did drive confidently in India...but somehow in US I am not able to clear the road test..already I have tried thrice....Already I have spent some 900 Dollars in the process of taking Driving classes and taking the Test...
Is there any way by which I can get an IDP from India...may be then i can practice on my own and then again go for a road test.
Plz help.

Thanks a lot


I see that Mongolia is NOT on the list of countries that subscribe to the U.S. convention in IDPs. That may mean that they have no organization that is assigned to providing them.

Usually this job goes to a national auto club. They typically charge between US $10 and $20, which is not much. The $150 is very high and probably all your friend will get is a printed up replica, if anything.

I would suggest a) talking to local ministry of transport or b) the with AAA in U.S. for advice. Maybe a Mongolian license is OK.


My friend lives in Mongolia and has a Mongolian driver's license. He needs an IDP for a visit to the US. How can he tell if the local IDP is legitimate or a scam? They asked for US $150 which sounds suspicious to me. Is there a standard format or standard document so we know if what he is getting is a real document?


Hi! I have an argentinian driver license and I want to know if I need an IDP to drive in USA.


I live in the Netherlands and am getting my US license converted. I should have my new dutch icense back by the time I go tot he US for the hoidays. I will need an IDP to rent a car in the US. How long will it take to get an IDP and where do I apply for it in Holland?


If he's got a French driver's license he has to apply to the French issuer of IDPs. I think he can do it by mail.


I have a guy that is working for my company, he has a french drivers licence, I do I go about obtaining a International Driver's Permit here in South Africa. He is not a permanent resident and will only staying until July 2008


I will be living in Lugano for 11 months with frequent trips to Milan, Is my International driving License valied to drive across Swiss and Italy. Please advice


If yo nave a Mexican driver license you need to get your IDP from Mexico - either in person or by mail


I am moving temporaly to London, I have a mexican driver license, but actually I am living in the USA... Do you know if I am able to get an International Driving Permit here??

Mark Davidson,

I have a South African license, which has recently expired, but am living in the US now (NJ) as a student. Is there a grace-period during which I can still exchange my South African license for the NJ one (after doing the written test of course) - or do I need to go back to South Africa to renew my license, then come back here and exchange? Or should I just retake the driving test over here?
Any advice would be welcomed!


I have a nepalese driving license and am travelling to the US in the near future. Please advice how is it possible for me to drive in the US



International Drivers Licenses are Not issued by International Auto clubs but by designated organizations in each country that signed on the the International Convention in 1949. You'll find a list of those here



China is NOT on the list of signatories to the 1949 UN convention on Road Traffic, so it looks like you won't be able to get an IDP there. If you're going to be living in South Africa you will need to get a license there. However, read our article at

Especially the comments



for information on the International Driving Permit in Turkey try

I believe they are only source for this document.


I am currently living in China (but am not chinese) and will be getting my license in China. Am moving back to South Africa soon. Will I be able to get a IDP based on the chinese license?? Help please...


Do you have any information on how and where someone in Turkey can obtain an International Driver's Permit so they can drive here in the U.S.?


According to the UN convention you can only get the IDL from your home country. But why not just get a license where you reside?



Is it only possible to get the IDL from the country that issued your driver's license? I was wondering because I have a Malaysian license but will not be returning home soon. Thanks


I have a valid Chinese license and translated it into Enlishe, can I rent a car drive in the USA (CA or Nevada)?

Melanie Dobos,

I work and live in Indiana. I have co-workers from Spain and Bolivia that are nearing their Expiration Date of their International Driver's License. Lets just say they get pulled over for a traffic violation and their International Driver's License is Expired and they have yet to obtain an Indiana DL. What happens in this case?
Consequences? Are they more serious than if someone from Indiana got pulled over with an expired Indiana driver's license?


thanks, but y wife can not get a us liscense since she is still on her tourist visa. we are waiting on her new visa bt it might take months. is there no way she can get an idl while living here in south carolina?


