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Sharing the road with trucks

By: Jack R. Nerad for Driving Today

Date: Thursday, 17. August 2006

Sometimes stereotypes are accurate, but often they are far, far off the mark, and that is certainly the case when it comes to long-haul truckers. It seems they are almost invariably depicted in the media as drawling, dimwitted dropouts, but the fact is that the vast majority of big-rig drivers are well-educated, totally professional and--bar none--the most courteous and thoughtful drivers on the road.

Still big-rig truckers often get bum-rapped for being slow, lane hogs who can't get out of their own way. But most of that perception is in the minds of drivers who don't understand the limitations of semi-trailer trucks, and, unfortunately, that lack of understanding costs precious lives each year.

Now, in an effort to foster a better awareness of how trucks operate, Roadway Express and the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSP) have partnered to create an educational video entitled, "Sharing the Road Safely with Commercial Vehicles." The video is intended to provide highway safety facts to passenger-car drivers, who have been found to be the cause of the vast majority of accidents between cars and trucks.

A key challenge to sharing the road successfully is the impression most passenger car drivers seem to have that big rigs can stop, accelerate, and maneuver like cars. The fact is, they can't. Big rigs require more time to get up to cruising speed, more time to stop, and more space to turn than typical passenger cars. crowded highway It shouldn't take a physics professor to understand that. But most car-truck accidents occur because passenger car drivers fail to stay in their lane, run off the road, drive too fast for the conditions, fail to obey signs or signals, don't yield to the right of way or are simply not paying attention. Very often cars flit around trucks like bees around a flower, not realizing that trucks have big blind spots to either side, behind, and even in front.

The new safety video shares the following tips for passenger car drivers:

Copies of "Sharing the Road Safely with Commercial Vehicles" will be distributed to law enforcement agencies to use in drivers' education programs as well as to Roadway Express drivers who make presentations to the public. Roadway Express and OSP have worked together for more than six years to communicate the "share the road" message to the public.

Roadway Express drivers also work with the Ohio State Highway Patrol to train every cadet class in the safe and proper way for troopers to stop commercial vehicles. In 2001, the partners developed their first joint-effort video: "How to Safely Stop a Commercial Vehicle," which was intended to increase the safety of law enforcement officers when pulling over commercial vehicles.

"America on the Road" co-host Jack R. Nerad is proud to have thousands of long-haul and short-route truckers among his listeners.

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Love it!!
To the point, articulate, and interesting
On the Road Again!!!


i just read Mikes he still alive or has he been run over by a truck whilst being a total idiot??? Love the way the Lug Nut Rule was pointed out to him....aaahhhh sounds like their are as many idiot car drivers in the US as there are in Australia :)


I will say as a female flatbedder. People who drive cars need to learn how to drive a truck.Maybe then the idiots out there and the dumb ones on here might learn what it takes to drive around stupid people!!!!! Have you people seen someone decappated because they was in a hurry and there was a truck in there way.


If trucks can't pass in a few miles they should get over and not run side by side.

Lumber Hauler,

While I can appreciate you impatience, slamming on the brakes is an act of road rage. Not to mention the fact that you are obviously not aware of the "Lug Nut Rule". If the vehicle you hit (or hits you) has more lug nuts than your vehicle, you will LOSE! No point is sending the Coroner to your wifes door because you died slamming on your brakes in front of a truck that takes 60% longer to stop than your car!


When they are riding in the left lane holding up traffic, you cut in front of them and slam on your brakes. They'll get the message.


Truckers are not cooperating like they used to. Now they just want to get there as fast as possible and don't pay much attention to other road users.


Why does it take a semi 4 miles to pass another semi? Are they just road hogs or stupid. Get er dine


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How do I order the video Sharing the raod with trucks


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