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Traffic - info conquers border

By: staff

Date: 2009-11-02

The Spanish and Basque Departments of Traffic have agreed to share information about traffic. That means that Basques will no longer have to call two numbers to get traffic information.

Basque country is a small area that straddles the border between France and Spain and is believed to be home to about 600,000 native speakers of the Basque language. A Basque separatist movement has been a thorn in the side of Spain for more than a century.

The two administrations have also agreed to share information about crash statistics and road safety studies. Fatal accidents occurring in Basque country will now be added to Spanish national road safety statistics.

At a recent press conference, Home Office minister Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba and Basque Interior Councillor Rodolfo Ares, agreed that not sharing statistics was "absurd".

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