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Pennsylvania--Amish Country Drive


Date: Sunday, 11. March 2007

Driving route map The Amish Drive is a trip from Gap to Marietta on Route 772. The 35-mile drive runs through the heart of Amish country in Lancaster County. The Amish religion began in Switzerland in the 16th Century. They use horses instead of tractors to plow their fields, which gives the land a distinguishing look. Head west out of Gap toward Intercourse. Here you can see the shops and galleries at People's Place.

After shopping in Intercourse, you come to the town of Litiz. On your way you'll pass many farm stands with fresh fruit, vegetables, cider, cheeses, and butter. Litiz is home to the Moravian Church, built in 1746. This little town has several interesting local sites, including Linden Hall, the oldest girls' boarding school in the country; the Litiz Historical Society; the Sturgis Pretzel House, the oldest pretzel bakery in the country; and the Candy Americana Museum and Wilbur's Chocolate Factory. Route 772 crosses farm country until it dead ends on the Susquehanna River, one hour later, in the town of Marietta.

Starting Point:
Gap, PA

Distance of Drive:
35 miles

Must Eat:
Garfield's Restaurant
222 Eden Road, Lancaster, PA 17601
Call ahead to confirm hours of operation.
Good Stop For: Home style cooking

Best Time of Year for Drive:
Year round

Points of Interest on Drive:
Moravian Church
Linden hall
Litiz Historical Society
Sturgis Pretzel House
Wilbur's Chocolate Factory

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Is Sunday a ok day to visit the Amish country in pennsylvania? Are the Restaurants & stores open in Lancaster pa?

john seevers,

i would like to transport the amish any were they need to go. how do i get this started.please email me back


While 772 is a great road to travel, it starts in Gap, and goes towards Leola, not Marietta which is 722.And yes as the one person above stated, we do have rt 72 in our area. Skip this one as it not a lot of amish area. Also the Eden rest. recommended is NOT on either route. It does have good food usually but it is off of Rt 30 bypass. 772 will take you through Intercourse which is a great little town with lots of different type shops, including Kitchen Kettle village. Even as a local I like KKV.

John Taylor,

THESE ARE THE WORST DIRECTIONS EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a waste of time! These people led us on a complete wild goose chase into nowhere.

For Amish, just drive to Intercourse, PA and then explore the surrounding area.


Dick Warensford,

My wife and I were in that area today 05/18/08, Other than it raining all day which didn't aid to our trip. We found that shops and such are not open on Sundays in Omish country. With todays gas prices we should have done better research prior to making the trip from Dover, DE. Just thought I would throw this in to benefit those people interested in visiting Omish country. Research,Research.


Just an addendum.... people often expect that when they drive in Mennonite or Amish territory that they will see dozens of buggies on the highway filled with happy families of locals. Don't forget that Hollywood's version of these people is often quite different from the workaday farming world they really live in.

Sunday morning is a busy time in Mennonite country, though.

And I have never been to Amish country, but I rather suspect that ice cream, kettle corn, and buggy rides are not particularly representative of the true lives of these religious folks, but rather some entrepreneur creating a "tourist trap" of dubious authenticity.


We had a similar experience with our trip to Mennonite country just north of the city of Waterloo in Ontario. Around the Villages of St Jacobs and St. Clements. Hardly saw any Mennonite activity at all (Amish are a sect of the Mennonites) but it's a very pretty area. Next we drove up through Elmira (see the Elmira gorge there and lots of nice places to eat) and all the way up to Georgian Bay through the Beaver Valley. A beautiful drive, especially the part along the top of the Escarpment over looking the lake. We wound up in Collingwood and stayed the night.
Collingwood is a lively little town both winter (skiing) and summer. One of these days we'll hike some parts of the Bruce trail up there. Looks spectacular!

Editor's note,

Thanks Lee.
This article was not produced in house so we had not done any checking but relied on the author. It's expensive to do this kind of checking and we don't have the budget for it. However, we appreciate readers notes that add to the information.

Also worthwhile to note that things change fast these days and the article was dated 2004 and probably written before that. One visitor wrote to tell us that a Florida restaurant recommended in an article had now closed forever, possibly after hurricane damage. Maybe we'll try to get local tourist boards to help us update.


WOW !!!! VERY Bad directions. Read this before you take the recomendation of the original author.

We went out of our way to try to follow these directions on Saturday june 9 2007. We were in a 2007 yellow Corvette Z06 and had the latest navigation technology on board. The result was a waste of 3-4 hours on a beautiful day and finally missing a late lunch at the ONLY open Amish restaurant in Intercourse.

The reality is that we saw absolutely NO AMISH whatsoever on when we drove from Marietta, PA all the way to Litiz, PA. We were baffled because NOTHING looked particularly AMISH. The drive on 772 from Marietta to Litiz was a typical country drive with route 772 snaking its way through farm land and in some cases very modern homes with satellite dishes etc. There were at least three or four places where route 772 made sudden and unexpected turns. It was difficult to follow it and it was easy to lose the route if you didn't pay attention to the route signs changing directions unexpectedly ...

We read this writeup and decided to leave Washington DC and head up to Baltimore and up to the Lancaster, PA area start in Marietta and work our way back towards philly but were dissappointed to have spent the first three to four hours trying to find ANY Amish activities such as bed and breakfasts, buggy rides and or farmers markets in any of the towns between Marietta and Litiz. Nothing particularly Amish was anywhere to be seen all the way from Marietta to just west of Intercourse. Ironically, the route with Amish buggies on it and places to stop and visit was route 340 which ironically intersected 772. The original writeup didn't mention it at all.

The author and every body else neglected to tell you that there are three similar sounding routes in the exact same area which are numbered 772, 722 and 72 (as if that wasn't confusing enough). The original author meant route 772 and somebody else not detailed enough mentioned 722 which had nothing to do with the town names the original writer mentioned. That person should have looked at a map and noticed that all the towns mentioned were indeed on 772 and not 722 as he tried to put in his 2 cents worth of misinformation.

It's unfortunate that we googled this writeup and trusted it. I saw it as my duty to correct it and hope that someone else reading it won't make the same mistake we made by blindly trusting it.

1) Skip Marietta throuth litiz because all of that was absolutely typical farmland / homes and not amish at all.
2) Go right to Intercourse, PA where route 340 meets 772. That will be were all the Amish concentration is.
There were buggy rides, ice cream, kettle corn and all the stuff we expected to find about 4 hours earlier.

When "PUBLISHING" information on the inernet, (at least in America) BE RESPONSIBLE for god's sake !!!!! Your willingness to be an authority can end up msileading others ....

Dan Keegan,

Oops. Thanks again.

Look forward to your account of the trip.

Art Hamilton,

Thanks, Dan. My wife and I will probably make the trip in a couple weeks. I'd be happy to let you know how it goes!
Might want to make the same route correction in the second paragraph above.
Thanks again,

Dan Keegan,

Art, Thanks for the info. We've made the correction. I've driven through that area on the way to Washington (via 83. Next time I might take a detour on 772.Seems like a very pleasant drive.

Art Hamilton,

Your 'Pennsylvania--Amish Country Drive" is very nice. My wife and I will probably take the drive soon.
Possible little glitch with your writeup. The route from Gap to Marietta shows ROUTE 772 on the map NOT Route 722 as your writeup suggests!
The numbered routes in the area do seem a bit confusing!
Thank you,
Art & Fran Hamilton

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