Samia, Check our link at for information on dubai


I also have used upermis as had the same problem ordered was told busy they refunded my money then i paid again then nothing please if anyone have used them and was given a phone number then let us who havn't no what it is, I am going to interpol and informing my local MEP (who happens to be a relative) if i don't hear back within 21 days .
If it is a scam why the hell make you pay once refund the money then get less as they tell you to take off your fee's?


Please advise name and details of an authorised agency who issues International Driving Permits in Dubai.



This link has good info on USA IDP


I had international driver's license issued in the United States for one year and it is about to be expired, I am in Egypt now and like to renew it, can you help with any information.


WE have added a link on Mexico to our article above.


Ben, your wife needs to get a U.S. license, or if she has a Mexican license already she needs to apply in mexico (Auto Club)for a IDP


my wife is mexican and my insurance company willnot insure her without an international drivers liscense. how can i get her one here in the us since she is a mexican citizen?


I am also English and I just show my Canadian Licence when I rent cars in the U.K. I've never had a problem.


Question ? I am an Englishman living in the USA and have both driving licenses but my English one is the old type with no photo. I'm going back to England soon and want to hire a car, so do I need an IDP ??? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Talak Shah,

I had IDP issued by Indian authority, which has now expired. I am still two months more in Louisiana. I have been advice that my Indaina driving license along with copy of Passport and visa, is sufficient enough to drive car here.
Admn: can you confirm this.


Vivian, the IDP is issued by the country which issues your original license. I believe you can apply by mail to New Zealand. Here's a link to the NZ AA page


I have a New Zealand driver's license but I currently reside in China. I intend to drive in Belgium on a pending trip. Please advise how I can obtain an IDP? Would I be able to obtain one on arrival into Europe? Thanks...


i am a nigeria with nigeria national driving license base in france as a politica asylon,pls is possible to use the IDP to drive here in france;pls get back to me pls pls before i apply for one

ken h,

can a Chinese national with a Chinese drivers license drive in the USA


can i drive in the USA with a philippine drivers license?


i am from india and going to UK for studies. i want to know what do u do to get permission to drive car/bike in UK. shall i obtain international driving license from india before going to UK. n undertake a test there in UK?

paule (mushrooms),

Ok i have not recieved anything from uepermis regarding a licence, i urge anyone not to deal with them, and they are now known as document procurement agency, anyone who has problems should go to local authorities and interpol as banks abroad do not like to be associated with fraudulent accounts, DONT USE THEM!!! I have e mailed them and nothing and never recieved a number to contact them, Please..i was Mugged off and do not wish others to be, It is all a scam...


Sure. Italy's fun to drive. Not that easy though. And gas is expensive.


anyone been to Italy



Canadian rules differ a bit from province to province. You will find links to web sites here -

In Ontario, for example, there is a graduated driver licensing system. You can exchange your Australian license for an Ontario license but it will be for the first stage of the licensing process (G1). You can drive with this but eventually, you will need to take the G2 test to get a full license.

Kiana Toupin,

Hi, I am currently holding a P1 class Australian licence and want to know if I can drive in Canada. It expires in November and I'll still be here. Do I need to retake tests to obtain a Canadian licence?

mukesh deshmukh,


I am having Indian Driving License and now in up coming days i am going to Indiana as Business Visa, please advice me if my Country DL will be work there either i need to aplly for IDP .


Hi my sister has philippines driver licence how can she get an international driver licence for Australia.


Michelle, no you don't.Your U.S. license is OK in canada


Do I need an IDP if I am traveling from the US to Canada?


Hi, guys, how is everyone doing?
I've got a question i can't find an answer to. Here's the situation: Currently i'm in the States, planning to stay here for a couple of months, and then want to go to Canada. I got my driver's license from my home country, and would like to obtain an IDP. The thing is, the only two organizations authorized to issue an IDPs by US dept. of state only accept US driver's licenses. And the country where i got my driver's license do not issue any IDPs.
In the meantime, i cannot apply for a US driver's license, as I do not meet the requirements.
Any suggestions on where i could obtain an International Driving permit in this situation?
Thank you in advance.


Vibo, there is no international license! It is just a translation of your regular license in a format approved by the UN. It will be printed in several languages.


