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1000 intelligent vehicles will roam Europe

By: staff

Date: 2009-10-03

The project is titled European Field Operational Test on Active Safety Systems (euroFOT) and it is bringing together a broad array of organizations to test driver assistance systems at many locations throughout Europe.

So far, 28 organizations are involved, and they will test 8 technologies for driver assistance: Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, speed regulation systems, Blind Spot Monitoring, Lane Departure Warning, Curve Speed Warning, SafeHMI, and Fuel Efficiency Advisor.

The project is described as by EuroFOT project coordinator Aria Etemad as, "... the first-of-its-kind- large-scale field operational test that is carried out across brands in Europe."

The project will study the performance and capability of the systems, how drivers interact with them, and what benefits they may offer for safety, efficiency and reduced environmental impact.

All the technologies being tested are already in existence, says the EuroFOT web site, but they have not penetrated the market yet "largely due to a lack of understanding about the potential benefits to driving behaviour and hence to quality of life."

By testing and assessing the performance of eight technologies listed above, the EuroFOT project, "should contribute to the market introduction of and wider uptake for such intelligent vehicle systems."

Maxime Flament from ERTICO - ITS Europe, who is responsible for the coordination of the various vehicle centers, says vehicle operation centers across Europe are currently preparing the test vehicles, and car dealers and fleet owners across Europe are recruiting the drivers that will take part in the experiment.

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