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This article was originally part of PDE's "Guide to Resources," which was published in 1994. We are in the process of updating it. If you have a favorite textbook that is not here, or have other comments, please email us .



By Ronald Budig, Owen Crabb, Margaret L. Johnson, Arthur A. Opfer, Robert A. Pavlik. Scott Foresman, 1993. 390 pages. Hard cover version, $23.77 U.S., Soft cover version, 13.97 U.S. Discounts negotiable, samples available for bulk purchase.

Comes with a special teachers' edition that provides additional notes and tips for the teacher in special margins that accompany the student text. Richly illustrated with color photographs and graphics. Additional teaching aids available. For example: a companion reader for students who are not proficient in English or who have difficulty reading the main text; transparencies; posters; a workbook; and a teachers resource kit with tests, activity sheets, student handbook, in-car checklist. An ancillary handbook is available with Spanish translations of main ideas in each chapter. Information: Edward Rock, Tel: (708) 729-3000 or 1(800) 554-4411 (U.S.)

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Propulsion. 1991, 204 pages.

An illustrated textbook for students of driving. Covers the traffic system, the car, and the basic elements of the driving task. Aimed at the driving school market. Available from the DSAA, tel: 1-800-270-DSAA

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By William G. Anderson. 1977, 353 pages. Addison-Wesley.

Out of print but worth including here because it's recognized by many as the most detailed description of the driving task and methods of in-car instruction ever produced. This book incorporates all, or most of the critical objectives identified by the Human Resources Research Organization in its 1970 analysis of the driving task.

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By Dr. James E. Aaron, Charles A. Butler, Dr. Thomas H. Culpepper, Dr. Maurice E. Dennis, Dr. Frank Kenel, and Dr. John W. Palmer. 1993, 368 pages. Published by Glencoe for the American Automobile Association.

Replaces "Sportsmanlike Driving". Richly illustrated chapters are divided into lessons with in-text objectives and include hints to link content to other curriculum areas such as math, science, or social studies. Special teacher "wraparound" edition has Chapter tests, lesson objecitves, and suggestions for developing a driver's log. Teachers resources include behind-the-wheel checklist blackline masters booklet, information masters booklet, traffic charts, etc.
Information: Judy Witmer. Tel: 1-800-848-1567

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Ontario Ministry of Transportation and Communications, 1985. 168 pages, $10 (Can). 20% discount on orders over $1000 (Can). 20% surcharge for orders outside Ontario. No sales taxes on orders to U.S.

The result of a systematic approach to providing a textbook for beginners. Drew heavily on professionals in field for content. Covers all aspects of the driving task, from the responsibilities of driving to adverse conditions and car maintenance. Well illustrated. Information: (416) 326-5300.

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By Dr. Frank C. Kenel.
1994, 100 pages, People's Publishing.

A quiz format and color-coded information help beginners prepare for the driver's licence test. Information from: The People's Publishing Group, 230 West Passaic St., Maywood, NJ 07607.

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By Duane R. Johnson and Donn Maryott. 1986, 326 pages. Glencoe.

This textbook covers getting ready to drive, safe driving, driving environments, driver responsibilities and owner responsibilities. Fully illustrated, with tests for each chapter included in the text. Teacher's edition available with suggestions, answer keys, resource information. Test generator available for Apple II, II+, IIc or IIe (Min 64K). Information: Judy Witmer. Tel: 1-800-848-1567

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mohammed jamal,

How do I go about starting a driving school. Where can I find out what the qualifications are. form salaga in the northern region

mohammed jamal,

I am looking for the A DRIVER'S LICENCE "C" Do you know how I can get it?


good is good very good

Pam Nau,

to Dan Price - I have 19 copies of the Drive Right 9th edition

Pam Nau,

to Dan Price - I have 19 copies of the Drive Right 9th edition

Dan Price,

I am looking for the 9th edition of Drive Right co-authored by Margaret L. Johnson. I realize it is no longer in print, but I need several copys. Do you know how I can get a hold of them? I am a Driver Education teacher and instructor in Humble, Texas and we have used that book for ten years. We would like to continure with that particular edition. Thank you, Dan Price

Mad as hell,

Yall Need To put the text online so that kids can study helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Need to buy 50 Tomorrow's Drivers textbooks - Latest edition -dhf910910@yahoo.com

chick laws,

Need to buy 50 10th edition drive right textbooks in good to very good condition.
Please help guide me to a seller.


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This textbook covers getting ready to drive, safe driving, driving environments, thanks.http://www.deals365.us


Driving instructor qualifications and driving school requirements depend on where you are. Different states and Provinces of the U.S. and Canada have different rules and systems.

You will find a list of links here
http://www.drivers.com/article/639/ to government web sites. Also, if you check our NEW DRIVERS, LICENSING and TRAINING sections you will find links to Organizations that can help. for example, http://www.drivers.com/topic/121/

Also, if you check at DriversHandbook.com you will find lots of links to information about driver licensing and training requirements.

wiil lin,

How do I go about starting a driving school. Where can I find out what the qualifications are.


I'm looking for any driving textbook that says deaf drivers are better drivers than average people.
email me at lcranfil@vt.edu


How do I go about starting a driving school. Where can I find out what the qualifications are.


Hi there

Sorry i dont have a comment but just a question. I need to find the books that I need for getting through my drivers written and practical exam. Im in italy and I need to know exactly what books I need to prepare for my exam. Can anyone tell me where can i find the English version.Im lucky enough to to my exam in english and not italian.can anyone please help and reply to leeannvd@hotmail.com

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