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Cars for kids

By: Jack Nerad for Driving Today

Date: Sunday, 25. June 2006

What is the ideal age to teach children about automobile safety? If the multi-year marketing partnership between Volvo Cars of North America and LEGOLAND California is any indicator then beginning with pre-school is not too soon.

While putting a child into driver's school at three might seem extreme to some, two LEGOLAND driving instruction programs are already underway targeting kids as young as three years old. The Driving School (for children ages 6 to 13) and the Junior Driving School (for children ages 3 to 5) both offer useful instruction in a non-intimidating (for most kids at least) setting at the theme park. The popular park attractions offer children the opportunity to drive electric-powered vehicles that look like LEGO bricks within the controlled environment of well-conceived drive courses (and the vehicles rarely exceed 100 miles per hour.) The rules of the road are emphasized, as well as good safety habits such as buckling up seatbelts.

In addition to sponsoring the two driving schools, Volvo will also become the "Official Car" of LEGOLAND and work with the theme park to bring messages of driving safety and awareness to the California theme park's 1.3 million annual visitors.

"The partnership is a natural extension of our two family-oriented brand names," said Vic Doolan, president and CEO of Volvo Cars of North America. "It's also a logical addition to our 'Drive For Life' initiative that focuses on affecting driver behavior and safety. In working with LEGOLAND, it's never too early to learn about the rules of the road."

Coincidentally, the names of the two companies both have similar linguistic roots. Although its derivation is Danish, LEGO in Latin means "I put together" or "I assemble." The origin of Volvo is the Latin word meaning "I roll." Just thought you'd like to know.

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yeah ok,let me think about it


Well I think of it this way-very,very few adults can't say they couldn't wait to drive. I've been to these attractions before-and I have no clue why people are so annoyed. ALL the cars don't exceed 5mph, if that, the road is small, they can't do any damage, and they learn about how its important to be courteous and treat your fellow drivers-as your friends and remember the basic rules of the road. Cant go wrong there! Kudos, Volvo and LEGO!


i think that was cool so can you show me some photos for me pleses and thankyou


yeahlet m drive they could drive me


I think its a good idea as long as they aren't on the road. be serious guys, kids want to learn to drive

jim kabob,

kids are sooo not sapost to be DRIVING that is crazy talk

jim kabob,

this is a horabal bissnus boooo i think you shut down!!!!!!da da daaaaaa


it is not on the streets guys, you are not driving with children
get that thought far away from your heads
it is just to teach basic rules
theres no reason to not teach kids sooner and let them have fun


I agree with emma


omg! kids on the road?? they're so young they don't understand the danger and seriousness of the responsibility if being on road. lives are at risk guys! lol aha oh so serious... go karting is good enough.


How about a virtual car where kids could drive around computer streets and learn rules and how to behave


Actually, scratch what i just said. Kids on the road might cause more accidents. With more drivers, there would be more pollution. (Unless if this was a car that ran on battery of course)


This would teach kids how to be kept safe on the road. It could be very useful. Personally, I think it is a good idea.


It's not a bad idea because it helps the less fortunate and poorer families that don't have a car and have to rely on public transportation. Middle class families don't have to struggle in the same manner and are able to give the kids what they need while poorer families have to struggle for it.


A kiddy ride is okay and may help somehow in the child's future but absolutely children do not belong on the roads driving. It's crazy.


I thik they should be able to drive less driving for the parents.


I think kids sold be able to drive the just need to get a permit and license it is giving a big respondsible


will in texas you have to be 16 to drive in texas i wish kids can drive in texas. Love Patrick Thomas Clemons


Sorry, but in Russia there're more 150 driving schools for kids (ages 5-17).
Haven't you driving Schools at summer camps?
write, please:


Where did Legoland buy these cars? I hope to open a similar (smaller) driving school. They need to be durable, not the Walmart kind.


Playing IS learning, and kids begin to learn early from their parents.If they learn correct habits early on then THEY teach their parents!


kids are kids they should be able to play not learn to drive!!!

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