Hi. I am in London and I need a Driver's License. I plan to go to India next month. While in India, if I get an International Driver's License, will allow me to drive in London? Will it be valid? Please reply as soon as possible.


what is international license is that a card?


Hi, I came to Canada, I have my international drivers Licience. Now the Canadian authorities will issue Canadian drivers licience when they take my Indian & International licienece. They will not give that back to me also. In this case when I go back to India I am without licicnce. Any suggestions to over come this problem.

paule (mushrooms),

I too am waiting for a response from uepermis. i sent money and they sent me a mail saying agent was to backlogged so they refunded me. they then gave me new agents details on 5/7/07, nothing since i sent money, i didnt find this forum or others till after, will keep u appraised,(missus will go looney if i get mugged off :-()


Hi, I have a GCC licence from Kuwait. I will be soon travelling to UK on work permit. Kindly suggest me how can I get an International driving licence, so that I can drive in UK....Thank you in advance.


Hi! im here now in the united states,new york to be exact,i'm pretty bored here is there a way to drive here in the US? i only have My Philippine divers licence and my passport,ticket and my college i.d.,and i'm a tourist here...thank you


I am from INDIA i just come to USA on business visa i need to drive in USA How can i get IDP.please let me ASAP.




Go to your local American Auto Association office


Where can I go here in Jacksonville, Fl an get IDL I am going to Australia next week


Ja, you need to get your IDP in China. Usually from an auto club or some agency assigned by the government.


I am a little confused about where you have to get your IDP. If you have a valid Chinese license and you want to rent a car in the USA while you are on vacation, do you have to get the IDP in China before you come or can you get one issued in the USA based on your Chinese license? Please respond to cbwaac @ yahoo. com. Thanks!

nadya nicholson,

I tried to transfer my Australian Drivers Licence over to a UK one, and they sent it back, saying I had to start again here at my Provisional. I don't believe that is correct. Why have they said this?

Sarath Bellamkonda,

I am already in USA...
My question is with the IDP from these websites do I have any risks ?



SAreth, Don't know about but why not got an official IDP from whichever organization in India issues them (usually an auto club). It's usually not expensive.

Concerned Consumer,

To all foreign driving license holders visiting the U.S.- you may drive in the U.S. on your valid national license if here temporarily as a tourist. If your valid national license is NOT in English, an International Driving Permit (IDP)issued by an authorized entity per the UN Convention(s) on Road Traffic or English translation, if IDPs are not issued in your country, is strongly advised. BOTH the license and IDP/translation must be presented when required, as an IDP/translation is NOT a substitute for a valid driving license.

If you become a U.S. resident via employment, or other means such as a student, you may be required to obtain a U.S. license in the state of residence/study within 10-30 days of establishing residency (varies by state). Contact the local Dept. of Motor Vehicles in the state(s) to be visited for specific requirements. See for more details.

As stated in previous comments- there is no such thing as an International Driving License (IDL) that authorizes driving priviledges worldwide. Be wary of internet scams selling IDLs for U.S. driving priviledges and report the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Sample indictments against this fraudulent practice are posted on the FTC consumer protection site.


Neil, you'll almost certainly need an IDP if you want to rent a car in the philippines. Anyway why not get one. Its easy and cheap


I hold a full Indian driving license . its in English langauage. Presently I am in Uk and propose to visit scotland for a couple of days. can i hire a car in scotland and go around for a couple of days?


Can some one suggest a company which has the best offers for rented cars / Vans. I need to rent one for 4 weeks in Jacksonville FL, USA


to Catherine above -- You may find some useful information in this article.


Im travelling to the Philippines. Since I hold a US Florida license, is it necessary to have an IDP?


good day! iam here in the philippines now but sooner i go to japan.i have an international license but my husband told me that i transfer to japanese license how can i do? how much did i pay to change my license? thank you


Am going to be nanny in US and need IDP from Mexico where would i gets one

Siby Eapen,

I have an IDP issued from Fiji Island. Ca n I drive private vehicle in India.


The international license is in about 8 languages.


My driving licence is in english. Is that what is required for it to be internationally valid.


