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Truck driving jobs on the increase?

By: staff

Date: Monday, 02. August 2010

Is the trucking industry in the U.S. finally turning a corner? Are truck driving jobs on the increase? With so much conflicting information out there we decided to conduct our own research into the subject. If you are looking for truck or other driving jobs you can check out our jobs section at

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics employment levels in the trucking industry will generally follow the trends of the wider community. This of course makes sense as the trucking industry is driven by industry demand which is in turn fueled to greater or lesser extent by consumer demand. �When the demand for goods is stifled, the call for freight services is likewise sluggish.� [Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics ]

The current recession with its� corresponding drop in consumer demand had a seriously detrimental impact upon employment in the trucking industry. �A dramatic slowdown in consumer demand has been crippling the Nation's trucking firms, making job losses during the current recession worse than at any time since the series began in 1990.� [Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics ]

However, a few short months after this statement was issued, more optimistic figures were evident �payroll employment in trucking is up 8,800 jobs since March, according to preliminary Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers.� [Source:]

There is a lot of evidence out there to show that the trucking industry, and more specifically, employment in this industry, is on the increase. Some commentators have spoken about the need to hire 200,000 truck drivers by the end of 2010. This is attributed to both increased demand and the decreased availability of drivers (through retirement, tougher safety regulations etc.).

Generally things are looking good, or at least a lot better, for the U.S. trucking industry. The truck transportation industry employs an estimated 1.3 million workers in the U.S., and therefore improvements seen in this area have a significant impact on the wider economy.

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I am a 40-year-old truck driver with DE, CE and Dangerous goods Driving license, currently working as a Trailer Driver in Germany. I am really interested in relocating to Canada. I will be glad if I can get a job as a Truck or Trailer driver in Canada. Pls kindly contact me through this email address --

Robbinson Korir Miso,

Dear madams/sirs,It's not only work but I consider trucking as my hoppy so please somebody help me find me one.Am a Kenyan age 40 years old my address;

Lola Taylor,

My brother finally got the certifications to become a truck driver. Unfortunately, he had such a hard time finding an actual job. Finally he had found a site specifically for truck driving jobs . He recently was hired and said it works out great for him.


Additionally; it's not just some bad drivers but bad company;s like C.R. England that make it bad for everyone else. There is alot of bad company's out here that rip off drivers from there pay, weather they are owner-ops,lease, or company drivers. They the company's think it's all about the office makeing money and we the driver's are just like a bag boy at a store. When in fact we the driver's are doing the most dangrous work out here, 24/7 365 days, and get paid peanuts.


There was a report that came out about truck driving jobs, showing Mr. England as the v.p. of the trucking asscoation. His comments and argus statements makes him and his company the number 1 company that should be closed! He and his office employees should be locked up and the keyn thrown away.


You guys are douchebags. Go get a life.


Good news for a change and any job creation is welcome.


واقن حرف نداره

Abdus salam,

Dear sir,
i wish to apply for a post of truck driving jobs either in canada & u.s.a.
i am from Faisalabad pakistan,my previous dream to see and work canada & u.s.a.kindly get back to me soon how to go about it on my mail

Adeshina kazeem,

Dear sir,
I wish to apply for a post of truck driving job either in canada or u.s.a i am from Nigeria. kindly get back to me soon on how to go about it on my mail


there are definitely more jobs out there now -less miles tho and pay not so good


The problem with todays truckers are they want to start at the top and not work there way up. The way to get experience is being on the road and driving and no driving school can give you the experience you get on the road

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