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Watch out for school kids

By: Jack Nerad for Driving Today

Date: Monday, 26. June 2006

Ah, the excitement of going back to school! We remember it with all the fondness of a rabies shot. But in many areas, children are already back in school or about to surrender their summer freedom. But they ARE there, and it is important to watch out for them.

"Children get caught up in the excitement of the back-to-school season and often forget to look out for cars," said Rose Rougeau, spokesperson for AAA Texas. "Many children have trouble making accurate judgments about traffic speed and distance, so drivers have to be particularly aware."

One-fifth of all children 14 years of age and younger who die in motor vehicle crashes are pedestrians, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. These pedestrian fatalities are more likely to happen in the afternoon hours, when school is letting out.

Don't take children's safety for granted. Recent studies have shown that more than one-third of motorists in school zones or neighborhoods just "roll through" intersections with a stop sign. Don't be that way. Slow down in school and residential areas, and be sure to come to a complete stop at all intersections.

Drivers should look out for children who may dart out into the street near school zones, playgrounds, bus stops, and in residential neighborhoods. School-age children can be especially vulnerable in areas with heavy traffic volume, parked vehicles on the street, higher posted speed limits, and few pedestrian control devices. Look for clues such as crossing guards, bicycles, and playgrounds that indicate children could be in the area.

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it is kind of confusing and not contibuted very well with accurate information.


People just need to remember the very simple rule, "slower traffic keep right" Regardless if someone is speeding, if you remember that rule you will be OK. Because even if someone is going faster than you or the speed limit, you are now the slower traffic. Simple isn't it.


Bill you are a pervert


this article is one of the best ways to get to kids today


This article doesn't make any sense! It doesn't give good information!

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