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Transportation job numbers double

By: Drivers staff

Date: Friday, 21. January 2011

While other employment sectors are still struggling to find their way out of recession and job losses, the transportation industry seems to be going full throttle - so to speak! According to the Commercial Carrier Journal 'The for-hire trucking industry continued to add jobs in July even as the overall U.S. economy lost (them) ... since the beginning of March, trucking companies have added 13,000 jobs'

Online job listings are often seen as a good indicator of the levels of employment available in an industry, allowing us to get a flavor of the labor market in certain sectors before the official government statistics are compiled and released.

According to online job postings on, the transportation sector has seen a 103% increase in online job postings over last years' figures. The graph below is taken from job trends section and allows you to view the increase in job postings in this sector in comparison to other industries.

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This increase in online job postings is a strong indicator that the transportation industry is seeing increased demand. It is not just ground transportation services experiencing increased demand, air freight traffic (and passenger travel to a lesser extent) in the UK saw a 26.5% rise last month (against June 2009) and the U.S. air freight industry is seeing similar increases. [Source:]

The transportation sector acts as a good barometer to the health of the economy and like the proverbial 'canary in the mine', when the transport sector is ailing, it is usually a symptom of more widespread economic problems. A healthier economy generally means a greater demand for goods, and the transportation sector will be the first industry to reap the benefits of this demand, thus creating the need for more transportation workers. This of course also means that in times of recession the transportation sector will be one of the first victims. This was made apparent by the huge job losses in this industry over the last few years where, according to the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals, the U.S. trucking industry lost almost 150,000 truck driving jobs since the start of 2008. However, it is anticipated that the industry will create about 200,000 new truck driving jobs by the end of this year and a further 200,000 next year, and this may be a sign that the greater economy is starting to recover.

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Vikramjit Singh,


I felt great after reading that Truck Driver Jobs are increasing and had less impact of ressession in the past . I am so excited after reading about Truck drivers in demand. Truck driving is a passion for me and driving heavy multi axel long trucks in countries like US,CANADA and UK would be a dream come true.
I would look forward for such guidance and help getting a work Visa as a truck driver in US,CANADA and UK.


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