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Texting drivers grab the headlines

By: staff

Date: Thursday, 27. November 2008

Earlier this year Nationwide Insurance launched its 2008 Driving While Distracted (DWD) national campaign bringing NASCAR drivers to high schools across the USA to warn of the dangers of multitasking while driving.

This is an educational response to a problem that seems to be pandemic now. A recent survey conducted for Texas software company NeverFail indicates that as many as 77% of drivers have, at one time or another, sent a text message while driving. A previous survey indicated that about one third of drivers 18 - 27 years of age send text message regularly while behind the wheel.

During this past month (October, 2008) Canada's province of Ontario passed a law that included prohibitions against such distractions as changing tunes on an iPod or changing a setting on a navigation system while driving.

Meanwhile, in New York, State Senator Carl Kruger is working on legislation (introduced last year) that would fine pedestrians for "iPod Oblivion" (listening to music players while crossing a street).

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