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Where and when we crash: men and women differ

By: staff

Date: Sunday, 04. February 2007

An interesting comparison of the difference in accident statistics involving men and women drivers appears on the Australian Transport Safety Bureau's web site.

It shows, for example, hospitalization crashes involving younger drivers and male drivers are more typically single vehicle or head-on crashes, occurring at night or on weekends, often involving alcohol. On the other hand, crashes involving older drivers or female drivers are more typically crashes at intersections, in lower speed zones occurring during the day and on weekdays and not generally involving alcohol.

The report , published in May, 1998, forms part of a series by the Federal Office of Road Safety (FORS) on women and road safety. It presents national road crash statistics for women, and in particular, women drivers involved in fatal crashes and crashes resulting in hospitalization.

There are two other reports in this series: a review of published female driver research and an analysis of attitudes and driving behaviour of young and middle-aged women obtained through a survey of women across Australia.

Even though the national road toll is decreasing, the number of women drivers killed and hospitalized is increasing, the report says.

"This is due an increase in the number of women obtaining drivers' licences and an increase in the amount of travel they are undertaking. The presence of women as drivers is expected to continue to grow since the level of licensing and the amount of distance travelled is still below that of men."

In 1995, says the report, 79 per cent of women aged 17 or over had driving or motor cycle licences compared to 96 per cent of men, and, for every kilometre driven in cars by women, men drove 1.5 kilometres.

Overall, the rate of fatalities and the rate of hospitalization per distance driven is continuing to decrease for both male and female drivers indicating that improvements in roads, car design and road safety campaigns are having an impact.

However, the rate at which the decreases are occurring is faster for men than women for both fatal and non-fatal injuries. Between 1976 and 1995, the fatality rate for female car drivers decreased approximately 3.9 per cent a year compared with a decrease of 4.9 per cent a year for male car drivers. Similarly, between 1980 and 1995, the hospitalization rate for female car drivers decreased approximately 3.2 per cent a year compared with 4.4 per cent for male drivers.

"Specifically targeting women drivers may address imbalances as well as ensuring further reductions," the report adds.

In spite of the relative differences in the rates of change, men still have a considerably higher fatality rate than women. In 1995, the fatality rate for male car drivers (0.76 deaths per 100 million km) was 1.64 times higher than that for female car drivers (0.46). However, the differential between men and women decreases for less severe crashes. In fact, the rate of hospitalization of female car drivers (8.35 per 100 million km driven) is 1.15 times higher than that for men (7.35 per 100 million km driven).

For both men and women, the rates of death and injury per distance travelled were highest for the youngest and oldest drivers. The most common age of female drivers killed or hospitalized in road crashes is 18 years. A total of 41 per cent of both male and female drivers aged under 25 who are involved in hospitalization crashes had learners' or provisional licences.

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Please keep thwirong these posts up they help tons.

Stfu Kelly,

Females have more crashes than males, on a per km travelled basis. The only reason males have more crashes is because they use cars more than women. This is the reason that car insurance for males is higher.

Don't bring up stereotypes when using a stereotype yourself.


I can't believe the comments on here. To whoever complained about men having to pay higher rates for car insurance, that's because the insurance companies know who is causing most of the accidents. To all the men out here: why do you feel such a need to emphasize your belief that you are superior to women? Your stereotypes are complete bullshit.


so basically there are more crashes by women but they don't get injured as much where as men crash less but die and get injured more.

So my hypothesis is that men make up for the lack of deaths by females and women make up for the lack of crashes by males.

But all in all women are still worse drivers

Ryan Donegan,

Women should not be driving. They should stay in kitchen where it is safe.


yes,men drive much better, but not allowing women to drive or vote... isnt that a bit 2 much...


Well jbt -- aren't you the smart one!


i think guys are better at driving


thts true, all women dnt knw how to drive, the other day some women took 10 minutes to park her f#$king car, and they think ther better than pls!!!!

bruce higgins,

I dont like the fact that women drivers pay less for insurance than men do. I'm sure if it was the other way around, most women would complain that it is discrimination.


they think they can drive but i have seen female drivers drive and they cant only into a wall


i agree with be honesc....both have the right to drive and u sound here la 2 year punks complaining for a thing like this lol:))

crash test dummy,

stats say that chicks drive better but meh who cares.


somehow i think i would prefer driving with women, though sissy men seem more appealing than drunks.


If it was either the roads full of Women, old people or sissy men or the roads full of drunk drivers, i'd feel safer on the roads with all the drunks.

shea dude yo,

lol thats hilarious


at least girls don't die when they crash. we just have nice little fender benders. guys are like BOOM!'re dead.


girls are shit at driving full STOP!!

I agree,

With all of you. That's the only thing they have right in the middle east! They can't drive!


No WOMEN rule at driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dick sweat,

a female driver killed my son...

Danny Nemeth,

Women suck at driving. I only crash when I'm trying to get away from the cops.


I agree. Women shouldn't have the right to drive or vote.


men rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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