Vishak, you might want to get an international version of your license (IDP). It will probably be useful. but I think you can drive for at least 60 days on your Indian license. You can check it out here by going to the Florida Dept of Motor vehicles



I am moving to the US from India and have a Indian Driving licence, Can I use the same to drive in the US (Florida) and for how long



no they didn't. i think they are over subscribed, but they are genuine. and the licence was real, not fake.


to Dave, did they call you, did they give you information meanwhile, updating info ? did they give you a phone number to have complements of info?

They are not providing me with any information at all, and I am quite worried about them: I am thinking of contracting their services but they are not very cooperative.


i applied 2 and a half weeks ago, received it on friday may 18...nice one


So, how is that thing going concerning ? is it real ? is it fake? it sounds too fake to me.
But if anybody has experienced and is really satisfied, please tell me about your experience...

Jono (ESP),


U give them a 10/10 "Genuine Service"?
So u have done business with uepermis i take it?
Obviously because as u say they give u a mobile number once u have paid.
I have been workin with paypal for years and know all the tricks in the book believe me.
U are not from Eastern Europe by an chance??????????


well ken i cannot speak for those sites you mention, they must be the fake sites He-rat mentioned, or whoever did, but everybody knows about cloning websites its been going on for ages, you can download someones site and clone it in minutes, so thats not really proof is it. i asked them why they didnt take paypal, they said once a licence has been issued then they cannot cancel it and some crafty customers cancel the payment once they get the goods. quite understandable, people looking for this service are obviously corrupt, why else would anyone use this if it wasnt for some underhanded scheme? not exactly your best class of customer hahahaha


oh dont be a sourpuss, if you understand anything about how the law works then you will understand that even if you are doing something legal you can still be harassed, moreso when your service is frowned upon by the powers that be. They can still investigate you for illegal activity especially if you are advertisng that you don't care if your customers are lying or not!!! So dont read too much into the fact that they havent a telephone number or address advertised. in these days of and It doesnt take a genius to put a few virtual telephone numbers and addresses up so if they were scammers they would know how to deceive and obviously theyd be using all the tricks. Anyway, after you pay they give you a mobile number to call. I give them 10 out of 10. GENUINE SERVICE


I was concidering ordering a License from these people
But as Jono said he-rat and the name lorrie ( English for Truck ) who claims to have recieved there license it seems a bit far fetched to me as the same advertisement is on EUAUTODOC.COM
DLSWAP.COM, EUSPRUNG.COM, EUPEANDL.COM and others. No addresses , Wired Money only, no phone numbers.
I think these scammers are praying on ordinary people and need to be found and put in prison
I think unless somebody proves otherwise to me keep your money in the Bank and report any site to the authorities in your country.


It doesn't work that way. The International License is just a translation of your home license adn it's just for use in other countries.


I want a international licence for driving in the uk, although i am a british citizen, and i hold a uk provisional licence, would this be possible.
Please anyone, let me know asap

Jono (ESP),

I am also thinking about it looks great, just what i am looking for BUT no paypal no credit card, only bank TT!!
NO Address, lets face it folks if there is a loop hole in the law then it a loop hole they are not doing anything wrong, so why only the email address for contact??
Herat gives me a glimer of hope, but folks HE-RAT (is it me)?
sorry if that is your real name my friend i dont mean 2 insult.
Please if anyone knows anything about uepermis then let me know.


Larrson, DONT SEND MONEY if they don't accept Paypal or credit card.


Bridgette, if you scroll up to the top of this article there are links to the Auto clubs in different Australian states and territories. They provide the Australian version of the International Drivers Permit


I have a full drivers licence for Australia, who do I need to contact to get a translation so I can drive in France?


how can anyone tell if this site is a scam, they wont let you pay with paypal or credit card, just bank transfer whats to stop them just running off with your money?


Yes those other sites that look like are a scam. They all copy uepermis. I have one complaint about uepermis, and that is they sent me my drivers licence from a different country than I selected. But hey, Beggars can't be Choosers LOL!!!!


it's genuine, i received one after 3 weeks. i have seen sites like this with different names but i do not think they are the genuine sites


I intend to travel to France in May 2007 and was wondering if I need an IDP? I hold a valid Indian driving licence. Thanks for your help.


UK law allows IDP use for up to one year... during that time you must pass a UK driving test or stop driving. Many Philippine licence holds do not comply and risk fines and jail and having there car crushed. You insurance must be valid and your insurance company must know you do not have a british licence.


I am Indian. I have Indian Driving License, most of the time i am outside India so i want to make International Driving permit plus Driving License.Please tell me from where i can make all these., my e-mail address is

Waiting for reply..


If I have an IDP issued in Mexico, is it accepted in the State of Florida, USA ?

wang Mu,

Can a China driving license be used in any other country to drive or to get an International driving license or maybe to use to rent a car in another country. I was told I can use my China driving license to rent a car in London?


How does An INdian International Driving Licence Looks like?


Hamdy, yes you can. I believe it's for a year



Thank you every one.

I Have an IDL from egypt and I'm moving to USA can I use it until I get a US driving licence ?.



I just wanted to say that this is a great and helpful site. Good job!

Greetings from Japan :-D


I just got to canada, i have a portuguese drivers licence can i drive here with it or do i need a IDP to drive in canada?


i am due for my annual holidays on april 2007. i noticed that my philippine drivers license has expired since my birthday last year. i'm holding a full u.k. drivers license though. would i be entitled to drive in the philippines with my u.k. license. please reply to


Hi ,

I really need my driver's permit. I just don't know where to get one at. I live in Moussouri and My mom dosen't know where to get one eiher. I'm very ready for one though.


Hi do im in the philippines and i have chinese drivers lisence and i need a english translation. is it ok if I ask ask my assistant to go their or it should be me personally?

Pls. reply to

Thank you very much!!!


does everyone need an International Driving licence ti drive in Italy? I'm an holder of Dubai driving licence?

Plz reply to

Many thanks!!!!!!!!


Hi. I currently hold an IDL however ir is about to run out in a few weeks and would like to renew it. However, my Philippine driving license has expired already. Is there any way i can either apply to a philippine license while in the UK thus leading to an IDL? Please provide your advice on the matter.
Thank you


Im from the Philippines and planing to go to Guam, USA.I hold a Philippine driver's license. How can i get IDL? Thanks!


I hold a Mexico driver's license and I am currently studying in the U.S. Can i drive with my current home country license since i am a student or do I need an IDP? If so, where can I get one? If anyone can send me a link please, thank you!


I am a resident of Dubai and hold a DL here....going to Canada very soon..wnt to knw if i can get an IDL from Dubai.

B George,

I hold an Indian driving licence. I have a one month trip to Netherlands. My client at NL is providing a car for commuting. Do I need an IDP?


I had the same. Had to send back to UK to get IDP


Hello there, we are in the USA now and have a UK license, I would like to know how to get a IDP here in the USA? Regards



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I am resident in Spain and I have recently traveled all over Europe with an IDL that I have purchased from this website: They offer quality product, not like other International Driver’s License websites. I travel a lot and I have purchased plenty of them from different companies. Now I know difference between OK and PERFECT not only in product that they provide but also their service FAST, and RELIABLE. And by the way, they speak English!!!! Finally there is someone who speaks English that you can understand them and they can understand you.

daniel Villasenor,

Last year i bought the I.D.P, i bought it in Chicago Il, at 290 & first ave. My permit was only for one year, does anybody know how i can renew my permit? if so, please contacts me at, thank you, and have a nice day.


why is the uk law has just give us 1 year allowable to drive here in our international license issued from our country Philippines eventhoug we are fully registered in our country and we are a safe driver compare to some punks in the street here who drives reckless.why cant they give us at least 2 years and this will help and to make us fully prepared to apply to a british sense is there is a discrimination for treating a foreigner like us,while we work here legally and paying our taxes every month as well as the car taxes.


I am a citizen of Lithuania and got my IDL from idlservice com to drive in the UK, it is totally ok to do that and acceptable from the dvla.


In Canada, each province has its own licensing system. You will find links to each government's licensing rules at

The organization for Canada as a whole is the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators. You'll find their link at




Mufaddal, I believe the IDP is only good for 12 months. Then you'll need to get a US license for the state you will be living in.


I am a Indian citizen, and moving to USA for 2 years. I have IDP issued by Indian authorities. Can I drive in USA with it.


caesar, i am sure you need one.


I am visting Canada shrortly would I need an International Drivers License if I plan to drive while there. I´m from Mexico.


im getting my permit soon yah


like lito, i am a US green card holder too. i bought a car using my IDL and is presently driving using the IDL (since I failed the DMV exam twice too). I am scheduled to take another exam in a couple of months. my question: what are the consequences of my buying and driving a vehicle using the IDL since you (H lennon above) said the IDL is good for a visitor only.

H Lennon,

HI Lito,

I believe you need to take the local driving test if you are a resident of CT. The International Driver License is good for a year if you are a visitor.


I am a US green card card holder and a resident of CT. I failed the DMV driver's test twice! I was advised that I could secure an International Driver License from my home country and legally buy a car and drive here using IDL. Is this accurate information? Thanks.


can I get a CDL class A (truck license) outside the states??


Dear Sir,
I am going to USA for employment, kindly advise me How can I get a IDL and what is the cost for the same.


Fasia, check the South Africa section above. There's a link to follow.


I'm indonesian and i need an international driving license to drive in here. where can i obtain an IDP?
Thank you very much



An International Driver License is only a translation of your resident license. If you don't have a resident license you can't get one. If you do, you don't need an IDP.


a m resident in the uk and a want t apply t indl from idlicense to drive in the uk is it ok to do that and is it accapteble from the dvla thanks for your help.


Is it essential to have an IDP when hiring a car in Oman?

By the way - Naomi - It appears you can get one through the post from the NRMA. Check out their website it has the application form and all the necessary info.


My nationality is Latvian. Now I work with business visa in Saudi Arabia. There is no organisation in my home country issuing an IDP, but IDP is a must in KSA. Where I could obtain a valid IDP?

Naomi Mills,

I am residing in the Czech Republic. I have an Australian licence, but need to get an International Licence so i can drive for work when i go to England. How can I get one when I am not in AUstralia anymore?


Roberto, Check out this web site for some great info.
Getting a Driver's License in China
As a resident you need a License for China. An International License will not be enough.


Planning on going to China for extended business purposes. multi year likely. cant seem to find any info on chinese standards for licensing. If anyone has any input I'd be grateful.


If you are thinking of renting a car there you should get one. They never asked me when I rented there last year but it's advised to do it. Otherwise, I believe your Canadian license will do for a period of time. However, You will probably get accurate info from your local auto club where you obtain the IDP


Does everyone need an international drivers lisence to drive in Italy? I have a Canadian license.


Giovanni, you have to have a license in the country in which you apply for the IDP


Is it possible if I have a Botswana Drivers Licence to get a IDP from Italy?


re idlicense com

It looks like they are offering a translation of your license in the UN format for $35. Nothing illegal about that as far as I know. It's just a translation.

They also mention "Some countries do not have organizations like the AAA in the USA that provide its International Driver License only for those who possess a US driver's license". I presume they mean a country that doesn't have a U.N-designated organization to issue the IDP. don't know what those countries are but if you think you are in one you should check with the local government licensing authority (DMV?) about where to get an official IDP. It usually costs about hald the $35 charge they are talking about.

remember though, the really important document is your driver license from your country of residence. This is the only one that counts. There is NO international license.


I will be traveling to Italy soon and I need an IDP. The problem is that I reside in Bermuda where IDP are not available. Do you know if I can get one by mail in another country?


Donald, If you are visiting Italy you will need to get the International permit before you go. Check above to see if we have identified the appropriate organization to issue it for wherever you live. In the U.S. it will be the AAA ( or the NAC (

Donald Godsoe,

I will be needing an international driver's license in Italy for Oct 3, 2006 to Oct 8,2006 . Please inform me how best to obtain it.

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